はじまりのワイゲルト // Hajimari no Weigert

^I picked this image specifically because Alice looks like a boy.

This song is vague and a tad dark, but let’s enjoy this journey together.

All interpretations are fair game. I thought up a couple of theories and then dismissed them as baseless.

As for the title, I believe this is referring to the a single calamity that as it continuously tries to right itself results in the creation of something new. Whether it be a child, or a fantasy.

Weigert’s Law is the law that when tissue is broken or destroyed, the healing process will always overcompensate, resulting in scar tissue and callouses.

The album art for this song has the silhouette of a man standing before a velvety chair that has the likeness of ZUN. To the left foreground is a woman with blond hair holding a spin-up dancing doll of Alice, positioned as if the doll and the man are touching at their fingertips, while they are not.

Updated Notes:

As pointed out by a commentator sections of the lyrics are adapted from 森鴎外 (Mori Ōgai)’s 舞姫 (Maihime) in which a Japanese exchange student falls in love with a German dancer and the dancer becomes pregnant with his child. He leaves her and she loses her sanity and is admitted to a mental ward still pregnant with his child. The name of the dancer is エリス “Eris/Elise” or a single letter different from “Alice”.

The quotations are not direct excerpts but some are altered (resulting in the meaning altered a bit) lines spoken by Eris from the text.

Weigert(‘s law) may be a strong clue as it was named after a German pathologist, and as Mori Ougai himself was a medical student in Germany.

 Hajimari no Weigert
 The Weigert that Began It All
童祭~Innocent Treasures|夢違科学世紀
Vocal: 3L
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 喩 -tatoe-
Event: C88


“-kakute ware wo sutetamou nari.”
“-kakute ware wo azamukitamou nari.”

“-So it is in this way that you throw me away.”
“-So it is in this way that you deceive me.”


hibikiwataru kikyo no koe
kogane no hitomi ni hikari wa utsuro

Thus her sobs rang out
The light from her golden eyes hollowed and empty


“-saredo kimi ni wa yomo adashina wo.”
“-kuroki hitomi wo ya mochitaran’ kimi ni wa.”

“-But to think that I would hear of infidelity from you!”
“-From someone like you, born one of those with black eyes…”


sono mi hitori furuwashite
kokoro wa mohaya utsutsu ni wa arazu

Thus alone her body shuddered,
Her heart no longer held in the present


ikidaeta monogatari no mukougawa de
taidou suru arata na monogatari ga

But beyond the death of this story
Another new story kicks in the womb

夢違え  ー どうして私をと問いかけ
現し世は ー 過ごした日々をただ思いながら
空夢の  ー いつか貴方が口ずさんだ言葉
白日は  ー ただ虚ろに呟き続ける

yumetagae – doushite watashi wo to toikake
utsushiyo wa – sugoshita hibi wo tada omoinagara
sorayume no – itsuka anata ga kuchizusan’da kotoba
hakujitsu wa – tada utsuro ni tsubuyaki tsukeru

A mistaken dream – I ask, why did this have to happen to me?
Reality is but – Reminiscing over days long spent and gone
A fantasia’s – Words that you once sung lightly to yourself
Daylight passing – I do nothing but mutter over and over again


kuroki hitomi no ko
umareteita o naraba
yume wo otte itsuka doko ka tooku e

If a child with black eyes
Is born into this world
May it chase its dreams to one day leave far away


kuroki hitomi no ko
utsutsu ni aita naraba
yume wo an’de itsuka doko ka tooku e

If that child with black eyes
Grows weary of this world
May it weave a cloth of fantasy to one day and leave far away


yowai itsutsu ni shite
haha no sugata mo mohaya
oboroge ni mo kaima mita you na ki de.

At five years of age
The child no longer
But faintly remembers what the mother was like, but


sono sugata dake wo
sono namae dake wo tada
mune no oku ni kizan’de ikiteita

Her image
Together with her name
The child held deep in its chest as it lived on


hajimari no kotoba taru no wa
tooi otogibanashi ka
arui wa mune no uchi zutto tooi kioku ka

What words would be fitting for this opening?
Those of a distant fairy tale?
Or perhaps those of the memories held deep within my chest?

君が名前 君が面影
いつかいつか 今一度

kimi ga namae kimi ga omokage
itsuka itsuka ima ichido
arisu to odore
sono kotoba koso

Your name, your lasting image
One day, one day… Now once more
“Dance with Alice”
It is these words for sure


yume no miyako no aikotoba tare

That shall be a password to the capital of dreams


yume to utsutsu to kousa suru toki
gen’sou wo tsukamitotte
arisu to odore
sono kotoba koso

When dreams and reality converge
I shall grasp the fantasy and
“Dance with Alice”
It is these words for sure


yume no miyako no aikotoba tare

That shall be a password to the realm of fantasy


tatoi sore ga utsutsu ni mita
hakanai yume demo
yume ni ikite

Even if this is but a faint dream
I dreamt out of reality
If I can keep
Living in this dream


yume no tobira wa hirakaren

Surely the gates of dreams will be opened!


yoru wa nagaku
tooi yoake wo nozon’de
arisu to odore

The night is long
As I gaze toward the distant sunrise,
“Dance with Alice”


ima wa mada kegareyuku machi wo hitori arukitsudzukete

But for now I still will walk through the town as it continues to degrade.

    • Nguyen Duc Trong
    • September 22nd, 2015

    Just a thought,i might’ve fantasized too much though.
    Apparently,in Mystic Square,Alice has golden eyes but later,in the windows era,her eyes are changed to black/dark font.Alice appeared in MS and five years later (1998->2003),she re-appeared in PCB,so i guess that has something to do with that “at the age of five”.
    So what if this song has something to do with ZUN bringing back the “Alice” as we know her? xD

    • Alcor
    • September 24th, 2015

    Hey! I’d like to see one of Sound Holic’s songs translated, and I’m willing to pay for it.

    Sound Holic
    Nana Takahashi and 709sec
    Title: ファンタジアドリーム
    Album: 幻想★あ・ら・もーど III

    • 匿名
    • September 24th, 2015


    • Night
    • September 26th, 2015

    Any chance of Endless Rebirth from Sound Holic to be translated?

  1. Hi, kafka! I’m new to touhou vocal musics and I want to ask on your opinion what are your favorite touhou vocals?

    My tops right now are 雨はりらりら, tobidase! bankikki and monochrome in the night. Any suggestion for me?

    Thanks for all the translations you’ve done! :D

    • It looks like you like Shibayan. (Which means I love you!)

      Shibayan’s made a lot of great stuff over a bit of a genre spectrum in which the earlier stuff is more noisy/percussive and the newer stuff is more disco-y/bossa nova-y.

      I urge you to give all the Shibayan you can a try to see what you like, but I do have a few recommendations.

      On the lighter side there’s:
      ・レディメイド・シティライフ – “Ready Made City Life” – [*]

      ・R.I.N. – [*]

      ・-・・ --- ・・・- ・ (LOVE – signum/ii’s remix is good too) – [*]

      ・月齢11.3のキャンドルマジック (11.3 Candle Magic – Possibly Shibayan’s most famous song) – [*]

      and in the noisest realm:
      ・蝶ノ華 (Chou no Hana) – [*]

      ・我亲爱傀儡 (Wǒ Qīn’ài Guīlěi) – [*]


      As for non-Shibayan (after all you may already have looked at Shibayan):

      Hatsunetsu Miko’s (esp. from their Disco Albums):
      ・RAiNY STARS [*]
      ・Flower of Life (both the original and the remix) [*] [*]
      ・Starlight Dance Floor [*]
      ・STRIPES [*]

      I recommend Automata Girl (now defunct T^T):
      ・Cinnamon, Cinnamon [*]
      ・モダンガアル街を往く。 [*]
      ・drip+drop [*] (Project, but these guys formed Automata Girl later, really I recommend “Mary had a little Love”, the entire album)

      I recommend some songs from EastNewSound’s Felsic Mirage (mostly their older stuff):
      ・Lazy Kiss [*]
      ・花は幻想の果てに [*]
      ・You’re the love of my life… [*]

      I recommend Syrufit:
      ・monochrome [*]
      ・Listen Up [*]

      I recommend Babbe:

      I recommend BabbexSyrufit:
      ・it’s your world in scarlet (Babbe Remix) [*]
      ・Back Door (Babbe Remix) [*]

      I recommend RD-Sounds: (The greatest of all Touhou Arrangers really)
      ・サナエさん [*]
      ・from the corpse to the journey [*]
      ・NeGa/PoSi*ラブ/コール [*]
      ・嘘と慟哭 [*]

        • seakill
        • October 8th, 2015

        Wow thanks a lot! I’ll take a look into each of them :D Already listened to R.I.N. and I quite like it.

    • rena
    • December 3rd, 2017

    Hi the vocal is 3L also known as sayuri anpo .
    You write that the vocal is meripop. Please fix this. Thank you for the translation.

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