15 Songs

Ibuki Suika (shou shishi)

It’s kind of shocking for me, but I haven’t posted in over a month! I’ve been really busy at work, and I continue to be busy professionally translating manga, and I keep forgetting about things.

I actually should probably be working on something else right now, to be honest.

All the same, I’ve got a bottle of vodka, and I’m going to use that as an excuse.

I recently read [this post] over at someone else’s blog and thought that I wanted to do something similar.

I know – you know – that I’m incapable of picking a “top 15” of anything, but here are a few songs I’d like to call attention to. I will try to avoid overlap as much as possible, and I will also put several playlists down at the bottom. [I am too tired – maybe later.]

So here is a selection of 15 Touhou songs I remember:


15. “Cinnamon, Cinnamon” (蒼 -aoi-) [全自動少女 – Automata Girl] [SoundCloud]
arr. “有頂天変 ~ Wonderful Heaven”

Automata Girl will forever be a reminder to me that some things fail. While some tracks from the past get lost in oblivion forever, Automata Girl was lost in the oblivion of the future. This is a track that was scheduled to be on their second album, which they never released. It is spectacular and probably the best of the lot.

Long live the Taisho Era!

14. “Clarity Green” (YAMAGEN) [Nuclear Blast | Pizuya’s Cell x MyonMyon] [YT]
arr. “緑眼のジェラシー”

Clarity Green is probably the quietest vocal track to ever come out of PizuyaxMyonMyon and it has stuck with me forever, mainly due to the perfect utilization of godwood’s piano. Even if you’re not one to like the harder stuff like [Romantic Children♥], you can enjoy this.

13. “Nuclear Fusion” (佳織みちる) [Trois Noir | Alstroemeria Records] [YT]
arr. “霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion”

There is not another Touhou arrangement in existence, that I know of, that sounds less like its original… yet it works. This song has a bit of a desolate sense to it and has an insane nostalgia factor because it’s from one of the first Touhou albums I listened to.

12. “You’re the love of my life…” (花咲あんな) [Perpetual Devotion | EastNewSound] [YT] [YT]
arr. “耀く針の小人族 ~ Little Princess”

There are about 3 EastNewSound tracks that I like post Felsic Mirage, and this is one, a big one. Now there are other great ENS songs like Black Lotus and Lucent Wish and Lucid Dream and booklet choir, but I didn’t want this to be all about older songs. ENS is one of those groups that used to be my favorite group, but my love for them eventually evaporated. I still adore everything up to Felsic Mirage, but I’m not sure there’s a real objective reason.

There are really only 3 groups I still like as much as when I first encountered them.

They are Shibayan, Shinigiwa Satellite, and…

11. “サナエさん” [騙 | RD-Sounds/凋叶棕] [YT]
arr. N/A (Sanae-san)

RD-Sounds. If we’re ever going to be objective, in any way shape or form, RD-Sounds is the best Touhou arranger there ever was. This is in part because he is also a brilliant lyricist and every one of his songs has an impact in some way. If 嘘と慟哭 doesn’t make you weep, there’s something wrong with you.

Anyway, to Sanae-san. This song is a Touhou song without using any ZUN song as its basis, but oh, is it a Touhou arrangement. The instrumentals are fantastic, and the multi-character hearsay setup… This song is possibly the most memorable and most iconic RD song, and so it’s on this list.

10. “この船は藺草の香り” (Shibayan) [Shibayan Records | キセキ☆インパルス Emotional Feedback] [YT]
arr. 幽霊客船の時空を越えた旅

This is the first track from the first real Shibayan noise album, and the first I’d ever heard of him. I often go on obsessive rants about how much I love Shibayan, but I rarely get the chance to mention this track, though one of his most addictive, because I’m usually centering on vocal tracks. It’s relentlessly percussive and fantastic.

09. “漆黒スターダスト” (衛☆星太郎) [Lover’s Requiem EP | 死際サテライト] [YT]
arr. 恋色マスタースパーク

To my knowledge, the first Shinigiwa Satellite vocal song. How can these lyrics be so good? Even though the Merami vocal age of Shinigiwa has hit its prime, I still long for the rough screamo Ei-Seitarou vocals often. I could have very well put 戦慄オルレアン or 消滅アモルファス in this slot, but really I have this pain in my heart for those who don’t think Shinigiwa Satellite is the best damn thing since electricity.

If this doesn’t convince you try some Merami-era 妖仙ドライヴ, and 静寂ラストダンス, and then everything else they’ve ever done.

08. 紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream (Demetori) [Demetori | 如臨深遠 ~雨縒煙柳~] [YT]
arr. 紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream

Demetori’s masterpiece, and longest song. My three favorite Demetori songs are 紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream, 少女が見た日本の原風景 ~ Dance of puNDarika, and 天空の花の都 ~ Bridge of The Lotus, but I don’t know, there’s something special about Eastern Dream. It puts you in a trance.

07. “Philosophus Hortum”/”Mandshurica” (梶迫迅八) [Sept Florum | 梶迫小道具店/Cajiva’s Workshop] [Soundcloud XFD]
arr. 衛星トリフネ / ラストオカルティズム~現し世の秘術師

Yes, this album just came out. Yes, this is two tracks and not just one. Yes, this (Mandshurica) is a Last Occultism Arrangement. No, you probably don’t have access to it anywhere. This is Cajiva’s Tribal House Music. Mandshurica has sampled rap in it as well. Sept Florum is an addicting album in a strange genre. These albums sometimes come with stories, like 炎上 and 水なき海を往く, of loli Renko and treachery and murder. If I am one day freed from the bonds of life I’d love to translate them.

At any rate, this: [XFD-Album Page]

Flandre Scarlet (ZYTOKINE's gold*)
06. “GOLD” (itori) [gold* | CYTOKINE/ZYTOKINE] [YT]
arr. 御伽の国の鬼が島

The artist formerly known as…

Anyway. That aside. Itori. Itori is beautiful. I rarely like Zytokine without Itori. This is Itori supreme. I think I bought this album multiple times just for this one track. I mean, we all love to see Flandre in pajamas, but this is a Suica song. Itori’s voice is beautiful.

This reminds me of “L’Amour Toujours”… I feel old-ish.

05. “桜花之恋塚 ~ Flower of Life” (陽花) [Re:Starlights & An Umbrella | 発熱巫女~ず] [YT]
arr. 桜花之恋塚 ~ Japanese Flower

I am absolutely sure that this song brought FELT into existence. Anyway, this is the remix, but the original is just as good, just far less FELT-like. There’s a piercing power to Youka’s voice here and and a few shifts takes a playful sounding song and makes it into something incredibly moving. It didn’t take me long to get tired of FELT, but this style really is something. You haven’t listened to “Japanese Flower” if you haven’t heard it in this incarnation.

04. “Primula” (ARM) [bloom | IOSYS]
arr. ハルトマンの妖怪少女

Why wasn’t there another “bloom”? The world bleeds because there was only one “bloom”. Samplejunk and noise this is the best thing I think that ARM has ever put out.

Usami Renko (From the "Mary had a little love" album booklet)
03. “鉄塔” (utashima) [Mary had a little love | <echo>Project] [YT]
arr. 天空のグリニッジ

A spiritual predecessor to Automata Girl, Mary had a little love is a great, full interconnected Hifuu album. I think Tettou stands out because of the surrealism of the lyrics and the style of the music. It also tends to cause my headphones, my ears and random objects to harmonize and make radio noise….

02. “Back Door” (坂上なち) [white clear | Syrufit] [YT] [Babbe Remix]
arr. 魔法使いの憂鬱

The infamous “the lyrics here have been witheld at the request of the lyricist” song. I felt challenged. Like one of those throw down your glove things. It’s one of the Syrufit songs that tends to stick with me the most, and Babbe’s [remix] is flat out amazing.

I wanted to put “「I」” or “Stigma” from Sensitive Moment around here somewhere, but I’ve already done a post on Syrufit before: [link]

01. “月齢11.3のキャンドルマジック” (3L) [ ココロバイブレーション | Shibayan Records] [YT]
arr. ラクトガール ~ 少女密室

Yep. This song. Everyone knows this song, right? I hope so.

Mahal Ko, Mahal Kita.

The part where 3L sings “NOよ 要らないわ!” is one of my favorite musical moments of all time.

And those high notes…

mathemagics Short OP / 終物語 Owarimonogatari OP 2

Oikura Sodachi

I never do this, but I really like Sodachi.

You always should bet against your own odds, for you are far more likely to be mistaken than correct. (The root of the Monty Hall problem)

Let us now bear witness to Sodachi’s tragic mistake.

These lyrics actually exactly describe the answer to the second arc, but I doubt you’d get it without… hints – ufufufu.

終物語 OP 2 / そだちリドル OP
Owarimonogatari 2nd Arc “Sodachi Riddle” Opening Theme
歌:老倉 育 (井上麻里奈)
作曲・編曲: ミト
歌詞: meg rock


zutto wakatteita
kotoba wa uso bakari
kan’tan’ ni wasureru
futashika de aimai na mono

I knew all along
That words were nothing but lies
Easily forgotten
Uncertain and vague


shin’jitsu mo nejifuseteku
mahou ni nigekon’de

So I escape into a magic
That can twist the truth


taiyou mo kieta natsu
hitorikiri de watashi ga
michibikidashita kotae ga

During a summer where the sun had disappeared,
All alone, the answer
That I came to was…


sore wa kimi datta
mitsukatta no
dare yori mo tadashii hazu no kotae wo

It was you
I had finally found it
The answer, [whom] should have been more correct than any other…

Oikura Sodachi

true outsiders

Sponsored by: janyhero

Sorry for taking so long! RD songs are getting longer it seems and I’m underestimating how long it’s going to take me to translate these things properly… Also thank you, because I probably wouldn’t have finished this without being prodded to.


As per the usual formula Merami is Maribel, nayuta is Renko.

I had a lot of notes here but I trust my translation enough to think you all can figure it out yourselves. ^o^

I wonder if Renko and Merry would be disappointed if they made it back out into reality, but really I’m sure they wouldn’t give up even then. Renko’d find the graviton or something and we’d have Higgs cannons and Gravity pistols and…

true outsiders
Vocal: nayuta, めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 喩 -tatoe-
Event: C88


hito wa michi wo oikakete
sono michi wo zutto arukitsudzuketeiku

Humans, destined to chase after the unknown
Will forever walk along the path towards it


watashitachi mo koko kara fumidasou
ima wa takaraka ni!

No exception, we will start our own journey
Now, with our heads held high!


furete wa ikenai mono ga atte
sore ni otonashiku shitagaetara yokatta no dakedo

Let’s say
There was something out there forbidden to touch
Of course it would be fine, to just follow the rules, but…


naka ni wa
furezu ni irarenai mono mo ite
son’na hamidashimono dake de wa ikirarenai no ka

What if
There was one among us that could not help but reach out to it
Would they really stand to be just a outcast, an outsider to the crowd?

妖それか 神でもいいけど

ayakashi sore ka kami demo ii kedo
kabe hitotsu hedateta saki ni nani ga attemo

For instance
It doesn’t really matter whether it’s demons or gods,
Whatever it is that lies just beyond the wall in front of us…


arui wa
kimari ni awasete furerarenai nara
sore wa kekkyoku kono soba ni wa nai mono to onaji?

After all
If we just play along with the rules and don’t reach out
Isn’t that just the same as there being nothing beside us at all?


sore wa itsumo itsumo onaji tokoro dake wo sashishimesu hitomi
dakara zutto zutto tooku no fuukei wo nozon’da

Hers were eyes that looked out always always towards the same place
You see, they were gazing out upon a scene far far away


“curiosity” -gen’sou no tane wo mebukasete.

“Curiosity” – Make the seed of fantasy blossom!


tsuki no terasu oozora ni
utsuru subete wo neramitsukete
mada minu chihei ni omoi wo hasete futeki ni warau

I look out defiantly upon
The heavens lit in the moonlight
My thoughts racing to unseen horizons as I laugh intrepidly


shiranai sekai ga aru nara
sore wo keshite suteokenai
kono mi wo kakete saa tobidashiteikou

If there is an unknown world waiting for us
Then there’s no way we can just ignore it
I’m willing to take the risks, so let’s fly!


“kono gen’sou wo” “fumikoeta saki ni”

“When we have crossed beyond” “this fantasy…”


mezasu saki
dare mo mada shiranu mukougawa no “tsuki”

Our destination is
The far side of “the moon” no one yet knows


-nani mo shiranai koto wo chikara ni shiteiku.

-We’ll take the fact we know nothing about it to be our power.


furete wa ikenai mono ga atte
sore ni fureta nara sono basho wo owareru mono ga ite

Let’s say
There was something out there forbidden to touch,
And if you touched it, others would come to chase after you, but…


naka ni wa
furezaru wo enai you na mono mo ite
son’na hamidashimono doushi de ikiteikeru nara

What if
There was another among us that could not help but reach out to it
If those two outcasts, those two outsiders were to come together…


shirusareta koto dake ga shin’jitsu da to
sore dake wo ukeirete ikiteiku yori

For instance
Rather than taking only what is written
To be the truth and living based on those principles…


arui wa
an’juu no basho nan’te nakattatte
sore nara sore de ii to kawasu kyouhan’sha no emi

After all
Even if it means we lose the option of being content
We’re not any worse off, I’d say, sharing a smile with my accomplice


sore wa zutto zutto tooi tokoro wo kaima miru hitomi
keredo itsumo itsumo sono basho ni tadoritsukenai

Hers were eyes that always saw glimpses of places far far away
But she could never, never reach those places herself


“inquiring” -gen’sou no tane wo mebukasete.

“Inquiring” – Make the seed of fantasy blossom!


tsuki no terasu sougen’ ni
utsuru subete ni wakare wo tsuge
mada minu chihei ni omoi wo hasete mune wo takanarasu

I bid farewell to everything
On the plains lit in the moonlight
My thoughts racing to unseen horizons as my heart beats rapidly


shiranai sekai ga aru nara
sore wo mizu ni wa owarenai
kono mi no kagiri saa fumidashiteikou

If there is an unknown world waiting for us
Then there’s no way we can go without seeing it
I’m willing to give it my all, so let’s step forward!


“yume kara utsutsu ni” “nukedeta sono saki ni”

“Once we’ve escaped” “from dreams into reality…”


mezasu saki
dare mo mada shiranu “mukougawa” no tsuki

Our destination is
“The far side of” the moon no one yet knows


-afureru kitai dake wo dakishimeteitai

-I want to embrace these overflowing expectations of mine!


gen’kai nado nai!
kono michi wa dokomade datte kitto tsudzuiteiku no

 There are no limits!
We will continue on this path, no matter how far it goes!


koutai nado nai!
mae e mae e susun’deikou nani ga machiukeyou to

 There is no turning back!
Forward, forward on we will go, no matter what is waiting for us!


tsuki ga terasu kage wa futatsu
mishitta ten’chi wo furisutete
mada minu sekai ni omoi wo hasete futari wa doko made?

The moonlight casts two shadows as we
Turn our backs on this world we’ve so come to know
Our those racing to an unknown world, just how far will we go?


shiranai sekai ga aru nara
sore wo mizu ni wa nanorenai
hisaretaru subete wo abakitsukusu no da

If there is an unknown world waiting for us
There’s no way we can proclaim our names without seeing it
For we are those who will bring everything hidden to light!


“anata to watashi de” “zutto tooku e”

“You and I will” “go far far away…”


mezasu saki
dare mo mada shiranu “mukougawa no tsuki”

Our destination is
“The far side of the moon” no one yet knows


-futari de nara, doko made datte ikeru yo ne.

-If we’re together, there’s no limit to how far we can go, right?

Usami Renko and Maribel Hearn (suenari (peace))

はじまりのワイゲルト // Hajimari no Weigert

^I picked this image specifically because Alice looks like a boy.

This song is vague and a tad dark, but let’s enjoy this journey together.

All interpretations are fair game. I thought up a couple of theories and then dismissed them as baseless.

As for the title, I believe this is referring to the a single calamity that as it continuously tries to right itself results in the creation of something new. Whether it be a child, or a fantasy.

Weigert’s Law is the law that when tissue is broken or destroyed, the healing process will always overcompensate, resulting in scar tissue and callouses.

The album art for this song has the silhouette of a man standing before a velvety chair that has the likeness of ZUN. To the left foreground is a woman with blond hair holding a spin-up dancing doll of Alice, positioned as if the doll and the man are touching at their fingertips, while they are not.

Updated Notes:

As pointed out by a commentator sections of the lyrics are adapted from 森鴎外 (Mori Ōgai)’s 舞姫 (Maihime) in which a Japanese exchange student falls in love with a German dancer and the dancer becomes pregnant with his child. He leaves her and she loses her sanity and is admitted to a mental ward still pregnant with his child. The name of the dancer is エリス “Eris/Elise” or a single letter different from “Alice”.

The quotations are not direct excerpts but some are altered (resulting in the meaning altered a bit) lines spoken by Eris from the text.

Weigert(‘s law) may be a strong clue as it was named after a German pathologist, and as Mori Ougai himself was a medical student in Germany.

 Hajimari no Weigert
 The Weigert that Began It All
童祭~Innocent Treasures|夢違科学世紀
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 喩 -tatoe-
Event: C88


“-kakute ware wo sutetamou nari.”
“-kakute ware wo azamukitamou nari.”

“-So it is in this way that you throw me away.”
“-So it is in this way that you deceive me.”


hibikiwataru kikyo no koe
kogane no hitomi ni hikari wa utsuro

Thus her sobs rang out
The light from her golden eyes hollowed and empty


“-saredo kimi ni wa yomo adashina wo.”
“-kuroki hitomi wo ya mochitaran’ kimi ni wa.”

“-But to think that I would hear of infidelity from you!”
“-From someone like you, born one of those with black eyes…”


sono mi hitori furuwashite
kokoro wa mohaya utsutsu ni wa arazu

Thus alone her body shuddered,
Her heart no longer held in the present


ikidaeta monogatari no mukougawa de
taidou suru arata na monogatari ga

But beyond the death of this story
Another new story kicks in the womb

夢違え  ー どうして私をと問いかけ
現し世は ー 過ごした日々をただ思いながら
空夢の  ー いつか貴方が口ずさんだ言葉
白日は  ー ただ虚ろに呟き続ける

yumetagae – doushite watashi wo to toikake
utsushiyo wa – sugoshita hibi wo tada omoinagara
sorayume no – itsuka anata ga kuchizusan’da kotoba
hakujitsu wa – tada utsuro ni tsubuyaki tsukeru

A mistaken dream – I ask, why did this have to happen to me?
Reality is but – Reminiscing over days long spent and gone
A fantasia’s – Words that you once sung lightly to yourself
Daylight passing – I do nothing but mutter over and over again


kuroki hitomi no ko
umareteita o naraba
yume wo otte itsuka doko ka tooku e

If a child with black eyes
Is born into this world
May it chase its dreams to one day leave far away


kuroki hitomi no ko
utsutsu ni aita naraba
yume wo an’de itsuka doko ka tooku e

If that child with black eyes
Grows weary of this world
May it weave a cloth of fantasy to one day and leave far away


yowai itsutsu ni shite
haha no sugata mo mohaya
oboroge ni mo kaima mita you na ki de.

At five years of age
The child no longer
But faintly remembers what the mother was like, but


sono sugata dake wo
sono namae dake wo tada
mune no oku ni kizan’de ikiteita

Her image
Together with her name
The child held deep in its chest as it lived on


hajimari no kotoba taru no wa
tooi otogibanashi ka
arui wa mune no uchi zutto tooi kioku ka

What words would be fitting for this opening?
Those of a distant fairy tale?
Or perhaps those of the memories held deep within my chest?

君が名前 君が面影
いつかいつか 今一度

kimi ga namae kimi ga omokage
itsuka itsuka ima ichido
arisu to odore
sono kotoba koso

Your name, your lasting image
One day, one day… Now once more
“Dance with Alice”
It is these words for sure


yume no miyako no aikotoba tare

That shall be a password to the capital of dreams


yume to utsutsu to kousa suru toki
gen’sou wo tsukamitotte
arisu to odore
sono kotoba koso

When dreams and reality converge
I shall grasp the fantasy and
“Dance with Alice”
It is these words for sure


yume no miyako no aikotoba tare

That shall be a password to the realm of fantasy


tatoi sore ga utsutsu ni mita
hakanai yume demo
yume ni ikite

Even if this is but a faint dream
I dreamt out of reality
If I can keep
Living in this dream


yume no tobira wa hirakaren

Surely the gates of dreams will be opened!


yoru wa nagaku
tooi yoake wo nozon’de
arisu to odore

The night is long
As I gaze toward the distant sunrise,
“Dance with Alice”


ima wa mada kegareyuku machi wo hitori arukitsudzukete

But for now I still will walk through the town as it continues to degrade.

少女飛翔曲~Everlasting Longing // Shoujo Hishoukyoku

Requested by: wyldstrykr

Filed under songs I started and let lie for 1-2 weeks before finishing.

The title of the song is Shoujo Hishoukyoku (A Maiden’s Flight (Melody)) as opposed to Shoujo Kisoukyoku (A Maiden’s Capriccio). The word for “flight” in Italian is apparently volo, (capriccio is whim(sical music)) but I figured using that just wouldn’t be helpful.

“ton’de” – “to fly” is written either as 飛翔んで “flight” or 弾幕んで “danmaku” throughout the song.

「零」で「無」で is read as “「nagasare」te 「karappo」de” but the kanji would normally be read “rei” and “mu” (Reimu). The readings meanings are “to be washed away” (probably taking from 零される) and “to be empty” and the kanji’s meanings are “zero” and “nothingness”.

The album art for this song features Reimu flying upside down in a black white and red outfit modelled after Aya Shameimaru (thus the 風神少女 theme) and Marisa in a red outfit closely modeled after her normal one but with no black but her shoes.

To wrap things up this song basically embodies the theme of the album, in having a, “what if Marisa was the one born into being the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, and Reimu instead was a youkai (fitting of her character)”


少女飛翔曲~Everlasting Longing
 Shoujo Hishoukyoku
 A Maiden’s Flight
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 喩 -tatoe-
Event: C88

その名前 きっと 忘れえぬものとなることだろうー。

takaraka ni nanoriageru
sono namae kitto wasureenu mono to naru koto darou-.

I raise my voice and declare my name
A name that will surely go down in history, unforgettable…

けして外せぬ 道を歩くように

keshite hazusenu michi wo aruku you ni
ataerareta “shigoto” wo
“goyakume dakara” to iikikase

Like walking down a path I must never leave,
The work of youkai extermination given to me
I tell myself I must do, for it is my duty

そこに育っては そうなったというだけ

soko ni sodatte wa sou natta to iu dake
sono mi ni matou ikou
sono na sae sukoshi omoi you

But it came to be this way simply because of where I was raised
This cloak of power and influence I wear
Even this name of mine I feel is a bit heavy

それでもと 空を往く
道半ば 立ち塞ぐ

sore demo to sora wo yuku
mezasu wa ashiki mono no yama
michi nakaba tachifusagu
kokou ni odoru sono kage ni

Even so, I take to the skies
My destination, that mountain of evil
But then, blocking my way I see
The shadow of one dancing above unaffected

“博麗”を阻むもの その身の不幸を呪えよと

“hakurei” wo habamu mono sono mi no fukou wo noroe yo to

“To you who dares obstruct a ‘Hakurei’, may you curse your own misfortune,”


aitai su

So the battle begins


sono na ni mo maru de okusu koto sae mo naku

But she does not even seem to fear that name, one bit


kaze no you ni
kumo no you ni

Like the wind
Like a cloud
She flies


sore demo keshite jiyuu ni wa narenai no ni

Even though with that alone I know one cannot be free…

楽しそうに 弾幕ぶのか

kata ya
tanoshisou ni tobu no ka

How is it
That she alone
Seems to fly with such joy


sono egao ga
watashi ni totte wa tada, mabushii.

That smile of hers
To me, is so brilliant, it’s overwhelming.

どこか奇妙な その姿かたちは

doko ka kimyou na sono sugatakatachi wa
hito de aru you de ite
ayakashi to tomo ni aru you de

That somewhat peculiar look of hers
Makes her seem human,
But at the same time, un-human


gaku no kakera toka
ki no kiita kotoba toka
son’na mono wa mochiezu
tada sora wo tobu dake shitteiru

It is not as if she could have
A fragment of an education
Or the words to play it off
Flying in the sky is all she knows


“nagasare”te “karappo” de
nani mo motazu ni ikitekita
sore ga tame torawarenu
nani mo ka mo wo oiteiku

Only “part of the flow”, herself “empty”
She has lived without any attachments
Therefore, nothing ties her down
Instead, she leaves everything behind

何もない 無いことが

wasureenu ano kao ga
ikudo ikudo to furikaeru
nani mo nai nai koto ga
doushite kou mo urayamashii no ka

I can never forget that face
I think back to it again and again
How can something that is nothing
Nothing at all, fill me with such envy?


kaze no you ni
kumo no you ni

Like the wind
Like a cloud
She lives


watashi nan’ka yori mo zutto jiyuu de ite

Far more free than I could ever be

遠く 途方もなく

sore ga
tooku tohou mo naku

And that
More than
Anything else leaves me…


sono subete ga
watashi ni totte wa tada, kuyashii.

That, in its entirety
Just makes me feel… powerless.


omae ga moshi
watashi no you ni ikita to shite
sore demo ano toki mitai ni ton’deirareru no ka?

If perhaps
You had lived the way I have
Would you still be able to fly the way you did then?


futari ga moshi
sakashima ni ikiteita to shite
soredemo ano toki mitai ni ton’deirareru no ka?

If perhaps
We both lived inverted lives
Would you still be able to fly the way you did then?


kaze no you ni
yume no you ni

Like the wind
Like a dream
You flew


ano shun’kan’ ga ima mo wasurerarenakute

Even now I cannot forget that instant in time


ano kimochi no mama ni

One day
Just like you I…


namae mo nani mo ka mo wo furisutete kitto-.

If I threw away my name and everything else then…


kaze no you ni
kumo no you ni

Like the wind
Like a cloud
As you live…


jiyuu ni narikirenai to wakatteitemo

Though I know I would never able to be fully free

弾幕んだ あの瞬間だけは

ton’da ano shun’kan’ dake wa

But still
We flew, and for that instant


subete wo wasure ton’deita

I was able to fly, forgetting everything.


ano subete ga
watashi ni totte wa tada, itoshii.

That, in its entirety
To me, is something incredibly precious.

タイド・コラプション // Tied Corruption

Sorry for the wait.

I wanted to read all of Forbidden Scrollery (which is great) before I translated this song.


If you haven’t heard of the word “Kagome” yet: [wikipedia]

“an investigator turned corrupt” – this is the saying that “hunters of the undead are fated to become undead themselves” I wanted to use the “Corruption” in the title and I happened to remember several accounts of drug enforcement officers becoming full fledged drug dealers.

“Deeper, as you fall” – “fall” in this case is the same fall as “fall into depravity” – “fall off of the plane of what is acceptable to society”. It is this word for “fall” that was probably translated into the “Corruption” of the title.

The final line repeats (as an adverb and then verb) three times the action of nocking an arrow to the string of a bow. As the image for the lyrics depicts Kosuzu and Akyuu with disheveled kimonos and their tongues hanging out, with Akyuu actually licking a pole, you are free to think lewd thoughts.

Tied Corruption
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 喩 -tatoe-
Event: C88


nani mo moyasanai hiasobi ni niteiru
ichido nareta nara
shidai shidai ni motto fukaku e

It is like playing with fire, but without burning anything
Once you feel used to it
With every step you only venture deeper


daraku shiteyuku

Deeper, as you fall


miirareta sono kin’ki no kagayaki
te wo kazasu sono tabi toritsukareru you ni

Every time you shield your eyes from the shine
Of the very taboo that drew you in, it only possesses you more


kagome, kagome, kago no naka no tori ga
kidzukanu uchi ni kaerimichi mo kakushite

Kagome, kagome, before the bird in its cage
Realizes, let us hide from it the way back


nani mo moyasazu tomo hiasobi no sugitara
shintou suru hinichijou
keshite torikaeshi no tsukanai

Even if nothing is burned, if you keep playing with fire
A realm disconnected from daily life creeps in
Until there is nothing that can be done about it


sono suzu no oto ga ayashiku yureru tabi
anata ga sukoshizutsu tooku natteiku you de

Every time that bell of yours rings ominously, I feel
As if you are drifting further and further away from me


nani wo miteiru no
nani wo kiiteiru no
watashi ni furerarenai sekai ni mukete

What is it that you see?
What is it that you hear?
As you far a world out of my reach?


yume wo miru you na
sono hitomi wa mou
tooi dokoka wo utsushiteiru you de

It is as if you are dreaming
The way your eyes no longer
Seem to be looking here, but someplace far away


-nee, kitto, sukuttemiseru kara ne.

-But do not worry, okay? For I am certain I will save you.


mae mae yo ashi wo fumu mama
are are yo to kago no tori
tori ou mono mo tsukamaete ya
kagome kagome morotomo ni

Dance, now dance with every step!
Come now! Come now! O bird in your cage!
Let us capture too the one who chases after you!
Kagome, kagome, both of you together!

そうしてまた とりがとりをよびよせて

kagome, kagome, kago no naka no tori wo
soushite mata tori ga tori wo yobiyosete

Kagome, kagome, one bird in its cage
Will then call hither others as well


keshite sakerarenai miira tori ni niteiru
anata wo sukuu ni wa
ori ni ashi wo fumiireru shika

It is like the unavoidable fate of an investigator turned corrupt
In order to save you
I have no choice but to step into your cage


mou muda nan’da to kidzuiteshimatte mo
anata wo suteru koto nado keshite dekinai

Even if I realize that it is already too late
I just cannot bring myself to abandon you


kase de tsunagarete
ori ni kakowarete
soredemo anata wa shiawase da to iu no

Tied together in chains
Surrounded by a cage
Even so you say that you are happy


nani ga tanoshikute
nani ga chigau no ka
anata no me ni toikaketemitemo

What is it you find such enjoyment in?
What about this is so different to you?
Even if I ask you, looking into your eyes


nani mo kotaetekurenai
nani mo kotaetekurenai

They give me no answer
They give me no response

あらたなとりを けしててばなすことなかれ

kagome, kagome, kago no naka no tori yo
arata na tori wo keshite tebanasu koto nakare

Kagome, kagome, O bird in your cage
May you never release your grip on the new bird


anata no karada wo
anata no kokoro wo
sore ga anata no nozomu koto nano nara to

Your body,
Your heart,
If that is what what you truly wish…


tomo ni daraku suru
sono omoi wo nejifusete
watashi wa mada kujikete wa inai

“Then, I will fall together with you”
Pushing away those thoughts
I still have not been broken


-nee, kitto, sukuttemiseru kara ne…

-Do not worry, okay? I am certain I will save you…


kagome, kagome, kago no naka no tori wa
arata na tori to tsugae tsugae tsugaete

Kagome, kagome, the bird in its cage
Is locked, nocked and bound with the new bird as one

縁 // En

Toyosatomimi no Miko (torajirou)

Sponsored by: alv

I’ve forgotten my Sanskrit vocabulary and I’m a little rusty on my 漢語 readings, but I did read through a very long explanation of the Heart Sutra (where much of the funky language is taken from) so I’m not just pulling this out of thin air.

I’m also positive I translated this a while back but maybe I just looked at it.

聖徳伝説~True Administrator
Mods Crisis


*The Buddha was enlightened to the truth that both what perceives and what can be percepted are both naught but nothing, and in this he attained the perfection of his spirit and for this we remember and repeat his truth.

ふと無くしてしまったか ひび割れた 崩れる貴方 夜はまだ続く 隠れてしまった未来
futo nakushite shimatta ka hibiwareta kuzureru anata yoru wa mada tsudzuku kakureteshimatta mirai

Did I just lose you again? You, fractured and crumbling…
 The night still goes on, the future still hiding.

遥か昔の かねごとが 見えなくなれば 枯れるまで泣いた 弾けてく心は…
haruka mukashi no kanegoto ga mienakunareba kareru made naita hajiketeku kokoro wa…

Having lost sight of the predictions I made in the distant past
 I cried until my tears dried up, my heart pounding…

dakeba hakanaku chitta omoi (shouken’go-un’kaikuudo-issaiku-yakusha-ri-shi-)

Emotions that when I embrace them shatter into pieces…
*Śāriputra, I say, I have been enlightened to the truth that the five aggregates of the self are naught but emptiness, and with that truth is salvation from all suffering and misfortune.

現し世 夢 幻 もつれ合う記憶示すは?(観自在菩薩行深般若波羅蜜多時)
utsushiyo yume maboroshi motsureau kioku shimesu wa? (kan’ji-zaibo-satsugyoujinhan’nyaha-ra-mitta-ji-)

The apparent world, dreams, illusions…What do all of these tangled memories show?
*Avalokiteśvara, delving deep into the journey towards the perfection of wisdom…

再び逢えたら迎えに行こう 廻り合う 幾度暦が流れたとしても
futatabi aetara mukae ni yukou meguriau ikudo koyomi ga nagareta to shitemo

If again I have a chance to meet you I will go to you…
 Let us cross each other’s paths, no matter how many years have gone by.

手と手は離れてしまったけど 温もりが 残り香が 騒いだ
te to te wa hanareteshimatta kedo nukumori ga nokoriga ga sawaida

We may have lost each other’s hands, but your scent
 and the warmth still call attention to themselves.

摩訶般若波羅蜜多 空即是色 舎利子是諸法空相不生不滅 是故空中無色無受想行識
makahan’nyaha-ra-mitta kuusokuze-shiki sha-ri-shi-ze-shohoukuusoufu-shoufu-metsu ze-ko-ku-chuumu-shikimu-jusougyoushiki

*In regards to the perfection of wisdom let it be said that emptiness is in fact the embodiment of all that can be perceived. Śāriputra, I say, that in the law and state of all things that be is a nature and element of emptiness, and for that there is no birth and no death. Therefore within this emptiness there is not only no form, but no sensation, perception, volition, or consciousness.

ふと無くしてしまった 貴方はまだ あの割れた 夜の中にいる 隠れてく未来は
futo makushiteshimatta anata wa mada ano wareta yoru no naka ni iru kakureteku mirai wa

You, whom I’ve lost, are still in that fractured night, but where is the future still hiding?

dakeba hakanaku chitta omoi (shouken’go-un’kaikuudo-issaiku-yakusha-ri-shi-)

Emotions that when I embrace them shatter into pieces…
*Śāriputra, I say, I have been enlightened to the truth that the five aggregates of the self are naught but emptiness, and with that truth is salvation from all suffering and misfortune.

現し世 夢 幻 もつれ合う記憶示すは?(観自在菩薩行深般若波羅蜜多心経)
utsushiyo yume maboroshi motsureau kioku shimesu wa? (kan’ji-zaibo-satsugyoujinhan’nyaha-ra-mitta-shin’gyou)

The apparent world, dreams, illusions…What do all of these tangled memories show?
*Avalokiteśvara, delving deep into the journey towards the perfection of wisdom, uncovered what is the heart sutra.

最後 会えたこと 喜び一言だけ さよなら(観自在菩薩行深般若波羅蜜時)
saigo aeta koto yorokobi hitokoto dake sayonara (kan’ji-zaibo-satsygyoujinhan’nyaha-ra-mit(ta)ji)

For that I was able to meet you in the end, let me raise a single word of happiness, “farewell”
*Avalokiteśvara, delving deep into the journey towards the perfection of wisdom…

再び会えたね、迎えに来た 廻り合う 幾度暦が流れたとしても
futatabi aeta ne mukae ni kita meguriau ikudo koyomi ga nagareta to shitemo

We were able to meet again, weren’t we? I have come to see you…
 Let us cross each other’s paths, no matter how many years have gone by.

手と手を繋いで笑い合った もう二度と夜が来ない地へ誘おう
te to te wo tsunaide waraiatta mou nido to yoru ga konai chi e izanaou

Holding hands, we laugh together. Let us visit a world where night will never come again.

彼岸の華を見詰める君の背中は 何色にも染まらない 虚空へと消え去っていく 色即是空
higan’ no hana wo mitsumeru kimi no senaka wa naniiro ni mo somaranai kokuu e to kiesatteiku shikisokuze-kuu

As I watch your back as you stare at the lycori,
 you, not stained in any color, and fades into the void.

*The embodiment of all that can be perceived is in fact, emptiness.


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