This is old format Shibayan. Love it. Just less noise, more melody, and without the usual and fast complicated vocal section at the very end.

I fear I’m not making this cute enough. Bear with me….

I can’t really take “requests” per say right now, but I’m listening to what everyone’s suggestions and I’ll probably do a few of them!


“It feels like there’s something missing, even though I’m full” – as in ‘my stomach’s full’. Pun.
“something inside” is pronounced with a “nya” meow/cat sound.
“my heart is full” – literally “my chest is full” but it’s more like being completely content.

“It’s such a game of give and take…” – this is actually cleverer than I’ve translated it. Think about merchants haggling each other over stuff, which makes “I can’t make the calculations at all…” make more sense.

The last three lines are not in the lyrics booklet and are estimated by ear and from various sources.

Vocals: Mei Ayakura
Arrange: Shibayan (Shibayan Records)
Lyric: Mei Ayakura
Circle: Syrup Comfiture
Album: Blossom
Event: Reitaisai 9

1. “wake up” 2. “play” 3. “eating” 4. “bore”
5. “love” 6. “miss” 7. “sleep” 8. “love”
1. “wake up” 2. “play” 3. “eating” 4. “bore”
5. “love” 6. “miss” 7. “sleep” 8. “love”

ものたりないの おなかいっぱいだけど
りぼんゆらゆらゆらゆらゆらす きっと
あっちにあなたがいるつかまえて ね、つかまえて すりすりけだらけになっても
じらさないで うずうずまてない

monotarinai no onaka ippai dakedo
ribbon yurayurayurayura yurasu kitto
acchi ni anata ga iru tsukamaete ne tsukamaete surisuri kedarake ni nattemo
jirasanaide uzuuzu matenai
ton’de hi ni iru nyani ka muchuu

It feels like there’s something missing, even though I’m full
My ribbon sways back and forth and back and forth – I’m sure that…
There you are, over there – Catch me, C’mon, Catch me!
              Even if it means you’ll be covered in fur
Don’t tease me! I can’t wait anymore like this!
I leap into the fire, unable to take my eyes off something inside

まどろんでるの むねがいっぱいだから
おみみびくびくびくびくたてて すます
あっちからこえがするだきしめて ね、だきしめて めらめらもやしてしまうかも
とまらないの もえさかるやは

madoron’deru no mune ga ippai dakara
omimi bikubikubikubiku tatete sumasu
acchi kara koe ga suru dakishimete ne dakishimete meramera moyashiteshimau kamo
tomaranai no moesakaru ya wa
kimagure magure de bull ni meichuu

I’m dozing off; my heart is full
My ears twitch back and forth and back and forth listening.
I hear something from over there – Embrace me, C’mon, Embrace me!
                 Even though you’ll probably burst into flames
I can’t help it – I’m simply blazing!
On whim, not focusing at all, I hit the bull’s eye


kakehiki nano
nakisou nano
shiawase nano
daisuki nano

It’s such a game of give and take…
I feel like I’m going to cry…
I’m so happy…
I love you…


kakehiki nano
keisan’ dekinai kedo
itsumo kan’gaete
nakisou nano
ureshii kara nano ka na
makka na omeme de
itsumo sagashichau

It’s such a game of give and take…
I can’t make the calculations at all…
But I’m always thinking about it…
Curling up in ball…
I feel like I’m going to cry…
Is it because I’m happy…?
With my bright red eyes,
I’m always searching…


shiawase nano
yureru shippo no rhythm
hidamari no naka de
nemuku nacchau

I’m so happy…
My tail sways back and forth in a rhythm…
In the middle of a spot of sunlight,
I start to feel sleepy…


daisuki nano
sunao ni narenai toki mo
soba ni itte ne
guruguru soru kara

I love you…
Even when I’m not being honest with myself,
Come stay beside me…
I’ll roll over on my back and purr…

    • Kaena
    • June 7th, 2012

    Thanks for translating this so promptly!
    Incidentally, Shibayan arranged a bossa nova song on a Buta-Otome release a while ago; if you feel like translating it, the lyrics are here: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Lyrics:_Je_t%27aime_moi_champ_de_fleurs

  1. RinRin!
    I do suggest translating 貴方と私… When you’re done everything else, of course. Shouldn’t be stressing you out.

    • Buraki
    • August 5th, 2012

    nice… but what happened in the end O_O? the lyrics ended prematurely… or am i missing something???
    nevertheless, thank you and good job.

    • XD That’s all the lyrics in the booklet – I’ll try to listen and fill in the gaps tomorrow, >.> I can’t believe I didn’t notice before D:

        • Buraki
        • August 6th, 2012

        appreciate it. and kinda odd the lyrics stop there o_o…

    • Alright, I’ve just added those last lines :)
      (Didn’t have time to get to it before now)

        • Buraki
        • August 7th, 2012

        greatly appreciated .

  2. Thanks for this translation! :D

    Goddamn I love this album. Even the booklet is beautifully arranged.
    If you’re free would you also translate monochrome?

    • Rea-sama
    • May 22nd, 2013

    Love this ~nyaa

  3. How’d I miss this for like 4 yrs?? Thanks for the lyrics & translation! I can confirm I have about 28 of your translations in my collection LOL <3

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