Lazy kiss

What is this, disco? It’s awesome. There needs to be more songs like this.

Well cool, I’ve got a good number of the ENS tracks down, though I’m still leaving a few big ones out – hrm… should I tackle Alstroemeria next?

“bled” as in “bled like ink”
It’s not clear whether the “gift” is either to or from “you”, and I’m not really sure either, so I tried to leave it open.

Lazy kiss
Album:Felsic Mirage

傾く陽射し 溶けてった ruby’s color
キミに恋の色を重ねては 頬の色隠す

Slanted sun rays melted into ruby’s color
Dying the sky and my heart red,
Showering you with love’s color, and hiding the color on my cheeks

下弦の月が 帰路を照らすまで
わざと遅く 歩いて行こうかな

The quarter moon is so bright it lights the way home,
But I wonder if I shouldn’t take it slow?
I’m sure you would do that too – for me,
On this long road

訪れる日々 その中のキミ抱き締め

The seasons keep rolling by,
So I embrace the you in those visiting days

twinkle star は流れて 私のココロを狂わせる
刹那に散らばる lazy なパルスは
キミの贈り物 so many many な
そう twinkle star は流れて
右手繋げず 夜空見上げては

Twinkling stars shoot by and set my heart ablaze
Scattering in an instant, those lazy pulses
Your gift, so many, many of them!
Yes, the twinkling stars shoot by and
I’m sure they pierce your heart.
My hands by my side, I stare up at the sky
And make a wish


I stared forever at your back
When you said goodbye

儚く誘う星の crystal
だけどまだそんなに 遠くまで行けない

The star crystals invite me flashing by,
But I still can’t make it that far.
I wonder if I can wait until after
I’ve given my feelings to you

無限の空が 流れ星落とすから
高鳴る気持ち いつかは届くはず

As the shooting stars fall from the endless sky,
With rising emotions I feel one day I’ll reach them
I’m always searching alone, facing the sky
For the long way home

訪れる朝 その夜のキミ抱き締め

Time flashes by,
And as the morning comes I embrace the you within that night

twinkle star は綺麗で 私のヒトミを奪ってく
刹那に揺らめく lazy なパルスは
キミを照らし出す so kira kira と
そう twinkle star は綺麗に
右手繋いで 夜空見上げてる

The twinkling stars are beautiful, and steal away my gaze
Waving by in an instant, a lazy pulse
They shine upon you, so shiny shiny
Yes, the twinkling stars in their beauty
Will surely shine in your eyes
Holding hands with you, I stare up at the sky
And saw a dream

クライ夜見付けた 光芒を追いかけた
クライ夜滲んだ 星達眺めてた
少しずつただ 流れてく空(流れてた)
クライ夜泣いてた 私の手のひら
lazy な kiss を交わした

While the dark night stared, and chased after light rays
I wonder if they’ll grant my wish
While the dark night bled, I stared at the stars
Just bit by bit the sky was flowing by (it was shooting by)
While the dark night cried, In my palm
A single star flashed
Until the night faded away,
I gave it a lazy kiss

    • anon
    • August 21st, 2010

    “should I tackle Alstroemeria next?”

    In my opinion, yes. “of memories” from C78 was pretty good, I thought

    • Hoppy
    • August 22nd, 2010

    Woo more ENS lyrics. Marisa usually has nifty lyrics and this is no exception. :D

    Hey hey, how do you feel about translating C-CLAYS’ To the Limit from YU-NARI? It’s amazingly catchy and amazingly hard to make out.

    • Working on getting the booklet, etc to translate.. – Should get the post out today.

    • D: Scratch that – I’ve been having some trouble finding the lyrics. I got to listen to it and it’s AWESOME, but the booklet isn’t floating around yet. As soon as I get it I’ll translate it; if you find it somewhere tell me :)

  1. I’m dying to see the translated versions of Fire and Dream Battle in Alstroemeria’s new album, please do :]

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