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Anticipating C88

^The winner of best album cover so far.^


死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite) – Witness EP [セ27b] [*]

I hear there a few people out there (Releska) that don’t seem to understand the greatness of Shinigiwa, but I’m sure they’ll come around one day. Maybe they’re too young to have spent their youths listening to punk and emo and stuff that Shinigiwa reminds us of.

Both tracks will probably be on my next car CD.

凋叶棕 (Diao ye Zong/RD-Sounds) – 喩 -tatoe- [シ23a] [*]

An album of “What If”s.

It still pains me I haven’t translated all of 求, and while 奉 didn’t really speak to me (yet), RD will always stay at the top of my list. I can’t wait to experience the tracks one by one. I almost make a point to not listen to the crossfade all that much because it almost seems wrong to listen without lyrics in front of me, but カ-210号の嘆き and はじまりのワイゲルト at least, I’m looking forward to tackle first. Everything sounds great though, of course.

In any case, this music always brings me to tears. So if you’ve been under a rock for the past decade and haven’t had me say this before, go take a look at everything RD has ever done.

発熱巫女~ず (Hatsunetsumiko’s) – Girls in the Mirror [シ-28a] [*]

Disco+RenkoxMerry? Yes, please. “Carry On” especially just makes me happy.

荒御霊 (Aramitama) – Divided Innerworld [セ-01ab] [*]

Lately I’ve been addicted to Aramitama like he’s feeding me a black poison. It all started with this: [HADES] and 心娶 Kokorometry which I happened to pick up because I thought the pun was awesome enough that it demanded my money. (Kokorometry’s a little hardcore for me tbh)

This one feels even more accessible than “and the fictions of reality” so give it a listen.

梶迫小道具店 (Cajiva’s Gadget Shop) – Sept Florum [セ-01ab] [*]

Hifuu Tribal House. Yep.

I’ve been addicted to Cajiva lately for similar reasons, but my intro drug was loli Renko and 水なき海を往く.

I don’t like everything Cajiva puts out, but this feels like En-shou (which I still have to read) with just a little more tribal and hifuu so its definitely got my seal of approval.

Demetori – 愧人贖悪 ~Evil People as the True Object of Salvation~ [シ24b] [*]


I don’t think anything will ever up “曼衍珠汝華 ~ Nada Upasana Pundarika”, but this (like le Grimoire De reve) may come close. Speaking of which, excuse me while I listen to that album for a while…

ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell) – 飛天少女ノ窓際 [シ27b] [*]

MORE GODWOOD. HOW DID I MISS THE LAST ALBUM? I’M STILL HITTING MYSELF OVER THAT. The pianowork on this album in particular sounds spectacular. Godwood is -the- -best- pianist I’ve ever heard in terms of Touhou arrangements, so if you like piano, you need to get all of the PZP labeled, Pizuya’s Cell (Godwood) albums. With the exception of one absolutely brilliant violin+piano track, I think that the more it’s solely piano, the better.

Alstroemeria Records – POP|CULTURE 4 [シ18b] [*]

POP|CULTURE 3 was… Well I really liked Lost Emotion and I was grateful at least that “She’s in a Temper!!” got an arrangement, but… …

This one seems a lot better. I’ll promise to resume my “I translate all of Alstroemeria’s New Tracks” thing.

Find Your Way – Fade / Time [セ09b] [*]

Like with Shinigiwa’s first official album, a lot of these tracks have already been released on other EPs, but everything’s been reworked and I see myself listening to this a bunch. “2 hours +” is actually one of my favorite songs ever – I often sing it, drunk, with incorrect lyrics. “they got sad in the potato salad” is currently on my car CD, and I’m already addicted to the pre-release of “there’s the Burger King, and then there’s you, the burger peasant”, which is a track that yes, somehow, lives up to its awesome name.

“stoop kid reference” is also awesome. I hadn’t listened to it before but it’s on UNOWN EP, so I’m listening to it now \o/

Though not on this CD, I secretly hope Veto performs “it’s not you, it’s me” when he gets here, haha.

ZYTOKINE – Little Wheel Euclase [シ23b] [*]
ZYTOKINE – Little Wheel Almandine [シ23b] [*]

I’ve not liked (other than the itori tracks) ZYTOKINE’s past… 5 or albums, but there’s somthing about these two that I love. It reminds me of older stuff from linjin I listened to more, but who knows. Maybe I’m just crazy.

signum/ii – Ethereal Divide [ス12b] [*]

I”ve gotten signum/ii albums in the past, and I like them alright, but the main reason this is on this list is Shibayan’s track. I will buy an album for a Shibayan Noise/Nu-Disco track.

東京アクティブNEETs (Tokyo Active NEETs) – 東方爆音ジャズ8 [シ21a] [*]

Most of the tracks seem like they’ll overlap other releases, but that’s no reason to not get more explosive jazz.

虎の穴 (Toranoana) – 東方幻奏響UROBOROS肆 ~dEATHtINYoVERdRIVE~ [KGB] [*]

For Shinigiwa, MISTERY CIRCLE, Tamaonsen and Riverside.

ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell) – イザナミの二律背反 [シ27b] [*]

I’ve been feeling these less lately, but that’s mostly because I haven’t had the time to investigate the lyrics properly. I still think 基底現実と仮想空間 is the best.

Melonbooks – 東方 Party BOX [KGB] [*]

itori…. (tr.15 on Disc 2) also that ENS sounds good (tr.16)…


Barrage Am Ring – Barrage Am Ring 5/Remind [D3-も19a] [*]

I might get this. It’s a best of album, but I don’t have any of the tracks mentioned.

=[Not New]=

魂音泉 (Tamaonsen) – SAKURA Days EP [シ15a] [*]

They sold out last time I went to get it.

ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell) – 楽園ノ曼珠沙華 [シ27b] [*]


I might not really make a section, but this needs mentioning.



Anticipating C87

I have lost many brain cells I think, with all of the holiday alcohol.

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time lately prepping my camera system for C87, so I hope all the blizzards up here don’t keep me from actually going. … Let’s not think too much about that.

This time I’m mainly just going to list what I’m going to be getting, rather than try to be comprehensive. Feel free to add recommendations in the comments.

I may add more album art later, but it’s 4 am right now.

// Music // (In Fuzzy Priority Order)

死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite) / THE CONJURING EP [*]

New Shinigiwa always goes near the top of my list, this is no exception. Both tracks sound extraordinary. Nothin’ else to say. Loop forever.

凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds) / 奉 -Sasage- [*]

“My theme this time is ‘Touhou as a Game’.”

Powerful. I mean they’ve already got me at “Insert Coin(s)” and then smash it out of the park at “Un-demystified Fantasy”, you relax and soak in the upper stratosphere as you flow through “全て桜の下に”, forget that you should probably be breathing through “Imperishable Challengers”, gaze at the stars as you drift out of the exosphere in “タマシイノハナ”, catch ahold of a space ship as your heart leaps to “ブレイブ・ガール”. dive through another planet’s sky as you race through “幻想郷縁起 封ジラレシ妖怪達之頁”, spread your hands out to fly over the sea in “ウルワシのベントラー”, lie on the ground staring at the sky and wondering why you’re not dead yet through “死せる哲学の袂”, feel your soul spin out of you and spiral back through time through “セイギノミカタ”, and then you’re suddenly in a huge auditorium as the finale “テーマ・オブ・カーテンファイアーシューターズ” erupts. If you don’t understand how this spiralled into this weird thing I just wrote, listen to the crossfade. You’ll get it.

Shibayan Records / Adrastea [*]

More Nu-Disco Magic. We can never have enough. MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon! Anyway, モノクロ・イン・ザ・ナイト “Monochrome in the Night” sounds like it’ll be my favorite track, but then again I’m obsessed with 死靈の夜桜. The Patchouli track, 賢者の極北, sounds like a lot of fun as well. Should I be even picking favorites though? The whole XFD sounds great.

Alstroemeria Records / POP || CULTURE (POP CULTURE 2) [*]

Another strong Alstroemeria album. Tracks 4,5,7,9,2,3,6,8,10,1 are my favorites (see what I did there?), and I really am especially psyched for mican*+Strawberry Crisis!! and ayame+死靈の夜桜. I predict heavily listening.

Cajiva’s Gadget Shop / RED RED RED CURTAIN [*]

I don’t always listen to 128bpm Tribal House, but when I do – *erhm* Cajiva’s stuff is pretty cool yo. Even if you aren’t usually into this kind of thing you should definitely give the xfd a listen. I’m definitely picking this one up.

Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房) / 秘封連続体 -Merry Acceleration- “Hifū Renzokutai” [*]

This one sounds even more addictive than the last one and I’ll work to get both translated ASAP! (yeah I totally dropped the ball on that one ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;) Anyway, Electro Dance Rock. It felt a little strange at first, but then you just want to consume more and more and more and plus. Godwood got his piano tracks on this album too, and Godwood is well, kind of God when it comes to piano.

Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房) / 露地奥の仙界神子 “Rojioku no Senkaimiko” [*]

Which brings us to Godwood’s piano+α album for 東方神霊廟. I still think that nothing still can really yet compare to Bibamus.moriendum.est, but I’m a 東方紅魔郷 nut, so that’s that. Sometimes I wish it was piano, instead of piano+α, but then some of the instruments blow you away at times. Look up 瑞雲’s 運命のダークサイド and you’ll have a very VERY clear idea of what I mean. This may sound weird, but these albums are great for reading music. Anyway, if you don’t absolutely hate piano for some absurd reason, give this a listen and then go buy your godwood game-album of choice, PLUS Bibamus.moriendum.est, or hoard them all like a weird collector like me.

魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) / With Ø [*]

My favorite track is 狂宴結義, and I think I’d get the album just for that song, but the rest is great. Coro’s instrumentals are really lovely for some of these tracks (like On the Way Home), Asculture and and Journey to the Rainbow also sound amazing. I don’t always jump on 魂音泉’s releases, but just like Elysion, this one’s a definite must.

発熱巫女~ず (Hatsunetsu Mikos) / Origin of Love [*]

Disco Dance! The instrumental tracks mesh well with the vocal tracks, make you wanna dance. “Dance with Wolves” was phenomenal, so I’m really really thrilled they’re taking this and rolling with it. With this and Nu-Disco, is “disco” making a comeback or something? If it results in more stuff like this on one hand and the stuff Shibayan’s doing on the other, well I have no problem with that.

東京アクティブNEETs / 東方爆音ジャズ7 “Touhou Bakuon Jazz 7” [*]

More explosive Jazz from those who are best at it.

Halozy / Viva Evolution [*]

My favorite track is actually track 10, 猫に哲学, which is like a completely different genre from the rest of the album, but I dunno, I need more genki and Eurobeat and DDR Fire something or another in my life too. My second favorite’s gotta be “物凄いデコトラでパチュリーが物凄いうた”, and there’s this absolutely beautiful nayuta/crouka track on here too (another genre outlier). Man, seeing いずみん’s name in the credits because of his lyrics for a remix of a track from Heartcore Forte makes me way too sad. This fan will shed a tear.

EastNewSound / Proof Presence [*]

I’m liking EastNewSound again, and I’m happy to. “You’re the love of my life…” did a number on my heart and brought me back to the group after skipping a lot of those numbers (Proof Presence is ENS-00034!? even if half are instrumental CDs…) Anyway, I’m loving this one. THERE’S EVEN A CHATA WHISPER TRACK. While I feel the first half of the album is the strong half, this and Perpetual Devotion have been enough to end my long, long rants that mostly just deify Felsic Mirage.

Yonder Voice / 霊桜に眠る “Yozakura ni Nemuru” [*]

I was pretty bummed I didn’t pick up the Maple Wind demo at Reitaisai, but now I can have it. Maple Wind is what I’m mostly looking foward to, but I like 愛しさの未来形 (妖々跋扈 doesn’t have enough arranges really), 神遊び and “You were here” as well.

狐夢想屋×ゼッケン屋 / 電子弦奏II -The Ghost’s Note- [*]

I have an unhealthy amount of love for the 秀三. (His presence begs for an article). While Electro-Zekkenya can be a little weird at times, it brought us such amazing classics as the incestual この暗く閉じた世界から、君へ and addictive 図書館で会った人だぜ, so I keep an open mind. Track 3 ムーンモンガーは狂わない so far is probably my favorite (he GROWLS!), but Misty Lake Rock is smooth, and I suspect サンシャイン地底 is gonna end up sort of like 図書館で会った人だぜ. 天空の花の都 is one of my favorite Touhou originals, so my favorite might end up being 7/8 in the end.

FELT / Cold Snap [*]

I may, or may not get this one.

FELT’s one of those groups that I know makes beautiful music, but I don’t really end up listening to them all that much, kind of falls near the edge of my tastes radar or something. I always hit myself with a stick for not keeping up with them whenever Flower Flag of Endless Pain shuffle their way into whatever I’m listening to though. I dunno, when I listen to FELT, a lot of times I just flop back over Hatsunetsu Mikos. I like them more? Right after listening to a bit of Flower Flag while writing this I stopped and started listening to RAiNY STARS from Re:Starlights, which I like more.

とらのあな / 東方幻奏響uroboros弐 “Touhou Gensoukyou Uroboros 2” [*]

It would take me over an hour to listen to all the track xfds so I am not going to, but:

Shinigiwa, Riverside, and Mistery Circle alone are enough for me to buy this collection, but then there’s サリー and RD-Sounds too and a fucking rad ytr track from 魂音泉, a rerecording of the greatest ZYTOKINE track ever (GOLD) and if something on this doesn’t excite you, well, you may not be into Touhou music after all.

Masterpieces for Our Struggle / Masterpieces for Our Struggle 2 [*]

Totally forgot about this. Whoops. I’m getting it for Shinigiwa and Further Ahead of Warp.

C.H.S / Disposition 2 [*]

Man I need way more t+pazolite in my life. This isn’t a new release for C87, but I’ll be picking it up there.

I’m probably going to pick up a lot of other stuff at his table too if they’re there. Like 絢爛喧騒オリエント [*]

Anticipating C86

I’ll add reviews and artwork momentarily. Keep refreshing – or wait a day or something.

“Rankings of Interest Level” -will- probably shift. Especially after in-depth reviews. In case you think I’m insulting Zytokine or something.

Comment if you think I’ve missed something interesting.

I’m excited as hell for DEN-YUU. and Hohuri. and Less. and Dance with Wolves.

Awaiting Information From

Alice’s Emotion [*] (Nothing New/Hardcore Tano*c booth only)
・Mistery Circle [*]
・Draw the Emotional [*]
・Flap+Frog [*]?


1. ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell) / 電幽バイオメトリクス “DEN-YUU Biometrics” [*]

2. ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell) / 地底の草庵小座敷 “Chitei no Souan Zashiki” [*]

3. サリー (Sally) / Less [*]

3. 凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds) / 屠 -hohuri- [*]

3. 死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite) / BREATHLESS EP [*]

6. ジャク (Jaku [Sally]) / PRAY c/w Locus short ver. [*]

Flashlight6. Alstroemeria Records / FLASHLIGHT [*]

Woo!! Dat Nhato track too.

6. 発熱巫女~ず (Hatsunetsu Mikos) / Dance with Wolves [*]

9. 東京アクティブNEETs (Tokyo Active NEETs) / 東方爆音ジャズ 6 [*]

9. 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) / Soul Flower [*]

9. EastNewSound / Perpetual Devotion [*]

12. ゼッケン屋 (Zekkenya) / Rare Tracks and Bones [*]
Mainly for the acoustic arrangements (1-4), but I don’t think I’d heard of “天の光は、ほぼ私” and I’d only heard “甘い夢、魔性の林檎” on a live stream so woo!

12. 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome) / 少女煉獄 “Shoujo Rengoku” [*]

12. 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome) / 想 ~sou~ [*]

12. monochrome-coat / VIA [*]

12. Adam Kadmon / Refrain [*]

16. 梶迫小道具店 (Cajiva’s Gadget Shop) / MT22 [*]

16. Further Ahead of Warp / Sleeping Imperfect Blue [*]

16. FELT / Fortunes Gate [*]

19. Applice / 斥状回輝線 -sekijokaisen- [*]

20. SOUND HOLIC / 永夜 -EIYA- [*][*]

21. ZYTOKINE / >>>> [*]

22. Lila’c Records / TOHO SPEED 02 [*]

I like Lila’c Records and I like that ill.bell’s got a track, and I like the idea – but … this could be faster? The BPMs on most tracks feel pretty slow actually ^^;

23. 荒御霊 / THE OSCILLATION [*]

I’ll probably pick this up as I pick up their 例大祭 album I missed out on, “The Calm”.

24. Herbivora “The Herb Shop” / Dying E.P. [*]

25. CROW’SCLAW / Loudness War [*]

26. Unlucky Morpheus / affected [*]

27. UNDEAD CORPORATION / 神速 “jinsoku” [*]

RTS11 Stuff I Missed

xx. 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) / Elysion [*]

xx. 荒御霊 / THE CALM [*]

Deep Techno.

xx. no brand person / 夕闇光る-demo- (RT11 Release) [*]

Deep Techno as it’s called.

xx. flap+frog / PATCHOULI KNOWLEDGE RACER (direct audio) (RT11 Release) [*]

flap+frog in a Mario Kart style.

xx. Lila’c Records x signum/ii / REVIVE 2 ARCADIA/EDEN [*]

Anticipating C85

So I missed the last event or two in terms of Anticipating posts, but I’ve been busy. Now, while a bit stressed I’m a lot less busy in terms of work, and ready to get super busy in terms of C85, which will be the first event I will be going to in person. (I’ve never even been to an anime-themed event in America.)

This post will grow with time and I’ll add in XFD reviews as well.


1. 凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds) / 薦 -susume- [*]

1. Shibayan Records / RETRO FUTURE GIRLS [*]

I’m sure you all know how I love, just absolutely love Shibayan’s noise and Nu-Disco.

Retro Future Girls, like Magico Catastrofe centers on Nu-Disco, but has even less of a noise footprint. Shibayan only arranges 4 out of the 8 tracks this time, but izna and LAZ really mix it up. After listening to this crossfade I looked them up and am going to hunt for their CDs on Day 3. Zytokine takes the final track with his hand at Nu-Disco, but while a little out of place, I love itori and I think it closes the album well.

Now for a step by step:

Super Fine Red
 Breath clips are fucking sexy. Perfect for an introductory instrumental track. Listening to it’s like an energy charge.

レディメイド・シティライフ “Readymade City Life”
 Arrangers like Shibayan can take tracks I think I’m tired of and make me love them. As always with Shibayan, the beat is addictive, and milka (narrowly avoids pun) ‘s vocals capture that girly sparkle Shibayan’s been good at crafting lately.

サクラ クラシュ “Sakura Crash”
 Talk about addictive. I already love 死霊の夜桜, but this track escalates. It starts off relatively simple and flares up gloriously – You can’t help but want to dance.

 Can we even call it a Shibayan album anymore without having a Myon track? Looking forward to the lyrics – they should be posted if Shibayan write them… The guitar solo’s great too. I expect a 2-3 minute lead in before the first line of lyrics. Since it’s a 3L track I also expect something crazy to happen near the end.

とびだせ!バンキッキ “Tobidase! Bankikki”
 Cutesy dullahan pun overload – this is not t+pazolite right? This will be -really- fun to translate.

Spring Rouge
 A good synth track – less energy than Super Fine Red, but this is hitting the calm down arc, and it transitions well.

Desert Years
 I love desire drive and I wouldn’t be surprised if the full version ends up being my favorite track on this album. Let us not forget that this yana/Shibayan/cittan* combo has happened before: “Fall in the Dark”

 Like I said I think it feels a tad out of place, but itori. ITORI. Looking forward to the lyrics for this one as well.

Dead Silence / Shinigiwa Satellite

3. 死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite) / DEAD SILENCE [*] [*]

Shinigiwa comes out with their very first full length album!!!!! This is history in the making!!!!

1. Senketsu Violence
2. [NEW] Kyoukai Dead End (少女秘封倶楽部)
3. [NEW] (上海紅茶館~Chinese Tea)
4. [NEW] Oumei Silence (死霊の夜桜)
5. Boukyaku Dracula
6. [NEW] Chinkon Concerto (幽霊楽団~Phantom Ensemble)
7. Butsumetsu Violet
8. Shousou Genocide
9. Tsuioku Disaster
10. Seijaku Last Dance

There are four new tracks and six remasters, all from from the female vocalist era on.

First of all Senketsu Violence, Butsumetsu Violet, and Seijaku Last Dance are three of Shinigiwa’s absolute best, so while I kind of wish some of the pre-female vocals tracks would show up, I am more than satisfied. Ending with Last Dance was a stroke of brilliance as well.

Let’s look at the new tracks.

Track 2:

I want to think it’s an arrangement of something I’m just not very familiar with, but I can’t be sure. I thought for a split second, Misty Lake from TH14, but it just doesn’t match up enough. HifuHifuHifuHifuHifu/// I can’t wait to listen to the whole track and pick at the lyrics.

Track 3:

I love this, and I especially love that it’s just scraping off bits of Chinese Tea and then running with it.

Track 4:

Part of me thinks this might be original, but I’m not sure. Yozakura! There are faint back vocals and I love it when Ei-seitarou mixes in with Merami/Chikage. “Take me to one last as far as I know, I … take me as far to….”

Track 6:

“As I’m walking into tragedy, so that I get so low, but I know you depend on me, so I wanted to said…
“As I’m walking into tragedy, so can I get so low, but I know you know to make sure, we know – take me away…”

Shinigiwa has the best Engrish lyrics I’ve ever encountered – I think. Half the fun is just trying to piece it together.

3. Altroemeria Records / Decade of Expose [*]

Fantastic. Tradition will hold.

4. 回路 -kairo- / So, All we have (not) created equal [*]

So, wow. Just wow. Kairo’s really moving up. I really liked their last album “Do not distract the eye in the here and now”, and this one’s in the same style, just with even more umph to it.

Just listening to the intro track makes me feel like I’m at some over orchestrated concert’s final act. I’ve taken more and more of a liking to 556t’s voice as well. There’s a good mix of clean and distorted sounds, as well as some growling and screaming where it needs to be. “Sleeping” is just beautiful. This is another album I’m looking forward to for the lyrics as well.

4. Foreground Eclipse / Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights [*]

Review Pending.

4. Demetori / le Grimoire De reve [*]

Awaiting XFD. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed though. IT IS AVAILABLE NOW. LISTEN!

5. 東京アクティブNEETs / 東方爆音ジャズ5 “Tokyo Bakuon’ Jazz 5” [*]

To be honest, I’m a little more interested in picking up #4 rather than #5, because I love TH6 music more than TH7.

That said, I love these guys. I’m actually going to their Jazz live after the first day of Comiket. TH7 also means Cheeennn, Alice and smooth Youmu-chan.

6. サリー Sally / バチ “Bachi” [*]

Awaiting XFD.

7. Applice / Dear Dead Doll [*]

The XFD is not exactly in line with the track list, but this is an impressive line up. Applice joined in for Pizuya’s Visitandine and there’s a similar feel here. Godwood’s guest arranging/playing for a few tracks as well.

I’m not sure if it’s the 4th or 5th track in the XFD, but favorite part of the XFD starts at 1:30 and continues on to 2:03, but I also really like the part just before it from 1:00 – it reminds me of Visitandine.

7. Adam Kadamon / サーカス “Circus” [*]

Awaiting XFD.

While we don’t have the XFD yet, we do have the entire 3rd track to listen to. コア (Core).

It’s great, but I’m not exactly sure if you could call it a representative track, as it’s mostly a Sally track with Tamari vocals – it’s the only track on the album not arranged by カミヤシロ. However, I still have high hopes for it. I like Tamari and Adam Kadmon’s last album was pretty good. (Though the TsugumixAdamKadmon one was better, I think.)

7. ZYTOKINE / I, Scream [*]

Itori, itori, itori. I was going to put this further down the list until itori started singing.

Really though, I think it’s a solid ZYTOKINE album, balanced, and it utilizes that allstar vocalist cast.

I’m still not all that familiar with TH14’s music, but I think the beat fits.

10. Pizuya’s Cell / Grand Guignol [*]

10. flap+frog / Stereophonic Remaster + Remixes [*]

I’ve always wanted to and always had trouble getting my hands on anything by flap+frog, but I’ve been addicted to their crossfades pretty much every time I run through one of these Anticipating posts, so now I’ll take this opportunity to catch up as much as I can.

It’s really good low key jazzy-electronic music.

10. Casket x 荒御霊 (Aramitama) / No Crap On Tap! [*]

Holy mother of god…

Via Shibayan link following I ended up here.

Aramitama goes way out avant garde / experiemental bordering on incomprehensible most of the time but apparently it’s him, plus Escarmew, the “Irish Pub” arranger from Casket.

By the way, that’s a Voile arrangment.

Holy mother of god…

10. Mistery Circle / [*]

14. T.Piacere / con spirito [*]

15. Riverside / Château Bleu [*] (SJIS)

16. ESQUARIA (Lydia Grave) / Reproduction [*]

17. 子猫奪回屋 “Konekodakkaiya” / Opposite ~幻想怪奇譚~ [*]

18. halozy / TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.2 [*]

19. 梶迫小道具店 Cajiva’s Gadget Shop / M33 [*]

20. monochrome-coat / ID [*]

20. EastNewSound / Spectral Rejection [*]

21. Pizuya’s Cell / 金刀比羅宮弐阡四佰 (Kotohiragu 2400) [*]

Non-Touhou Music

1. pastyle / Break the Moratorium [*]

Anticipating C84

Usami Renko and Maribel Hearn (tokoroten (hmmuk))

I know that C84 has already started, but Touhou stuff’s on the 3rd day (Monday), so I still have some time right?

As most of you know, I have moved to Japan, but am not really in any condition to go to Comiket this time around.

Right now my only source of internet is via tethering through my phone, and I need to be conservative with my data limits until I get my fiber optic internet (which I -hope- will be awesome), which if all goes well should be working by next weekend, thus I’m going to have to keep this much shorter than my previous anticipation posts ^^; In fact, I really don’t know much of what will actually be released, because I only just got access to internet a day or two ago. I also can’t really fill this post with tons of images because of this tethering situation.

Please forgive me ‘orz

Additionally, I regret to inform everyone:

全自動少女 (Automata Girl)’s 續・櫻雨キネマトグラフ (Zoku – Sakuraame Cinematographé) [*] has been delayed. It will not be released this comiket. T^T – It was the number one album I was looking forward to. I guess this will give me some more time to translate some more of the tracks from the previous one.

Finally, because of various bandwidth restrictions and because it takes me about 5-10 minutes to load an album website, rather than a full-on anticipating post, I’m just going to cover the ones I decided to pre-order already, and list others’ suggestions in another list below. I’ll try to put every link I’m tweeted/commented on the second list, so everyone tell me what’s you’re interested in! (I’d like to know as well, for my after-event purchasing run!!!)

Anticipating (Pre-Ordered) Albums

Alstroemeria Records’ POP | CULTURE [*]

A break from Dancehall! (Even though I love ’em, and even though this has the same structure.) As always, Masayoshi Minoshima knows how to build a solid album, and throw a bunch of rare tracks at you (A Secret Lot, 非統一魔力世界論, 久遠の夢, etc.) As per tradition, as soon as I have this in my hands I’ll work at translating the entire album.

I hear some hints of Party Rockers in Track 3/5, you? (Nothing as clear as Seven Nation Army in Lunar DIAL ^^;)

Some of my favorite tracks so far are A Secret Lot, Binary Catwalk, Dreamlights, Eternal Verities… well I love every track like usual.

サリー (Sally)’s ビョウ “Byou” [*]

Unfortunately I haven’t familiarized myself with the music from the TH14 demo yet, but I’m sure this’ll help me along! Sally’s been one of my favorite groups for a while and this xfd does not disappoint.

My favorite tracks are アンコンディショナル, 不思議なWonderland,【byou】, 懺悔, 満潮, gun ~群~, Plaza roboscape. (Everything).

I feel bad placing Plaza roboscape at the end, because I like it a ton, but it keeps on ending up there whenever I try to reorder the list, so just know that I couldn’t call any track on this album my “least” favorite.

RD-Sounds’ 改 -aratame- [*]

Unfortunately, this album holds no new -lyrics- for me to translate, but I hope it’ll draw your attention to some of RD’s best (胎児の夢/Taiji no Yume, マッドパーティー Mad Party), and there are still songs like スターシーカー which I still need to translate, so I hope to be doing that soon. This is not just a remix album though, it’s a -remake- there is a large difference from the originals so I’m excited to hear how they all turn out.

I like the new Parallel Sky – it sounds cuter, possibly more in line with the lyrics, and while it might not beat the original Mad Party, I’m -really- liking how the new version sounds already. It sounds absolutely fantastic.

I’m going to spend a lot of time listening to this one, so I’ll give you more of my thoughts when I’ve got it in my hands ^^.

The final touch I really like about this album too are the instrumental intro and outros. TH1 and TH14.

ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)’s VISITANDINE [*]

Simply, it’s very hard for me to resist anything Merry x Renko, and I really like the beat that pervades this album. There’s a bit of dubstep, but much less than Clair de Lune, probably for the better. There’s much more of “bar performance” feeling to this album, especially on the tracks sung by 普透明度. If I were to try to qualify it, this feels like a mix of Pizuya’s lighter music (*Star albums) with a touch of techno-dubstep (‘Sheol’ Barrage Am Ring 3/Arrange Side), minus any metal – I didn’t actually hear any guitar. I’d say the music is drifting closer to other groups I listen to ((old) Alstroemeria, Hatsunetsu Mikos, <echo>Project), but I’m not going to lie. I’m still hoping for another album like CORONeT/Prunus Centifolia with Sophia as a guest vocalist, or even like Resurrection Ballad.

My favorite track is Tuile Dentelle, followed by Champs de Etoile, Cristallin and ASSEMBLAGE.

Anyway, I still need to give Clair de Lune a proper look – so hopefully I’ll have the time to do a lyrics translation blast.

豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s ビリヤード “Billiards” [*]

Lately I’ve enjoyed Buta-Otome’s original albums more than their Touhou arrangements, which from their perspective has got to be a good thing I guess?

My favorite tracks are: ポケットのアレ, 嘘つき, さる, 赤いバケツ and ティラミス・カウボーイ

豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s 少女煉獄 “Shoujo Rengoku” [*]

I’m pleased to see some TH13.5/TH14 tracks in here, and I feel like this album carries more of the allure of the first Buta-Otome albums, but that might just be my personal option. I haven’t translated any 豚乙女 lyrics in quite some time, so I’m looking forward to it.

My favorite tracks are 行方不明の, 巡る業, 馬耳東風の果て, 儚きもの人間 and 面隠し, but I like all of them.

死際サテライト(Shinigiwa Satellite)x9bFox’s PSYCHO EP [*]

An exception because this album is not available for pre-order/is event-only, but I’m trying to get it ^^;

Need I say anything? I love these guys.

One track is a Shinigiwa cover of a 9bFox song (最後の言葉は), the other a 9bFox cover of a Shinigiwa song (殺戮イノセント). Shinigiwa w/ Japanese lyrics!? What absurdity!! but yeah.

殺戮イノセント has been transcribed by us already, but we’ll probably have to give it another run with this version.

Anticipating (Other) Albums

Circus Cult’s “Mort a credit” [*]

Shinkirou Soundtrack [*]

ANOTHER STREAM’s “Future Tantric Engraved” [*]

Soga no Tojiko (cis (carcharias))