Donations and Commissions

Kafka-Fuura is now accepting donations via PayPal! Please donate if you like my work!! [Reimu Button]

Kafka-Fuura is now accepting commissions! Email me for a quote! [Marisa Button]
Pricing will range between 0.0825-0.1250 USD per Japanese character, depending on subject matter and length, with quoted prices negotiable (prior to me working on it).
(Song Translations will continue to be a free service, I don’t think it’s right to ask money for those.)

I’ve having a lot of trouble finding a job, which is fixing to show major problems in respect to my educational career and lifestyle. D: The prices I’ve listed above for commissions are generally about a third of what you’d pay to a professional translation company, which I think is fair.

Donations are great too, and thanks to all that have donated already, but if you could help find me some “clients”, I’d greatly appreciate it, and it’d help me a lot more.

Thank You.

^The default Paypal button doesn’t seem to like me, so I just got the donation link and made a Reimu Button.

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