我亲爱傀儡 (我親愛傀儡) // Wǒ Qīn’ài Guīlěi (Wa ga Shin’ai naru Kairai)

It’s always a pleasure to translate a Shibayan “noise” song.

Requested by: SerChef

Sorry for the wait, but I wanted to do this one properly.

“energy” in the first stanza is pronounced “eneru-gi”

𥝱=禾予 (じょ) if your font doesn’t display the character correctly. (Its alternative is 秭(し)

The translation assumes the 上数 counting system for large numbers (how they were originally designed), and the standard system for the fractional numbers.
(If the standard system were used for the large numbers it would be, 10^16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64.)

The large number sequence line is equal to 10^262113

If you’re confused by the stanza that’s all numbers, just consider that it is a relation between an eternity and an instant.

As for the pronunciation of the title, I’ve used Pinyin/Mandarin-Chinese (Kanbun/Japanese) I will be personally using “Wa ga Shin’ai naru Kairai” because that’s something I can understand. I put the pinyin in there mainly because of the simplified characters and what I hear in the bridge, but if it were really Chinese, there should be a 的 (“de” in Mandarin) between 亲爱 and 傀儡, whereas with kanbun stuff it’s more common for there to be no particles at all… so go with “Wa ga Shin’ai naru Kairai” (ga and naru are “implied” grammatically, in the same way 広有射怪鳥事 is read “Hiroari Kechou (wo) Iru Koto”)

In the bridge, qīn’ài… guīlěi… is pronounced [ʨ’inai kueilei]~=”chin’ai kweirei” similar to the Japanese pronunciation “shin’ai kairai” (though the last one sounds a bit more like “itsurei” / I’m not even going to begin to try to figure out what that would mean). Of the 1,2,3,4 parts, only 2 and 3 I can say for sure are guīlěi and qīn’ài respectively.

我亲爱傀儡 (我親愛傀儡)
 Wǒ Qīn’ài Guīlěi (Wa ga Shin’ai naru Kairai)
 My Beloved Puppet
Circle: Syrup Comfiture
Album: White Clear
Event: C82

天地無用の理 逆らって掘り返して
電池不要の生命 繋げたら
私の意の侭に ねえ頷いてみせて
神算鬼謀の閃き 神すら阻めない
二人は離れない 連れ出してmidnight
千古不易の寵愛 受け取って
誓いの傷痕 二度とは消えない

ten’chi muyou no kotowari sakaratte horikaeshite
anata no hohoemi ni mata aitai
den’chifuyou no energy tsunagetara
watashi no i no mama ni nee unazuitemisete
shin’san’kibou no hirameki kami sura habamenai
futari wa hanarenai tsuredashite midnight
sen’kofueki no chouai uketotte
chikai no kizuato nidoto wa kienai

Overturning the laws of right and wrong, heaven and earth
I just want to see your smile again
Sewing in life energy that needs no electricity
Just as I wish you’ll… Now, nod your head for me
Not even a god could interfere with these ingenious designs
We’re inseparable… I’ll take you out this midnight
Take my immortal affections
The scar of our vows, will never vanish again

傾城傾国の魔性 全て飲み込んだ
冷静冷酷な奇談 あやかって
迷信信仰の摂理 背いて
腐りきった体に抱かれて あの世にgoodbye

keiseikeikoku no mashou subete nomikon’da
anata no hohoemi ni mata aitai
reiseireikoku na kidan’ ayakatte
watashi no eien’ no toki wo oshieteageru
meishin’shin’kou no setsuri somuite
kusarikitta karada ni dakarete ano yo ni goodbye
seiseiruten’ no uso sae musukashite
uragiru kakugo wa motoyori naizai

Having drunk of every devilish temptation, what would ruin a king, an empire
I just want to see your smile again
Listen and learn from this fantastic tale, calm and cruel
I’ll tell you of my time spent in eternity
Turning from the laws and will of superstitions and faiths
Embraced by a rotten corpse I say goodbye to that world
Seeing through even the lies of reincarnation and the transmigration of souls
I have always had in me the resolve to betray it all


qīn’ài… guīlěi… qīn’ài… guīlěi…

Beloved… Doll… Beloved… Doll…




はるかな郷里 其れに感嘆す
はるかな狂気 此れを称賛す
迎へる永劫に 過ぐることなし

haruka na kyouri sore ni kan’tan’ su
mukaeru setsuna wa kazou koto kanawazu
haruka na kyouki kore wo shousan’ su
mukaeru eigou ni suguru koto nashi

My homeland far away, moved I exclaim
Never could I count all the many moments I will face
My distant insanity, this I praise
Never will I pass through all of the eternity I will face




流れ込む源 逃れられぬ快楽
期待していた通り 従属の幸福
発動する呪文 再び廻りだした
冷たい土の中 再び瞳を開いて

chokumei no mama ni shitagau dake no mono
nagarekomu minamoto nogarerarenu kairaku
zuishin’ ni shibarareta kawaii kairai
todaesasenai de tsuma no saki made mitashite
homei ga imi suru keiyaku no shuumatsu
kitaishiteita toori juuzoku no koufuku
hatsudou suru jumon’ futatabi mawaridashita
tsumetai tsuchi no naka futatabi hitomi wo hiraite

A being that will only follow the commands of its master
Flowing right to the source, this inescapable pleasure
A lovely doll bound to its master’s side
Don’t let it stop, let it fill me head to toe
Ending what contracts not ’til death do us part
As I expected, in the blessings of servility
With one enchantment, she turns again
Deep in the cold earth, she opens her eyes

Dreaming tonight
Closing my eyes
指先絡める あなたの切ない香りを
Breathing again
氷みたいな寝顔 見つめて 溶かして
私だけのあなたになって お願い
Saying good night

dreaming tonight
milky way no bed no naka de
closing my eyes
yubisaki karameru anata no setsunai kaori wo
breathing again
koori mitai na negao mitsumete tokashite
watashi dake no anata ni natte onegai
nemurikara mezameru kiss wo ageru wa
koi suru watashi to anata no himitsu no yakusoku
saying good night
kuchiru dake no inochi wa iranai kara
koyoi mo eien’ ni toki wo kasanete aishiau wa

Dreaming tonight
In a milky way bed
Closing my eyes
Our fingers intertwined, your fragrance painfully beloved I’m
Breathing again
Staring at your sleeping face like ice, melting
Please, will you be mine, and mine alone?
I’ll give you a kiss to wake you from your slumber
A secret promise between you and I in love
Saying good night
I don’t need a life that will only rot away
So again tonight, will love each other, with each season unto eternity

    • 0P2C
    • November 21st, 2012

    I’m so glad to see this song translated. Hooray for noisy shibayan !
    On a side note, I think that in the 1st stanza you forgot to add the translation of “神算鬼謀の閃き 神すら阻めない”

    • Just added it in ^^; (also fixed a small spelling error) Sorry about that.

    • SerChef
    • November 21st, 2012

    Woww… I’ll not lie to you, I cried when I get to “Deep in the cold earth, she opens her eyes”
    Just as I expected, this song have such a beautiful lyrics T-T
    You can feel that feeling transmitted by Tsubaki Ichimatsu <3

    Now I want to read a manga about those two, about that moment xD

    Thanks a lot!!

    • Redherring
    • December 25th, 2014

    “but if it were really Chinese, there should be a 的 (“de” in Mandarin)”

    Actually, when referring to oneself, which is the case here with the 我, you don’t necessarily need the 的.

    • seakill
    • October 19th, 2015

    Absolutely loving this!! Such beautiful lyric and especially the last part that you can feel that the character in the song is ready to spend an eternity with the other party. Such romance.

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