月齢11.3のキャンドルマジック // Eleven Point Three Candle Magic

This is the best song to come out of Comiket 79.

“*Included on this CD is intentional noise and such for the purposes of expression.”
^I love Shibayan so much… ヽ(*・◡・*)ノ

I like this album’s plays on fairytale princesses – but remember, Patchouli’s a witch.

I consider anyone able to sing-along to this song a true diva.

[YT Link-w/subs](Courtesy of Aghart101) Listen, but really, Shibayan’s songs deserve lossless, or else the noise isn’t captured perfectly :P

As for everyone else waiting for me to translate songs for them, I’m really sorry I’m being so slow about it, I’ve just been busy and well, since classes have started I’m going to stay fairly busy, but I’ll start working more on them after this one. If I tried to get all of Shibayan’s stuff out first, well – most of the lyrics are very long, and/or complex, so I don’t want to extend you guy’s wait too much longer. I’d feel worse about it, but well, I’m not getting paid for this so… ^_^;

On the Title:
月齢 “Getsurei” is the “age of the moon” or the growth of the moon according to the lunar calendar. 15 is “full” 30 is “new”; 3 is a waxing crescent (三日月 “mikadzuki”); 16 is the ever famous (十六夜 “izayoi”). etc. This takes place on 11.3 :) The formula for calculating the moon’s “age” according to the Gregorian calendar is on wikipedia: [link] (ja)
In the song, 3L sings 月齢11.3 as “Eleven-point-three” hence the second romanization of the title.

On “Mahal Ko, Mahal Kita” // “I love you, my love”:
タガログ語(フィリピンの言葉)で マハリコ・マハリキタという言葉があり、 マハリコ(愛しい人)マハリキタ(愛しています)という意味
Thugangel: “If i think it says what it is, “mahal ko, mahal kita”, then it’s most likely, “my love, I love you” lol.”
^Thanks for help with the Tagolog, thugangel and random other person on the internet
I reversed it because I thought it sounded better in English that way. >.> <..<

God, Flame, and the Donkey’s Ear:
In Jewish/Christian mythos people have talked/communicated with God through flames and once through a donkey, and a candle flame looks like a donkey’s ear. ^_^ Hope that clears that up a little.

Because there are a lot of English words in this song in the romaji I just put the English equivalent, which is not necessarily exactly how they are pronounced, I just hate stuff like “PEEJI” for “page”. Also, even if it’s written as “いく” if 3L sings “ゆく” I write “yuku”.

If you needed to know, just in case – if you’re attempting to sing-along:
Incense: insensu || Parchment: pa-chimento || Romance: romansu
Jinx: jinkkusu || Mysterious: misuteriasu || Charm: cha-mu || Orange: orenji
Door: doa || Ginger and Thyme: jinja-・ando・taimu || Mix: mikkusu
Spell: superu || Page: pe-ji || Candle: kyandoru || Magic: majikku
Melancholy: merankori- || “Mahal ko Mahal kita” (Tagolog): mahariko・maharikta
Fancy: fanshi- || Happy End: Happi-endo || Escape: esuke-pu || Magical: majikaru
Lyrical: ririkaru || Script: sukuriputo || Trash: torasshu || Kiss: kisu

I’m minimizing excess words and punctuation in this translation, as a result it may be hard to tell “when a sentence might end” or “what phrase describes another” – but that’s poetry right?

 Getsurei 11.3 no Candle Magic
  ”Eleven-point-three (no) Candle Magic”
 Lunar 11.3 Candle Magic
Lyric: やまざきさやか
Vocal: 3L
Arrange: Shibayan
Circle: Shibayan Records
Album: ココロバイブレーション (Kokoro Vibration)
Event: C79

5日目の夜 灯すインセンス

Kyou no tsuki wa amai mitsu no iro
Itsukame no yoru tomosu incense
Tsudzutta namae odoru parchment
Yubi no saki ni fukumaseta himitsu
Yume no you ni toketeyuku mono
Yuki no you ni fukaku tojikomete
Sekai no katamuki sukoshi dake kaetemiru no
O-hime-sama ni wa dekinai himegoto

The moon tonight is the color of sweet honey
This fifth night I light incense
The name I’d written dances across my parchment
This secret held in my fingertips
Melts like a dream
Locked away deep like snow
I’ll try and change the world’s inclinations just a little
This secret a princess just can’t keep

赤いロマンスは 真夜中飾った青を

Akai romance mo kiiro jinx demo
Yurayura orange no hi no naka mysterious charm
Akai romance wa mayonaka kazatta ao wo
Sosogeba murasaki ni kawaru wa mysterious charm

A red romance, or perhaps a yellow jinx
A mysterious charm wavering amidst an orange flame..
When I pour this red romance over the blue scattered across midnight
It’ll turn violet, my mysterious charm

ジンジャー&タイム ミックスのスペル

Eleven-point-three no yoru
Fukuramu tuki nozoku desire
Ginger and thyme mix no spell
Yubi no saki ni fukumaseta himitsu
Yume no you ni toketeyuku mono
Yuki no you ni fukaku tojikomete
Sekai no katamuki sukoshidake kaetemiru no
O-hime-sama ni wa dekinai himegoto

Tonight, the moon at eleven-point-three
With desire, I glance toward the waxing moon
Mixing a spell with ginger and thyme
This secret held in my fingertips
Melts like a dream
Locked away deep like snow
I’ll try and change the world’s inclinations just a little
This secret a princess just can’t keep

白で始めるわ 月のページ

Shiroku hajimeru no (Eleven a One Two Three)
Shiro de haijmeru wa (Eleven a One Two Three) Tsuki no page
Shiroku hajimeru no (Eleven a One Two Three)
Shiroku hajimeru no……

It starts white (Eleven, One, Two, Three)
I’ll start with white, (Eleven, One, Two, Three) a page of the moon
It starts white (Eleven, One, Two, Three)
It starts white…


Melancholy na asa no nioi
Usuresaseteyuku candle no honoo
Moyasu omoi wa omamagoto no o-uchi
Maru de roba no mimi no ana

In drifts the scent of melancholic morning
The flame atop this candle is fading
My burning emotions a house for dolls
Looks just like a donkey’s ear to me


“Mahal ko Mahal kita” wo dareka ni
Sukoshi ijiwaru na yousei no fancy
Happy end wa hachi moji no iiwake
Kyou mo escape

Saying “I love you, my love” to someone
Is just the teasing fancy of a faerie
This “happy end” is but an eight-lettered excuse
Today I escape again


Kaidan ni nigeta kutsu wa magical
Ibara no naka nemuru nara lyrical ni
Sekai no sotogawa no script
Te ni ireru no wa itsudemo mo o-hime-sama

Those slippers racing down the stairs are magical
Or for her, sleeping amidst the thorns, it’s lyrical
But none of those scripts are of this world
Only princesses get those roles

神様 ひどいサボタージュ

Pastel-iro no sweets no naka wa
Awase-kagami no meiro to onaji ne
Yumemi-gokochi no heya no door no mukou
Kamisama hidoi sabotage

Inside these pastel colored sweets
It’s just like a labyrinth made of mirrors
Behind the doors of this dreamy room
God, you’ve done me an awful sabotage

シリアスな痛み キャンドルの炎

Magnetic na yoru ni kurikaesu
Serious na itami candle no honoo
Moeru omoi mo rakugaki no hanazono
Maru de roba no mimi no ana

The magnetic nights cycle through
In serious pain, the flame atop this candle
My burning emotions a scribbled flower garden
Looks just like a donkey’s ear to me

NOよ いらないわ

Yoteichouwa no saigo no page no naka
Trash na kiss
NO yo iranai wa

On the last page for “Peace and Harmony”
A trashy kiss
NO! I don’t need that!


Nureta yubisaki de tsumitoru kyou no charm
Candle magic
“Mahal ko, Mahal kita”

With wet fingertips I extinguish today’s charm
Candle Magic
“Mahal ko, Mahal kita” – “I love you, my love”

    • vaespus
    • January 18th, 2011

    “Mahal Ko, Mahal Kita”

    No really. I can’t believe Yamazaki-san used a word from our language. :O

    • TasteTea
    • January 18th, 2011

    I knew I wasn’t crazy when I heard the Tagalog pieces in this song

  1. Thank you so very much for the translation!

    I’ll also think this is the best song to come from C79, and for Touhou in general in years!
    Truly a master piece that stands alongside iosys’s Star River and Pray.

    Again, Thank you!

  2. My god. This is just absolutely amazing. It’s so good to see that Locked Girl gets love. First Girl’s Mind from ENS, then Cry from 38BEETS, and now 11.3 Candle Magic from Shibayan…I hope there’ll be more Patchy vocals in this style.
    But man, those lyrics, they’re just so…hnngh. Gotta love the language mix. It brings a really nice touch to it. Plus, it’s 3L, and 3L is love. Now I just need a Locked Girl vocal by Mei Ayakura and Syrufit and I can die happy, ahaha~

    Thanks a lot for the translation! :3

    • grooven
    • January 19th, 2011

    I wouldn’t say it is the best of C79. Well it is quite good not really my taste for best of C79. I would have to say that that 無炎舞踊≠循環 by EastNewSound is much better IMO.

    • Hahaha, yeah… I just love this noise genre way too much, especially when it’s paired with this kind of singing (which I’m not sure what to call).

      I’ll hopefully be getting 無炎舞踊≠循環 out soon ^_^.

    • Patchuu
    • January 19th, 2011

    thanks for the translation ^^

    By the way, how do you pronounce 3L?

    • I’m guessing it’s just “three L” (three-ell). But I don’t know for sure or anything.

    • exaltdragon
    • January 25th, 2011

    It’s an interesting sound, this circle… Kinda like C.H.S but more gimmicky. I’m not sure how long it can hold my interest though..

    • I’m addicted to it (・ω・) – but he doesn’t release albums often because his main thing is mixing and mastering for other groups, and his last one wasn’t very noisy… (though he’s good at other type stuff like なんということでしょう)

      It’s mostly how the type of singing mixes so well with the noise-music; especially Fukamizu Chie (蝶ノ華) and 3L.

      Hmm… speaking of Fukamizu Chie, I’d like to get 荊の城 translated soon…

  3. Unrelated, but Shibayan also does a pretty sweet PSI-Missing remix in Anime House Project III

    • Tsunderella
    • January 27th, 2011

    You have no idea how much I love you for translating this song. ;v; I actually found out about this circle because of this song, and I went all “*headdesk* Why, why didn’t I know about this circle before!?”

    On another note, I was wondering if you could perhaps translate “Yours Is Only Mine” from CROW’SCLAW’s album “From The Bottom Of The Heart”…

    • Xav56
    • January 29th, 2011

    Mixed with a Justice song and 3L with awesome singing.
    My life is complete now, thanks a lot for the translation too.
    Oh, don’t now if it’s the good place for this but I have a request, can you translate “Lunatic Princess” from Fragments Reaction please ?
    It’s for a friend but unfortunaly he has never found the translation.
    Thanks for this ^^

    • Sure, I’ll add it to my queue – it probably won’t be out this weekend, but probably sometime the week after. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

    • Ereishi
    • July 30th, 2013

    This song beyond amazed me

  4. link to the song?
    thanks ee-sama

    • It should be easy to find on YouTube (copy and paste the title). I stopped putting links in my posts because they tend to expire, and I think I’ve had at least one person complain to me about having links.

      • wutupz
      • October 1st, 2014

      kyle pls

    • mekouchii
    • April 7th, 2015

    2015, I still like it. My thanks are yours once again!

  5. It’s 2017 here, and this is still an awesome song, thanks for the lyrics!
    You can almost feel the spell in progress, the music is brilliant.

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