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Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming

^Dai-chan & Cirno!

I was finally able to watch the finale of Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei again last night, but this time with subtitles. Everytime I watch an episode of that show – especially the ending, I’m filled with a joy that can’t be matched by hardly anything else. It reminds me that the apparent worthlessness of my life is but another flavor to it, and to whatever end, I have a duty to enjoy it. :D

Putting that aside, this post is for Foreground Eclipse!! I messaged them about a week ago so I could get lyrics to “Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming” and I got a reply yesterday from Suzunori ^w^. So without further ado here’s the translation! Sorry for the delay! The probably English fuzzy screaming in the back isn’t included because I wasn’t sent it, but I figure you don’t mind too much ^_^

Calm and Kind correspond to each other in this song. I wanted to match the usage with the title, but here it also implies kind.
“find your answer in the sky!” is more like find your “compensation” in the sky. In other words, find what it is that can make up for all the pain and sadness in the sky, to balance things out. It sounds weird in English, but I’ve seen it before in Japanese – I figured “find your answer” was an appropriate switch. – In a less vague explanation, it likely simply means scream out everything pent up inside out and up into the sky.
I’ve said so before, but because of the general lack of pronouns in Japanese vs. the necessity of them in English, many of the ones put in are based on assumption and could be a little off, so keep that in mind.

YT Listen Link: [link]

[Title] – Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming
[Artist] – Foreground Eclipse
-Vocals: Merami
-Guitar & Bass: Suzuori
-Drums & Screams: Teto
[Circle] – Barrage教 (Barrage Am Ring)
[Album] – Barrage Am Ring 0
[Release] – Reitaisai 7 (March 14, 2010)

Don’t lie to me now
Man now I have to tell you one thing
nevertheless you’ll kill me
Hoping words could move you
No one’s there
No one’s gonna bother us now
Don’t hide away, it’s time to confess all


kegareta yami ni maiorita shoujo
shiroki koori no hohoemi ukabete

Into a polluted darkness she alights
With a white ice smile on her lips.

Tell me what’s the hell going on here
You asked me if this is cool
Okay, let me ask you are you sure
Cause I’ve seen this once before

凍える手を優しく包んで そっと抱き寄せた
冷酷に映る世界は 脆く儚く消えた

kogoeru te wo yasashiku tsutsunde sotto dakiyoseta
reikoku ni utsuru sekai wa moroku hakanaku kieta

With her calm frozen hands she embraced
A world reflected cold and cruel; brittle – it shattered in an instant.

Don’t lie to me now
If I’d live to see you again
then what do you say

 (Hey don’t lie to me now)
遠く歪む空 この想い
 (It’s time for you confess all)

subete ga kuruu chikara nado iranai kara
tooku yugamu sora kono omoi

I don’t need to have such power if it ruins everything, so…
To the distant twisting sky, here are my emotions!

美しい硝子の心は 淡く儚く消えた

obieru shoujo no omokage ga mabuta ni yomigaeru
utsukushii glass no kokoro wa awaku hakanaku kieta

Now, the face of that frightened girl I see resurrected in my eyelids…
Her beautiful glass heart; faint – it vanished without a trace.

Hey it serves you right, I’ve told you many times
Don’t lie

ah 優しい瞳で 君は僕を見た

ah, yasashii me de kimi wa boku wo mita

Ah, with calm eyes you fixed your eyes on me…

黒く染まる闇掻き消し 白へと導く
欺く夜に消えぬ過去 蝕む世界 
凍えそうな日々を仰ぎ 繰り返す言葉 (Time for you)
最期に見たその悲しみ 空へ贖う (Confess all)

kuroku somaru yami kakikeshi shiro e to michibiku
azamuku yoru ni kienu kako mushibamu sekai
kogoesou na hibi wo aogi kurikaesu kotoba
saigo ni mita sono kanashimi sora e aganau

Erase the blackening darkness, find a way to white!
The past won’t disappear into the desceptive night, the ruined world.
Face the frozen days ahead! For those words repeated over and over again,
That sadness seen in the very end.. find your answer in the sky!

Man I knew that you didn’t hear anything
Man I knew that you didn’t hear anything
Man I knew that you didn’t hear anything
But I couldn’t scream any louder

奈落の花 / Naraku no Hana / Hell’s Flower

I translated it this time as Hell’s Flower instead of Hell Flower, because it very slightly strengthens the feeling of being trapped, and also the notion that while you are a flower you don’t belong in hell.

Yeah I translated this song like way before I had any website let alone this one, but I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, so I felt why not? (pun not intended – if you catch it I’ll give you a cookie? [it’s a lie. like the cake])

 Naraku no Hana
 Hell’s Flower
歌手 島みやえい子
作詞 島みやえい子
作曲 中沢伴行
編曲 中沢伴行/尾崎武士

さぁ 忘れましょう その未来が
また 血ぬられてゆくなんて
なまぬるい風 とぐろを巻いたら
それがたぶん 合図

Come now, let’s forget that future is
Moving along, soaked in blood again…
If the lukewarm wind whirls,
Then that’s probably a sign.

抜け出してって 抜け出してって
あなたは 奈落の花じゃない
咲かないで 咲かないで

Break away! Break away
From that far too tragic fate!
You are not hell’s flower!
In such a place,
Don’t blossom! Don’t blossom
Nor let yourself be intertwined!

音もなく飛び交う 時のかけら

Fragments of time, noiselessly flutter past each other..

誰がこの手を にぎっているの?
誰がこの髪を なでているの?
今泣いていた もえぎの中で
感じてる 合図

Whose hand are you holding?
Whose hair are you brushing?
Now crying inside its sprout,
You feel the sign.

飛び越えてって 飛び越えてって
あなたは 奈落の花じゃない
散らないで 散らないで

Fly away! Fly away
From the gears of fate!
You are not hell’s flower!
In such a place,
Don’t scatter, don’t scatter
Nor leave behind your seeds!


If they sprout, karma will turn this way again!

抜け出してって 抜け出してって
あなたは 奈落の花じゃない
咲かないで 咲かないで

Break away! Break away
From that far too tragic fate!
You are not a hell flower!
In such a place,
Don’t blossom! Don’t blossom
Nor let yourself be intertwined!

音もなく飛び交う 時のかけら

Fragments of time, noiselessly flutter past each other..

世紀末ダウジング伝説 – Seikimatsu Dowsing Densetsu – End of the Century Dowsing Legend

Nazrin can be cool too. :D

It’d be too difficult for me to pick out every word the announcer says, so rather than leave gaps I just decided to leave it all out. I love the vocalist for this one (I have a special liking for female vocalists with deep voices – guess who my favorite idolm@ster girl is?).

Btw, Minami’s one of Touhou doujin music’s better guitarists (she’s (or he’s?) got a real clear crisp sound – though personally I have more of a special liking for noisy sound – one of my favorites ;D)

Also – along with the rest the theme of most of the CD – imagine the environment as Comiket. (That’s basically what the announcer says in a nutshell – “It’s the 21st Century and it’s Gensoukyou Comiket!”)

Here’s what I could easily get from the announcer:

Part 1 (100%):
先日する人間たちを余所目に 妖怪たちは壮絶な当日戦が始まる

It is now the 21st century, at the comiket grounds which suddenly appeared in Gensoukyou!
Ignoring the humans who went a few days earlier, the youkai’s grand heroic battle begins today!!

Part 2 (70%):

And the gates open!!
Now that this carnival that all desire has begun, no one will be able to stop it!!
(Ok, around here I gave up)… Everything falls over itself and rushes in!

Part 3 (50%):
それぞれが悩み苦しむ 一体自分が何を求めてるのか

Here (stopped trying)…
There are various people in utter fixes: “Just what is it that I’m searching for!?”
But there’s this and this… (?)
Ahh It’s so sad!? …..Is this fate or w?….

Part 4 (95%):
ツインたちを進め! さしてって逃げろ!
それぞれの宝を! そして夢は!

Their battle has only just begun!
Recommend the (*?) … Run away!!
All these various treasures, and DREAMS!!

 Seikimatsu Dowsing Densetsu
 End of the Century Dowsing Legend
編曲:minami / 作詞:夕野ヨシミ / ボーカル:ひらびきゆうこ(リアルボイス)
ナレーション:龍波しゅういち / ギター:minami
Circle: IOSYS
Album: 東方銀晶天獄 (Touhou Ginshou Tengoku)
Event: Reitaisai 7

そびえ立つ会場 それぞれの宝を魂が求める dowsing
暴れだす本能 手に入れろ必ず 殺戮と破滅の dowsing

Here on these grounds towering on high, souls search for many treasures – Dowsing!
Base instincts run rampant: I’ll have this one for sure!! – Massacre and Destruction Dowsing!

並べ 日の出前に 決して徹夜するな
嗚呼 地獄よりもペナが恐い

Line up! Never stay up the night before!
Ah! If you did, the penalty’s more frightening than hell!

永い時の果てに 天からの声が告げる
荒れ狂う滅びの扉 今開く
東から西へと 風が吹き抜けて
さあ 始まる 闘いが

After what seems like forever, a voice descends from the heavens:
The gates of raging anger and destruction now open!!
From the east to the west a wind blows through;
Now, let the battle begin!!!

揺れ動く会場 容赦なく攻め来る弾幕をかわして dowsing
ピコ手とか大手とか 関係は無いのさ 強欲と狂気の dowsing

Here on these grounds shaking back and forth, relentlessly danmaku come flying – Dowsing!
Whether the attacks are pico or large-scale, it doesn’t matter! – Avarice and Insanity Dowsing!

並べ 指示通りに 決して割り込むなよ
嗚呼 最低限のルールは守れ

Line up! Follow the signs! Don’t cut in line!!!
Ah! Follow at least the most minimum of rules!

長い列の先に 最後のスペルは眠る
気をつけろ 小銭の準備怠るな
無慈悲なる運命越えて 脂ぎれ
さあ 飛び込め 伝説へ

At the end of a long line the last spell is sleeping!
Be careful! Don’t laze about preparing change!
Surpass your ruthless fate! Cut the fat!
Now fly! On to legend!!

並べ 望むままに 決して後悔など
嗚呼 しないように
今この時 ここでしか 入手できない

Line up! To keep the goal you seek,
Ah! To have no regrets,
Grab the things you can only get now!!!

後押しするように 魂の声が告げる
再版も委託も ここはしないだろう
東から西へと 人は流れゆく
嗚呼 荒ぶる猛者たちよ
さあ 勝負はここからだ

Pushing through the souls’ voices ring:
Ignore the second editions and consigned goods for now!
From the east to the west waves of people flow!
Ah! Raging heroes of valor!
The battle has only just begun!!

百鬼飛行 – Hyakki Hikou – “Hundred Demons’ Flight” / “Apparitions Stalk the Night”

Ah, I was going to translate this like months ago, and it got put on the back burner XD. Well now’s the time to finish it!! Forgive me for not putting this group at the _top_ of my list – a lot of people do; but nevertheless they’re great, and this is one of my favorite songs they’ve made.

I’d translate the title as “Hundred Demons’ Flight” and VGDB translates the title as “Apparitions Stalk the Night”. For your full understanding, 百鬼飛行 is from 百鬼夜行(Hyakki Yakou) and 飛行 (flight). Here’s the long definition for Hyakki Yakou if you don’t know it already (watch Natsume Yuujinchou ;p):
百鬼夜行【ひゃっきやこう】(n) (1) many monsters, spirits, etc. forming a line and walking through the night, (2) veritable pandemonium, large number of people plotting and doing evil, creepy characters roaming about presenting a most scandalous sight

I just realized that by the third stanza this could sort of work as an anti-pollution song XD.

Just to put this out there – in this particular song, the grammar’s all weird. It’s hard to tell for certain what’s going on, so keep in mind a lot of this is open to interpretation.

 Hyakki Hikou
 Hundred Demon’s Flight / Apparitions Stalk the Night
Vocal and Lyrics: Fuki
Everything else: yuki
Circle: Unlucky Morpheus
Album: Jealousy
Event: Touhou Spiral Tea Party

春の裏に溶けた 物言わぬ夜半の月
誰か聞いているの 人知れぬ夜の声を

Wordlessly the midnight moon melts into the underside of spring
Listening to someone, singing tonight in a voice unknown to humans

日和や 恨めしや
雲居に 踏み染む足音
夜な夜な 指折りて
連なる 化生の葬列

I hate this weather!
Footsteps stain the clouds in the sky!
Night after night I count
The ongoing apparitions’ funeral processions

骨まで咲いた大輪の花が 今 空を飛んでいるよ
開いて在りし日の意味を 置き去りし青い空を

A large flower that has sprouted even bones now flies through the sky;
It opens with itself the meaning of ancient days and the blue sky now thrown away.

誰が知っているの 人ならぬ者の闇を

Who knows of this inhuman thing’s darkness?

徒然 恨み言

Onto tedium it relays its hatred,
There is no tool that cannot be of use!

紫抱いた小春日に揺れて 落ちる影増えていくよ
彷徨う妖はまるで 意味さえも亡くしたように

Wavering in a violet embraced indian summer, the falling shadows increase;
A wandering spirit is truly something to which meaning is dead..

結びて 恨めしや
覗かす 道化に隠れて
間に間に 打ち濡らす
袖にも 等しき願いを

I hate being chained,
Forced to stare, hidden in clownish antics,
All the while thrown and soaked
To the sleeve with wishes

“雨乞い” 開くことのない花が 終着へ轍を踏む
降らない空に降る涙 振り向いて忘れないで

Praying for rain the flower that never once opened steps reaches the final track,
Turning away from tears falling in the sky that would never rain, never to forget.

嗚呼 御覧 百の鬼達が 我先と飛んで行くよ
握った指を交わす人 打ち棄てた青い空を

Ah, look, a hundred demons all scramble to the the first to fly off
Into the blue sky those humans all together threw away.


That beautiful sky I hate.

miss illusion

You’ve got to love Touhou’s Masochistic Princess :D (<- Even though I don't really like to play as her)
You know, I felt an tiny earthquake a while back while I was here, I wonder if that was just Tenko playing around… If Gensoukyou is in the mountains, I'm closer to it at home rather than when in Tokyo… maybe I can find some youkai~ :D Hahaha… I can dream.

A couple of interpretations were floating around in my head for this one, but I'll just leave you guys to make your own assumptions this time ;)

miss illusion
Arrange: Izu
Lyric: くまりす
Vocal: Tsubaki
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Lucent Wish
Event: C76

触れる窓に滲む 冷たい朝露
なぞる指で描く 歪んだ願い
震え揺れる木の葉 舞い散る色彩
流れ落ちる砂に 遊ばれて

I touch my window, damp with the chill morning's dew;
Tracing my finger across it I draw out a haphazard wish:
I want the tree leaves to shake and shiver, to see their colors dance,
Watching the sand on the ground flow and fall…

霞んだ 目で見ていた
暗い 誓い
淡い 期待

I saw with clouded eyes:
Dark vows,
Faint expectations,
Interrupted shreds of cloth…

色を変える景色 忘れ去る憂い
終焉の足音 来ない待ち人
触る砂の重さ 次第になくなり
欠ける月の影に 残されていた

As the landscape changes color, grief passes on forgotten;
The final footsteps of one waited for but never to return –
Fade away like the weight of sand passing through my fingers,
Left in the shadow of the cresent moon.

白黒の 目で見ていた
深い 思い
白い 願い

I saw with monochrome eyes:
Deep thoughts,
White wishes,
Into the depths of darkness…

何度も繰り返し 這い上がる階段
落ちてきた宝石 昔見た石
拾い上げる指に すり抜ける翼が
何時か私の背に あると信じて

Crawling up endless flights of stairs
A precious jewel came tumbling down – a jewel I saw long ago.
Picking it up I felt with that finger wings slipping by..
One day I believe I will have those wings on my back.