miss illusion

You’ve got to love Touhou’s Masochistic Princess :D (<- Even though I don't really like to play as her)
You know, I felt an tiny earthquake a while back while I was here, I wonder if that was just Tenko playing around… If Gensoukyou is in the mountains, I'm closer to it at home rather than when in Tokyo… maybe I can find some youkai~ :D Hahaha… I can dream.

A couple of interpretations were floating around in my head for this one, but I'll just leave you guys to make your own assumptions this time ;)

miss illusion
Arrange: Izu
Lyric: くまりす
Vocal: Tsubaki
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Lucent Wish
Event: C76

触れる窓に滲む 冷たい朝露
なぞる指で描く 歪んだ願い
震え揺れる木の葉 舞い散る色彩
流れ落ちる砂に 遊ばれて

I touch my window, damp with the chill morning's dew;
Tracing my finger across it I draw out a haphazard wish:
I want the tree leaves to shake and shiver, to see their colors dance,
Watching the sand on the ground flow and fall…

霞んだ 目で見ていた
暗い 誓い
淡い 期待

I saw with clouded eyes:
Dark vows,
Faint expectations,
Interrupted shreds of cloth…

色を変える景色 忘れ去る憂い
終焉の足音 来ない待ち人
触る砂の重さ 次第になくなり
欠ける月の影に 残されていた

As the landscape changes color, grief passes on forgotten;
The final footsteps of one waited for but never to return –
Fade away like the weight of sand passing through my fingers,
Left in the shadow of the cresent moon.

白黒の 目で見ていた
深い 思い
白い 願い

I saw with monochrome eyes:
Deep thoughts,
White wishes,
Into the depths of darkness…

何度も繰り返し 這い上がる階段
落ちてきた宝石 昔見た石
拾い上げる指に すり抜ける翼が
何時か私の背に あると信じて

Crawling up endless flights of stairs
A precious jewel came tumbling down – a jewel I saw long ago.
Picking it up I felt with that finger wings slipping by..
One day I believe I will have those wings on my back.

  1. January 23rd, 2016

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