世紀末ダウジング伝説 – Seikimatsu Dowsing Densetsu – End of the Century Dowsing Legend

Nazrin can be cool too. :D

It’d be too difficult for me to pick out every word the announcer says, so rather than leave gaps I just decided to leave it all out. I love the vocalist for this one (I have a special liking for female vocalists with deep voices – guess who my favorite idolm@ster girl is?).

Btw, Minami’s one of Touhou doujin music’s better guitarists (she’s (or he’s?) got a real clear crisp sound – though personally I have more of a special liking for noisy sound – one of my favorites ;D)

Also – along with the rest the theme of most of the CD – imagine the environment as Comiket. (That’s basically what the announcer says in a nutshell – “It’s the 21st Century and it’s Gensoukyou Comiket!”)

Here’s what I could easily get from the announcer:

Part 1 (100%):
先日する人間たちを余所目に 妖怪たちは壮絶な当日戦が始まる

It is now the 21st century, at the comiket grounds which suddenly appeared in Gensoukyou!
Ignoring the humans who went a few days earlier, the youkai’s grand heroic battle begins today!!

Part 2 (70%):

And the gates open!!
Now that this carnival that all desire has begun, no one will be able to stop it!!
(Ok, around here I gave up)… Everything falls over itself and rushes in!

Part 3 (50%):
それぞれが悩み苦しむ 一体自分が何を求めてるのか

Here (stopped trying)…
There are various people in utter fixes: “Just what is it that I’m searching for!?”
But there’s this and this… (?)
Ahh It’s so sad!? …..Is this fate or w?….

Part 4 (95%):
ツインたちを進め! さしてって逃げろ!
それぞれの宝を! そして夢は!

Their battle has only just begun!
Recommend the (*?) … Run away!!
All these various treasures, and DREAMS!!

 Seikimatsu Dowsing Densetsu
 End of the Century Dowsing Legend
編曲:minami / 作詞:夕野ヨシミ / ボーカル:ひらびきゆうこ(リアルボイス)
ナレーション:龍波しゅういち / ギター:minami
Circle: IOSYS
Album: 東方銀晶天獄 (Touhou Ginshou Tengoku)
Event: Reitaisai 7

そびえ立つ会場 それぞれの宝を魂が求める dowsing
暴れだす本能 手に入れろ必ず 殺戮と破滅の dowsing

Here on these grounds towering on high, souls search for many treasures – Dowsing!
Base instincts run rampant: I’ll have this one for sure!! – Massacre and Destruction Dowsing!

並べ 日の出前に 決して徹夜するな
嗚呼 地獄よりもペナが恐い

Line up! Never stay up the night before!
Ah! If you did, the penalty’s more frightening than hell!

永い時の果てに 天からの声が告げる
荒れ狂う滅びの扉 今開く
東から西へと 風が吹き抜けて
さあ 始まる 闘いが

After what seems like forever, a voice descends from the heavens:
The gates of raging anger and destruction now open!!
From the east to the west a wind blows through;
Now, let the battle begin!!!

揺れ動く会場 容赦なく攻め来る弾幕をかわして dowsing
ピコ手とか大手とか 関係は無いのさ 強欲と狂気の dowsing

Here on these grounds shaking back and forth, relentlessly danmaku come flying – Dowsing!
Whether the attacks are pico or large-scale, it doesn’t matter! – Avarice and Insanity Dowsing!

並べ 指示通りに 決して割り込むなよ
嗚呼 最低限のルールは守れ

Line up! Follow the signs! Don’t cut in line!!!
Ah! Follow at least the most minimum of rules!

長い列の先に 最後のスペルは眠る
気をつけろ 小銭の準備怠るな
無慈悲なる運命越えて 脂ぎれ
さあ 飛び込め 伝説へ

At the end of a long line the last spell is sleeping!
Be careful! Don’t laze about preparing change!
Surpass your ruthless fate! Cut the fat!
Now fly! On to legend!!

並べ 望むままに 決して後悔など
嗚呼 しないように
今この時 ここでしか 入手できない

Line up! To keep the goal you seek,
Ah! To have no regrets,
Grab the things you can only get now!!!

後押しするように 魂の声が告げる
再版も委託も ここはしないだろう
東から西へと 人は流れゆく
嗚呼 荒ぶる猛者たちよ
さあ 勝負はここからだ

Pushing through the souls’ voices ring:
Ignore the second editions and consigned goods for now!
From the east to the west waves of people flow!
Ah! Raging heroes of valor!
The battle has only just begun!!

    • Patchuu
    • July 25th, 2010

    Can I request a translation of this song?

    lyrics here (file about 2MB)

    thank you in advance~

    • Sure, sure – if I remember correctly that song has a lot of stuff that isn’t written down in the lyrics. I’ll see if I can get some of it like I did in this post – but well, a lot of it is hard to hear D:

      ^_^ Might take me a little while because I’m a bit busy, but I’ve been wanting to get some translations out for a while.

        • Patchuu
        • July 27th, 2010

        oh hooyay! :D
        and yups, there’s a lot that isn’t written in the lyrics and it’s prolly too tiresome to keep hitting stop/play button to see them in the youtube video

        it’s fine if you don’t/can’t translate it

        thanks again ^^

    • Oh, if most of the other lyrics are in the video I’ll go ahead and download that and make sure to get it all – pausing a lot to read 1x is one thing, pausing a lot to hear 20x is another XD.

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