Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming

^Dai-chan & Cirno!

I was finally able to watch the finale of Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei again last night, but this time with subtitles. Everytime I watch an episode of that show – especially the ending, I’m filled with a joy that can’t be matched by hardly anything else. It reminds me that the apparent worthlessness of my life is but another flavor to it, and to whatever end, I have a duty to enjoy it. :D

Putting that aside, this post is for Foreground Eclipse!! I messaged them about a week ago so I could get lyrics to “Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming” and I got a reply yesterday from Suzunori ^w^. So without further ado here’s the translation! Sorry for the delay! The probably English fuzzy screaming in the back isn’t included because I wasn’t sent it, but I figure you don’t mind too much ^_^

Calm and Kind correspond to each other in this song. I wanted to match the usage with the title, but here it also implies kind.
“find your answer in the sky!” is more like find your “compensation” in the sky. In other words, find what it is that can make up for all the pain and sadness in the sky, to balance things out. It sounds weird in English, but I’ve seen it before in Japanese – I figured “find your answer” was an appropriate switch. – In a less vague explanation, it likely simply means scream out everything pent up inside out and up into the sky.
I’ve said so before, but because of the general lack of pronouns in Japanese vs. the necessity of them in English, many of the ones put in are based on assumption and could be a little off, so keep that in mind.

YT Listen Link: [link]

[Title] – Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming
[Artist] – Foreground Eclipse
-Vocals: Merami
-Guitar & Bass: Suzuori
-Drums & Screams: Teto
[Circle] – Barrage教 (Barrage Am Ring)
[Album] – Barrage Am Ring 0
[Release] – Reitaisai 7 (March 14, 2010)

Don’t lie to me now
Man now I have to tell you one thing
nevertheless you’ll kill me
Hoping words could move you
No one’s there
No one’s gonna bother us now
Don’t hide away, it’s time to confess all


kegareta yami ni maiorita shoujo
shiroki koori no hohoemi ukabete

Into a polluted darkness she alights
With a white ice smile on her lips.

Tell me what’s the hell going on here
You asked me if this is cool
Okay, let me ask you are you sure
Cause I’ve seen this once before

凍える手を優しく包んで そっと抱き寄せた
冷酷に映る世界は 脆く儚く消えた

kogoeru te wo yasashiku tsutsunde sotto dakiyoseta
reikoku ni utsuru sekai wa moroku hakanaku kieta

With her calm frozen hands she embraced
A world reflected cold and cruel; brittle – it shattered in an instant.

Don’t lie to me now
If I’d live to see you again
then what do you say

 (Hey don’t lie to me now)
遠く歪む空 この想い
 (It’s time for you confess all)

subete ga kuruu chikara nado iranai kara
tooku yugamu sora kono omoi

I don’t need to have such power if it ruins everything, so…
To the distant twisting sky, here are my emotions!

美しい硝子の心は 淡く儚く消えた

obieru shoujo no omokage ga mabuta ni yomigaeru
utsukushii glass no kokoro wa awaku hakanaku kieta

Now, the face of that frightened girl I see resurrected in my eyelids…
Her beautiful glass heart; faint – it vanished without a trace.

Hey it serves you right, I’ve told you many times
Don’t lie

ah 優しい瞳で 君は僕を見た

ah, yasashii me de kimi wa boku wo mita

Ah, with calm eyes you fixed your eyes on me…

黒く染まる闇掻き消し 白へと導く
欺く夜に消えぬ過去 蝕む世界 
凍えそうな日々を仰ぎ 繰り返す言葉 (Time for you)
最期に見たその悲しみ 空へ贖う (Confess all)

kuroku somaru yami kakikeshi shiro e to michibiku
azamuku yoru ni kienu kako mushibamu sekai
kogoesou na hibi wo aogi kurikaesu kotoba
saigo ni mita sono kanashimi sora e aganau

Erase the blackening darkness, find a way to white!
The past won’t disappear into the desceptive night, the ruined world.
Face the frozen days ahead! For those words repeated over and over again,
That sadness seen in the very end.. find your answer in the sky!

Man I knew that you didn’t hear anything
Man I knew that you didn’t hear anything
Man I knew that you didn’t hear anything
But I couldn’t scream any louder

    • Patchuu
    • July 30th, 2010

    uh hi, it’s me again
    in case you haven’t started on translating the requested song; I found a translated video of it here

    anyways, thanks for being willing to take up a request

    • I did finish it D:
      But no regrets, it was fun, I just wish I had better internet access so I could have gotten it out sooner – it’s much more fun to be first.

    • Nico
    • July 30th, 2010

    Gosh, thanks so much for the translation! I think you did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of the lyrics. Oh a whim, you received and translated these lyrics and I thank you for that!

    • exalt
    • October 8th, 2011

    Suddenly realised how neat this arrangement while randomly poking around old-er metal arrangement CDs. The only thing I can’t figure out is which original touhou piece is this arranged to… Maybe I’ll get it after summore listening..

    • Hints by the pictures~ :) and you can cheat by looking in the navi page.

        • exalt
        • October 9th, 2011

        But…it feels totally different from Lunate Elf… ^^;

        I did get the vocal parts fitting the melody though..

    • scrpn516
    • December 8th, 2011

    Requesting romaji again >< If you would be so kind.

    • Fal
    • June 27th, 2012

    Hi, I have the English lyrics if you were interested in them. Here’s the scan:

    Oh, and thanks for all of the translations. I love reading along with the song.

    • timotei
    • December 21st, 2012

    Had to stop by and show my appreciation. so many lyrics!!!! glad I stumbled on here to find this. not sure if your still doin translating and lyrics, but thank you!

    • I still am, I’ve just been busy, though I’ll definitely be translating a lot of the new C83 songs when they come out. :D

  1. September 25th, 2012

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