star river Lyrics / Translation

“star river” is from IOSYS’s 東方銀晶天獄 (Touhou Ginshoutengoku = Touhou Crystallized Silver Heavenly Prison) released at Reitaisai 7 and is an arrangement of Emotional Skyscraper, Hijiri Byakuren’s Theme.

I love piano accompaniments.. IOSYS really is over-hated by the people that say it’s over-rated.
Byakuren is one of those few people to have come across innocence again after going through all the long trials of fear and loss and hatred… It makes her beautiful in a child-like way… but now I’m rambling.

もがみ ← I translated this as “answer” though it really means “highest height”. I figured pinnacle, maybe even “skyscraper” but “answer” fits best I think.
かざし ← “set to the sky” indicates a motion that is best described as how Byakuren holds her scroll over her head, or how you might shield your eyes from the sun.

Here’s the IOSYS PV on YouTube: [link]
Here’s the full song listen link: [link]

star river
編曲:ARM, D.watt / 作詞:七条レタス / ボーカル:あさな

銀のつぶてと添えた手紙を いくつ流しかけたら
海に射掛けたこの謎かけに 応えを得るのでしょう

How many silver stones attached with letters will I send off
Into the sea before I obtain an answer to this riddle?

星の子が寄り添う 儚い理想に

In response to the transient ideals of the gathering
Stars’ children, I turn aside the helm.

船は空を流れる 輝く川を下って
導きは ただ静かに水面を飾る 青い波と
まだ薫らぬ 潮の音

This ship sails the skies and descends into a sparkling river
All I have to guide me are the blue waves and still fragrant-less sounds of the tide
Silently decorating the surface of the water.

細波がまた 私を写し 晴れぬ問い 確かめた

The ripples reflect my image again and reassert my unclear question.

星の子の笑顔を この肩に背負っても

Even if I were to take all the smiles of the stars’ children upon my shoulders,
The warmth of my mother I see in my dreams is still far away…

船は空を流れる 荒ぶ早瀬を迷って
戸惑いは まだこの身を縛って 蒼い風に晒す

This ship sails the skies and loses itself in raging rapids,
This confusion binds my body again and exposes me to the blue winds.

今はまだ 彼方へ向かう流れと渦の中
抱かれ 探し もがみ 泳ぐ 深く
海はただ 静かに大きく大きく両腕を広げて 待つ

Still now in the currents set into the distance and their whirlpools
I am embraced searching for the answer, swimming deep.
The sea stays silent and in its grand expanse spreads its arms, waiting.

船は空を流れる 銀色の問いをかざし
その先にまだ見つけぬ答えを信じ 果てを目指す

This ship sails the skies and sets in the sky my silver question.
From now on I’ll continue to believe in this answer I can not find,
My course fixed to the end, to the distant seas..


Taking the stars’ children hand in hand.

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