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少女人形 (Shoujo Ningyou) Lyrics / Translation

YEAH!! SoundHolic+709sec. & Alice’s Emotion’s 野宮あゆみ!! & an Alice Margatroid song?! Perfect Potion Mix!

Anyway, 少女人形 from Soundholic’s C77 Album “Phantom Dreamer”

So today’s been like the perfect day in terms of weather – friend’s birthday today so maybe it’s for her; I always get rain; but I kind of like rain…

So, I finished this a little while ago but my laptop battery died so there was a little delay… but now here it is :D – with that out of the way, Happy Spring Break Everyone!! well.. for everyone that happens to have Spring Break this week, I know it tends to vary by region.

少女人形 – Girl Dolls. I always hate translating this word, because at least I’m under the impression that it sounds a little… (゚⊿゚) ; but I can hardly ever think of anything else to use other than just “Doll” but then I just feel like I’m missing something. n.GAH.!
“dance a vulgar dance” : they used the noun form of the verb then the verb so I thought it should be the same (´・ω・`)
The last bit of the last line is less literal and more for matching effect with the Japanese lyrics.

少女人形 Little Girls’ Dolls
Vocal:野宮あゆみ (ALiCE’S EMOTION)
Lyric by Blue E / Arranged by 709sec.


Though I never wanted a heart only mine to be manipulated,
I’m connected to invisible threads and made to dance a vulgar dance.


Glass crafted eyes will never blink;
Their reflected sights are always monochrome.


Since I’m a doll living in a darkness I’ll never be able to smile in,
Dreaming wonderful dreams… nothing like that would ever be allowed to a doll like me.


When I break while being swung around at whim, my destiny to be thrown away.
Since before I was born I’ve been bound to a promise never to oppose.


Even bending my joints in ways they aren’t supposed to brings me no pain
Someone dance this vulgar dance with me.


I’m not afraid of anything; my heart is artificial
Even wishing to be loved… nothing like that would ever be allowed to a doll like me.


When my skin colored celluloid cracks,
When an ill design is carved into my face,
When my chestnut colored nylon hair falls out… when I get tangled…


I’ll say goodbye, but that’s just my destiny as a fake.
It shouldn’t be sad; Just until that time comes we’ll dance – as dolls.