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Updates Post! (Pointless Post! orz)

^I really like this show. It’s just like Strike Witches – excessive fanservice + a little more plot and charm.

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these isn’t it?

Well, this week has been a tiring one; I’m glad it’s over. I finally got in my application for study abroad, had it paid for, and now I’m just broke D: It’s better that then being worried about all the paperwork being done on time. I’ve sold half of my video games (keeping Legend of Zelda and Golden Sun and a few others) to buy food and tried to sell my guitar amp (unsuccessfully for the second time). In a case of bad judgement I saw a figure sale and decided to spend half of my earnings from my guitar amp on a figure as a sort of treat for myself, but the sale was ending, so before I had the money actually in hand I ordered the new Alter Sanya V. Litvyak figure… but the buyer flaked, and I didn’t get my money T^T.

So, my diet’s been mostly potatoes (and mochi) for the past week (and I ran out of mochi), had papers due here and there, so I wasn’t too hot on translating songs >.> Still I’m hoping to get a few done this week. I got a new set of song booklets, so I have more to work with \o/.

I’ve given up looking for a song booklet for Red Alice’s Lycoris, so I’m just going to try to transcribe some of the songs from there, but I did get the booklet for Phantom Dreamer, so 少女人形 should coming up on my list of things to do…

My university’s mahjong club was recently put into action and I’m excited about that – we got a sizable amount of members (though like 75-80% were well known friends). We should go to nationals!! Yeah! It’ll be Saki all over again.

Did I mention I got my Youmu figure? Myon broke off in transit T^T, but she looks nice enough without Myon attached (I put it by her feet) so I might not glue it back… still waffling over what to do.

I’m also a poor boring person (by university standards) so I will be doing nothing but sleeping, reading, and translating for spring break. Stay tuned.