Faith is for the Transient People – (“Pray” Lyrics and Translation)

I lied.
Thus the title is appropriate, no?

This song is about Kotiya Sanae, and tells her story.
If you want to know more about her there’s always the Touhou wiki :d




kanawanai mono wo inotte wa
kaede no miki no shita de naiteiru
kieteyuku yashiro wo nagamete
owaranu eigou no yume ni oboreta

Praying for things that will not come true,
Weeping under the branches of a maple tree,
Staring at the disappearing shrine,
I drowned in a never ending dream.


shinjiru omoi ga itsumo nani ka wo yobu koto wo
wasureta kokoro wa sora wo mayotte

Having forgotten what it means to believe, always calling out for something
My heart wanders about in the sky.

明日へ続く 儚い星の瞬き
未来に明かりを 導いた 風

ashita e tsudzuku hakanai hoshi no matataki
mirai ni akari wo michibiita kaze

Continuing toward tomorrow, the transient flickering of a star
Guiding its light into the future, the wind.

さまよい続け 優しく傷つけあって
甘美な懐古を 断ち切れる 奇跡

samayoi tsudzuke yasashiku kizutukeatte
kanbi na kaiko wo tachikireru kiseki

I continue on lost, wounded by their kindness,
But with miracles I am able to rid myself of this sweet nostalgia

人として生きぬ この身体

hito toshite ikinu kono karada
awakute tooi hibi sukuidashite
sasagu te ga umu egao no me wo
modosenai kako no hito ni todokeyou

This body can no longer live on as human
Save me from those faint forlorn days
Where upraised hands would give birth to budding smiles
I reach out to the humanity of my irrecoverable past


itami ni naku mono wa tada hitori dake de ii to
kodoku to sekibaku ni uzukumatte

It is said that when in pain it is better to cry alone,
and so I withdraw isolated, in my loneliness

一緒に行こう ここは終わりじゃないから
君が居てくれる 選ばれた 神

issho ni ikou koko wa owari ja nai kara
kimi ga itekureru erabareta kami

Let us go together, for this is not the end
You are here for me, chosen god

触れ合う手と手 記憶の隙間を埋める
懐かしい想いを迎える 奇跡

fureau te to te kioku no sukima wo umeru
natsukashii omoi wo mukaeru kiseki

Touching hand in hand, I bury my memories,
But with miracles I may face these reminiscent feelings

流れゆく 風よ
信者たりし 巫女よ
祈り 讃え
選ばれし 神は

nagareyuku kaze yo
shinja tarishi miko yo
inori tatae
ebareshi kami wa

Flow forth oh wind
Priestess, once a believer
Pray, Give worship
This chosen god
Will grant your wishes

生まれ変わるよ あなたを守りきるため
信じた祈りよ 人超えし 巫女

umarekawaru yo anata wo mamorikiru tame
shinjita inori yo hitokoeshi miko

I am reborn for the purpose of your eternal protection
The prayers of believers, surpassing humans, as your priestess

平穏崩す 見えないものの在り処へ
辿りつき払う信仰は 奇跡

heion kuzusu mienai mono no arika e
tadoritsuki harau shinkou wa kiseki

Rupturing tranquility, towards the place of unseen things,
Gathering believers with these miracles

Then just pray alone
I ruminated about you
In the flood of a memory
I pray the wind ‘comes a miracle

Like a little wound that’s feel
You are warm, full of immaterial smiles
Now try, take a hold of my hand
I want to be alone, with you~

  1. May I get these lyrics in Romanji? I like to put subs on some of the vids I put up on my youtube; and it’s a bit difficult when you can’t follow the romanji lyrics to match up with the English ones :P

    • “post id=96” (゚Д゚ノ)ノ (I’m currently over 8261)

      Wow and over two years ago!
      This was before I was actually on WordPress!

      I fixed one major error I saw (信者たりし巫女よ) because I probably had no idea what that meant at the time (tari=to-ari+past ki/si)- plus one misspelling and one transcription error XD…. But I might just make a new post with it completely re-translated… for nostalgic purposes…

      Oh, romaji added. ^_^

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