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Angels and Demons

Phew, I’ve survived. I was able to scrape a B for my final paper for one of my classes. Also got a B in one of my other classes, and got an A for my English class.

I watched Angels and Demons in the Cinema today, and I thought it was pretty good – I’m going to have to read the book now ^^.

Ugh – I’m really scared about my Japanese Final Project. I really want to get an A in that class, but my "acting" and "speech" in the film was most definitely sub par. I’m only a borderline A and it’s all too common for my grades to plummet near the end of the semester – ugh I just want it to end T.T

In the end, all I really need is a lot of sugar and a lot of caffeine *munches on coffee beans* – Let’s get this stuff done!! I’ll make up my horrible speech capabilities through my jlpt2 studies while listening to Touhou music!!