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Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Funny story. I woke up today to a police woman breaking into my room. "Excuse me, we’re looking for *** (me), someone’s filed a missing persons’ report and it’s urgent that we find her." – "Uh… me?" – "I’m going to need to see some ID." *reaches down clumsily out of bed to fetch it* – then I had to call my mother and let her know that I was ok. o.o;

Apparently I don’t call my mother enough. She called me 2 days ago once, and then a couple times yesterday (all while I was asleep) and then a few times this afternoon. She left one text this afternoon, and one email about 2 hours before the police incident… all after I’ve told her that because I’m not a very phone friendly person and I live at odd hours, that E-MAIL is the most reliable way to contact me -.-; Apparently she panicked today and filed a police report, thinking that my roommate had killed me. Now – I’ve complained about my roommate before, but still saying that she’s at least good natured, just with her head in the wrong place, and quite harmless. I joked that I’d hit her over the head with something otherwise. Maybe I need to be more careful about the way that I joke? Now I feel sorry for my roommate, a emotion that I really don’t feel like feeling – because apparently the police yelled at her.

Oh well, it’ll all be over soon.

Best thing to do in situations like this is to take a sauna bath – then douse yourself with cold water – and then go ingest sugary water and caffeine! (if anything’s going to kill me it’s going to be that). Now it’s time to study and stuff! – I have my last Japanese test in less than 12 hours, but it’s only listening and writing, so it shouldn’t be too hard. The last one was a killer though, maybe I should be a little bit more worried. Mah, it’ll just be another excuse to read more manga and light novels in preparation.

Speaking of which, this morning (which counts kinda like yesterday to me). I had delicious free blueberry pancakes and punch. It was worth starving myself over and then eating an entire bowl of rice at breaking point for. During the waiting time I started reading "Zaregoto 1: The Yubikiri Cycle". Translated this time, because I felt like I wasn’t ingesting enough Japanese thought at the rate I’ve been reading my other light novels/novels (an abysmally slow rate). I wasn’t let down; it’s got a nice strange way of thinking. I’ve only read the first chapter, but I’m looking forward to finishing it. I first caught on to NISIOISIN (author) through a translation of XXXHolic: Another Holic, that I read in the translated first volume of Faust. I get a feeling it was hard to translate – you can tell through even the translation that his way of thinking is kind of out there – but that makes it really interesting to read. I found myself having to re-read over a few of the sentences to fully lock myself in that thought – and I haven’t had to do that for a while, so I got excited :D. Although it’s not good to recommend a book before you’ve at least gotten a substantial way through it – I do; on that note, I noticed a lot of weird similarities to the plot line of one of Agatha Christi’s famous novels, "And Then There were None". I could be wrong and just imagining it though, I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet – but got hooked on it through Flandre Scarlet’s character. So I thought it interesting. Also there’s a reference to a fictional (?) organization based in Houston, Texas – where I spent a lot of my time growing up. ^^ – We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also finished reading the 11th chapter of Mushishi: "錆の鳴く聲 (Sabi no Naku Koe)" or the Crying Voice of Rust. Which is among my favorites actually. I won’t spoil the plot, but you should read it. Hrm, it might be easier on my life if I never had to speak though – I actually started to loose my voice a bit reciting the chapter aloud – maybe my Japanese has gotten a little rusty and my voice is complaining about having to contort for exclusively non-english stuff, like the glottal stop in 原因(gen’in) – supposed to sound like Ge(quick choking sound)-in – but I can’t hardly get it to sound anything than like gei-in. which although close enough is not enough for me D:<. Some of the dialectual stuff gets tricky to read aloud if you’re not used to it either. orz.

Ah, my test is going to require story-telling… perhaps I’ll compile my eating coffee beans when late, my ears bleeding and the rumors of my demise being greatly exaggerated into one! Just need to figure out how to say it now… I kind of want to watch Strike Witches again – now that my pregidous (I’ve never had to spell that word before – it looks odd) has melted away – I must say the whole concept is a lot more interesting than I thought before… maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted to be a witch and fly on a broom… (maybe I should blame Harry Potter for that?) When I was still an engineering kiddo I drew up plans for hover technology (most of which is all possible, just hugely impractical), and I also have always liked films and books set around 20s-50s WWII included… and I like kitties, and used to be obsessed with Russia. (still am to a milder extent) – All of that is in Strike Witches. So, panty-shots aside, which I don’t really care about – I’m intrigued. Now I’m going to have to fully complete one of my light novels in Japanese before I purchase all the Strike Witches light novels, so I don’t break my self promise. >.> Oh yeah, and I’ve always been all for girls’ love :D – You guys can suck it. :p XD

Now for JLPT2 Practice… I’ll let myself off easy so I can re-read Shugo Chara (also letting myself off easy) – then I should finish the first chapter of Spice and Wolf (not letting myself off easy ;-;) : oh, and one case seems to be missing, so I’ll add it in (though it might be JLPT1 or something, it’s simple enough)


~かぎり(は)/~かぎりでは/ないかぎり(は) 「限り=かぎり」 + ~とは限らない = As long as/As far as + Does not necessarily mean.
-sidenote: kagiri mean extent (kind of like hodo) so like "as far as this is concerned" etc. for the last one "this argument is not the extent of the possibilities" (there will be lots of examples)
As long as I’m at the university, my mother will worry about me. (implying that this is a negative thing)
As far as I know, there’s no reason to worry about swine flu.
As long as we’ve still got time before the deadline, let’s try our best on this paper. (時間がある限り、時間が終わっていない限り would work just fine as well)
As long as it doesn’t rain, let’s go to the pool tomorrow!
Just because she’a a girl doesn’t mean she can’t like engineering.
lit: It’s not necessarily true that a girl that likes engineering can’t exist.
Just because I’ve lived in Texas doesn’t mean I’ve seen a horse before. (Of course I have though … >.>)

~かけだ/~かけの/~かける = unfinished; half~ (eaten,finished) [They have a conjugation for this in Finnish! (Suomi)] 掛け(かけ)
It’s fine that you’re finished with your homework, but I’m still in the middle of doing mine, so could you please be quiet?

~がたい = can’t do, difficult to do (arigatou = ari+gatai+ou : it’s difficult to be… – something along the lines of "it must have been difficult for you to do this for me" – that’s why a colloquial response is "いいえ" (no) – usually followed by something)
"I can’t believe it…"→"To think that something like that would happen… it’s hard to believe." (I added the kansai because I just like hearing it)

~がちだ/~がちの = to tend to do something (usually implies a sort of negative action) 勝ち(がち)
Well, when I’m irritated I have this bad habit of drinking too much, so I got a little drunk. (triple stem ftw!)

~かと思うと/かと思ったら = As soon as, no sooner than… (lit: Just as I thought that this MIGHT have happened (maybe it hadn’t yet) this happened)
As soon as I fell, someone caught me. ^-^ (I think I might have blushed)

~か~ないかうちに = No sooner than (lit: In the time frame that I wasn’t sure whether it had happened yet or not)
No sooner had I turned 18, I was already 19. (true story, I kept saying I was 18 when I was 19… that year flew by FAST)
Before I knew it I had drunk it all. (Happens a lot, I’ll put something on my desk and think I haven’t touched it, and when I pick it up it’s empty ;-;)
As for me, as soon as I’m finished drinking tea I’ll pour the next cup.

~かねない = to be capable of, to be in danger of (this aux-verb works kinda backwards if you haven’t noticed)
If you keep on lazily like this, to where I’m not sure if you’re studying or not you could fail you know?

~かねる = to be difficult to ~, to be hard to
That book, having difficult kanji without furigana it was hard for me to read, so even after spending a lot of time on it, I wasn’t even able to read a single page. (The Bamboo Cutter’s Tale – Original "Classical Japanese" Translation – couldn’t find the modern one.)

~かのよう(だ、な、に) = if you’ve gotten up to JLPT 3 level this is pretty much self-explanatory; basically "like" a sentence.
That Christmas day, a snow storm blew as far as Mexico, and there was no one around; the light of the street lamps looked like soft balloons, and it was as if I had become separated from the world and travelled to a distant planet. (This really happened. It was awesome).

~からいうと/~からいえば/~からいって = Judging from, when it comes to ~, as for~ (~ has to be a noun)
There are lots of different kinds of people in the world, but if you’re talking about truly odd people, that’s got to be me.
Sure I’m getting to the point where I can understand Japanese fairly well, but when it comes to other foreign languages, I really suck.

~からして = Even~/Judging from~ (~ has to be a noun)
I really do suck! Even with Spanish I can’t do it at all. (sounding a little childish with da-mon; but XD)
Given that she hasn’t replied for two days, something must have happened! (mother’s logic)

(I started this post before midnight, but I don’t like having two posts in one day – so I modified the time :D [not that I finished before midnight or anything]) – Oh and I’m listening to Hana Maru Sensation because of Ryuuseigun ^^;

12432 Characters… LJ is freaking out on me XD.