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Super Marisa World and MegaMari!

So yesterday I found something out that I probably shouldn’t have had in this race around finals. Sure it’ll help with my project and that’s how I’m going to pitch it, but in finding out about the various games: Super Marisa World, Super Marisa Land, MegaMari, Touhoumon, and the Touhou Mahjong game, I wasted a lot of time yesterday, around 7 hours I would guess. That does not bode well for me, on a schedule. I did finish in the nick of time the preview video for our Japanese Film Project – it’s awful – I will not share XD. Shortly there after I thought I’d take a break, because I made some excellent progress. That’s when I found out about the above games. Matching quite well with the Touhou tradition of impossibility, the games are ridiculously hard (except the Mahjong game, which I can’t find). I’ve made some progress with Super Marisa World, but the whole game itself sort of blows my mind, not just because it’s extremely hard, but it’s very puzzling, and require a LOT more time skill than my very much beloved game Super Mario World. (I believe I’ve lost it again actually, I might have to buy that game… again. Perhaps I’ll more easily find the gba version?) Anyway, Super Marisa Land is much more along the lines of Super Mario Land, but it’s the physics of the game that completely throw me off. You run at a very realistic pace (you still jump high as hell of course), and thus to jump over anything, you need to give yourself a very precise running start. Gah! It’s so difficult! Then perhaps my favorite, because it seems to work closer along the lines of original gameplay (albeit more complex) MegaMari. It’s based off of the Marisa-Alice-Patchouli triangle and MegaMan (RockMan) 2. You might YouTube a video of some guy playing through the entire game, and you’ll see that it’s definitely a step up from MegaMan 2, especially if you’re only human or a magical vampire like me. The worst of all eating up my time though was Touhoumon (I can’t remember the proper name for it, but you can find all you need to know with "Touhoumon") It’s basically a very intricate rom-hack of the Japanese Pokemon Fire Red, and all of the Pokemon are replaced by completely separate Touhoumon: Touhou Characters with all new sprites, movesets, ability levels, strengths and so on. The strategy is a bit out of whack as well which makes it feel like playing a completely different game. When you have fire/water types and electric/fire types and other such stuff that never comes up in Pokemon it’s pretty spectacular. Plus, you have to deal early on with HELL characters like Aya Syameimaru, Patchouli Knowledge (who learns moves across 5 different types) – Anyway, it’s hard to not get thoroughly trounced. Plus you’ll have situations where you’re about to fight Misty, and only have access to one small patch of ground, where it’s only probable to train fire types o.o; I spent way too much time on that game – so I’m going to try to hold out till summer (6 days) but hell, it brings back so many memories.

Ongoing with my utter wastes of time as the clock is ticking, I watched Shangri-la 6 – and the economic stuff (this is what they mean by an economic novel huh?) is kind of blowing my mind, but it also sort of helps with my project (in a way) for Touhou, where they get all up in about the bubble economy and Touhou Bubble. I understand it more now :D – It’s Hyper Economy at Full Speed!

Now time to play some MegaMari and then actually get some work done.