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Everybody Loves Weddings

It’s true – well when it’s all said and done – the bride, like at every wedding, was definitely snapping until she got to kiss her man – but that usually solves anyone’s problems right? – Unfortunately I had the task of being little miss sober – whereas my little sister had so much to drink she was definitely silly in the head – I had to drive her home. So only a few martinis at the bar hours earlier orz – and all the older people were handing me their drinks to finish them – I had to stop them at some point ^.^; – since when did I get a reputation for holding drink well? – Our super-jew – my new step brother, was hilarious. It was the sabbath, and he’s orthodox, so he really couldn’t do a thing. For dinner at this fancy restaurant all he could eat and drink was special wine in a paper cup, and cold greasy kosher chicken in a plastic container, with a big bag of sun chips, plus – he had to eat with his hands. "I’m probably the most un-classy thing to ever hit this restaurant." He said something along those lines. We all laughed about it though.

As I may have said before I’m poor on my feet, but the two people that could convince me to dance, my mum and little sister, did – dancing always makes me feel like an invalid and therefore sad ;-; but all in all it was fun. Ah – tomorrow my parents are going to go away on their honeymoon, to Italy, the Vatican and all that – which means I’ve got the house to myself! – Well shared with my sister, but we get along well. Since she’s turning so much more artistic, I feel an itch to do something artistic as well – well we’ll see. It’d be nice to paint something… I haven’t done anything in ages.

Also, I can get back to studying my Japanese \o/ – in peace. New father in law likes TV – unlike any other member of the household. It gets a bit irritating, but I believe it’s normal for the general populace to like TV – so I can’t complain much.

One of these days I’m going to get to the point where I can type something legible to well – anyone else but me. >.<

Heard "Dirty Little Secret" a few minutes ago in the car (via my sister’s iPod as I was taking her to pick up painting supplies) and it reminded me of a certain relationship XD.