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I just watched the Spice and Wolf II OVA (or episode 00 – however you want to put it): It was great – I’m excited about Horo again, I like Lawrence too, partly because he’s so thick (perhaps it’s better that he is though) – and Nora/Nola (it’s spelled no-ra but the long ‘o’ lends itself to an ‘l’) can go suck a toad – even though she looks nice :d. I’m sure it’s because my memory’s bad, but I forgot that Nora knew about Horo as a diety, in the OVA she doesn’t question  Horo’s ears and such – but maybe that’s because the episode’s based on a short story from the 7th volume… I’ll find out later.

On another note – I really need to read more. Read more textbooks really… Finals are coming up really soon… but my sense of urgency is a bit lax… instead of a dead day – I have a dead week, because all my finals fall on the last possible day – I’ll have time to study. However, my history class replaced their final with a test on the last day of class…. I should study for that, because well, it’s this thursday… I’ll study tomorrow :D

I need to read more Japanese stuff too…. Sure it can wait until classes are over, but I miss the enjoyment of it – and I don’t want my Japanese to start failing ;-; There’s so much I want to read, but I’m so slow, I wish I could just fully understand the language ;-; → it would make life so much easier wouldn’t it?

Oh well, I’ll get it someday.

–JLPT2 Grammar Practice Corner–
[if one form tends to use "decorated" form (de-aru) I’ll put an astrisk (*) after the definition : this only makes a difference with nouns or na-adjectives anyway.]

~以上(は) (いじょう) = since ~ (after+because), etc.  *
Since I got into this first rate university, I’d better study more. (I/You)

~一方(では) (いっぽう) = While; Meanwhile (shows a comparison between two things) *
While I like a good portion of anime, I’m not interested in mecha or action anime at all.

~一方だ (いっぽうだ) = "shows something continuing towards a certain tendency" (used often with 減る&増える) *
The number of unmarried women in Japan is steadily increasing.

~上に (うえに) = In addition to ~ (uses decorated form)
In addition to studying Japanese, it looks like she’s learning Chinese as well!! (I envy this friend’s cognitive power)

~上で(は/の/も)・~上の = if ~ is past then "after…ing upon…ing" otherwise is "context for a warning"
I heard from a tengu that after stealing a "precious thing", Marisa flew over to Reimu’s place. (I was listening to "that song" :x)
When working at a restaurant, you should be polite to customers. (or "beki-de-aru"): "beshi" makes you sound kinda like an old man, but well I was going for a serious/written tone.

~(よ)うじゃないか/ではないか = Shall we; lets
Let’s play Mahjong!

~うちに/~ないうちに = while (refers to doing something before that situation changes)
You’ve got to have fun while you’re still young ^.^
Quickly! Erase the chalkboard before the teacher comes!
Don’t you have something you want to do before you graduate?

~得る (うる・える) (I personally NEVER use ‘uru’, and when you go negative it HAS to be "enai", plus you eru is more common anyways): = to be possible to (this is how the potential form originated 読みえる→読める) ~ has to be a verb stem.
I tried thinking with all my might searching for the answer, but I couldn’t respond to her at all.
There’s no way a world where women don’t wear skirts or pants could exist… (While watching Strike Witches) O.O NO WAY!

~おかげだ/おかげで = thanks to (always in a positive light. it’s negative counterpart is "せい")
It’s all thanks to you
Thanks to sensei, I can speak Japanese at least this well, thank you.

~恐れがある (おそれ) = There is a danger of ~ (You see this most of the time on Japanese warning labels.)
If you get into Yukari-sensei’s car, you put your life in danger.

Congratulations~! You’ve gotten through the あ row of JLPT2 Grammars!