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Macintosh Computers (Apples) – 最悪だわ

Yeah so, macs suck – all things considered. They always break, you always have to pour hundreds of dollars into them, and they’re horrible at handling things. I had to sit at a mac today, and it took me around 8 hours to correctly import a 40min dv video. I imported it, and then it would crash every time I tried to encode stuff, finally I had to find a way to pull the dv out of the project file (if I tried to save as dv it projected ~15 hours) and when I tried to encode it in the most economical way, it was going to take in upwards of 18 hours. In order to save the data, I had to pull in a java file splitter and split up the file (since macs aren’t capable of handling ntfs without a linux based program) and put it onto my iPod (which was the only thing compatible that would connect with it). I never thought I’d say this, but thank god for Java, it saved me from a god-forsaken platform which is mac.

Eden of the East is the best thing ever by the way. It just keeps getting better and better!

I shall update more later.