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Sakuya Revolution

Yeah, so I made a new userpic – It’s a picture of 咲夜 (Sakuya) taken from a scene in Glorious Revolution. The doujinshi’s website is here, if you’re interested. I believe I ranted about it’s glory earlier, so I won’t get into it again, but it’s cool :D – at least if you’re a touhou fan.

Random Updates on Life:

I finished my final paper draft on 羅生門 (Rashōmon) for my class, I might post the contents if anyone’s interested about a random adaptation analysis, (I’m guessing no) – after it’s graded (wouldn’t it suck to be persecuted for plagerism over something you wrote and then posted?); My Touhou Project Final Project application was approved, (gah now I have to do it). Similar to my sentence in my recently updated last post for the JLPT2 stuff – my ears were really bleeding and I was like "OH SHIT" but then nothing came of it, it was only a little (I have low blood pressure anyway) , and I figure it had more to do with the Red Bulls I was drinking. I watched "Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo" for the first time and thought it was cute. At the same time I realized that the ED for it "garnet" sounded ridiculously familiar and realized that I had heard it first from an Idolm@ster character album (the original’s MUCH better – though to be honest I like the Idolm@ster version of "Tori no Uta" more than the original). One thing led to another and we started having "language wars" on twitter: a friend was freaked out when I posted a translation to part of the Kara no Kyoukai opening – they already think I’m a psychopathic murderer as it is… so we all then started speaking in all the random languages that we know. Means Japanese for me: I know 你好 (nihao=HI – or "I like you") in Chinese, how to count numbers in Spanish (supposedly my hereditary language) – that’s it. Friends’ repitoire extends to French, Indonesian, Tagolog (Filipino), Cambric (Welsh), Mandarin Chinese (spoken only *facepalm*), and Spanish; extending to those outside the discussion: Hindi and Hebrew. I’m actually talking about proficiency rather than just knowing a few words, so that’s kinda impressive you think? :p Because I’m not the only one of our group that’s reasonably proficient in Japanese (though I’m at the top :D) I think it would be cool to learn some other random languages. Originally (before I was going to learn Japanese or Hindi) I was planning on learning Russian → you add that into the mix of just having watched Strike Witches and also having participated in a linguistics class, "Now I just need to learn Русский, Suomi, 漢語 and Deutsch." (Russian, Finnish, Chinese, and German). Why? For Russian, some of my favorite literature is translated Russian literature… and Sanya. (My reason for learning Japanese was because of the literature and poetry, then extended to manga and anime). For Finnish, it’s simple to read, has a lot of strange similarities with Japanese, and… Eila :3, plus along with Russian it sounds kinda cool don’t you think? – Chinese is strictly for reading poetry, I know a good amount of symbols or at least symbol portions, and it’s "politically relevant" – not really interested in speaking it though – it’s HARD to speak, easy to read (if you know the symbols). For German – my namesake Franz Kafka! His stories are just ODD, and that’s why I like him. – Anyway, for fun, I’ve already memorized the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet, the typing layout escapes me though – I just use the Japanese coder-IME. : In addition to all of this, at what seems to be a habit of "Mahjong Fridays" I won 3 times in a row (out of 5 total games) \o/ – Still under the impression that I suck when it comes to the formal Japanese ruleset though.

Enough about random updates and language learning (except for Japanese)

I think we need a Sakuya Revolution. Everything’s much too boring. I figure we have literature because it’s a bad idea to cause a large scale immediate conflict and then rage at it. The extent of our thrills are found in risky or sketchy romantic relationships, often a whole lot more scathingly dramatic than TV dramas (which I think are an excuse to throw your TV out the window). Is literature controlled conflict? At least the good stuff :3 I suppose I’m just the kind of person (I hear that there are types of people) that enjoy a rock being thrown at the surface of a glossy pond, and yet I’m an extremely passive person. Silent Liberalism!

My Japanese teacher actually recommended us Americans (the stereotypical extroverts of the world) "The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World" by Marti Olsen Laney, Psy. D. – partially because she was surprised that there are introverted Americans as well – (she was probably talking about me >.>) – We’ll probably have to discuss stuff like that on our test… – oh well, I just have to get back to practicing all my Japanese grammar stuffs till I can confidently speak in Japanese like I do it everyday. … – one day I’ll gear my introversion into some shocking form of literature – that would be nice.

As it’s on my mind, I think there’s a reason to get back to Strike Witches!
I came across this crazy correlation diagram, one that I can’t really find many references of explanation anywhere on the net. Furthermore, it looks authentic, despite the shocking (perhaps not so much) web of romantic relations across the board. I haven’t the opportunity to read up on anything, I’ve only seen the OVA, the anime series, and some of the illustrations – so perhaps that’s why it seems so strange, but it was mainly the terms like "sex slave" used liberally, that shocked me. Everything else is perfectly correct though organized very well – if it is fan-made they did a good job.

Full Image

About the Diagram:

Characters are grouped by country, division of the military, original texts, and family relations – and there’s enough English there for you to at least get most of the characters’ names.
There are tons of words that finely define love and relationships in Japanese, that may be hard to translate properly, so I will explain:
性奴隷: literally "sex slave" (though it’s missing a symbol) – I get the feeling it means "forced (sexual) relationship due to position".
恋人: literally "lover(s)" – This is like "girlfriend", people who are dating use this term.
愛人: literaly "lover(s)" – This has a much "heavier" overtone, and a word often used to describe a "mistress", people involved in a love affair, thicker sexual relations etc, it’s not a negative term and is closer to the English "lover".
セフレ: literally "sex friend" – Basically a friend that one frequently has sexual relations with, often a friend for that purpose, it implies that neither is romantically involved with the other.
元恋人: literally "original lover" – basically "ex-girlfriend"
夫婦: literally "husband+wife" – often refers to a married "couple", but can refer to a couple in general, the two do not have to be married. I’m sure you have an example of two that are a couple – they act like a married couple regardless of their extent of romantic or sexual relations, I figure that’s what this word is getting at.
恋愛感情: literally "has romantic feelings of love for" – romantic love, not necessarily "sexual" but far beyond "caring" or "sibling-like" love.
友人: literally "friend" – nice and simple
親友: literally "precious friend" – like best friends
憧れ: literally "admiration" – "to aspire to be like" sort of admiration
— (other stuff)
親分: boss
上官: superior officer
同僚: colleague
双子の姉妹: twin sisters
姉: older sister (it’s illegible but I think the sister relationships go left->right = youngest->oldest in most cases)
地獄に落ちろ: literally "fall into the depths of hell!" pretty self explanatory.
ライベル: rivals
先輩:senpai (I hope I don’t need to explain)
妹のよう: "like a little sister to"
気に入る: basically the feelings a superior has when she "takes a liking" to someone lower than her – completely devoid of romantic feeling. (at least when used in this context)

-Anabuki Tomoko (center one with all the "sex slaves"): Her surname with those symbols literally spells "Ass-Wipe"
-All the characters of "Suomus Independent Volunteer Aerial Squadron" apparently pay service to Tomoko.
-Suwa Amaki and Nakajima Hayate are mutually "sex slaves" O.o
-Helma Lennartz can pilot a jet-engine striker (\o/ – this isn’t on the diagram)
-Sanya wants to be more open like Yoshika
-Eila wants Sanya (I don’t blame her) – maybe Eila will have her first fully romantic relationship with Sanya if her feelings are returned ^-^
-Lynette and Yoshika are a couple. (Makes sense) – I don’t get the whole thing in the last episode when they all just randomly disband though, seems contridictory to the feeling in the rest of the episode – but they’re coming back with a season 2 so maybe developments will HAPPEN.
-I didn’t really think of Gertrud and Hartmann being together, but it makes a lot of sense now that I look at it.
-I can see why Eila wouldn’t want to get romantically involved with Nikka Edvardine Katajainen (she crash-lands like 24/7), Eila would be wrought with fret.

This is possibly the longest post I’ve ever made O.O – I’m going to see if I can finish up the Osaka-Chiyo Sho… Azumanga Diaoh. More JLPT stuff will probably fill the next post, but this one is already long enough.