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Tutor Strikes Back!

Well, I’ve just been to my first day of work. \o/ Which was basically training of sorts – I worked for 5 hours doing half of the coursework for the classes I’ll be monitoring and helping – it’s pretty much college level BCIS. It’s funny though, because I learned a few new tricks with Microsoft Word 2007 – that makes it intensely useful: (in addition to the Japanese functions that I already knew about,) there’s a lot of stuff for works cited, sources, foot notes, and a lot of other cool stuff.

My mum’s wedding is tomorrow – that’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s nice and small, so not too hectic – good food – and I get to be a bride’s maid and all (nope I got knocked down from the maid of honor position by my aunt >.>) But since her father’s not around to walk her for some reason – I’m going to give her away. I told her I might as well just wear a suit and play a guy XD. – Oh and if I’ve not said before, because I don’t think I have, it’s a family of all guys merging into a family of all girls – is it going to balance? – O.o – not really like it’s a "merger" or anything though, everyone except my little sister is "out of the house" at this point. Well, it’s always nice to have new family.

Books to read over the break!

I’m going to try to finish 狼と香辛料 (Spice and Wolf) vol1 and とらドラ (Toradora) vol1 (which honestly like encompasses only the first episode O.O;) – I’m also going to try to take a swing at some other stuff  (Like Kara no Kyoukai ^^) – but well – that’s all I’ve got lined up for now. I’ve ordered my textbooks for Classical Japanese so I’m going to study that when I have free time at work. – I also need to make myself read at least one chapter of Mushishi for at least everyday that I have off.

Tonight I’ll go ahead and go back to those jlpt2 thingys that I’ve not had the chance to finish up – (no I haven’t given up yet) – but first I’m going to make the family watch Eden of the East and then play Mahjong with them :D (I really need to practice up and play more of that online as well… ^^; – I need to find more people willing to play with me.

In other news, I found some of the earlier mini-albums for School Food Punishment – the group that does the ED song for Eden of the East, I recommend their second album – but I haven’t got to listen to them all more than once, so it’s more of an initial recommendation. I’d say the ED for Eden of the East is the best song they’ve done so far – but yeah – like I said the 2nd mini-album: "Air feel, Color Swim" has got some pretty good tracks on it at a glance. (if you… see sound like I do … >.>)

If you want a laugh and you love Touhou like me – youtube "東方M-1" or you can start here (they’re all subtitled – no worries): Cirno-Flandre-Remilia / Ran-Chen / Alice-Marisa

Completely un-related: why the hell did they make a 4th Terminator movie? – They really should have stopped at 2. D:<

Relating to my previous article, we found a way to surgically remove the broken thing on my car, so it really doesn’t bother me anymore. \o/