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Finals and Blossoming Flowers Bloom

So I finished my History final today \o/ – which means that I only have two projects and then one more final left. Not that much actually, because that last final is for government, which I’m only aiming for a B in – and everything in the past has been fairly easy – so I expect the trend to continue. Luckily for me the History final prompt was the easier of the two (it was blind poll selected at the beginning of class). I feel like I did a realllly mediocre job of it, but I really only need a fairly decent grade for the final to get an A in that class, so I figure it’ll be ok.

I started planning (stupidly excited, reminescent of a certain fairy) my Touhou based final project for my Japanese Adaptations class:


Final —— Project

Touhou Project

-Introduce Touhou

-Explain the Relations between the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter and Imperishable Night – Character Fujiwara Mokou

-Explain the Relations between ancient Japanese History and Akyuu+Mountain of Faith

-Explain the Fanbase (Reitaisai v. Comiket – 2ch influences – Ryuuseigun)

-Display lyrics of certain songs "Pray" and "Hiirogekka"

-Talk about the Bubbling Underground Music CD Adaptation.

–Make a LOT of extra data, including videos of gameplay and more.
–Make it a full blown media presentation rather than just a powerpoint.


^I felt at the time that I can figured out some sort of awesome breakthrough, but really – this extremely lacking outline just shows how lazy I am as a person. – but give me a break, it has to be cut down into a 10 minute presentation anyway.

Now I have to remember all about video editing and encoding and stuff for my Japanese drama I have to co-construct for one class…. I haven’t done anything like that since highschool… Oh well, I’ll figure something out.

Now to start considering what to do for the summer – I don’t want to laze around, but nor do I want to get a mundane job. I want to keep up my Japanese and I’d like to learn a bit more about writing. I’m signing up for a fiction workshop next semester – it would be nice to learn how to write properly… To help myself prepare I’m thinking about looking into some summer online writing classes… – but maybe I’ll just throw my hand at writing fanfics and stuff… Thinking back to stuff I’ve written long ago, all of it must have sucked… hard. – I have ideas like anyone else though, and I’d like to learn how to put that stuff on paper. Maybe it’s something you can only learn on your own? Well I suppose I have summer to work that out.

In news: I found in the corner of my fridge, in a sealed bag no less, some rainbow colored rice. No joke. There was black, brown, yellow, orange, green, purple, and deep blood red mold. How the hell did I get blood red mold? beats me. The entire bag felt like it was alive, I mean like, it was sealed, but the outside was covered in water, like it was sweating. I figure it generated heat on its own to survive in the fridge’s cold temperatures o.o; On the brighter side of life, though yesterday I had to overdose on medicine just to knock myself out so I could sleep and then wake up early enough to study for my final, it appears that a mere half hour before the final I got better. I’m still feeling healthy :D I also lugged almost all of my huge textbooks over to a used bookstore and sold them, for like $40. I also turned in a rebate envelope – so that I’ll get a check for 10% of what I purchased like next year XD (freaking slow rebates) and that’ll probably be like another $40. \o/ Now I have money to eat!

Now it’s time to sleep.
When I wake up I’ll do something :>

This is the CD I’m listening to. Buy it. It’s awesome.