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Game Theory

English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese ≪ I will learn these languages some day.

What I love about Japanese is that it’s confusing and erratic. The writing in its very nature. When I read something by a Japanese author I feel like I’m having my mind blown away. And perhaps that is why I want to be an author some day. ^^ I would find my purpose in life fulfilled if I could give someone a mind-fk.

Game theory. Don’t you love games? *sips tea* I can’t ever find anyone to play with me. I can get off playing some mahjong sometimes, but oh I used to be such the card player. I would play every day. When I came to university for the first time I brought 19 packs of cards. Disappointed, not being able to play a single game once. I narrowed my collection down to seven when I came for the following year. Oh, so depressing isn’t it? But what of games? I haven’t played in ages, and I played often against geniuses, so it’s not like I like to win – do I like to lose? (I already show a few other masochistic tendencies :x) Perhaps, but of course like anyone else I like to win. I don’t think I’m particularly competitive, but I do love games. Not the kind where with a lot of effort you show your worth. It’s winning and losing, struggling to see how far you can get. You sort of miss that in modern dull society. Games are good for your brain too. I need to play more. I don’t want my brain to rot. If I ever find some success in the matter I’ll report.

You find similarities where you want to see them, but a strange similarity that doesn’t seem to make too much sense but is there anyway, is the big dark coat that Kunigisa-san wears in Zaregoto 1. I’m like that, I wear mine all the time and often to sleep. Plus I’m an ex-engineer. Funny you think?

You know why using clay mugs for tea is awesome? When you knock them over and they fall on tile, they tend to bounce and not break :D

Quote of the Day:
"She wasn’t an angel. She was a battle maid. What the hell had happened to reality?"

So I just finished reading Zaregoto 1: The Yubikiri Cycle. It’s like reading a book, and gradually coming across stuff and you’re like YEAH – that makes sense! – and then at the end you get shot in the head and laughed at "wrong – you’re so stupid." I’ll have to make sure to buy a more well put together version of that book. (The copy I have now is all but falling apart.) I will read it again. I approve of lesbian relationships. You can’t help but love maids. – Liars, just like me.