Dear Me!

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The music I was expecting when I first read these lyrics was -far- on the other end of the spectrum.

Tsundere college student Reimu, sleeping in class. That’s what I get out of it anyway ^w^

Dear Me!
少女綺想曲~Dream Battle|東方永夜抄
Vocal: 黒崎朔夜 [T.Piacere]
Arrange: 黒鳥
Lyric: 海兎
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Mindless Act
Event: 例大祭10

馬鹿げた机上論に 欠伸噛み殺した
世界を敵に回す 夢を始めようか

bakageta kijouron’ ni akubi kamikoroshita
sekai wo teki ni mawasu yume wo hajimeyou ka

I stifle a yawn up against some idiotic academic’s theory
So shall I start this dream, turning the whole world against me?

Dear me! 君の全て Dear me! この手の中
You&me 言葉遊び イケナイと知りながら

dear me! kimi no subete dear me! kono te no naka
you and me kotoba asobi ikenai to shirinagara

Dear me! Your everything – Dear me! In my two hands
You and me, we play with words, though we know we shouldn’t

崩れてゆく景色が 何もかもがかすれかけて
震えたいの 楽しませて今 この世界が欲しくて

kuzureteyuku keshiki ga nani mo ka mo ga kasurekakete
furuetai no tanoshimasete ima kono sekai ga hoshikute

All around everything is crumbling, grazing grating grinding down –
I want to shake things up, so let me have my fun! This is the world I want!

ユメなど見なくていい ”私だけを見てて”
欲しくて仕方ないと 言えば楽になった

yume nado minakute ii “watashi dake wo mitete”
hoshikute shikatanai to ieba raku ni natta

There’s no reason for you to dream, “Look only at me!”
If I had only said it, that I want you so much I can’t help myself!

Dear me! 君の全て Dear me! 私のもの
You&me ”ありえないわ” ”くだらない” 吐き捨てた

dear me! kimi no subete dear me! watashi no mono
you and me “arienai wa” “kudaranai” hakisuteta

Dear me! Your everything – Dear me! Is all, all mine
You and me? “There’s no way!” “I’ve had enough of this,” is all I retorted.

壊れてゆく理屈に 誰一人と気付かなくて
伸ばした手は 冷たいままだと 私はまだ知らない

kowareteyuku rikutsu ni dare hitori to kidzukanakute
nobashita te wa tsumetai mama da to watashi wa mada shiranai

No one realizes how all reason is crumbling down, and
I don’t yet know my outstretched hand is as cold as it ever was

愛している いつでも 君だけしか見てないから
ユメを見てた 隣にいるユメ 朝になれば消えてく

aishiteiru itsudemo kimi dake shika mitenai kara
yume wo miteta tonari ni iru yume asa ni nareba kieteku

I love you – I’m always looking at you, and you alone
So I dreamed I was next to you, a dream that will fade with the morning…

    • FantasyGensokyo
    • September 18th, 2013

    Thanks for the translations! Inscribe your Soul especially, that track is solid. In the future, could you please use my current username FantasyGensokyo? I haven’t used Scrpn516 for anything since my old YouTube got deleted.

    • Got it ^^.

      I always forget whose handle name is who anyway, so I end up checking who requested what earlier and copy and paste the handle I used before (unless someone specifically specifies one ^^).

    • FantasyGensokyo
    • September 18th, 2013

    Thanks :]

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