Requested/Sponsored by: Saku

It’s nice to see another Higurashi no Naku Koro ni related song from Foreground Eclipse. Their last one was great too.

I’m really really digging that electric organ FG’s been using lately in some of their songs (and this one). It works.

Thanks, You|ひぐらしのなく頃に
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Each and Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone
Event: C81

嘆かないで あなたはどうしたら 私を許してくれますか
その渇きは 私のせい あなたをここに 放り出した
井戸の中では 幸せだった 外のことなど 何も知らず
私だって 探している この身穿つ あなたは誰

nagekanaide anata wa doushitara watashi wo yurushitekuremasu ka
sono kawaki wa watashi no sei anata wo koko ni houridashita
ido no naka de wa shiawase datta soto no koto nado nani mo shirazu
watashi datte sagashiteiru kono mi ugatsu anata wa dare

Don’t cry… What can I do for you to forgive me?
Your thirst… is all my fault – I abandoned you here…
In this well… I was happy, not knowing anything of the outside world.
Even I am searching… Who are you, to pierce right through me?


waratteita koro no anata wa
nani yori mo mabushikatta kara
torimodoshitemiseru yo
doredake no toki ni kaetemo

When you used to smile,
It was more dazzling than anything else.
I’ll find a way to bring that smile back,
No matter how long it takes.

ひとりだけで 抱え込まないで

hitori dake de kakaekomanaide
douka kowagaranaide

Don’t hold everything in all alone.
Please, don’t be afraid…

固く閉じた瞼の裏で 願うことは
失われた命に 安らぎを
気づいて上げられなかった心に 救いを
また会う時には どうか 奇跡を

kataku tojita mabuta no ura de negau koto wa
ushinawareta inochi ni yasuragi wo
kidzuiteagerarenakatta kokoro ni sukui wo
mata au toki ni wa douka kiseki wo

Behind my firmly shut eyes I pray:
Peace for those lives that were lost.
Salvation for those hearts that did not realize.
A miracle for the next time we meet.

落とした一粒を 探しながら ただただ彷徨いながら過ごす
今度こそと ふと振り返る もうこれで 何度目だろう
上れば上るほどに 増すものは 高さと落ちる時の 痛み
箱の中に 在ったものは 暖かいものか 冷たいものか

otoshita hitotsubu wo sagashinagara tadatada samayoi nagara sugosu
kon’do koso to futo furikaeru mou kore de nan’dome darou
noboreba noboru hodo ni masu mono wa takasa to ochiru toki no itami
hako no naka ni atta mono wa atatakai mono ka tsumetai mono ka

As I search for the one thing I had lost, I wander to no avail
This time for sure! I turn around – How many times does that make this?
The more I climb, the more I devote, the higher I reach and the further I fall
Was the thing left in that box something warm or something cold?

何度も何度も 始まりと終わりを超えて
無くさないよう 離さないように 刻み付けて

nan’do mo nan’do mo hajimari to owari wo koete
aru toki kasuka ni hikari ga mieta
nakusanai you hanasanai you ni kizamidzukete
kono hikari dake wa kesase wa shinai

Again and again, crossing over many beginnings and endings
Once, I saw a faint light – So that I would not lose it
So that I would not be separated from it, I engrained it firmly within myself.
If nothing else, at least this light I’ll never let fade

かけらをむすんで やっと見えた 一つの答え
重ねた手と手が 涙で滲む
もう今ならわかる 信じれば奇跡は起こる
あなたは私の すぐそばにいた

kakera wo musun’de yatto mieta hitotsu no kotae
kasaneta te to te ga namida de nijimu
mou ima nara wakaru shin’jireba kiseki wa okoru
anata wa watshi no sugu soba ni ita

Tying together the pieces, I finally saw this one answer
Our hands together, blurred in my tears
“I know now, if we just believe, miracles will happen.”
You were right next to me.

誰だって私だって 幸せになっていい
どれだけ求めたって 構わない
私たちにはまだ きっとまだまだ足りない
これまでの幸せ 全部取り戻すよ

dare datte watashi datte shiawase ni natte ii
doredake motometatte kamawanai
watashitachi ni wa mada kitto madamada tarinai
kore made no shiawase zen’bu torimodosu yo

Everyone, even I, have a right to be happy…
No matter how long I have to take searching for it, I don’t care.
What we have now is still not enough for us.
I’ll take back all of the happiness we’ve had up until now.

    • HikikomoriRus
    • February 7th, 2012

    Oh,thx a lot for this! <3

    • saku
    • February 7th, 2012

    Fantastic! Such wonderful lyrics, love it. thank you.

    either email me your paypal addy or leave a response with it. The email used in this post is my main email. Thankyou again.

  1. i know your REALLY swampeed with requests at the moment…but i was wondering if you are going to be doing anymore of Vision -誓約の閉回路 桎梏の乙女- album by RD sounds,

    i noticed you said it is story and with two songs in english and your first translation i find myself wondering what its about!

    • Yeah, I’m planning on doing the rest of it – ^^; I’ve just been busy. I’m moving out into an apartment in the next few days too.

    • Sonia
    • February 8th, 2012

    Umm are you taking request?
    If you are, can you translate this song for me?

    i think its touhou. If you arent taking request then dont worry about it. :3
    thanks, here is a cookie OAO/*

    • I’ll take a look when I can. I’ve basically been without internet for the past five days (still no interwebs even now D: )

        • Sonia
        • February 14th, 2012

        Thanks X3
        one of my friends sent it to me and it sounded very good :3
        i dont know whos theme it is though, im still very new to touhou ( i just got my first touhou game on my itouch) lol XD

      • scrpn516
      • February 14th, 2012

      It’s the ED for the anime Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. Prolly lyric sheets for it somewhere out there; came out last year.

    • Chou
    • February 14th, 2012

    I saw that you were looking for the lyrics for some of the songs from Mary had a little love, here’s the scans for them (And two other songs because cropping involves more work that uploading. >_<')

    • Thank you so very much!!! I still don’t have proper access to the internet, but I’m going to see what I can do. If I can find a way to open the pictures from my phone and type them up I might be able to work on stuff tomorrow even if I don’t have any internet yet. むぅ〜

    • By the way. I love you forever.

    • Yaren
    • February 15th, 2012

    Someone already did a traslation for this song, but whit a diferent touch and diferent feeling… i am not saying both are wrong or correct. But i should say this song can be interpreted in so many way’s.. and i love it!! sinceresly the best arrage as i know of “Thanks”/”you”.

    Awesome work btw‼ =) keep up the good work and expect a donation ^^ u work is realy impressive and inspiring!!

    • :D Thank you!

      Depending on the song, there’s a lot of angles that you can sort of go at it – Japanese can can be really ambiguous sometimes and other times it’s impossible to get the “exact” feeling right in English so you’ve got to try what you think works best. That’s why you can have some almost radically different translations (especially where lyrics are concerned) where both are still in essence correct.

      But that’s what makes it so fun! :D

    • Radite octavanka
    • February 16th, 2015

    love this song
    thanks for sharing

  2. i will repost this link into my blog, thank

  1. November 11th, 2014

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