Requested by: FrequencyBlue

There are many parts of this song that are worded strangely, and many compound words that aren’t usually put together, so there are at least some parts I’m not sure about.

“flies like the wind” is more like “blows/comes at me/moves like the wind”

“くれない 知らない” is very strange. You can either directly translate it as “does not know crimson” or “does not give me, does not know” if you sort of extend it “does not give me (even a glance), (she) does not know (me)” which is sort of how I translated it, but although usage is valid, it is a bit of a stretch, hinging mainly on context.

Vocal: Nogirroute
Arrange: kanival
Lyrics: Nogirroute
Circle: kanival
Album: THYH
Event: Reitaisai 9

神能人が コウシン 吹き付けてる
誠心性に貫かれた 心は見送らない

shin’noujin’ ga koushin’ fukitsuketeru
nani mo warui ki mo shitenai
seishin’sei ni tsuranukareta kokoro wa miokuranai

This miracle-worker in God’s power, flies like the wind
I don’t feel any emnity from her
Pierced by her sincerity, my heart chases after her

くれない 知らない

kurenai shiranai

But she would not pay any mind to me

翻弄的 スコールの速度で
閃光色した果実が 酔わせて 人さらわる

kon’routeki squall no sokudo de
ano ko wa hoshi wo otosu
sen’kouiro shita kajitsu ga yowasete hito sarawaru

As if it were a just game to her, with the speed of a squall
She makes stars fall from the sky
Lightning colored fruit which intoxicate people and take them away

そのまま さらわる
このまま 何処かへ

sono mama sarawaru
kono mama doko ka e

At this rate I’ll be
Taken away, somewhere…


namae dake hikitsureta
koufuku nado dare ga negau no?

Who wishes for happiness
That is happiness only in name?


furuku mo nai kioku no naka
ano ko wa kaze ni odori
usurete nakunaru no wa
sorehodo tooku mo nai

In my memories not yet old
She still dances on the wind
But it will not be long
Before she fades away

神能人が 吹き付けてる
誠心性に貫かれた 心で人を願って

shin’noujin’ ga fukitsuketeru
nani mo warui ki mo shitenai
seishin’sei ni tsuranukareta kokoro de hito wo negatte

This miracle-worker flies like the wind
I don’t feel any emnity from her
My heart pierced by her sincerity, I wish for other’s happiness

    • FrequencyBlue
    • October 6th, 2012


    Once again, thank you very much!

    • Meh
    • October 18th, 2012

    Where do I find this song?

    • I have no idea actually – I listened through a private youtube link set up just for me translating it by the person who requested it :x

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