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Stardust Reverie

Requested by: SerChef

The first stanza at first seems as if voices are simply beckoning the protagonist into the forest, but the end of that stanza reveals that the voices are beckoning her “back into” the forest. Which makes the song a lot more interesting, especially the “What are you looking for there? Where are you going?” But at the same time it seems that she does go back into the forest, so I have no real answers, it’s just something to think about.

The first stanza is very clever I think, beckoning not simply “into” the forest, but the end of the stanza reveals a “back into” the forest line. It’s to keep a departing traveler from leaving.


In the quoted sections, 3L pronounces all syllables that would be traditionally pronounced ゑ as “we” instead of “e” and ゐ as “wi” instead of “i”, this can be confusing, because ‘we’ at times sounds like a “wa”, and ‘-ewi’ kind of like “-ai” I have noted this in the roma-ji.

Stardust Reverie
Circle: Sprite Wing
Album: 幻想郷の星雨日和
Event: Reitaisai 7

ここへおいで まねくこえが
くらいもりの なかへどうぞ 誘う声
かたちのない さがしものは
ふかいもりの なかにあると 信じているね
ここへきたら かえらないよと
とおりすぎる ひえたかぜが 囁いてた
ときをとめた なくしものは
ふかいもりに いまもずっと 眠っているよ
おいでおいで かえっておいで
このさきには ほしいものは 何も無いよ
どこへいくの どこへいくの
その先には 何があるの?

koko we oide maneku kowe ga
kurai mori no naka we douzo izanau kowe
katachi no nai sagashimono wa
fukai mori no naka ni aru to shin’jitewiru ne
koko we kitara kaweranai yo to
toorisugiru hieta kaze ga sasayaiteta
toki wo tometa nakushi mono wa
fukai mori ni ima mo zutto nemuttewiru yo
oide oide kawette oide
kono saki ni wa hoshii mono wa nani mo nai yo
doko we yuku no doko we yuku no
sono saki ni wa nani ga aru no?

“This way…” a voice beckons,
“This way, into the dark forest…” it tempts.
“You believe, don’t you?
“In this deep forest is that formless thing you seek.”
“Having come this way, you’ll never leave,”
Whispers a chill wind as it passes by.
“That which was lost and has stopped time,
“In this deep forest is sleeping even now.”
“This way… Come this way… Come back to this place…
“Ahead of you there is nothing you could ever want.”
“Where are you going? Where are you going?
“Just what is it that lies ahead?”


sunaarashi no you ni
noise majiri no yoru ga
hoshi no suna ni kawatte
yami wo sarasara to koboreochiteyuku

Like a sandstorm
The night mixed with noise
Turns to stardust
Trickling as if falls over the darkness


nani wo kan’jiru darou
hikaru kakera ni fureta
yami ga kurakura to iburase tokeyuku

If I reach my destination
Just what will I feel?
As I touch a fragment of light
Darkness twists and lunges, smoldering as it melts away


sore wa monogatari
sono katachi wo motanai
sore wa mugen’ no idea
hitotsu futatsu to fuetsudzukeru kotae

This is a story
That which has no form
This is an infinite idea
A series of ever increasing answers


arashi no yoru ni
noise majiri no yoru ni
hikari matataku yoru ni
kagayaki tsudzukeru shin’jitsu wo sagashite
mata kurikaeshite…

In this stormy night
In this night mixed with noise
In this night twinkling with light
Searching for a sparkling truth
Everything repeats once again…





fuhen’ no meiro
mitsukaranai yoake

An omnipresent labyrinth
With no dawn in sight

ここへおいで まねくこえが
くらいもりの なかへどうぞ 誘う声
ときをわすれ さがすものは
ふかいもりの なかにあると 信じているね
ここへきたら かえれないよと
とおりすぎる ひえたかぜが 囁いてた
ときをとめた なくしものは
ふかいもりに いまもずっと

koko we oide maneku kowe ga
kurai mori no naka we douzo izanau kowe
toki wo wasure sagasu mono wa
fukai mori no naka ni aru to shin’jitewiru ne
koko we kitara kawerenai yo to
toorisugiru hieta kaze ga sasayaiteta
toki wo tometa nakushimono wa
fukai mori ni ima mo zutto

“This way…” a voice beckons,
“This way, into the dark forest…” it tempts.
“That you keep searching, having forgotten time,
“Shows that you believe there is something in this deep forest.”
“Having come this way, you’ll never leave,”
Whispers a chill wind as it passes by.
“That which was lost, has stopped time,
“In this deep forest is even now…”

虚偽を探して 無限を求めて
迷いを切り捨て 真実を探して

kotae wo sagashite mugen’ wo motomete
mayoi wo kirisute kotae wo sagashite

Searching for answers in falsities, seeking infinity
Cutting off all hesitation, searching for answers in truth


sunaarashi no you ni
noise majiri no yoru ga
hoshi no suna ni kawatte
yami wo sarasara to koboreochiteyuku

Like a sandstorm
The night mixed with noise
Turns to stardust
Trickling as if falls over the darkness


nani wo kan’jiru darou?
hikaru kakera ni fureta
yami ga kurakura to iburase tokeyuku

If I reach my destination
Just what will I feel?
As I touch a fragment of light
Darkness twists and lunges, smoldering as it melts away


sore wa monogatari
sono katachi wo motanai
sore wa mugen’ no idea
koeta yoru dake fuetsudzukeru kotae

This is a story
That which has no form
This is an infinite idea
A series of ever increasing truths,
one for every night that I’ve spent searching

虚偽を探して 無限を求めて
光を見つめて 真実を探して

arashi no yoru ni
noise majiri no yoru ni
hikari matataku yoru ni
kagayakitsudzukeru tame
kotae wo sagashite mugen’ wo motomete
hikari wo mitsumete kotae wo sagashite

In this stormy night
In this night mixed with noise
In this night twinkling with light
In order to keep shining bright I’m
Searching for answers in falsities, seeking infinity
Cutting off all hesitation, searching for answers in truth

我亲爱傀儡 (我親愛傀儡) // Wǒ Qīn’ài Guīlěi (Wa ga Shin’ai naru Kairai)

It’s always a pleasure to translate a Shibayan “noise” song.

Requested by: SerChef

Sorry for the wait, but I wanted to do this one properly.

“energy” in the first stanza is pronounced “eneru-gi”

𥝱=禾予 (じょ) if your font doesn’t display the character correctly. (Its alternative is 秭(し)

The translation assumes the 上数 counting system for large numbers (how they were originally designed), and the standard system for the fractional numbers.
(If the standard system were used for the large numbers it would be, 10^16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64.)

The large number sequence line is equal to 10^262113

If you’re confused by the stanza that’s all numbers, just consider that it is a relation between an eternity and an instant.

As for the pronunciation of the title, I’ve used Pinyin/Mandarin-Chinese (Kanbun/Japanese) I will be personally using “Wa ga Shin’ai naru Kairai” because that’s something I can understand. I put the pinyin in there mainly because of the simplified characters and what I hear in the bridge, but if it were really Chinese, there should be a 的 (“de” in Mandarin) between 亲爱 and 傀儡, whereas with kanbun stuff it’s more common for there to be no particles at all… so go with “Wa ga Shin’ai naru Kairai” (ga and naru are “implied” grammatically, in the same way 広有射怪鳥事 is read “Hiroari Kechou (wo) Iru Koto”)

In the bridge, qīn’ài… guīlěi… is pronounced [ʨ’inai kueilei]~=”chin’ai kweirei” similar to the Japanese pronunciation “shin’ai kairai” (though the last one sounds a bit more like “itsurei” / I’m not even going to begin to try to figure out what that would mean). Of the 1,2,3,4 parts, only 2 and 3 I can say for sure are guīlěi and qīn’ài respectively.

我亲爱傀儡 (我親愛傀儡)
 Wǒ Qīn’ài Guīlěi (Wa ga Shin’ai naru Kairai)
 My Beloved Puppet
Circle: Syrup Comfiture
Album: White Clear
Event: C82

天地無用の理 逆らって掘り返して
電池不要の生命 繋げたら
私の意の侭に ねえ頷いてみせて
神算鬼謀の閃き 神すら阻めない
二人は離れない 連れ出してmidnight
千古不易の寵愛 受け取って
誓いの傷痕 二度とは消えない

ten’chi muyou no kotowari sakaratte horikaeshite
anata no hohoemi ni mata aitai
den’chifuyou no energy tsunagetara
watashi no i no mama ni nee unazuitemisete
shin’san’kibou no hirameki kami sura habamenai
futari wa hanarenai tsuredashite midnight
sen’kofueki no chouai uketotte
chikai no kizuato nidoto wa kienai

Overturning the laws of right and wrong, heaven and earth
I just want to see your smile again
Sewing in life energy that needs no electricity
Just as I wish you’ll… Now, nod your head for me
Not even a god could interfere with these ingenious designs
We’re inseparable… I’ll take you out this midnight
Take my immortal affections
The scar of our vows, will never vanish again

傾城傾国の魔性 全て飲み込んだ
冷静冷酷な奇談 あやかって
迷信信仰の摂理 背いて
腐りきった体に抱かれて あの世にgoodbye

keiseikeikoku no mashou subete nomikon’da
anata no hohoemi ni mata aitai
reiseireikoku na kidan’ ayakatte
watashi no eien’ no toki wo oshieteageru
meishin’shin’kou no setsuri somuite
kusarikitta karada ni dakarete ano yo ni goodbye
seiseiruten’ no uso sae musukashite
uragiru kakugo wa motoyori naizai

Having drunk of every devilish temptation, what would ruin a king, an empire
I just want to see your smile again
Listen and learn from this fantastic tale, calm and cruel
I’ll tell you of my time spent in eternity
Turning from the laws and will of superstitions and faiths
Embraced by a rotten corpse I say goodbye to that world
Seeing through even the lies of reincarnation and the transmigration of souls
I have always had in me the resolve to betray it all


qīn’ài… guīlěi… qīn’ài… guīlěi…

Beloved… Doll… Beloved… Doll…




はるかな郷里 其れに感嘆す
はるかな狂気 此れを称賛す
迎へる永劫に 過ぐることなし

haruka na kyouri sore ni kan’tan’ su
mukaeru setsuna wa kazou koto kanawazu
haruka na kyouki kore wo shousan’ su
mukaeru eigou ni suguru koto nashi

My homeland far away, moved I exclaim
Never could I count all the many moments I will face
My distant insanity, this I praise
Never will I pass through all of the eternity I will face




流れ込む源 逃れられぬ快楽
期待していた通り 従属の幸福
発動する呪文 再び廻りだした
冷たい土の中 再び瞳を開いて

chokumei no mama ni shitagau dake no mono
nagarekomu minamoto nogarerarenu kairaku
zuishin’ ni shibarareta kawaii kairai
todaesasenai de tsuma no saki made mitashite
homei ga imi suru keiyaku no shuumatsu
kitaishiteita toori juuzoku no koufuku
hatsudou suru jumon’ futatabi mawaridashita
tsumetai tsuchi no naka futatabi hitomi wo hiraite

A being that will only follow the commands of its master
Flowing right to the source, this inescapable pleasure
A lovely doll bound to its master’s side
Don’t let it stop, let it fill me head to toe
Ending what contracts not ’til death do us part
As I expected, in the blessings of servility
With one enchantment, she turns again
Deep in the cold earth, she opens her eyes

Dreaming tonight
Closing my eyes
指先絡める あなたの切ない香りを
Breathing again
氷みたいな寝顔 見つめて 溶かして
私だけのあなたになって お願い
Saying good night

dreaming tonight
milky way no bed no naka de
closing my eyes
yubisaki karameru anata no setsunai kaori wo
breathing again
koori mitai na negao mitsumete tokashite
watashi dake no anata ni natte onegai
nemurikara mezameru kiss wo ageru wa
koi suru watashi to anata no himitsu no yakusoku
saying good night
kuchiru dake no inochi wa iranai kara
koyoi mo eien’ ni toki wo kasanete aishiau wa

Dreaming tonight
In a milky way bed
Closing my eyes
Our fingers intertwined, your fragrance painfully beloved I’m
Breathing again
Staring at your sleeping face like ice, melting
Please, will you be mine, and mine alone?
I’ll give you a kiss to wake you from your slumber
A secret promise between you and I in love
Saying good night
I don’t need a life that will only rot away
So again tonight, will love each other, with each season unto eternity

Waxing Nostalgic

“Hallucinations can occur in any sensory modality — visual, auditory, olfactory (smell), gustatory (taste), tactile, proprioceptive (perception of self), equilibrioceptive (perception of balance), nociceptive (perception of pain), thermoceptive (perception of temperature) and chronoceptive (perception of the rate at which time passes).”

“One of the most common forms of hallucination occurs when your brain simply fails to distinguish between an internal stimuli, like ‘a voice in your head’, and an eternal stimuli.”

“High caffeine consumption has been linked to an increase in the likelihood of experiencing auditory hallucinations. A study conducted by the La Trobe University School of Psychological Sciences revealed that as few as five cups of coffee a day could trigger the phenomenon.”

“A 1996-1999 survey of over 13,000 people, reported a much higher figure, with almost 39% of people reporting hallucinatory experiences, 27% of which were daytime hallucinations, mostly outside the context of illness or drug use. From this survey, olfactory and gustatory hallucinations seem the most common in the general population.”

So I had a nostalgia trip the other day, in which I experienced olfactory (strong and often), gustatory (weak but often), visual (short-lived but strong and in 2-3 second flashes), and tactile (short-lived, weak, and not very often) hallucinations. Now I don’t do drugs or anything and this isn’t too uncommon for me (when I was young and religious I was sure I had the god-given gift of having visions), especially with a mixture of caffeine and some alcohol ^^, but listening to music that I used to listen to all the time forced up some memories I’ve associated with said music, strengthened by the brain fuel that is caffeine and sugar, and with alcohol probably keeping my brain from holding up that line that distinguishes fantasy from reality. Anyway that was the start, but it just snowballed and snowballed … if iyou follow me on Twitter you probably got a glimpse. I’m still sensitive to the olfactory and gustatory ones right now, but with all the alcohol out of my system I’ve got a better internal grasp that they aren’t real ^^;

Anyway, the brain is awesome huh? It can remember not only “data” but entire sensory states. When everything was at its strongest I felt really time dissociated, most of my senses were reporting on things that happened a really long time ago and yet I still just had enough of “normal” mode senses reminding me I was actally just sitting down at my computer.

I really have set myself up for these sorts of things with all the music I listened to and looped to sort of form triggers. One of the very clear and kind of funny ones that’s not really entirely associated with memory is because of the fact that I listened to Bibamus.moriendum.est (Touhou Piano Album, by Pizuya/Godwood), and only Bibamus.moriendum.est, the entire time I read The Lord of the Rings (I’ve done this 2-3 times), whenever I hear that music I cannot not think of hobbits and the like, even though I already have a very firm musical association between Touhou characters and their themes, but for this one album the Hobbit association trumps.

When I was studying for my differential equations final, back in my first semester of college, I listened to a particular playlist the entire time, and only kept time in units of 4 hours (the length of the playlist) when a song would come back around… Anyway, there were lots of moments like this, so if you think you have some triggers, go ahead and attempt to dive into the vast expanse that is nostalgia. It’s a science experiment!

Anyway, what started this entire thing was me being a bit depressed by the fact that EastNewSound is not what they used to be. I’m not going to say they’re bad or anything (for instance, I quite enjoyed the song I translated last post), and with so many variables in play, if I heard some of the songs that hooked me then for the first time now, my response might be “meh”. But I can’t deny that while maybe there was a song here or there I liked, “Felsic Mirage” is the last EastNewSound album I cared for, and it’s probably my favorite one, so the drop from favorite, suddenly into “not interesting to me at all” might have just been too great a shock. One of my favorite members Izumin, left right after Felsic Mirage, and was kind of never heard from sense.

Enough mourning over EastNewSound. The point is that especially after this crazy nostalgia trip that I experienced, I wanted to do my own version of “Games You Might Not Have Tried (Or Heard of)” that Extra Credits (web show about video games) does – “Touhou Music You Might Not Have Listened To”. Extra Credits’ disclaimer is “I’m not promising all these games are good, just interesting.” My disclaimer… “I’m not expecting for any of you to like all of these, I did, but my tastes are strange and my tastes have sort of changed too, and this is an opportunity to listen to some of the older stuff of groups you might be listening to now.”

Touhou Music You Might Not Have Listened To:
(Every track listed below was released 2009 or earlier, (with the exception of Felsic Mirage))
This timeline puts everything before Buta-Otome, Draw the Emotional, and excludes RD-Sounds, Foreground Eclipse, and Shinigiwa Satellite (who were emerging unknown to me at the time), and although they were around in full swing – I hadn’t heard of Kisida Kyoudan yet.

少女が見た日本の原風景/REINE OKTAVE (東方紅楼夢4) [Piano]
 Shoujo ga Mita Nihon no Genfuukei

Crazy Clock Cracker→Romantic Children, Meteralice/The Grimoire of Alice (東方紅楼夢4) [Piano→Metalcore]
 Pizuya,Myon,Godwood,Tsuuten/Pizuya’s Cell x MyonMyon

I found these two albums before I knew what Touhou was, or that these two albums were “Touhou Arrangements”. When I found out about “The Grimoire of Alice”, my immedate reaction was: “Wait Romantic Children is from a game!?” *panicked rush to find game* This is why I actually played the PC-98 games first, and found out about the windows games about a month later, when I realized REINE OKTAVE was a Touhou arranged album as well.

It is not a lie to say I picked up these two because I liked the album art and weird title on the first, and the second for the art and latching on to the name “Alice”. (The strange dark-setting Alice in Wonderland I imagined out of this music was pretty crazy if I remember correctly.)

REINE OKTAVE’s 少女が見た日本の原風景 is very intricate, and I’ve always been disappointed I haven’t heard anything like it from CYTOKINE since.

I put Crazy Clock Cracker→Romantic Children to put a little emphasis on the transition. The short piano piece by Godwood is toned down, so the immediate volume jump from track one to track two would always hit you hard. The same effect was employed in Prunus Subhirtella, but it didn’t feel as severe. Other tracks off “The Grimoire of Alice” that I’d like to emphasize are “WEII -World’s End Est-“, and “Mind is Love Holic Pt.2”.

Not too long ago Pizuya remade “The Grimoire of Alice” with all male vocals as “Resurrection Ballad”. Though it wasn’t well received some of the instrumentals were cleaned up, and it wasn’t bad (I really liked the “Meteralice” remake, and “WEII -World’s End Est- came out alright) – but it’s just not the same. Prunus Subhirtella was remade a bit better.

幽霊楽団, 信仰は儚き人間の為に/Knights of Round (C73) [Symphonic Rock/Speed Metal]
 Yuureigakudan, Shinkou wa Hakanaki Ningen no Tame ni
 Eru, Ex-calibur/Knights of Round

I still hold 幽霊楽団 and 信仰は儚き人間の為に by Knights of Round in high esteem even in post-discovery-of-Demetori, mainly because they carry a different atmospheric with them that just seems to work better with these songs. 幽霊楽団 carries itself with (probably synthesized) violin and 信仰は儚き人間の為に just relies on its breakneck speed.

Strawberry Crisis!!, Invisible Full Moon/For Your Pieces (C74) [Vocal/Electronic]
 Sakaue Nachi, Haruna, Masayoshi Minoshima/Alstroemeria Records

“I am just waiting for you I… Tell me what you want…”

Invisible Full Moon is strange and has a strong rhythmic beat, like an undercurrent. Strawberry Crisis has it too, but breaks out into the smoother flow that was pretty much Masayoshi Minoshima’s trance style at the time.

fof, night falls/Assortment of Sense (C74) [Electro-Trance]
 Shibayan/Shibayan Records

fof is a light sort of trance that’s easy to listen to, and “night falls” just makes you feel uncomfortable. But strangely enough, that’s why I like it so much. It’s long and very disconcerting, so much that it’s really easy to trance out and lose yourself in. This is pre-noise Shibayan with 831 delivering a sort of “bossa-nova-ish piano” on a track here and there (幻視の娘 for example) 厄神が恋した幻想郷 is also a recommendation.

Voyage 1969, Retrospective Kyoto/Nite Versions (例大祭3) [Trance/Atmospheric]
 Masayoshi Minoshima/Alstroemeria Records

Break the Sabbath, Flowering Night/Signature (東方紅楼夢4) [Trance]
 Masayoshi Minoshima/Alstroemeria Records

This music carried me through many a night drive back and forth between Austin, Houston, and DFW. The two songs on Nite Versions I noted are also on Signature, but it was after listening to Nite Versions than I got a hold of Signature.

I have never heard a song as repetitive as Masayoshi Minoshima’s “Flowering Night” and yet somehow it works. Maybe it’s just because I’m the kind of person that loops songs over and over again.

Tag, Fallen Heaven (REDALiCE Remix), Nuclear Fusion/Trois Rouge, Trois Bleu, Trois Noir (C75) [Vocal Pop/Techno]
 Misato, Misawa Aki, Kaori Michiru, REDALiCE, Tsukasa, Masayoshi Minoshima
 /Alice’s Emotion, Sound Online, Alstroemeria Records

When these albums came out, still young in my Touhou knowledge, I could only name two characters (Marisa and Reimu) out of all three of the album covers. I only listened to REDALiCE’s remix of Fallen Heaven, because I thought Tsukasa’s version was too slow. “For Lovers not Fighters”, “Resonance Effect” and “Prominence” are another trio I’d throw in.

Awakening Bugs that Cold Dislike, Back to the Colorful Road, Prunus Subhirtella/Prunus Subhirtella (C75) [Metalcore]
 Pizuya,Myon,Godwood,Tsuuten/Pizuya’s Cell x MyonMyon

I’ve already talked about Pizuya a lot and since the remakes of these songs have come up -very- recently in CORONeT and Prunus Centifolia I’m going to keep this short, but I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I found out about the remakes. SOPHIA flat out nailed Back to the Colorful Road too. If you liked either of those albums at all, give Prunus Subhirtella a listen to hear their original forms.

空ろなるヘリオスフィア, シンクロニシティ/Catharis (C76) [Gothic Symphonic Rock]
 Utsuro naru Heliosphere, Synchronicity

Intense Gothic Symphonic Rock. Enough said. Darker than Pizuya’s stuff, this sort of held the transition bridge until I found Demetori, because I wasn’t really looking for anything “darker” just “more intense”.

Scarlet Fogbound/Aspherical Surface e.p. (例大祭6) [Vocal Trance]
 mican*, Masayoshi Minoshima/Alstroemeria Records

This remains one of my favorite Alstroemeria songs of all time. I prefer this version to the one featured on Fragment Reactions, and this is one of the first songs I point people to if Alstroemeria is being discussed.

Rhododendron, Primula, Helichrysum, Poppy/bloom (例大祭6) [Synth/Sampling/Noise]

“Since the far off day when man first heard a scratchy noise on a cylindrical drum, accompanied by a stacatto human tone, it has been his aim to add breadth and depth.”

“Here’s all Touhou’s Instrumental Arrange Open, Oh! It’s Showtime! Of Girls in a Gorgeous Land!”

I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait for ARM to produce another one of these albums. I got so addicted to this album I never really fully recovered. This album might be the reason I latched on so quickly to Shibayan’s noise. Which leads on to…

この船は藺草の香り, 蝶ノ華, アナタガモトメルモノ, わたしはこねこ/キセキ☆インパルス~emotional feedback (M3-24) [Noise/Vocal/Percussive Techno]
 Kono Fune wa Igusa no Kaori, Chou no Hana, Anata ga Motomeru Mono, Watashi wa Koneko
 Fukami Chie, 3L, yana, Shibayan/Shibayan Records

I framed this album.

わたしはこねこ “Watashi wa Koneko” has the longest lead in of a vocal song (that isn’t split into separate tracks) I’ve ever encountered. (2:36)

[EastNewSound Section]

緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶, 奏で穿て、東雲の彼方へ, VANISHING POINT 「/」, Ten made to do Key!, Girl’s Mind, Together in the Sky咲き届け、春へ至る音/Lyrical Crimson (C75) [ENS/Vocal Pop Techno]
 ”Hiiro Gekka, Hyousai no Zetsu”, “Kanate Ugate, Shinonome no Kanata e”, “Sakitodoke, Haru e Itaru Oto”
 Nayuta (Hadzuki Nano), Cryu, Izumin, Lu-na, Kokuchou, KOBATYU, Crouka, raku/EastNewSound

死奏憐音、玲瓏ノ終, 幻奏幻花、届かずの音色, 蒼影~Ancient Unicorn~/Scattered Destiny (例大祭6) [ENS/Vocal Pop Techno]
 ”Shisou Rinne, Reirou no Tsui”, “Gensou Genka, Todokazu no Neiro”, “Souei ~Ancient Unicorn~”
 Nanakusa Nayu, Izumin, Zensai, Kokuchou, Crouka/EastNewSound

Black Lotus, Lucent Wish, Proof of River, Black Butterfly, 風導星歌、黎明ノ景/Lucent Wish (C76) [ENS/Vocal Pop Techno]
 ”Fuudou Seika, Reimei no Kei”
 Ritsuka, Chata, Hotaru, Yuki, Nayuta, Crouka, Kokuchou/EastNewSound

Lucid Dream, booklet choir, Fractal Cage, dark wing complex, Alegro?/Sacred Factor (C77) [ENS/Vocal Pop Techno]
 Chata, Hotaru, Katakiri Rekka, Izumin, Shizuki Nano, Kokuchou, Crouka, Sumijun

Lazy Kiss, Intense, 囚 -トラワレ-, 花は幻想の果てに, 終奏叙情曲 -lycoris-, Princess Coronation/Felsic Mirage (C78) [ENS/Vocal Pop Techno]
 Toraware, Hana wa Gensou no Hate ni, Shuusoujojoukyoku -Lycoris-
 Mamemi, Shizuki Nano, Izumin, Tsubaki, Chata, Zensai, MiYAMO, Irus, Kokuchou, Crouka, KOBATYU

After Felsic Mirage, in which he put in a hell of a lot of work (his name is all over the credits), Izumin dropped off the face of the earth, and was never seen or heard from again. ;^;

EastNewSound after that is like “the prequels” to any hardcore Star Wars fan.

lure me to, End of Daylight/Fragment Reactions (C76)
 Alstroemeria Records

Clarity Green, My Fancy/Nuclear Blast (C76)
 Pizuya’s Cell x MyonMyon

Yb Allul, Flying Bucket Adventure/地 -kuni- (C76)
 Sound Holic

法界の火/Knights of Round 3 (C77)
 Knights of Round

桜花之恋塚~Flower of Life, RAiNY STARS/Re:Starlights & An Umbrella (C77)
 Hatsunetsu Mikos

天空の花の都~Bridge of The Lotus, 霊知の太陽信仰~Nuclear Fusion, 少女が見た日本の原風景~Dance of puNDarika/曼衍珠汝華~Nada Upasana Pundarika (C77)

^This is only a gateway. If you like it you’ll love everything he’s ever produced.

Bibamus, Moriendum est. (C77)
 Godwood/Pizuya’s Cell

This post is already too long, so I decided just to list things for the final section. I thought about mentioning Sekkenya/Zekkenya, but you all know all about them already, and I’ve already ranted on about their classics (which I only discovered around C76 anyway)

願望侵食前夜祭 // Ganboushinshokuzenyasai // A Night Festival For The Time Before Our Aspirations Erode

Requested by: Axel

That last song probably took me, all things considered, something like 12 hours. This one took me about 15 minutes. Funny how that works isn’t it “orz.

 A Night Festival For The Time Before Our Aspirations Erode
Vocal: Cryu
Composition: KOBATYU
Lyric: みずよし
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Limited Dimension
Event: C82

Why? 何時もとは違う夜空
貴方の隣 手が触れて
色付く星 鮮やかに

Why? itsumo to wa chigau yozora
anata no tonari te ga furete
irodzuku hoshi azayaka ni

Why? The night sky is different than usual…
Next to you, my hand touches yours;
The stars shine in dazzling colors

Why? 根源を探る程に
結局は 貴方の存在 全てだった

why? kon’gen’ wo saguru hodo ni
kekkyoku wa anata no koto subete datta

Why? It’s getting so strong
I search for the source:
It seems, you were everything

一瞬が永遠に 変わるの

isshun’ ga eien’ ni kawaru no
kiseki mitai ni

An instant becomes an eternity
Like it’s a miracle

欲しいから あげたいの

hoshii kara agetai no
anata to watashi dake no mahou

I want, and want to give you
A magic that only you and I share

声枯らして 部屋の隅で

koe karashite heya no sumi de
namae wo yon’da

In the corner of my room I call your name
Until I lose my voice


ima sugu ni watashi no koto dakishimete

I want you to embrace me…

永遠は一瞬で 消えるの

eien’ wa isshun’ de kieru no
mahou mitai ni

An eternity disappears in an instant
Just like magic

消さないで 鮮やかに

kesanaide azayaka ni
watashi to anata dake no kiseki

Don’t erase this dazzling
Miracle that only you and I share


isshun’ mo eien’ mo
mugen’ no kiseki mitai ni

Every moment and eternity
Is like an infinite miracle

瞳に映る私しか いらない

hitomi ni utsuru watashi shika iranai
anata dake no mahou

I don’t need anything but me reflected in your eyes
A magic that is yours alone

その魂に安らぎを~Dignity of Spirit // Sono Tamashii ni Yasuragi wo

This image is from a doujinshi titled “ゆめゆめさくら -Fairy Tale of Perfect Cherry Blossoms-” by Takatora/”YAYUYO”

It has one line (which is incidentally the second line of a poem that is displayed at the beginning of Stage 5 and then Stage 6 in PCB, which is a real poem that is written on the grave of 西行上人 Saint “Saigyou”, attested by Akyuu to be Yuyuko’s father):

ほとけには さくらの花をたてまつれ 我が後の世を人たぶらはば
Hotoke ni wa sakura no hana wo tatematsure, wa ga nochi no yo wo hito taburawaba
“Offer up cherry blossoms to the dead, those that might mourn my death.”

The image at the end is what happens when you consume your own soul.

Anyway I thought it fit this song.

Requested by: Cosa

Someone suggested that this be a bonus track on Guitar Hero. Sounds worthy to me…. Especially because apparently this song is played with a seven string guitar and a six string bass.


Almost every in depth song about Yuyuko kind of requires knowledge of her backstory… There’s always the Touhou Wiki.

Another Yuyuko trend is extremely vague subject-grammar, I tried to match subjects in a way that made the most sense.

その魂に安らぎを~Dignity of Spirit
 Sono Tamashii ni Yasuragi wo
 May God Rest Your Soul
優雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜~Border of Life|東方妖々夢
Vocal+Lyrics: 天外冬黄 Tenge Fuyuki / “Fuki”
Arrangement+Instrumental: 平野幸村 Hirano Yukimura / “Yuki”
Circle: Unlucky Morpheus
Album: Hypothetical Box ACT2
Event: M3-10 春

華やぐ記憶を愛おしく数えながら 未練を唄う唇に血が滲む
幼い少女は闘うことを選んだ 決意に捨てた骨を拾う者もなく

hanayagu kioku wo itooshiku kazoenagara miren’ wo utau kuchibiru ni chi ga nijimu
osanai shoujo wa tatakau koto wo eran’da ketsui ni suteta hone wo hirou mono mo naku

Preciously counting florid memories my lips bleed singing of lingering regrets
A young girl chose to fight, and no one was left to pick up the bones she determinedly discarded

長い冬と夜を越え 尽きぬ時が終わるとも
やがて君は知るのだろう ただ一つの真実を

nagai fuyu to yoru wo koe tsukinu toki ga owaru tomo
yagate kimi wa shiru no darou tada hitotsu no shin’jitsu wo

Overcoming long winters and nights, time seemingly inexhaustible will end
Then finally you will know, the one and only, ultimate truth

忍ぶれど忘れ得ぬ遠い過去の 亡骸に刻まれた深い傷痕
悪戯に遺された白い腕は あの花の業よりも赤く染まって

shinoburedo wasureenu tooi kako no nakigara ni kizamareta fukai kizuato
itazura ni nokosareta shiroi ude wa ano hana no gou yori mo akaku somatte

Though enduring, I can never forget the deep scars carved into this corpse long ago
Once white arms I had left behind are now stained deeper red than that flowers’ karma

止まった時間を狂おしく覚えながら 惹かれ合うように集う目覚めの時を
幼い少女はただ待つことを望んだ 裁けぬ者の法であるかのように

tomatta jikan’ wo kuruoshiku oboenagara hikareau you ni tsudou mezame no toki wo
osanai shoujo wa tada matsu koto wo nozon’da sabakenu mono no hou de aru ka no you ni

Feeling with maddening intensity that frozen frame of time, we’re drawn together for an awakening
The young girl wished only to wait, as if she were following some dharma of the uncondemnable

長い冬と夜を越え 尽きぬ時が終わるとも
やがて君は知るのだろう ただ一つの真実を

nagai fuyu to yoru wo koe tsukinu toki ga owaru tomo
yagate kimi wa shiru no darou tada hitotsu no shin’jitsu wo

Overcoming long winters and nights, time seemingly inexhaustible will end
Then finally you will know, the one and only, ultimate truth

気まぐれな惨劇が雲を揺らす 人知れぬ咆哮の名も無き歌よ
同じ傷に心を分かつ者の 声にならぬ叫びが頬を濡らして

kimagure na san’geki ga kumo wo yurasu hitoshirenu houkou no na mo naki uta yo
onaji kizu ni kokoro wo wakatsu mono no koe ni naranu sakebi ga hoho wo nurashite

This whimsical tragedy shakes the clouds, in the form of an esoteric nameless howl of a song
The unintelligible screams of our heart severed by the same wound, tears drench our cheeks

歪んだ景色を何度でも拭いながら その目に宿す光に胸が騒ぐ
幼い少女は闘うことを選んだ 覚悟と希望 傍らに従えて

yugan’da keshiki wo nan’do demo nuguinagara sono me ni yadosu hikari ni mune ga sawagu
osanai shoujo wa tatakau koto wo eran’da kakugo to kibou katawara ni shitagaete

However I try to clear the twisted imagery before me, I am moved by the light in those eyes
That young girl chose to fight, with hope and determination at her side

遅い春を待ち侘びて 咲かぬ恋が朽ちるとも
やがて君は知るのだろう ただ一つの解答を

osoi haru wo machiwabite sakanu koi ga kuchiru tomo
yagate kimi wa shiru no darou tada hitotsu no kaitou wo

Having waited far too long for a late spring, love yet to blossom will rot
Then finally you will know, the one and only, ultimate answer

この路を “振り向くことはできない”
抜けるまで “欺かれてはならない”
宿罪を “忘れることはできない”
裁くまで “終わらせてはならない”

kono michi wo “furimuku koto wa dekinai”
nukeru made “azamukarete wa naranai”
shukuzai wo “wasureru koto wa dekinai”
sabaku made “owarasete wa naranai”

Until I make it – “I cannot turn back”
Down this road, – “I must not be deceived”
Until my sins – “I cannot forget”
Are judged – “I must not let it end”

Hurt my pride! Stab my back! 消せない傷を背負ったから
Over drive! Stand your life! 抗うことで近付くなら
Heaven’s Door! Stop my grudge! その手掛かりを掴んだなら
Over drive! Stand my life! 安息など二度と来ない奈落へ

hurt my pride! stab my back! kesenai kizu wo seotta kara
over drive! stand your life! aragau koto de chikadzuku nara
heaven’s door! stop my grudge! sono tegakari wo tsukan’da nara
over drive! stand my life! an’soku nado nido to konai naraku e

Hurt my pride! Stab my back! – Since I took on these inerasable wounds
Overdrive! Stand your life! – If I can come closer through resistance
Heaven’s door! Stop my grudge! – If then I can grasp on to that truth
Overdrive! Stand my life! – Then I’ll gladly trade peace for eternity in hell

長い冬と夜を越え 尽きぬ時が終わる頃
君は辿り着いただろう 笑顔で逝けるのだろう

nagai fuyu to yoru wo koe tsukinu toki ga owaru koro
kimi wa tadoritsuita darou egao de yukeru no darou

Overcoming long winters and nights, when time seemingly inexhaustible ends
Then you shall have reached the answer, and can die with a smile on your face

この願いを遂げたなら 背中を見届けたなら
我も在るべき場所へと あの桜が呼んでいる

kono negai wo togeta nara senaka wo mitodoketa nara
ware mo arubeki basho e to ano sakura ga yon’deiru

If I have my wish, if I can watch you go
Then I too much go to where I belong… The cherry blossoms are calling…

ページの中で // Page no Naka de

Sponsored by: tehspiah

Sorry for the wait! (I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted anything!)

I liked this song; the lyrics were interesting.

I made a few “cognitive leaps/tweaks for some words” in translating the lyrics to English, but more than anything else it was maintain the flow – the meaning doesn’t change.

 Page no Naka de
 Within the Pages


tobikon’da hon’ no sukima ni ibasho ga aru you na ki ga shiteta
monogatari no ketsumatsu wa kesshite yasashikunakatta no ni

Diving into the gaps between this book’s pages, I felt as if I’d found somewhere I belong
Even though I knew that the end of the story wouldn’t be so kind


page wo mekuru no wa dare? mioboe no aru te no hira
yake ni saki wo isogu you ni mieru no wa boku ga oikaketeru kara?

Who is it that’s turning the page? That’s a hand I recognize…
Is the reason the pace seems to be racing ahead, because I’m chasing after it?


tsumetai ame ga futta kuusou no machi ni tsunagatte
karada ga hieteyuku

Immersed in this fantasy town caught in a cold rain
I start to shiver…

寂しくなったんだ 当たり前にぼくもひと粒ふた粒ココロに落ちてゆく
水たまりで跳ねてスローモーションになる それを眺めてた

samishiku nattan’da atarimae ni boku mo hitotsubu futatsubu kokoro ni ochiteyuku
mizutamari de hanete slow motion ni naru sore wo nagameteta

Now I’m lonely… so in turn I too let fall, one drop and then another, tears upon my heart
Splashing in puddles, as I stared at it all in slow motion

だれにも届かずに消える 何も無かったかのように

gaitou ga tomorihajimete shinobiyoru yami ni toketa koe wa
dare ni mo todokazu ni kieru nani mo nakatta ka no you ni

As the streetlamps begin to light up, a voice melted into the darkness creeping in
Disappearing before it could reach anyone, as if it never existed in the first place


ano toki otoko no ko ga waratta furi de
naiteita wake wo shitteru no wa

Remembering the time when “he” pretended to laugh
I knew just why I had cried,

重なって見えたんだ 当たり前にぼくと ひと粒ふた粒頬を伝ってゆく
消えていったコトバはぼくだけが知っている 笑って泣いていた

kasanatte mietan’da atarimae ni boku to hitotsubu futatsubu hoho wo tsutatteyuku
kieteitta kotoba wa boku dake ga shitteiru waratte naiteita

I saw myself in him… so in turn together, one drop and then another, tears drip down our cheeks
Only I know the words that had disappeared, and so I laughed and I cried

寂しくなったんだ 当たり前にぼくも

samishiku nattan’da atarimae ni boku mo
mizutamari de hanete slow motion ni naru

Now I’m lonely… and in turn I too…
Splashing in puddles… it all in slow motion…

ヒトリじゃなかったんだ 当たり前にぼくも ひと片ふた片ページを捲った
最後のひと片が結末を告げたら すべて繋がった

hitori ja nakattan’ da atarimae ni boku mo hitohira futahira page wo mekutta
saigo no hitohira ga ketsumatsu wo tsugetara subete tsunagatta

I wasn’t alone… so in turn, one page and then another, I turned
When I reached the final page and found the end of the story, everything came together


boku no te ga mekutta boku no monogatari da
boku no te ga mekutta boku no monogatari da

This is my story, one I’ve turned with my own hands
This is my story, one I’ve turned with my own hands