赫い絲 // Akai Ito

I know it’s “red” but I wanted to try my amber colored text again. This is another one of the cooler sounding tracks on the album – let’s see if I can get to Cendrillon.

Matsumoto Sara really reads this stuff with a flair, extending vowels and cutting vowels and slurring vowels. (People really would speak/sing this way.) So that kayatsura is pronounced something like k'(y)atsra de’arou is sounds almost exactly like darou (if you listen closely you can hear the slur), kabane is pronounced ka(w)abane. ni ware is pronounced almost like ni nare, and karma ka(w)aruma.

“secret nectar” might put a slightly too heavy sexual connotation on the word (even if there is quite a bit there), but what it is is the word “secret” spelled with the word for “honey or nectar” in the latter half of the word.

“insolent karma” – for engaging in such behavior as to bring out my bad side in anger, rudeness, and foolishness. “Karma” is synonymous with “self”.

“I will gladly carve out your recompense.” – more like “scar you with what you deserve for this”, involving a sort of inward rather than outward motion, but I figured it’d just get confusing so I went with an outward motion.

“Have you nothing left undone” – the verb for “doing” in the “undone” is the same as “rape”, “trespass” and otherwise criminal-like activity.

“Is there no one able to melt my core?” – the wording implies many, many tries already, the “melt” pulls along with it a sort of “enchanting” meaning, and “core” is pronounced as “true intentions/soul/heart”.

“But this male was one of a peculiar mana and I immediately fell in love.” – “Mana” as in the Buddhist delusion that gives rise to the self, and it is pronounced on a symbol that means “male animal”. “immediately fell in love” is written in such a way to make it seem such that if falling in love is falling down a pit, she was pushed – and coincidentally it is pronounced the same as “I was destroyed.”

“Take it out!” – You can also sort of read this as “put it in”, but I’m going to connect it to the “red thread” concept myself, though I think it’s valid to tie the action to manipulating corpses.

“Give your body to me” – as in “lift up yourself as a sacrifice”.

 Akai Ito
 Red Threads
聖徳伝説~True Administrator|東方神霊廟
Vocal: 松本瑳羅
Arrange: KNEZiXYTH
Circle: Riverside
Album: metamorphoXIs
Event: Reitaisai 9


“dare mo ga onaji”
mushikera no you ni ware ni muragari “himitsu” wo susuritagaru. aware na monodomo.

“Everyone is the same”
Like insects they swarm towards me wanting to drink of my secret nectar – What pitiful fools.


kisama mo nanihitotsu kayatsura to tagai wa sezu, karera wo hossuru no de’arou.
hakanaki itsuraku yo.

Not are you any different from the others; are not your wants
All transient pleasures?


okonaru karma wo arawa ni shita daishou wo seisei kizan’deyaru.
“saa, chikou yore”

For bringing my insolent karma to light, I will gladly carve out your recompense.
“Now, come hither”


wa ga hizamoto e kashizuke.
kisama de wa, ware wo toutei kuraitsukusenu.
“mou yarinokoshi wa nai ka”
naraba yuku ga ii, sayounara aware na mono.

Kneel at my feet and serve me.
Someone like you could not possibly devour me.
“Have you nothing left undone?”
Then leave. Farewell, pitiful being.


“dare mo ga onaji”
kedamono no you ni ware ni moyooshi “himitsu” wo neburitagaru. iyashiki monodomo.

“Everyone is the same”
Like beasts they come to me wanting to lick my secret nectar – Such vulgar fools.


“nan’bito mo wa ga magokoro wo toromekaserarenu ka”
amata no kabane wo tsumite tsumi tsumabikedo.

“Is there no one able to melt my core?”
Though from piled corpses I pick and pluck.


sono o wa inaru mana de, majirogu ma ni kowasareta,
saaredomo hi ga izureba, ito wa tatare itomagoi.

But this male was one of a peculiar mana and I immediately fell in love.
Though as it were, when the sun rose our thread broke and we were finished.



“Take it out!”


wa ga munamoto e kashizuke.
kokorogoto ware wo musabori kuraitsukuse yo
“sono mi wo ware ni sasage yo”
koyoi wa kisama wo tokoshie ni ai shiteyaru.

Come before my breast and serve me.
Indulge yourself in devouring a woman’s heart.
“Give your body to me”
Tonight, I will pity you for all eternity.

  1. September 16th, 2016

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