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不思議の国の… // Fushigi no Kuni no…

I’ve been sort of taking a vacation so to speak. I haven’t even been as active on Twitter! (What this means is that I’ve been playing mahjong and sleeping. orz) But I can only stand to be unproductive for a short period of time. I’ve been thinking maybe I should do some more anime openings for fun because I haven’t done those in a while, but don’t worry, I’m still trying to get to some of the suggestions/requests that have been made for Reitaisai 9 stuff.

Man this summer heat – it’s the longest day of the year today and I’ve been feeling it… so sleepy… If I lived in a colder place I’d probably translate more…


As far as I know “la conte de feés” means “The Fairy Tale” in French (translation courtesy of Google)

Matinee apparently means “morning” in French, but I’ve used it as the “opening of a show” sort of meaning in the earlier stanza, because I thought that dual meaning might have been used.

“Fraught with magic” means both “seeped in” and “afflicted by”.

 Fushigi no Kuni no
 …in Wonderland
Vocal: 綾倉盟
Arrangement and Lyrics: Pizuya
Piano: Godwood
Circle: Syrup Comfiture x Pizuya’s Cell
Album: 君の歌と僕の小さな恋
Event: C81

何を思う と

yasashii kotoba
kaze ga hakobu ai no uta
kanashii kotoba
ame ni tsutau kioku no ne
komorebi ni saku
aoi hana wa yureteita
nani wo omou to
toikakete wa sugiyuku toki

Kind words
A love song carried on the wind
Sad words
The sound of rain tracing memories
A blue flower, blossomed
Under shaded sunlight sways
Time me passed by as
I asked what it was thinking…

la conte de feés
物語へと 想いを馳せては 閉じる瞳
満ちる音 満ちる夢 誘われ
吸い込まれて まるで全ては 私の幻想 開くmatinee
嘘のよう 夢のよう いつしか染まりゆく

la conte de feés
monogatari e to omoi wo hasete wa tojiru hitomi
michiru oto michiru yume sasoware
suikomarete maru de subete wa watashi no gen’sou hiraku matinee
uso no you yume no you itsushika somariyuku

This Fairy Tale
As my thoughts race into a story, I close my eyes
Invited by brimming sounds and waxing dreams,
I’m drawn into the opening matinee of my very own wonderland
Like a lie, like a dream everything comes to life before me


yasashii koe mo
itsuka kieteshimau ka to
kanashisa dake de
ano koro ni wa modorenai
komorebi ni saku
aoi hana wa unazuita
nani wo sagasu to
toikaketemo kotae wa nai

Will not these kind voices
One day disappear?
With sadness alone,
I cannot return to those days
A blue flower, blossomed
Under shaded sunlight nods
Though I ask it what it’s searching for
It gives me no answer…

la conte de feés
物語へと 堕ちてく姿は Marionnette
ここはどこ? 探しても 進めず
醒めることが できないままで 次へとページを 開いてゆく
嘘のよう 夢のよう 魔法にかかり

la conte de feés
monogatari e to ochiteku sugata wa marionette
koko wa doko? sagashitemo susumezu
sameru koto ga dekinai mama de tsugi e to page wo hiraiteyuku
uso no you yume no you mahou ni kakari

This Fairy Tale
That which descends into the story, is a marionette
“Where am I?” No matter how I search I cannot move forward
Unable to wake, I just turn the page
Like a lie, like a dream, I’m fraught with magic

la conte de feés
物語へと 想いを閉じ込め 閉じる瞳
永遠に 続いてく 幻想へ
夜の来ない この世界から 言葉も音色も 消えるmatinee
青い花 その姿 今では私のよう

la conte de feés
monogatari e to omoi wo tojikome tojiru hitomi
eien’ ni tsudzuiteku gen’sou e
yoru no konai kono sekai kara kotoba mo neiro mo kieru matinee
aoi hana sono sugata ima de wa watashi no you

This Fairy Tale
I lock my feelings into a story, and close my eyes
Towards an ever unending wonderland
From this nightless world, words and melodies fade into its morning
That blue flower is now just like me…