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君、ヒトヒラ // Kimi, Hitohira

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ヒトヒラ (hitohira): is a single unit of something flat and thin, i.e. something that would flutter if you dropped it. It is frequently used to represent a single flower petal, but can also be a piece of paper, a fragment or small amount of something, or a clove of garlic (of all things). The line that contains the title, 君、ヒトヒラ, does not really have much context as to whether it is “You, a piece of this fateful story” or “an aspect/facet of you” or “you, fluttering (metaphorically) in the wind” or something entirely different, so as a compromise, I have left the meaning of ヒトヒラ, which is ambiguous, out of the translation of the line. I have also refrained from translating the title. At a stretch, you could title it “You, Beloved”, but that is a compromise based mostly on the translation of the aforementioned line, which needed to differentiate between you (blue moon) and you (the ‘you’ used in the rest of the song).

 Kimi, Hitohira
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2202 愛の戦士たちー第三章

消えないで 蒼い月よ 照らし出す 君、ヒトヒラ

kienaide aoi tsuki yo terashidasu kimi, hitohira

Do not disappear, O blue moon — for you, beloved, it shines

何ひとつ変わらない モノトーン色の日々
運命が連れてきた 君の瞳に恋をした

nani hitotsu kawaranai monotone-iro no hibi
un’mei ga tsuretekita kimi no hitomi ni koi wo shita

Into my monochrome days, where nothing had ever changed
Fate brought me you, and seeing your eyes I fell in love

近くに感じたいよ 温かい手にふれて

chikaku ni kan’jitai yo atatakai te ni furete

I want to feel you close to me, feel the warmth of your hands

まっすぐに言葉ができたら こんなに愛してる
隠れないで 恋心よ 君だけ照らしてるよ

massugu ni kotoba ga dekitara kon’na ni aishiteru
kakurenaide koigokoro yo kimi dake terashiteru yo
kon’ya nara sou ieru

If only it were so simple, I would have told you how much I love you
Do not hide, O heart of mine — upon you alone, beloved it shines
If given the chance tonight, I will tell you.

人波に飲み込まれ すれ違うだけの日々
運命があるのなら 降りてきて微笑んで

hitonami ni nomikomare surechigau dake no hibi
un’mei ga aru no nara oritekite hohoen’de

Swept away each day by waves of others, we never seem to meet
Fate, if you truly exist, please come down and smile upon me

願いの流れ星が 導いた君のとなり

negai no nagareboshi ga michibiita kimi no tonari

When I wished upon a shooting star, it led me to your side

いろめいてくるしい気持ちは こんなに愛してる
逸らさないで その瞳を 何時でもここにいるよ

iromeite kurushii kimochi wa kon’na ni aishiteru
sorasanaide sono hitomi wo itsudemo koko ni iru yo
kon’ya kara sou zutto

What I feel, a pain tinged with color, I feel because I love you so much
Do not look away — I will always be here beside you
Tonight, and forevermore

消えないで 蒼い月よ 照らし出す 君、ヒトヒラ

kienaide aoi tsuki yo terashidasu kimi, hitohira

Do not disappear, O blue moon — for you, beloved, it shines

痛みさえ愛しさの欠片 こんなに愛してる
恐れないで 心の声 全てを映し出すよ

itami sae itoshisa no kakera kon’na ni aishiteru
osorenaide kokoro no koe subete wo utsushidasu yo
kon’ya no tsuki wo idaite

But even the pain is but a fragment of love, for I love you so much
Do not be afraid, O heart of mine — let shine all that you are
Embracing the moon tonight

月の鏡 // Tsuki no Kagami


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 Tsuki no Kagami
 Mirror of the Moon
「宇宙戦艦ヤマト2202 愛の戦士たち」第二章エンディングテーマ
歌:テレサ (C.V 神田沙也加)

すみわたる 風をそっと集めて
銀色の粉 らせんに舞う光る影

sumiwataru kaze wo sotto atsumete
gin’iro no ko rasen’ ni mau hikaru kage

Gathering clear winds in its midst
Silver dust dances a spiral — a glimmering shadow

たわむれる ゆらぐ月の鏡
こころとかす 優美な神のいたずら

tawamureru yuragu tsuki no kagami
kokoro tokasu yuubi na kami no itazura

Ripples frolick in the mirror of the moon
A heart melting beauty in a whim of the gods

うちに秘めた 淡い想い出に
息を吹き込むの 満ちてゆくまで

uchi ni himeta awai omoide ni
iki wo fukikomu no michiteyuku made

It breathes life into faint emotions
Hidden within me, until they are made full

響く あなたの胸の鼓動
わたし ひとりじゃない

hibiku anata no mune no kodou
watashi hitori ja nai

Feeling the beat of your heart
I know I am not alone

よみがえる 遥かな遠い記憶
聞こえてきた かすかな星のささやき

yomigaeru haruka na tooi kioku
kikoetekita kasuka na hoshi no sasayaki

Distant memories are ressurected
As faint whispers of stars reach my ears

生きることは 愛することだと
微笑んで 魔法かけてゆくよ

ikiru koto wa ai suru koto da to
hohoen’de mahou kakete yuku yo

“To live is to love,” I’ll say
Casting my spell with a smile

響く 確かな希望の足音
わたし 一歩踏み出そう

hibiku tashika na kibou no ashioto
watashi ippo fumidasou

Hearing the footsteps of hope
I will take my own step forward

夢に 向かってためらわずに
掴みとる この手で

yume ni mukatte tamerawazu ni
tsukamitoru kono te de

Facing my dreams without hesitation
I will grasp them in my own hands

さえわたる 空に祈り
新しい一日の 幕が開けてゆく

saewataru sora ni inori
atarashii ichinichi no maku ga aketeyuku

As I send a prayer into the clear sky
The curtain rises on a new day


^Poster for the newest movie in the series. (I think.)

Sponsored by: Mei

Translation Notes:
I hate adding superfluous notes, but I had to take enough of a cognitive leap on the first stanza that I thought it worth explaining myself. What’s happening here is that there are gazes, metaphorical in nature, probably towards some ideal future, that are flickering/dying out. This, the line says, is the “hero’s compass”. By inference: there are people out there fighting and dying for some ideal future that they wish the world or universe will one day reach, it is this drive of others, of the people so to say, that the hero picks up because on their own, the people cannot attain this ideal. The aims of the hero should be and are the same as the aims of the righteously fighting masses, so to speak. That’s how I arrive at the hero’s compass being driven by the gazes of martyrs. The hero makes no promise to these struggling dying people, (I mean, it’s not like this is a concrete enough concept), but even so any one who thinks of him or herself as a hero will weigh anchor and try to attain that same goal of the people – the line refers to a nebulous group of others while implicitly referring to himself so that’s were the last “as do I” comes in – also because I need to balance line length. It is possible that this distinction of “they” may also be referring to the “heroes” on the enemy’s side as well.

I’m not familiar with this series, so I’m sorry in advance for any references I didn’t pick up on.

『宇宙戦艦ヤマト2202 愛の戦士たち』第四章エンディングテーマ
S.E.N.S. Project

途切れゆく眼差しは 勇者の確かな羅針盤
約束はないままに 奴らも錨を上げ出す

togireyuku manazashi wa yuuja no tashika na rashin’ban’
yakusoku wa nai mama ni yatsura mo ikari wo agedasu

The gazes of the martyred guide the hero’s compass true
Unbound by promise, they weigh anchor — as do I

壊れかけたこの世界は 手を差し伸べる人の名を
鉛色の答えが 暗闇に冷たく突き放す

kowarekaketa kono sekai wa te wo sashinoberu hito no na wo
namariiro no kotae ga kurayami ni tsumetaku tsukihanasu

How does this broken world handle the names of those who offer help?
Its leaden answer thrusts them coldly out into the darkness

命を紡いで とこしえの旅 希望の国へ
男の使命に 正義貫き 囚われた明日を救うのさ

inochi wo tsumuide tokoshie no tabi kibou no kuni e
otoko no sadame ni seigi tsuranuki torawareta ashita wo sukuu no sa

Weaving life, it is an eternal journey off to the land of hope and dreams
True to man’s calling, we will do what is just and rescue our imprisoned future

火花散る 秘めた闘志 無言の対峙は深淵で
纏う影 闇に紛れ 胸が張り裂けそうになる

hibana chiru himeta toushi mugon’ no taiji wa shin’en’ de
matou kage yami ni magire mune ga harisakesou ni naru

Sparks fly from a hidden fighting spirit, and wordless confrontation occurs in the abyss
Cloaked in shadows and treading through the darkness, the experience is enough to tear you apart

目を懲らす 一筋の 光の中浮かび上がる
振り返る 後ろ姿 魂が熱く震えた

me wo korasu hitosuji no hikari no naka ukabiagaru
furikaeru ushirosugata tamashii ga atsuku furueta

But looking closely, I saw a single beam of light rise from the dark
When I saw a figure looking back at me, my trembling soul was set ablaze

破壊と創造 伝説の賭け 奴らも同じさ
戦いの火蓋 永久に切られ 避けられない天命尽くすのさ

hakai to souzou den’setsu no kake yatsura mo onaji sa
tatakai no hibuta towa ni kirare sakerarenai ten’mei tsukusu no sa

Destruction and creation, they and I are both part of the same legendary wager
The spark of unavoidable war will be struck time and again — we have only to follow our destinies

終焉に向かえば いつか理不尽な世界が
紅の杯で お互いの勇気称えよう

shuuen’ ni mukaeba itsuka rifujin’ na sekai ga
kurenai no sakazuki de otagai no yuuki tataeyou

As we face the end, one day this unreasonable world will
Raise its crimson cup and toast to courage of both sides

破壊と創造 伝説の賭け 奴らも同じさ
戦いの火蓋 永久に切られて 炎の掟

hakai to souzou den’setsu no kake yatsura mo onaji sa
tatakai no hibuta towa ni kirarete honoo no okite

Destruction and creation, they and I are both part of the same legendary wager
The spark of unavoidable war will be struck time and again — it is the law of the flame

孤独と勝利が 転がり落ちる
目眩く 宇宙の果てまで

kodoku to shouri ga korogariochiru
mekurumeku uchuu no hate made

Both victory and isolation lie strewn about
From end to end of this dazzling universe