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君、ヒトヒラ // Kimi, Hitohira

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ヒトヒラ (hitohira): is a single unit of something flat and thin, i.e. something that would flutter if you dropped it. It is frequently used to represent a single flower petal, but can also be a piece of paper, a fragment or small amount of something, or a clove of garlic (of all things). The line that contains the title, 君、ヒトヒラ, does not really have much context as to whether it is “You, a piece of this fateful story” or “an aspect/facet of you” or “you, fluttering (metaphorically) in the wind” or something entirely different, so as a compromise, I have left the meaning of ヒトヒラ, which is ambiguous, out of the translation of the line. I have also refrained from translating the title. At a stretch, you could title it “You, Beloved”, but that is a compromise based mostly on the translation of the aforementioned line, which needed to differentiate between you (blue moon) and you (the ‘you’ used in the rest of the song).

 Kimi, Hitohira
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2202 愛の戦士たちー第三章

消えないで 蒼い月よ 照らし出す 君、ヒトヒラ

kienaide aoi tsuki yo terashidasu kimi, hitohira

Do not disappear, O blue moon — for you, beloved, it shines

何ひとつ変わらない モノトーン色の日々
運命が連れてきた 君の瞳に恋をした

nani hitotsu kawaranai monotone-iro no hibi
un’mei ga tsuretekita kimi no hitomi ni koi wo shita

Into my monochrome days, where nothing had ever changed
Fate brought me you, and seeing your eyes I fell in love

近くに感じたいよ 温かい手にふれて

chikaku ni kan’jitai yo atatakai te ni furete

I want to feel you close to me, feel the warmth of your hands

まっすぐに言葉ができたら こんなに愛してる
隠れないで 恋心よ 君だけ照らしてるよ

massugu ni kotoba ga dekitara kon’na ni aishiteru
kakurenaide koigokoro yo kimi dake terashiteru yo
kon’ya nara sou ieru

If only it were so simple, I would have told you how much I love you
Do not hide, O heart of mine — upon you alone, beloved it shines
If given the chance tonight, I will tell you.

人波に飲み込まれ すれ違うだけの日々
運命があるのなら 降りてきて微笑んで

hitonami ni nomikomare surechigau dake no hibi
un’mei ga aru no nara oritekite hohoen’de

Swept away each day by waves of others, we never seem to meet
Fate, if you truly exist, please come down and smile upon me

願いの流れ星が 導いた君のとなり

negai no nagareboshi ga michibiita kimi no tonari

When I wished upon a shooting star, it led me to your side

いろめいてくるしい気持ちは こんなに愛してる
逸らさないで その瞳を 何時でもここにいるよ

iromeite kurushii kimochi wa kon’na ni aishiteru
sorasanaide sono hitomi wo itsudemo koko ni iru yo
kon’ya kara sou zutto

What I feel, a pain tinged with color, I feel because I love you so much
Do not look away — I will always be here beside you
Tonight, and forevermore

消えないで 蒼い月よ 照らし出す 君、ヒトヒラ

kienaide aoi tsuki yo terashidasu kimi, hitohira

Do not disappear, O blue moon — for you, beloved, it shines

痛みさえ愛しさの欠片 こんなに愛してる
恐れないで 心の声 全てを映し出すよ

itami sae itoshisa no kakera kon’na ni aishiteru
osorenaide kokoro no koe subete wo utsushidasu yo
kon’ya no tsuki wo idaite

But even the pain is but a fragment of love, for I love you so much
Do not be afraid, O heart of mine — let shine all that you are
Embracing the moon tonight