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花見月 // Hanamidzuki

Requested by: Sera

I get the feeling I’ve done most of the songs on this album…

 Flower Viewing Moon
Circle: いえろ~ぜぶら x 有限会社るざりん
Event: Reitaisai 7

夜更け過ぎの テラスに

As the night goes on here on this terrace
You drift off to sleep
And I look at your face
With frills in your hair

伏せた 長い睫毛に
束の間の 夢

Your long eyelashes closed
A transient dream
Like a fairy tale

そのいのち きえる

Under these petals of cherry blossoms
And the round moon
Let’s promise
That we’ll always be together
Until the day
Our lives give out

触れ合う 指の先の
知らぬ素振りで 今日も

Our fingertips touch
In a motion without
Any hesitation, when you smiled
At me again today

時の流れは いたずらに
悲しみを 置いてゆく
もしも 君の時間を止めたなら
ねえ 笑ってくれるかな

As time flows, in its mischief it
Leaves sadness behind
I wonder, if I stopped your time
Would you smile for me?

やがて 朝の光が
寝息立ててる 君を

Finally, the light of morning
Embraces you
As you sigh

星色夜空 // Hoshiiro Yozora

Requested by: YSen
Here’s the Touhou M-1 that the song apparently relates to: [YT-link] (Used as the theme after the 3rd M-1) Kiri-chan!!

Here’s the PV that accompanies the song (released sometime after the CD): [YT-Link]

A story about Alice and Marisa.

Sorry for the wait again ^_^;;

“Ursa major, by your side..” Implying that Marisa is somewhere up north?
Ursa major – the “Great Bear” constellation that includes Polaris, the north star; also known as the “Big Dipper”.

The song can work either way; Marisa narrator or Alice narrator. The PV makes it Alice-narrator, but lines in the song itself like “your name is hard to remember” (Margatroid) and “the doll you gave me” makes more sense as Marisa-narrator. I think it’s fine either way though (*・▽・*)

 Hoshiiro Yozora
 Star-Colored Night Sky
Circle: いえろ~ぜぶら YELLOW ZEBRA
Album: 東方ASSOCIATION (YZSP-0001)
Event: Reitaisai 5

星が拡がる 空 一人立ち止まって
伝えられずにいる この想い 見上げて
目に見えるものは 全部 愛おしくて
耳に届く音は 何もかも 美しい

I stood alone under a sky filled with stars
Unable to convey my feelings, I looked to the sky
Everything I saw was lovely
Every sound I heard was beautiful

星を 線で結んで 君を描いて
瞳の中に 映した
いつも 強がる 私は突っぱねて
本当は 君が居ないと 駄目なのに

Crossing lines over the stars I drew a picture of you,
Letting your image drift before my eyes
I always rejected you, trying to act tough
But the truth is, I’m useless without you

遠く 遠く 続いてる 空
その向こうで 君は 何想う
いつか消える あの星の下
永遠を願い 想い見上げ

Distant, distant far-reaching sky
Beyond it I wonder, what are you thinking of?
Under that star that will sometime disappear
I wish for eternity, thinking of you, looking to the sky

強く 弱く 光を放つ
君の近くに 北斗七星
そんな 輝きであるように
君を想い 願い掛けて

Strongly, now weakly shining
Ursa major, by your side..
In the same way that it sparkles
I think of you, wishing…

夜が明けていく 君を想えなくなる
朝が来る頃には また強がってしまう
微かな光は もっと 愛おしくて
朝へ向かう 音に 耳を固く塞ぐ

When dawn breaks, I am unable to think of you
For when morning comes, I put on my act again
The fainter lights are much more lovely..
Facing dawn, I plug my ears against the sound..

時を止めて 夜が続いてく魔法が
この手に あればいいのに
本当は 君と居るときも 同じように
ずっと 思っているのに

I wish I had the power to
Stop time, and keep this night going forever
The truth is, when I’m with you,
It’s always on my mind

長く 永く 続いてる 夜
この闇の中で 君を想う
いつも 隠して持ち歩いた

Ever long-lasting night
In the darkness I think of you,
Staring at the doll you gave me
Secretly, I’ve always kept it with me

弱く 強く 何度も 君の
名前を 繰り返し 呼んでいる
よく間違えては 怒られた
覚え難くい 愛おしい名前

Weakly, now strongly countless times
I call your name, again and again
When I’d get it wrong, you always got mad at me
Your lovely, hard to remember name

遠く 遠く 続いてる 空
その向こうで 君は 何想う
いつか消える この星の下
永遠を願い 想い見上げ

Distant, distant far-reaching sky
Beyond it I wonder, what are you thinking of?
Under that star that will sometime disappear
I wish for eternity, thinking of you, looking to the sky

強く 弱く 光を放つ
君の近くに 北斗七星
そんな 輝きであるように
君を想い 願い掛けて

Strongly, now weakly shining
Ursa major, by your side..
In the same way that it sparkles
I think of you, wishing…

Girls Keep A Secret

^I have no access to the internet, so I’ve been digging up some of my favorite Touhou images from the past… – Patchouli looks pretty nice in this one doesn’t she…
^This is more of a Koakuma song rather than a Patchouli song – at least I think so, so I’ll put two pictures of Koakuma at the end to make up for it :)

I’m on a public coin computer and it’s really expensive D: (100 yen / 15min)

While on the subject – Japan is a nation of readers, or the city people of Japan at least. On the long commutes many people pull out their Bunko books with various protective covers, either paper from the bookstore or cloth or leather (I got a cloth one :D) and read – some like me read and listen to their iPod/MP3 players at the same time. It’s really cool because there are bookstores everywhere – and I mean everywhere. There are more bookstores in Japan than there are Starbucks in America. Seriously. Here the bungaku shoujo is still alive!

It really is cool – it makes me want to read and write more – I can’t wait till I get to the point where I can finish a Japanese book in a decent amount of time. \o/

By the way Tanabata is tomorrow. :D I already hung up my tanzaki at my host family’s house because I’m going to go hang out with my friends for Tanabata – it’s really cool :D Orihime and Hikoboshi!

I can’t wait for Shiki to start by the way – I saw advertisements, but without internet it’ll be hard to track down when it airs on television, so I’ll have to see if I can catch it.

A few words are said at the very beginning that I can’t hear very well, and they aren’t in the lyric book, so I just ignored them.

『Girls Keep a Secret』
Album: 東方Escalation
Circle: [いえろ~ぜぶら x 有限会社るざりん] (Yellow Zebra x Yuugen Kaisha Ruzarin)
Event: Reitaisai 7

日陰に佇んで数えてる 背負った重さを
簡単に本だけは 教えてくれるの

Standing in the shade and counting – Yes,
Only books will tell me the weight I carry…

愛しいキミへ 教えてあげたいよ

I want to tell you… the one I love

夢に見ていた 幼い頃
ずっと 綴っていた秘密がある
本にしても 足りないような
その憧れた陽に 照らされ

In a dream I’ve had since I was a child
I’ve carried a secret bound within me
But it seems that books aren’t enough,
So let the sun shine upon it!

時間が経ったのも 気づかずに 忘れるくらいに
読みふけて 探してた 魔法の合図を

I forgot time, and it passed by me unawares
I read deep into the night, searching for that magic sign

指を鳴らす キミに聞こえるように

I click my fingers, so that you will hear…

普段は 耳障りな音も
キミがめくる度に 嬉しくなる
本を見ても 書いてないような
そんな大事な日を 重ねて

Normally, even if it’s a sound that’s painful to hear,
Everytime you turn a page I’m happy
These precious days that aren’t written
In any book, overlap one after the other

愛しいキミは 教えてくれるのよ

You, beloved, will tell me…

夢に見ていた 幼い頃
ずっと 綴っていた秘密がある
本にしても 足りないような
その憧れた陽に 照らされ

In a dream I’ve had since I was a child
I’ve carried a secret bound within me
But it seems that books aren’t enough,
So let the sun shine upon it!

Miss Hi-NRG (Nuclear Reactor Girl)

Requested by: vincent/night_bird

Lol, this song is hot. ^_^

In some of the shorter stanzas the lines don’t match up, just take each stanza as a group ^_^

YouTubeListenLink: [link]

『Miss Hi-NRG (Nuclear Reactor Girl)』
原曲:エネルギー黎明 ~Future Dream
Album: 東方Escalation
Circle: [いえろ~ぜぶら x 有限会社るざりん] (Yellow Zebra x Yuugen Kaisha Ruzarin)
Event: Reitaisai 7

Nuclear fusionの
惑わす 天地神明の

There is a girl
A goddess of heaven and earth;
With the bursting power of
Nuclear fusion
She bewilders all

燃立つ素肌 Sunrise
そう 柔らに 重なり合って

With a sunrise burning naked
She exhausts all of the corpses
Transmigrating to hell in flame
Yes, softly we’ll lie against each other

Ah, Let me know
Ah, Miss Hi-NRG

Ah, Let me know
This perplexity
Repeats endlessly
Ah, Miss Hi-NRG

New clear visionの
感じる 英知黎明の

Into a dawn of knowledge
Trembling with
New clear visions

いたずらに光る Eye
閉じた瞬間 Try
わたしだけの Sprite
唇を そう ふれ合って

Her eye shines in jest
In the instant it’s closed I’ll try:
With her a sprite all my own
Yes, I’ll brush my lips

Ah, Kiss me please

Ah, Kiss me please
This feels wonderful
Your sweet perfume
I can’t stop anymore

Ah, Let me see
Ah, Miss Hi-NRG

Ah, Let me see
This restlessness
Repeats endlessly
Ah, Miss Hi-NRG

I Get Around The Road

Requested by: vincent/night_bird

“I Get Around The Road” is by Yellow Zebra, from the Album 東方輪衝歌 ~Moment of Impulse~ (Toho Rinshouka ~Moment of Impulse~) released C75 – an Arrangement of Kagiyama Hina’s Stage theme.

Is it just me or does this sound at parts a lot like Sakuya’s Stage theme, A Maid and her Pocket Watch of Blood? Well, I’m not complaining ^_^.

I like Hina: twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl~

“Picking up and gathering such misfortune they bring,” – the line alone suggests “I gather up that sort of food” – but we know Hina doesn’t eat humans, but she gathers misfortune (for the benefit of humans) – this line suggests she literally feeds on it?

“”No” was pressed on the back of the plate” – as in a newspaper publishing plate… think typewriters. – Speaking of which, that entire section is a little foggy, I think Hina found a magazine page somewhere along the path (with it’s pro-status quo argument a misfortune – lol.) Then she either mailed into or was going to mail into the magazine asking her question. The whole thing with the printing plates might be because she was at the publishing place or was mailing in using a type writer and so answered her own question by what she found lying around. – Yeah maybe it’s a stretch, but sometimes you have to do that XD.

The text says “no” and “yes” but she sings “no” and “we’ll see” so I put that.

So Hina had a boyfriend and dumped him. Lol. Go her.

YouTubeListenLink: [link]

Update: Romaji Added.

I Get Around The Road(原曲:厄神様の通り道 ~ Dark Road)

呼ばれた気がして 見渡しても
決まった世界が 眼を過ぎるだけ

Yobareta ki ga shite miwatashitemo
Kimatta sekai ga me wo sugiru dake

I thought someone called out to me, but when I looked around,
All that passed my eyes was the same fate-bound world.

同じように 繰り返す 毎日は
誰も知らずに 私へと
望みもしない 風を運ぶ

Onajiyou ni kurikaesu mainichi wa
Daremo shirazu ni watashi e to
Nozomi mo shinai kaze wo hakobu

As always, each day repeats just like the last;
No one knows how it carries to me
A wind I’ve never wished for.

この世は皆 同じだけの
明日が 待っていて
続く この通り道で 探し続けて

Ko no yo wa minna onaji dake no
Asu ga matteite
Tsudzuku kono toorimichi de sagashi-tsudzukete

In this world everyone waits
For the same morning,
Continuing down this road, still searching.

空に ばら撒いた
回り回るこの想い 君に届け

Sonna kate wo hiroi-atsumete wa
Sora ni baramaita
Mawari-mawaru kono omoi kimi ni todoke

Picking up and gathering such misfortune they bring,
I scattered it all into the sky.
May my spinning, twirling emotions reach you!

何処ぞの誌面で 論じられた
変わらぬ現状 いつも信じて

Dokozo no kison de ronjirareta
Kawaranu genjou itsumo shinjite

On some print magazine page the unchanging quo
Was debated – they always kept their faith in it.

偉くもないこと 解ってはいるけど
声に飢えて ただ聴いた
「こんな私に 救いの手を」

Eraku mo nai koto wakatte wa iru kedo
Koe ni uete tada kiita
“Konna watashi ni sukui no te wo”

I know it wasn’t right of me, but
Starved for a voice, I asked,
“Is there anyone out there to save someone like me?”

「否」と掲げた プレートの裏
口を 滑らせて
取り繕う その影に「正」があって

“No” to kakageta pureito no ura
Kuchi wo suberasete
Tori-tsukurou sono kage ni “we’ll see” ga atte

“No” was pressed on the back of the plate.
It made me curse, but
I’d fix that – in the shadows there was a “We’ll see”.

答えはいつも 背中合わせ
風が 吹き変わる
そして 君を想っては
また日 廻る

Kotae wa itsumo senaka awase
Kaze ga fukikawaru
Soshite kimi wo omotte wa
Mata hi meguru

The answer is always at my back;
The wind keeps changing.
Thinking of you,
Another day comes around.

いつまでも 欲しがって 手にすればいらなくて
迷い続けてた そんな日々に
そろそろ さよならしたくて

Itsumademo hoshigatte te ni sureba iranakute
Mayoi-tsudzuketeta sonna hibi ni
Sorosoro sayonara shitakute

When you wish forever for something and finally get it,
Sometimes you don’t want it – I continued lost and
Finally I wanted to say goodbye to those days.

明日へ向かい 歩いてくことを
誰にも こんな私を 知られなくとも

Asu e mukai aruitekukoto wo
Yameru koto wa nai
Dare ni mo konna watashi wo shirarenaku tomo

I turned towards tomorrow and I just
Couldn’t stop walking.
Even if no one is able to really know me.

この世は皆 同じだけの
時間を 廻ってて
続く この通り道で 探している

Kono yo wa minna onaji dake no
Toki wo meguttete
Tsudzuku Kono toorimichi de sagashiteiru

In this world, everyone turns
With the same tame
Continuously searching down this road.

Worlds End Lyrics / Translation

Worlds End from 東方輪衝歌~Moment of Impulse~ released at C75 by Yellow Zebra.

Requested by: Vincent

Woo~! \o/ This was pretty confusing for me at first but I figured it out. :x

“May I devote your body to those fakes, who advocate
That invisible-like thing born from disputing views?” ← religion (thing) by gods (fakes)

“The truth that when experienced is like looking at the end of the world” is a longer explanation of the “truth” at the very end.

Worlds End
原曲:死体旅行 ~ Be of good cheer!

幼き日に 聞いた物語は 私の始まり
「幸せな結末」が 小さな胸を 締めつけた

When I was young I heard a tale – it was my beginning;
Its “Happy Ending” pressed on my little heart.

その先に 続いて行くはずの 未来を
知りたくて 今でも

Ever since I’ve wanted to know what future I should
Continue on towards; I want to know even now..

この瞳が その想いが
そっと 閉じる日が来ることを
誰もが皆 わかってる今日は
しっかりと 焼き付けていよう

Absolutely everyone knows today
When that day will come, where
My eyes and their thoughts will close.
I’ll burn you through and through.

遠い街で 風の噂
また 誰かが 生涯を終えた
私は 涙も出ないまま
そして 今日が 過ぎて行った

Down this distant street the wind’s gossip speaks,
Again, someone’s life has ended,
And as always, without shedding a tear,
I passed the day away.

年を重ねて 知ってしまった
役に立たない 理屈を

As the years piled up on one another,
I learned of reason, and it’s uselessness.

ありのままな 人の性は
いつの時代も 持て囃されて
ありのままを 受け入れたときは
いつも 頭抱えて 眠る

As it is, human nature
Is highly praised in every age,
But when the truth sinks in for them,
I always hold their heads and rock them to sleep.

情報(ちがいいけん)が産み落とした 目に見えない様なものを
突き付ける偽者に その身を 委ねてもいいの?

May I devote your body to those fakes, who advocate
That invisible-like thing born from disputing views?

私が 今 果てたのなら
続いて行く この世界は
私の目に 閉じた様に見えて
でも そのまま 進み続ける

If I now were to meet my end,
This world would keep on going, but
It would look as if it were closing in front of my eyes.
Yet still, I’ll keep going.

火炎の中 灰になり 燃えていく身体から
この世界の果てを見るような 真実を

Inside this blaze your burning body will become ash.
From it, will I be able to find the truth,
Like looking at the world’s end?

みつあみの猫 Mitsuami no Neko “The Cat with Braided Hair” Lyrics / Translation

みつあみの猫 Mitsuami no Neko “The Cat with Braided Hair” is from one of Yellow Zebra’s two Reitaisai Albums, “東方ESCALATION”

Requested by ArcherEmiya of The Poltergeist Mansion (Merlin) [youtube-channel]

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

I’m glad to see another Haigoku (Ancient/Deserted etc. Hell) Lullaby vocal track – the only other one I know of is Sound Holic’s “Yb Allul”, and I have no idea what language that is in or how even to go about translating it XD.

Anyway, enjoy ^w^ – Who can’t but love Rin?

“it is the play of a prosperous world.” – I take this to mean that the ‘play’ of the wind makes the world pretend it is prosperous – like it is ‘playing house’.

Romaji requested and added 2011/01/15 :)

『みつあみの猫』 “The Cat with Braided Hair”
作詞・編曲:柏木るざりん (Kashiwagi Ruzarin)
歌:藤宮ゆき (Fujimiya Yuki) ・ ヤヤネ (Yayane)
サークル:Yellow Zebra

ゆらりゆらり 闇を照らす
蒼き炎 消せぬ哀しみ
無常の隙間に 流る河の

Yurari yurari yami wo terasu
Aoki honoo kesenu kanashimi
Mujou no sukima ni nagaru kawa no
Mizu wa kyou mo sayakeshi

Swaying slowly back and forth, illuminating the darkness
These blue flames, this unerasable sadness..
The water of this river, flowing in irregular gaps
Is clear and serene again today.

ふわりふわり 長き髪を
永遠の意味を 知ったとき

Fuwari fuwari nagaki kami wo
Yurasu kaze wa eiyo no asobi
Eien no imi wo shitta toki
Kimi wa koko ni inai

Softly, gently the wind trails over
Her long hair; it is the play of a prosperous world.
When I knew the meaning of eternity
You were no longer here..

全て輪廻の 空に描く
嗚呼 幻影

Hito no nami ya
Machiakari no nigiwai sae
Subete rinne no sora ni egaku
Aa maboroshi

Waves of people,
Even the liveliness of the street lamplights,
All of it is drawn in the sky of death and rebirth..
Ah phantoms..

くるりくるり ドレスの裾
舞わせ踊る 君は踊り子
手を手にとって 名もなき詩を
口ずさんで 笑った

Kurari kurari doresu no suso
Mawase odoru kimi wa odoriko
Te wo te ni totte na mo naki uta wo
Kuchizusande waratta

Spinning, twirling, the hem of your dress
Flutters as your dance; You are a dancer.
Taking my hand in yours, you hummed
A song with no name and smiled.

嘘も罪も 夢も栄華も
全て朽ち果てた 廃獄には
ただ密かに ただ気まぐれに

Uso mo tsumi mo yume mo eige mo
Subete kuchi hateta haigoku ni wa
Tada hisoka ni tada kimagure ni
Mitsuami no neko ga sunderu

All lies and all sin, all dreams and all majesty,
Everything rots in this ruined hell – here
Surreptitiously, whimsically,
A cat with braided hair lives.

エゴも欺瞞も 自由も光も
失われた世界で 君は
ただ静かに ただ凛々と
誇りを胸に 生きるよ

Ego mo giman mo jiyuu mo hikari mo
Ushinawareta sekai de kimi wa
Tada shizuka ni tada rin-rin to
Hokori wo mune ni ikiru yo

All ego and all deception, all freedom and all light,
Is lost in this world, but you
Quietly, serenely
Live with pride in your heart.


Lalala, lalala, lalala, lalala…