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繰りかえす四季模様 ~ Remember View // Kurikaesu Shikimoyou

Sponsored by: burbels

W*M tends to write lyrics that work better as image frames, so please forgive me if logic comes apart at the seams.

入ず is probably a form of 出づ(いづ), and the same as the いづ used in いづこ/いずこ.

繰りかえす四季模様 ~ Remember View
 Kurikaesu Shikimoyou
 As the Seasons are Ever Repeated ~ Remember View
さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream…|東方妖々夢
歌/Kotoge Mai
Circle: K2 SOUND / C-CLAYS
Album: 麗鳴 RAY-MEI
Event: C77

舞い散る雪の 行き着く場所
少しずつ減りながら 今

maichiru yuki no ikitsuku basho
sukoshizutsu herinagara ima
iroazayaka na sekai e to

The places filled from the fluttering snow
Have slowly started to lessen, and now
We are on toward a world filled with color

長い 長い 歳月
古く 古く 語り継ぎ
遠く 遠く 空に
遥か 遥か 入ず場所

nagai nagai saigetsu
furuku furuku kataritsugi
tooku tooku sora ni
haruka haruka izubasho

Long, long… Woven over long months
Old, old… and years, old tales
Distant, distant… enter the distant sky
Far, far… far over each and every place

桃色の花びらが 飛び

atatakai hizashi wo ukete
momoiro no hanabira ga tobi

Basking in warm sunlight rays
Pink blossoms soar

終わりを告げる 妖精よ
ふらふらり 現れてくる

maichiru yuki no kisetsu ga mata
owari wo tsugeru yousei yo
fura-furari arawaretekuru

The fairies that come to bring word
Of the end to the season of dancing snow
Appear, fluttering here and there

芽が咲き 華やかな景色

nani mo nai kigi ni shin’ryoku no
me ga saki hanayaka na keshiki
sukitooru nanairo matoi

Fresh leaves and buds blossom from trees
Which had nothing, a florid scene
A transcluent coat of seven colors

浅い 浅い 霧の
幕が 消える 気配が

asai asai kiri no
maku ga kieru kehai ga

Shallow, shallow mists, their
Curtains I feel disappearing

幾重にも幾重にも 増え

kousa suru hikari no hashira
ikue ni mo ikue ni mo fue

Intersecting pillars of light
Their layers increasing over and over


yume kara sameta you ni kumo ga
hakete harukaze ga sashikomu
man’kai no sakura to tomo ni

The clouds as if waking from a dream,
Are swept away as the spring wind breaks in
Together with the cherry blossoms in full bloom

沈黙の扉を 開いて
階段駆け上り 先に

chin’moku no tobira wo hiraite
kaidan’ kakeagari saki ni
kioku ga zen’mei ni utsuru

The gates of silence open and
I race up the steps to where
My memories are brilliantly projected

隙間から 覗かせて…

kukai samayoinagara
sukima kara nozokasete…

Wandering the nine worlds locked out of paradise
From the gaps appear…

舞い散る雪の 行き着く場所
少しずつ減りながら 今

maichiru yuki no ikitsuku basho
sukoshizutsu herinagara ima
iroazayaka na sekai e to

The places filled from the fluttering snow
Have slowly started to lessen, and now
We are on toward a world filled with color

桜吹雪 戯れながら

sakurafubuki tawamurenagara
ano hi no koto wo omoidasu
kurikaesareru shikimoyou

Playing in a blizzard of cherry blossoms
I remember what happened that day
As the seasons are ever repeated

Surprised Me!!

Sponsored by Dobson

I can’t help but feel that this song is a little overly metaphorical, but that’s the way W*M writes his lyrics.

I was ranting about this on Twitter earlier:
“Only [W*M] would write a sentence about someone talking about their self, really talking about their self, but really meaning someone else’s perception of them, without introducing a third person, and then relating the third person to a creation of the first person’s mind when that third person really does exist. I’m starting to get used to all these lyricists’ habits, but man… W*M… D:”

Tangent >>>

Anyway, my local NPR station is having its yearly pledge drive, you know gathering money to keep the radio station running and everything and it’s totally made me start to feel less guilty about accepting money. On the same note, I’d like to kind of recognize Dobson here for supporting me through these “sponsored” requests. I’m not about to go swooping around soliciting money from all of you, but it’s kind of cool. Support and everything. I mean with all the stuff I’ve gone through in the past month it’d take a monumental fundraiser to mend all the damage done by simple misfortune, but man – even if that’s impossible – on both a genuinely practical and emotional level, I’d like to reiterate my thanks for everyone who’s ever donated or commissioned. I really wish I could respond with heightened productivity ^^;

There’s a bit of subject ambiguity as to whether the narrator is talking to herself or to an audience. I tried to veer whichever way seemed best for any particular part.

“Flying through the night without trick or design” – is sort of like, “the night” has nothing in particular in store. Along with meaning there’s no real reason to be out that night, “the night” will not react in any unexpected way. On one hand you can call it emotional projection, and on the other hand you can just say “it’s a calm night”. In English it ends up (sounding more like it’s) attributing to the subject (having no trick or design) rather than the night, but that can’t be helped, and it sort of aligns with the “emotional projection” case.

“Entrance” as en-trance (verb), not ent-rance (noun) -> “to put in a trance like state, fill with delight”.

“Everything is stripped down, my true face revealed” – in this case it’s more likely that “the sky’s true face” is revealed, but at the same time if she were in the sky, she would also be revealed – and it’s a whole metaphorical chain anyway… I just cut it short. *~nyoron~*

“Come quickly, from wherever to wherever” – probably best to interpret this as “from wherever you are to wherever I am”.

Surprised Me!!
Vocal: 小峠舞
Arranger: K2
Lyric: W*M
Guitar: 鋼鉄兄貴 (A.S.B)
Circle: C-CLAYS / Publishing: Flowering Night 2012
Album: Flowering Night 2012 -博霊神社紅白歌合戦- SPECIAL LIMITED CD
Event: Flowering Night 2012

夜空に浮かぶ星を ながめて1つ選び
視線をずらせばほら たちまち見えてくるよ

yozora ni ukabu hoshi wo nagamete hitotsu erabi
shisen’ wo zuraseba hora tachimachi mietekuru yo

Staring at the stars floating in the night sky, pick one
If you shift your eyes just a little, look – you’ll see!


tane mo shikake mo nai yoru ni tobi
kokoro sawagi tanoshimi sugite

Flying through the night without trick or design
Enjoying my heart’s restlessness

夢に魅せて 咲かせた華よ
雲が薄れ 晴れ渡り

yume ni misete sakaseta hana yo
kumo ga usure harewatari

Entrance me in dreams, O flower I’ve made blossom!
The clouds wisp away and the skies clear

すべて剥がれ 素顔が見えた
チャンス逃し 次こそは
Please, More Surprised Me!!

subete hagare sugao ga mieta
chance nogashi tsugi koso wa
Please, More Surprised Me!!

Everything is stripped down, my true face revealed
I’ve missed my chance now, but next time for sure!!
Please, Be More Surprised By Me!!

足あと消して森に 隠れている間に
すがたも存在まで 忘れて時が過ぎた

ashiato keshite mori ni kakureteiru aida ni
sugata mo sonzai made wasurete toki ga sugita

Silencing my footsteps, as I hide in the forest
I forget my form, even my existence as time passes by


ooki na hitomi ni chuumoku shite
kokoro odori tanoshisa hazumi

Focusing on those large eyes
My heart dances with delight

風に乗って 浮かせた華よ

kaze ni notte ukaseta hana yo
jama na toki mo aru keredo

Ride upon the wind, O flower I’ve set afloat!
Though there are times you’re a nuisance…

忘れないで 私のことを
気付いた時 遅すぎて
Please, More Surprised Me!!

wasurenaide watashi no koto wo
kidzuita toki ososugite
Please, More Surprised Me!!

Don’t forget about me!
You took too long to notice!
Please, Be More Surprised By Me!!


kowareta toki sude ni oiteikare
tama ni wa omoidashite hoshii kara

By the time I broke down, I had already been thrown away
I just want you to remember me from time to time…

夢に魅せて 咲かせた華よ
夢を魅せて もう一度

yume ni misete sakaseta hana yo
yume wo misete mou ichido

Entrance me in dreams, O flower I’ve made blossom!
Show me a dream, just one more time!

夢に魅せて 咲かせた華よ

yume ni misete sakaseta hana yo
mawashitobase doko made mo

Entrance me in dreams, O flower I’ve made blossom!
Turn about and set everything flying, ever far

風に乗って 浮かせた華よ
すぐにおいで ドコへでも
Please, More Surprised Me!!

kaze ni notte ukaseta hana yo
sugu ni oide doko e demo
Please, More Surprised Me!!

Ride upon the wind, O flower I’ve set afloat!
Come quickly, from wherever to wherever
Please, Be More Surprised By Me!!

Joy To Amaze…
Let’s Meet Again…

空振りサディスティック // Karaburi Sadistic

^Poison Flying Type.

Requested by: grooven/bramblehead

Demagogie is the pseudo-French spelling for Demagogy (both are “acceptable” in English) – which means the speech of a demagogue, who is someone who leads on the public with lies or deception or whatnot for his own personal gain.
Affright is a word meaning to frighten.
“Everything Backfire, Destroy Atmosphere, Manipulate Enjoyment, Forgotten Gambler”
^These words are not in the lyric booklet, they are just approximations.

“spreading propaganda” is translated from something more along the lines of “propagating empty news”

“throw omakes here and there” – omake is sort of like a freebie, and extra, something added on, as I’m sure most of you anime watchers know by now.

“It’s such a killjoy to leave things as they are, so I’ll mix it up!” – A more literal translation is as follows: When night falls even interesting things start to get dull and boring – it’s such a killjoy!! So I’ll just have to mix it (the killjoy) all up!

 Karaburi Sadistic
 Sadistic Empty Swing
Vocal: 小峠 舞
Arranger: K2
Lyrics: W*M
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 咲禮 -サクラ-
Event: Reitaisai 7

Everything Backfire ただ遊びたいだけ
Destroy Atmosphere 痛くなければいい
Manipulate Enjoyment 眺めて喜んで
Forgotten Gambler 馬鹿げた風采

tada asobitai dake
itakunakereba ii
nagamete yorokonde
bakageta fuusai

Everything Backfires – I just want to play
Destroy Atmosphere – As long as it doesn’t hurt!
Manipulate Enjoyment – It’s fun enough just to stare
Forgotten Gambler – At them in that ridiculous get-up!

Aff-aff-aff-affright 本当の
Mid-mid-mid-midnight シルエットを
For-for-for-for-foresight 隠した
Half-half-halflight 過去のlady

hontou no
silhouette wo
kako no lady

Affright – A lady from
Midnight – The past who
Foresight – Hid her true
Halflight – Silhouette


karappo no news furimaite
kimagure no kokoro ga sawagidashiteiru

Spreading propaganda
My fickle heart is excited

そして君の邪魔をして 惑わして探りよせ
いくらでも楽しみ 嘘出任せ流して
遠くから操る 空振りサディスティック

soshite kimi no jama wo shite madowashite saguriyose
hontou no sugata wo shirareteinai kara
ikura demo tanoshimi usodemakase nagashite
tooku kara ayatsuru karaburi sadistic

And so I get in your way, trick you, find you out
Since no one knows my true form
I can have as much fun telling random lies
From a distance I control my Sadistic Empty Swing

Everything Backfire 宙に浮いたウワサ
Destroy Atmosphere 独り歩きしてる
Manipulate Enjoyment 次々とオマケを
Forgotten Gambler 彷徨う偽称

chuu ni uita uwasa
hitori arukishiteru
tsugitsugi to omake wo
samayou gishou

Everything Backfires – Rumors floating in the air
Destroy Atmosphere – I walk alone
Manipulate Enjoyment – I throw omakes here and there
Forgotten Gambler – Wandering with a fake name

In-in-in-insight なんてない
Late-late-late-late Night 徘徊を
Star-star-star-star-starlight 照らして
Con-contact Flight 采戯する

nante nai
haikai wo
saigi suru

Insight – There’s no such thing
Late Night – I wander
Starlight – I shine
Contact Flight – And roll the dice


kachuu no joker tsukamaete
itazura no kokoro ga uzukidashiteiru

Catch the joker in the maelstrom
My mischevious heart is pounding

そして闇の夜の錦 気凄じ掻き雑ぜて
近くから見つめる 空振りサディスティック

soshite yami no yoru no nishiki kisusamaji kakimazete
konran wo maneite houra wo fukitsudzukeru jitsu wa lonely
giwaku demo hanashi no neta ni nareba ii no
chikaku kara mitsumeru karaburi sadistic

It’s such a killjoy to leave things as they are, so I’ll mix things up!
But really, inciting confusion and boasting all day long can be lonely
Even if it’s of suspicion or distrust, I just want to be the topic of someone’s conversation
From close by I watch my Sadistic Empty Swing

Everything Backfire 遅れて来た孤独
Destroy Atmosphere 誰か構ってみてよ
Manipulate Enjoyment 鵜呑みにしないでね
Forgotten Gambler 全ては殻

okuretekita kodoku
dareka kamattemite yo
unomi ni shinai de ne
subete wa kara

Everything Backfires – This latecoming loneliness..
Destroy Atmosphere – Someone care already!
Manipulate Enjoyment – Don’t just swallow everything I say!
Forgotten Gambler – Everything’s an empty shell..

枚挙に遑あらず 困じ果てる今更
私には嬉戯だけ 空振りサディスティック

maikyo ni itoma arazu konjihateru imasara
hisondemo wadai ni noboru kedo ma ga sasu
rakusou sono mama wo utsushi ikitekita kara
watashi ni wa kigi dake karaburi sadistic

I’ve laid so many tricks, too many to count – What am I worrying about now?
Even if I hide away I’m sure people will talk about me, but it’s like I’m possessed
Whenever I get an idea in my head, I just do it – That’s what I’ve always done
To me, life is only fun and games, a Sadistic Empty Swing.

純真Velvet // Junshin Velvet

Requested by: Tewi (on 2011/07/28)
^ You may wear the “most patient/had to wait the longest” badge (・ω・´)

I hear 夜明け生まれ来る少女 (Shakugan no Shana ED) in some of these stanzas. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe it’s something else. (Stanzas that end in “Don’t give way./By daybreak.” etc.)

So this song is between Mokou and Kaguya, but I’m not much of a fan of Miss NEET so only pictures of Mokou this time :3

Undoubtedly the best part of the song is when Mai launches into this short stanza: 避けれぬ炎を操り消えぬ魂 – that melody. It’s like the climax.

At any rate, W*M’s lyrics are usually filled to the brim (nay, overflowing) with emotion, but love to (I can’t see it as anything but intentional) ignore concrete ima… well anything. It’s like falling in a bright abyss of the blue sky with white clouds and bricks of concrete with metal bars and trying to catch or cling on to something as you fall and fall together. Also if you’ve ever fallen out of a tall tree and instinctively caught the last or second to last branch and stopped right before the end… it’s similar to that feeling too.

Appearing then disappearing droplets come flying, their repelled fragments pierce my heart
Stifling the irritation boiling up inside of me I burn in hate
^If those aren’t tears then I’m a monkey. If this is Mokou you can think of evaporating tears or you can think of rain (symbolic of tears) hit by the tears or emotions or whatever her heart hurts, killing irritation to burn in hate… See what I mean about this emotional imagery?

“Hidden on this earth, their light will not reach,
 not until the hour hand has made its turn –
Please! Don’t come near me!”
^This stanza makes more sense if you consider it from Kaguya’s point of view.

There should probably be more notes here, but well …. yeah.

I might come back to do a little tweaking and make notes on a few more things, but yeah.

 Junshin Velvet
 Pure Velvet
Circle: C-Clays
Album: 夕詠 SEKIEI
Event: Kouroumu 5

今までの傷 壊したくない 視線外す事出来ない痛みが

ima made no kizu kowashitakunai shisen hazusu koto dekinai no itami ga
pokkari aita sukima ni hairikonde

I don’t want to rid myself of any of the wounds I’ve suffered up until now;
 the pain so strong I can’t keep my eyes off it
Dives into the emptiness opened up inside of me.

どこまでもついて行くよ この先も 貴方のシルエット浮き出る影探し
随分月日が流れ 急かされて 欠けてた灯りから離れ見下ろされて気付く罪

doko made mo tsuiteyuku yo kono saki mo anata no silhouette ukideru kage sagashi
zuibun tsukihi ga nagare sekasarete kaketeta akari kara hanare miorosarete kidzuku tsumi

I’ll follow you wherever you may go, now and forever I’ll search
 for the drifting shadow of your silhouette..
Days and months go by and then pressured by time, as the fading light above
 looks down upon me, I realize my sin.

ぼやける先に在る あの時から続いてる負けを認めない私達の果てよ
Don’t give way.

boyakeru saki ni aru ano toki kara tsudzuiteiru make wo mitomenai watashitachi no hate yo
don’t give way.

I can’t see well what lies ahead, but resting there is our end, carrying all this time
 the defeat that I, that we, cannot accept.
Don’t give way.

地球に隠れて光 届かない 短針が一廻りする迄に
私に近づかないで お願い

hoshi ni kakurete hikari todokanai tanshin ga hitomawari suru made ni
watashi ni chikadzukanaide onegai

Hidden on this earth, their light will not reach,
 not until the hour hand has made its turn –
Please! Don’t come hear me!

現出消えて飛び付く雫 跳ね返る破片ココロに刺さり

genshutsu kiete tobitsuku shizuku hanekaeru hahen kokoro ni sasari
wakitatsu iradachi koroshite nikundeiru

Appearing disappearing droplets come flying, their repelled fragments pierce my heart
Stifling the irritation boiling up inside of me I burn in hate

棘のある云い方聴いて 満たされて もうすぐ解きつく風吹き 乱れるか
踊らされていることも知らずに ただの揶揄いと伝えばどう応えるか視えてる

toge no aru iikata kiite mitasarete mou sugu tokitsuku kaze fuki midareru ka
odorasareteiru koto mo shirazu ni tada no karakai to tsutaeba dou kotaeru ka mieteru

Listening to your words laid with thorns I am filled up inside;
 how long before it all blows out in a raging gale?
I can imaging how I might respond if you said you were just playing around,
 and I unknowingly was made to dance all this time

解からの贈り物 朱夏の夜陰に響く鈍い音地上歪むまで揺れて
By daybreak.

ke kara no okurimono shuka no yain ni hibiku nibui oto chijou yugamu made yurete
by daybreak.

From the unraveling comes a gift, a dull sound that rings through the vermillion summer
 night’s darkness, so strong it shakes the ground.
By daybreak.

長閑な時をいつも潰して 嫌いになったわけじゃないけれど
どこかに潜む蟠り 融かしたい

nodoka na toki wo itsumo tsubushite kirai ni natta wake ja nai keredo
doko ka ni hisomu wadakamari tokashitai

I always waste away whatever tranquil time I have – It isn’t
 as if I hate it or anything, but
I want to melt away all the ill feelings I have hidden away from me.

見つかる場所は探せばもっと あるけど気配感じ取れる様に
凌ぎを削って解る 沁む月

mitsukaru basho wa sagaseba motto aru kedo kehai kanjitoreru you ni
shinogi wo kezutte wakaru shimu tsuki

I feel that if I searched, I would find more places I could be,
 but there are some things I can only understand by
Honing myself, such as the moon which stings bleeding into me, or


sakerenu honoo wo ayatsuri kienu tamashii

My own inextinguishable soul, wielding its unavoidable blaze.

弾かれた未来に 叫ぶ勇気をもらった事は果たして間違いだったの?
Break forth in time.

hajikareta mirai ni sakebu yuuki wo moratta koto wa hatashite machigai datta no?
break forth in time.

In the end I wonder, was it a mistake for me to obtain this courage
 which screams into the future sprung ahead?
Break forth in time.

今までの傷 壊したくない ただ会いたいと願うだけなのに

ima made no kizu kowashitakunai tada aitai to negau dake na no ni
pokkari aita sukima ni hairikomu

I don’t want to rid myself of any of the wounds I’ve suffered up until now,
 even though all I wish for is to see you again…
Everything dives into the emptiness opened up inside of me.

追いつく刻み増えていく嘘 余計な魔法使わず突き進み

oitsuku kizami furueteiku uso yokei na mahou tsukawazu tsukisusumi
tadoritsuku made utsuro na resolution.

Chasing after the ticks in time, the ever increasing lies, I’ll strike forth
 without using any unnecessary magic.
Until I reach the end, this is my empty resolution.

遠くの空で近くの宇宙で 自由に動けないもどかしさの中で
まどろむ空気を呼んで ノイズに消えて

tooku no sora de chikaku no sora de jiyuu ni ugokenai modokashisa no naka de
madoromu kuuki wo yonde noise ni kiete

Locked in the frustration of being chained, unable to move either in
 The distant sky or close universe
I call to the sleeping air and disappear into noise.


曖昧スナイパー // Aimai Sniper

Requested by: S.K.

I almost bought this album. I sat in Tora-no-Ana (3rd-floor? is doujin-CDs?) for like a hour picking up some CDs putting others down.

Really I think this song is much sillier than the instrumentals imply.

Vague sniper here means basically to “pin” down the vague, say a lot without telling anything.

I was hoping to get all my requests out before Comiket, but I got busy with C80 stuff even before I could start XD. I’ll try to get a couple of them out.

 Aimai Sniper
Vague Sniper
Vocal: 小峠舞
Arrange: K2
Lyrics: W*M
Circle: SYNC.ARTS (K2-Sound)
Album: TRATRA -Extra Track-
Event: とら祭り

傍から灯火消えるなんて 予期せず

I could never have predicted that lamp would disappear right out from under me
When I reached for it, it was as if it was a mirage the whole time…


Secretly I panicked, telling no one
But unable to hide my beating heart, I worried to no end

遠くの数ある稜の中を 探って

I searched far and wide through the mountains
Acting as if I had withdrawn my ambitions, as if I had planned the journey all along


I chanted, pleading for my wishes to be heard, telling no one
But my rhythm went astray, and I wandered to no end

嘘に遵う哀しさ はぐらかす罪悪感惨めで

I made excuses and diverted conversation
But I was depressed lying, miserable in the my guilt for evading

心拍数振り切れて 世俗遁れた曖昧スナイパー
You must never even think of telling a lie.
Shame on you!
解くまで目線逸らし 気づかぬフリをしている

I led others on, diverting my own responsibility
My heartbeat raced, one who ran from the material world, now a vague sniper
You must never even think of telling a lie.
Shame on you!
Until everything has been solved or come undone, I avert my eyes and pretend I know nothing


Still though my heart grieves I pass everything off as a joke, telling no one
But the situation takes a turn for the worse, and I worry to no end

振れ幅大きくなり 瞳孔開いたまま震えて

Weakness finds its way into my hand as I grasp the key
My instability grows worse as my pupils shake eyes open wide

勝手に濡れ衣着て 欺く謀 曖昧スナイパー

My violently shaking pulse returns
My clothes soaked with sweat as I weave my deception, a vague sniper