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^The blue one is Infel [Pastalie] (whose name means ‘love’) and the pink one is Nenesha [Standard].

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I’ve had this song in my head for like a month.

I constantly ranted about this song on Twitter, but it really is cool – I just had no idea what I was getting to when I accepted this commission.

I’ve listened to parts of this song/legend so much it feels real to me. The whole thing is very… hymnal?. Anyway, if you want a little extra perspective on all the hymmnos lines, read [hymmnos-grammar] [pastalie-grammar] [hymmnos-language] and use [hymmnos-server] to help with dictionary look ups. I favor Pastalie. I believe there’s a third type that I’m glad didn’t show up in this song. My brain would have exploded. (It nearly did already.)

Even if you have no idea what this song is, I hope you YouTube it and appreciate my effort ^o^;

N: is sung by Nenesha or her chorus, and is in Hymmnos or Japanese
I: is sung by Infel or her chorus, and is in Pastalie, Hymmnos, or Japanese
N/I: is sung by Infel and Nenesha concurrently

Indentation Groups (Japanese)
 Are Sung Concurrently

Indentation Groups (English/Roma-ji)
 Are All One Line

N:Alternating  Are Sung Concurrently (Japanese)
I:     Lyrics     Concurrently

Roma-ji in brackets [is/are] sung concurrently.

[[Double bracketed romaji lines]]
[[Are sung concurrently]]

(These are Background Vocals)

I hope that’s not too confusing ^^;

I couldn’t figure out the meaning of the fourth line, other than “Deeply I become execution of method 1×11 0110 100 01 1011 1000” (6-4-1-11-8/0x641B8)

As with the previous song, some meaning is lost in pulling from both the Japanese and hymmnos. Otherwise each translated line would be 2-3x as long. (You’ll notice many translated lines are already twice as long as what the original is.)

Disclaimer: I’m not all that qualified to translate hymmnos, but I did give it my damnedest ^^;

Vocal: 月宮瑠璃華, 但野ひと
Music: Hull,夜皇
Lyrics: Fu,kairi,Hull
Circle: stellatram
Album: Hymmnos Chronicle~世界を最も愛した少女たちの詩~
Event: M3-31

N:Ma ki ra chs wassee enrer
I:Wee zweie ra chs messe eetor
N/I:en xest eazas inferiare yor,
N/I:xest 1×11 0110 100 01 1011 1000 >> syec mea.

I sing forever praises of the passing days and their wishes
I sing forever of the light filled tomorrow that lies before us
Then you my dear will become me, and I become you
/-I-:=1×11 0110 100 01 1011 1000/

N:深園飾る翠 露と映え生れ
N:花と結ぶ種に番い 夜は閑かの流星の兆
N:やがて命燃ゆる火と瞬き 音を摟く 詩へ

toyokazu no miwa totonoete
misono kazaru midori tsuyu to haenare
hana to musubu tane ni tsugai yoru wa shizuka no hoshi no kizashi
yagate inochi moyuru hi to matataki ne wo hiki uta e

Prepare the sacred rings of abundance
Let the greenery of the deep gardens shine with dew
As seeds blossom into flowers, the night is a sign, silently raining stars
Then with the flickerings of a life-burning flame, sounds play unto song

N/I:Was paks ra faja yuez.
N/I:Was granme ra chs sos yor.

Let us walk on together
It is for your sake I exist

N:    歳月 乾いた土肌を
I:雨無き幾歳月 乾いた土肌を
N:   AHー 儚くも
I:滴降り注ぐ 儚くも尊き天女の音

ame naki tosetsuki kawaita tsuchi hada wo
shizuku furisosogu hakanaku mo toutoki ame no ne

Over the earth, for many years dry without rain,
Sounds of droplets fall, each fleeting, each precious…

N:声音を 見つけた星が そっと囁く そばにいる、と
I:光を紡ぐ調べを 束編み導こう
N:ともしび明り 放した 想い 調べを交りて
I:眩き陽が鐘を衝く 標は調べと交りて

kowane wo mitsuketa hoshi ga sotto sasayaku soba ni iru, to
hikari wo tsumugu shirabe wo tsuka ami michibikou
tomoshibi akari hanashita omoi shirabe wo majirite
mabayuki hi ga kane wo tsugu shirube wa shirabe to majirite

Stars that have found their voices softly whisper, “I am with you.”
Let us weave together these melodies spun of light and guide them
Emotions released in the light of lamps mix in the melodies
As a brilliant sun strikes the bell, a guidepost to join with our melodies

N:  AHー希の生る花が 大地耀けるままに
I:生くれば希の生る花が 大地耀けるままに
N:  頬笑みあう刻を 望むれば幾重に榮え
I:また頬笑みあう刻を 望むれば幾重に榮え

ikureba nozomi no naru hana ga daichi kagayakeru mama ni
mata hohoemiau toki wo nozomureba ikue ni sakae

This flower to be our hopes, as the earth sparkles in the light
Flourishes as we look to a time when we can all smile again

I:やがて灯りの燈る夜が 和に明日の陽を語り
 N:titilia didalia en cest yatse phira
I:ただ善き願いに眠る その理想を胸に抱き
 N:cenjue clyncye en nepo hymmnos sarla selena pak maun, yetere…
  満たされ洗われた この時よ 聞こえ来るのは薄明の……

yagate akari no tomoru yoru ga nigi ni asu no hi wo katari
tada yoki negai ni nemuru sono risou wo mune ni daki

Finally the night lit of lights speaks warmly of tomorrow’s sun
(This overflowing seed will support a true paradise for everyone)
Sleep in your fair wishes, holding dreams close to your heart
(Now that it is fulfilled and purified, listen for its song in the dawn…)


Come! O light of the sun!

I:明し僥倖 降り注ぐ丘を
 目覚めた鮮けき種に 天道満ち照らし

akashi gyoukou furisosogu oka wo
mezameta azakeki tane ni amamichi michiterashi

Over a hill lit in beams of bright fortune
Upon a bright budding seed, the heavens shine their all

N:Was ki ra wearequewie der infel cexm diasee, ini her dyya.
 今日のこの日を謳います ふたりが出会い、奏でた日々を証となして

I sing with love this day, the days we met and sang a symbol for this moment

N:Fou ki ra chs adyya… Was touwaka wa firle, Wee quel ga chs fedyya.
  捜していた希望 今、さだめを揺るがし もしも叶うのなら 命よ、私に教えて
 I:xA rre deadl y.z.t. en h.w.s.s. oucc yor, gLYEwYEnE aje ale ut siance/.
I:rYAfm folten wrLYEmeh/. zz ttu kajya, dn YAale YAeje, reta LYAsiann fLYApLYAnYA ut mea/.
  照らされた行先 宿命の顕木を払暁に融かし どうか曙光よ、私に注いで
 I:xA rre Agral_mean sEnkkA vl vega, enw hYAkttE parce l.n.c.a. yuez ess talam cia t.r.m/.
  全てはここから始まる 拓かれた明けの空、並ぶ足音を証となして

The hope I had searched for now shakes my very core. While I wish for tomorrow
 I am familiar with today. Please! O life! Tell me if my dreams may really come true!
(The days in which together our wishes matured carry in them
 with great happiness a new sound to the land of paradise)
The way before me is filled with light. As the tree of destiny melts into the dawn,
 I am ready and without reluctance. Now! O light of dawn! Pour your light over me!
(Everything, all that we are begins now! Let our embrace, our
 footsteps together mark a new age blossoming in the dawning sky)

N:  日々を   未来を  希って
I:そう   何時も   共に希って歩み

sou hibi wo itsumo asu wo tomo ni negatte ayumi

Yes, for all our days we will together walk wishing for tomorrow

N:祷り   理想を繋ぐ
I:  梳交い   繋いでゆく

inori tokikai yume wo tsuna[gu/ide] yuku

Combing through prayers and tying dreams together

N:ただ  碧く  冀望を想い
I:  焔く  亘る   想い

tada attaku aoku wataru kibou wo omoi

Keeping in our hearts the passionate blue hopes we cross over

N:踏み出す  遥かな仰望の先へ
I:    この遥かな展望の先へ

fumidasu kono haruka na michi no saki e

Far into the distance on this road we have chosen to walk

N:ああ 肌を息づく 生命の温もりを
 I:xA rre rhaplanca hEkLYAttE en jAljU, fane engua/.

aa hada wo ikidzuku inochi no nukumori wo

Ah, I feel the warmth of life’s breath on my skin
(Rhaplanca, who protected and raised the seedling with unwavering affection)

N:胸に   永遠に抱いて
I:  誓い 永遠を抱いて 謳う
 N:Maoh endia anw has sa.

mune ni chikai eien’ [ni/wo] eidaite utau

I swear in my heart to embrace you and this eternity as I sing
(and Maoh, always there, fated to be by her side)

N/I:理想を 結び満開いた 花 世界を彩る
 I:xA rre vege gkgul doodu zz tUkdA sarsa enrer/.

yume wo musubi hiraita hana sekai wo sakaru

Weaving together dreams the flower opens and gives life to the world
(In that land rain would not fall, and the earth was always cracked and dry)

N:想い    詩を 離さずに
I:  繋いだ 手を 離さずに
 N:Wi ieeya knawa tim sos pak.

omoi tsunaida [uta/te] wo hanasazu ni

Our emotions one we will not let go of each other’s hand, each other’s song
(But in that land was hope, and life that could be nurtured)

N:      重なる   連なる 愛の手
I:灌いだ天つ雫   僅かずつ集う 愛が
 I:xE rre Atitia_rhaplanca lLYEncAa LYAtitia/.

sosoida amatsushizuku kasanaru wazuka zutsu [tsuranaru/tsudou] ai [no/ga] te

Heavenly rains pour down layer upon each other little by little,
 love gathering together, love’s hands linked in each other’s
(Rhaplanca’s pure heart touched others, and so they brought
 what little water they had, lining up behind her)

N:雨音を 導いて
 N:Maoh jass oure hars yaha.

[[amane wo michibiite]]
[[ame wo orinashi]]

[[Leading the sound of the rain]]
[[Weaving the rains together]]
(And Maoh, wanting nothing more than Rhaplanca’s smile,
 was always there to help and bring everyone together)

N:巡れば 慈しむ音が  今日を潤し  頬笑みあう明日へ
I: 嗚呼 愛おしむ音が 今日を溢れて 頬笑みあう明日へ
 I:xE rre vege gkgul doodu fEs qraffa nafan/.
  N:Ar ee werllra sor Dorzee varda.

[[megureba itsukushimu ne ga kyou wo uruoshi hohoemiau ashita e]]
[[aa itooshimu ne ga kyou wo afurete hohoemiau ashita e]]

[[As I walk, such lovely sounds give life to today,]]
[[Ah, so many precious sounds are overflowing today,]]
 leading to a tomorrow where we can all smile together
(In that land rain would not fall, but its people gave it life, and)
 (there, brimming with life, stood the great tree those two believed could be)

I:iwl yEmYEqLYE ale, kapa, siann, ryewa gral/.
I:mLYAamE siance l.l.n. omnis near, innna rhaplanca en maoh/.
 普く生命を祝福する理想郷 それはラプランカとマオの心の中に

And so the earth was filled with sound, water, light, and many blessings.
A paradise celebrating life in all its forms, with the hearts of Rhaplanca and Maoh.

I:陽を抱いた理想 戴く花環
I:大地には 愛を 祷りを
N:そよと憩う柔風 常し瑞枝を着初めて
N:白々の天空は 染まりゆく

hi wo idaita yume itadaku hana no wa
tsuchi ni wa megumi wo inori wo
soyoto ikou kaze tokoshi mizueda wo kisomete
shiro no sora wa somariyuku

A ring of flowers receives these dreams that embrace the sun
Into the earth pour your love, your blessings and your prayers
As a gentle idling breeze begins to carry the sounds of rustling branches,
The white sky takes on color

N:    歩んでゆく

anata to ayun’deku
zutto zutto

I will walk with you
Forever and ever…