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LITTLE WING ~Spirit of LINDBERG~ // Brave Witches ED

Happy Belated New Year!

Not what you were expecting? My C91 CDs are still in customs.

As you all know I’m a Strike Witches fan, but this song is pretty good regardless (and a perfect fit for Hikari/Brave Witches). Strike Witches Season 3/i.e. Brave Witches may have been on the low end when it came to production quality and balance and levels of gay, but I still thought it was fun.

Who were your favorite witches?
Mine were Edytha Rossmann and Gundala Rall (obviously).


*The original version (“LITTLE WING” (1990) by LINDBERG) cuts out the first stanza. (Or rather, this version adds it in.)
A quick YouTube search should pull up the original if you like that 90s sound better.


小さな翼は びくともしない
夜の向こうにある 未来探すよ

chiisana tsubasa wa biku tomo shinai
yoru no mukou ni aru mirai sagasu yo

My little wings are unflinching
As I search for a future beyond the night

きっかけは夢の中 大空を飛んでいる
大きくなったとき 翼広げ 海を越えるよ

kikkake wa yume no naka oozora wo ton’deiru
ookiku natta toki tsubasa hiroge umi wo koeru yo

It all started with a dream of flying through the skies
When I grew up, I’d spread my wings and cross the sea

誰もがみんな 口を揃えて 無駄なことだと 白い目で僕を見るけど

dare mo ga min’na kuchi wo soroete muda na koto da to shiroi me de boku wo miru kedo

No one ever takes me seriously, always saying I’m wasting my time, but still

小さな翼は びくともしない
夜の向こうにある 未来探すよ
強い風の日も びくともしない
雲をつきぬけて 見たことのない世界目ざす

chiisa na tsubasa wa biku tomo shinai
yoru no mukou ni aru mirai wo sagasu yo
tsuyoi kaze no hi mo biku tomo shinai
kumo wo tsukinukete mita koto no nai sekai mezasu

My little wings are unflinching
As I search for a future beyond the night
Even when the wind is strong, they still are unflinching
As I break through the clouds, looking for a world I’ve never seen

夢を追えば いつも傷つくことばかり
置き去りにしたまま どこか遠く逃げてしまえば

yume wo oeba itsumo kizutsuku koto bakari
okizari ni shita mama doko ka tooku nigeteshimaeba

Chasing after your dreams always means getting hurt all along the way
Sometimes you want to just leave your dreams behind, and run far away…

だけど君が信じてくれた きっと出来ると だからもう僕は迷わない

dakedo kimi ga shin’jitekureta kitto dekiru yo dakara mou boku wa mayowanai

But you believed in me, telling me I could do it, so I don’t think that way anymore

小さな翼が 僕を呼んでいる
涙の向こうに 未来探すよ
強い雨の日も びくともしない
明日を信じて 飛び続けるよ

chiisa na tsubasa ga boku wo yon’deiru
namida no mukou ni mirai sagasu yo
tsuyoi ame no hi mo biku tomo shinai
ashita wo shin’jite tobitsudzukeru yo

My little wings are calling me
So I’ll search for a future beyond my tears
Even when the rain is hard, they still are unflinching
As I keep flying, believing in tomorrow

夢見る重さに 負けちゃいけない
傷つく勇気を 忘れちゃだめさ

yume miru omosa ni makechaikenai
kizudzuku yuuki wo wasurecha dame sa

You mustn’t lose to the weight that comes with dreaming
You mustn’t ever forget the courage it takes to be hurt and keep going

小さな翼は びくともしない
夜の向こうにある 未来探すよ
強い風の日も びくともしない
明日を信じて 飛び続けるよ

chiisa na tsubasa wa biku tomo shinai
yoru no mukou ni aru mirai sagasu yo
tsuyoi kaze no hi mo biku tomo shinai
ashita wo shin’jite tobitsudzukeru yo

My little wings are unflinching
As I search for a future beyond the night
Even when the wind is strong, they still are unflinching
As I keep flying, believing in tomorrow

小さな翼が 僕を呼んでいる
涙の向こうに 未来探すよ
強い雨の日も びくともしない
明日を信じて 飛び続けるよ

chiisana tsubasa ga boku wo yon’deiru
namida no mukou ni mirai sagasu yo
tsuyoi ame no hi mo biku tomo shinai
ashita wo shin’jite tobitsudzukeru yo

My little wings are calling me
So I’ll search for a future beyond my tears
Even when the rain is hard, they still are unflinching
As I keep flying, believing in tomorrow

Strike Witches: Suomus Misfits Squadron (507th JFW “Silent Witches”)

^↑↓/←→: Anabuki Tomoko, Katherine O’Hare, Elma Leivonen, Elizabeth Beurling
    Sakomizu Haruka, Ursula Hartmann, Giuseppina Cenni

Spoilers will be blackened like so “this is a spoiler!” in the traditional format, so highlight to see the contents. I didn’t put many in anyway.

I don’t think I’m much of a reviewer, and this is a bit full with TL;DR portions, so only read what you’d like. I’m assuming a familiarity with the Strike Witches “franchise”.

If you’re going to read this, I recommend listening to:
“Good Morning!!”
“Egao no Mahou (Orchestral Version)”
“Egao no Mahou (Fast Instrumental Version)”
“Jet Striker”
“Witch no Tatakai (Electric Guitar Version)”
“Sweet Duet”
^Depending on the context. “Mamoritai” is best for fighting scenes in general, “Egao no Mahou (Fast Instrumental Version)” integral for a turn in battle, “Jet Striker” and “Witch no Tatakai (Electric Guitar Version)” are perfect for tense moments.

I know – I had way, way too much fun imagining the twists and turns and such of the fighting scenes, which I’d say really make the series…


Strike Witches Suomus takes place five years before the events of the Strike Witches anime, and begins right after the Neuroi invasion of Ostmark in 1939 (which mirrors Hitler’s invasion of Poland). As it is much earlier in the war, technology on both sides is a lot more “realistic”, and different from the anime: Neuroi don’t have lasers or cores, but have specific engine locations, shoot bullets, and carry limited ammunition; a witch’s shield usually can’t take more than a machine gun burst at 100 meters; even a witch can’t fly stationary except with special conditions; striker units have very specific limitations based on their real counterparts. Witch units are much more varied as well. While the “Misfits Squadron” (officially known as the “Suomus Independent Volunteer Air Squadron”) specializes in air control and defense like the 501st, they also participate in bombing missions, air strikes, and ground troop suppression. In the Suomus series, you also come into contact with other specialized divisions, like the Rudel’s dive bombing Stuka squadron, and witch ground-mechanized troops. Because Suomus faces land invasion, the Neuroi’s mysterious “miasma” is much more of a problem, severely limiting non-witch interaction (as opposed to Navy interaction in the anime). Though dealt with a little inconsistently, the Suomus series witches have familiars, and striker units generally look a lot different from each other; in the first volume, Haruka has a navy striker that you straddle, rather than attach to each leg (apparently useful for water-landing). You can really feel the military-otaku a lot more from the light novel series, because specific strikers and magic engines and gun types and explosives are handled in a lot more detail, where small equipment changes literally make or break aerial combat situations. Specialized magical powers in witches are either muted or nondescript.

Plot Synopsis:

Suomus, facing the threat of a Neuroi invasion, requests reinforcement witches to help bolster its defense. Each of the current world powers agrees to send witches, but compared to their own country’s affairs and the Karlsland-Ostmark front line, Suomus is the least of their worries. So as follows, the reinforcements are used an excuse to get rid of unwanted misfits: one witch that clings to outdated fighting styles, one that can’t hit the broad side of the barn, one infamous for her number of her court marshals and detentions, another infamous for her destruction of military property, and finally a tiny witch overshadowed by her older sister, who hardly lifts her head from a book, all of whom are headed by timid and cowardly witch of Suomus, and apparently the only straight one in the entire country. The series is broken into three volumes: “Suomus Misfits Squadron Moving Up”, “Suomus Misfits Squadron in Love”, “Clash in the Suomus Misfits Squadron”. The first volume involves Tomoko learning how to adapt her war strategy to include team-based combat (code word for the value of friendship) and resorting her priorities in the face of a new Neuroi specialized bomber type. Haruka’s feelings for Tomoko turn from adoration to blazing passion. Beurling gradually opens up to Tomoko in a strong “friend in war” way, and softens her pessimism; Katherine learns how to fly properly; Elma becomes a little more cool headed; and Ursula evolves into her patent engineering/inventor role. In the second volume Suomus faces a land invasion and the group has to retreat from preoccupied territory. Tomoko has to adapt yet again to new Neuroi units and new tactics and deals with her sexual orientation, Haruka leaves the team for Ahonen’s squad, Hannah Rudel comes from Karlsland to assist, love blossoms and the rest of the team subtly develops. The third volume has more of Tomoko dealing with her sexuality (and final awakening to lesbianism) and Haruka’s now wildly aggressive advances; a new recruit from Romagna comes who seems to have lost her memory, and a brand new type of Neuroi threat (Neuroi Witches). Another novel was slated after that, but at this point it’s safe to say the project’s stalled, and I consider the series a trilogy.


Cast as of February 1940
507th Joint Fighter Wing
穴吹智子中尉           Anabuki Tomoko [Flying Officer] (17)
                 Fusou Army *507th JFW Commanding Officer*
迫水ハルカ一飛曹         Sakomizu Haruka [Flight Sergeant, 1st Class] (15)
                 Fusou Navy
エルマ・レイヴォネン中尉     Elma Leivonen [Flying Officer] (16)
                 Suomus Air Force
エリザベス・F・ビューリング少尉 Elizabeth F. Beurling [Pilot Officer] (19)
                 Britannia Air Force
キャサリン・オヘア少尉      Katherine O’ Hare [Pilot Officer] (17)
                 Liberion Navy
ウルスラ・ハルトマン曹長     Ursula Hartmann [Master Flight Sergeant] (10)
                 Karlsland Air Force
ジュゼッピーナ・チュインニ准尉  Giuseppina Cenni [Warrant Officer] (17)
                 Romagna Air Force *Recruited 1940*

Minor Characters
ミカ・アホネン大尉        Mika Ahonen [Flight Lieutenant]
                 Suomus Air Force 1st Squadron
ハッキネン少佐          Häkkinen [Squadron Leader]
                 Suomus Air Force
ハンナ・ルーデル大尉       Hannah Rudel [Flight Lieutenant]
                 Karlsland Air Force
加藤武子少尉           Katou Takeko [Pilot Officer]
                 Fusou Army
糸河衛              Itokawa Mamoru (Fusou Engineer)

Thoughts on characters:

First of all, the characters really are built a lot different from the characters in the anime, and I was glad, because it helped keep them fresh. Tomoko is built really well for a main character, because you definitely don’t love her. She can be really annoying and slow to realize the obvious, extremely frivolous and overly concerned about her perceived sexual orientation, but she also has several moments when she is like Sakamoto Mio (very briefly mentioned in the novels): proud, strong, and always going on about training. As time progresses and she becomes properly more leader-like she becomes a much more likable character. For voicing, I imagined a back and forth between high-pitched Perrine and slightly higher than Mio-ish voice when she was serious.

When I first met Haruka, I thought she was going to be a Miyafuji Yoshika clone, but – no. Perhaps if you took out every grain of innocence and flicked on an erotic switch in her brain, maybe, but she’s crazy. She’s one of the few whose skills stay relatively consistant (ly bad) over the course of the series (until near the end of the third volume), only her lesbianism seems to level up. Thus, she is the instigator of most of the fan-service in the novels. It felt a little “overwhelming and unnecessary” at times, but also added a lot of humor where it was due. I imagined a voice that mixed Francesca Lucchini and Yoshika when indignant. Apparently in another work Eila mentions that Haruka is “dangerous”, by which time she would be about twenty and by her uniform looks like she’s high ranking.

Katherine O’Hare gradually became one of my favorite characters, along with Elma, Rudel, and Beurling. She hails from a ranch in Texas, so … as a Texan, the stereotyping was extremely painful from the get go. But her way of speaking really grew on me over time, and as her personality slowly evolved, she started waxing insightful. She sort of became like Goofy (from Disney); she was silly and generally ignorant, but strangely insightful, knowledgeable, or observant at times. I’d put the tone of her voice with Yeager’s, but even less serious and even more happy-go-lucky. The fact that she’d say things like “youuuu guys” and end all her sentences with “ne-” really made her character stand out. Also, if I were to say any of the witches had a specialized power, it would be Katherine, who has a really strong shield and a miraculous ability to survive a crash unscathed.

I won’t bore you with an indepth look at everyone else, but Beurling needs to be mentioned, with her logical cool-headed-ness and disregard for the rules. There’s no one to really compare her too, but she and Rudel both have a very “veteran” aura to them that I’m not even sure Mio or even Barkhorn could hold a candle to. Elma is perhaps the opposite, with a very inexperienced air, but that and her general cowardly nature makes her the cutest character in the series. Disappointingly Ursula is almost too true to her stock character, with a very thin presence, she hardly ever speaks or is even present, but pops up a lot of plot purposes. Giuseppina is too much of a “plot device” for me to form a real impression on her.

Final Impressions:

I first looked to the series because in a sort of apologetic manner, people told me that “the anime isn’t really that great but the novels are awesome!” No. They had it entirely wrong. If you couldn’t handle the humorous fan-service in the anime, you probably wouldn’t be able to handle Haruka’s antics. Since visual fan-service is harder to do in writing I guess, most visual fan-service is just cut out of the novels. I think they spend a sentence or two explaining that and why the witches have no pants, and that’s it. Instead they add in sexual relationships. In the anime, love is implied, but not really forcefully. For example, Eila and Sanya definitely have a love relationship, and they sleep together in the same bed from time to time etc. It’s really up to the viewer to decide how far you want to think they go, because the anime’s just not going to go that far, furthermore it’s much more of a deep relationship. Most of the other’s inter-personnel love doesn’t go further than Perrine’s sexual-tension type adoration for Mio, Yoshika’s largely friendship-based love of Lynette, and the vague feelings of love between Minna and Mio. The novels aren’t explicit, but they are blatant. The Suomus First Squadron is a literal harem of Ahonen’s, and Tomoko’s slept with several characters and we know she’s a loud one. o.o; However, there are limits. Elma is just about as straight as one can get and practically homophobic (makes sense, she’s generally-phobic), Beurling finds the whole thing amusing, and the others just don’t care really.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, the dogfighting portions of the novel are, for the most part, fantastic. They’re really intricate with the air maneuvering techniques, so much that I feel that I’ve learned something. The second volume is one of my favorites, because the fighting/bombing scenes are very animated and have a lot of cool moments. I really liked learning about the planes, prototypes, fighting styles, different types of witches and so forth. It really went back to “concept” and the awesome concept behind Strike Witches was what drew me in in the first place. If they do another season of strike witches, I’d like to see them go back earlier in the war and cover something like this. It doesn’t have to be Suomus but witches and Neuroi, fighting but bound by lower technology would be great. Maybe some campaigns in Africa with tank-witches as well?

Overall the series is good, but not amazing, because while it has some amazing portions, it has some consistency problems and the fan-service relationships feel like they go a little far sometimes. There are a few other relatively slow sections, and especially in the first novel I was easily fed up by Tomoko’s behavior. Here are some arbitrary 10 point ratings: (1=awful, 10=amazing)

“Suomus Misfits Squadron Moving Up” 6.8
“Suomus Misfits Squadron in Love” 9.2
“Clash in the Suomus Misfits Squadron” 8.3

The first volume truly suffers from “undeveloped character syndrome” where you haven’t learned enough about the characters to love them yet, but it is no means bad, and you have to start somewhere. I’ll explain the second rating simply as, there were Stukas, and Stukas are cool. The third was interesting with its mystery aspect, and some of the fighting scenes in it were the best in the series, but it didn’t really have the tension that championed the second volume, and Haruka went a little out of control, so I knocked the points down a little.

That’s all! I think I’m going to go watch S2-Ep6 now, because it is a Sanya x Eila masterpiece, and I’m a Sanya-Eila fan.

^And there are many many more.

Over Sky

If you’re not listening to the track with Eila and Sanya, I’m judging you.
Well, you’re probably judging me.

Either way, Eila (Oohashi Ayuru) has a great voice for these types of songs ^_^.

Anime OP/EDs demand slightly more liberal translations… or else they just sound silly. (・ω・´)

Over Sky


ひとりじゃ 泣きそうな 広い空でも
逃げないよ 真っ直ぐ立ち向かう
仲間と一緒に Over Sky

I might cry if I had to face this limitless sky all alone
But I won’t run away, I’ll look straight on ahead
Together with my friends, Over Sky

手のひらに風を 感じたのなら
もう 大丈夫 信じてジャンプしよう
遠く浮かぶ雲 ひとっとびできるよ
そんなドキドキ 想像できなかった
みんなの明日の夢 守るんだ
さあ 握り締めて飛びたて

Once I’ve felt the wind on my outstretched hands
I’m ready to believe, so let’s jump!
Seeing clouds floating up high in the sky, I’m ready to fly
I never imagined I’d feel such exhilaration
I’ll protect everyone’s dreams for tomorrow
I’m filled with courage!
Take my hand and we’ll fly!

ひとりじゃ 泣きそうな 大きい空でも
仲間がいれば 笑顔になれる
ホラ 奇跡じゃないんだ
約束したから 心に決めたから
逃げないよ 真っ直ぐ立ち向かう
もっともっと素敵な世界のために Over Sky

I might cry if I had to face this limitless sky all alone
But as long as I have my friends, I can smile
It’s not a miracle
It’s because I’ve promised, because I decided in my heart
I won’t run away, I’ll look straight on ahead
Towards a much more wonderful world waiting Over Sky

ガンバレのswitch 押す追い風に
照れながら ありがとうって言ったよ
冷たそうな波と 水平飛行で
ぐっと急接近 手をつないでみよう
みんなと明日へのドア 探してる
そう きっと開いてるよと

This tailwind’s switched on my confidence!
Blushing I said, “Thank you”
The waves look cold below our level flight
I dive in closer, let’s hold hands
I’m looking for the door to tomorrow with everyone
Where our dreams will come true
We’ll find and open it for sure!

ひとりじゃ 乗り切れない 苦しい場面も
仲間がいれば 怖がらないで
運が悪くても 失敗しちゃっても
めげないよ 真っ直ぐ立ち向かう
もっともっと遠くの未来が見たい Over Sky

I wouldn’t be able to ride this out if I were alone
But as long as I have my friends, I won’t have to be afraid
I’ll just keep moving forward
Even if my luck runs out, even if I fail
I won’t get down, I’ll just keep facing straight on ahead
I want to see that future in the distance Over Sky

誰より 想っている
自分なら出来るはずだと やるんだと
簡単には 折れない気持ち
みんなのぶん ぎゅっと束ねて
約束したから この空を越えて
世界を守る 飛んでゆくんだ

I’m certain,
I can do it, I will do it
These feelings aren’t easily broken
Holding with me everyone’s feelings too
Since I’ve promised, I’ll shoot past this sky
Flying to protect the world
Together with my friends

ひとりじゃ 泣きそうな 大きい空でも
仲間がいれば 笑顔になれる
ホラ ほんの一瞬で
約束したから 絶対守るから
逃げないよ 真っ直ぐ立ち向かう
もっともっと素敵な世界のために Over Sky

I might cry if I had to face this limitless sky all alone
But as long as I have my friends, I can smile
It only took a moment,
But since I’ve promised, I’ll definitely protect everyone
So I won’t run away, I’ll look straight on ahead
Towards a much more wonderful world waiting Over Sky

Sweet Duet (Eila+Sanya’s Theme)

Yes, I am an Eila x Sanya Supporter, and I’m proud of it. :D
I hope Alter continues their Strike Witches series, and that Eila makes it on the list, because I’d scramble to get Eila (like Sanya) and I’d definitely get Barkhorn too… I just hope I’ll have money for them when they come out if they do…

When I translated this, I was listening to the “(New Version)” on the Strike Witches 2 Soundtrack that played in episode 6 (the best episode ever! >.>) – but I don’t think the lyrics are any different from the original track on Eila and Sanya’s Character Album.

If you’re curious, here’s who sings each line (because I didn’t want to color code it [yet]):
s=Sanya, e=Eila, t=EilaxSanya
eess est tttt / ssee set tttt / esest tttt

I’ll do my best to keep that feeling in the translation.

“showering starlight”: more like the starlight cheering them on, but that sounds odd in English.

And yeah, you’re right – at the very latest, I should have done this song 6 weeks ago….

Sweet Duet
作詩:三浦誠司 Miura Seiji
   Sanya V. Litvyak (Kadowaki Mai)
   Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen (Oohashi Ayumu)

未来まで続いてるレールの先 かすんでく
誘導灯遮って 迷わすプリズム
頼りないアンテナじゃ 出口も見つけられない
清寂に 暗闇に 飲み込まれそうなの

The railway leading off into our future is misted over
Diverting the guide lights in a misleading prism..
Unable to rely on my antenna, I can’t find a way out!
I feel like I’ll be swallowed by this darkness and silence

不安と勇気 お互いに伝え合いたいよ

Your trembling fingers
I’ll grasp with mine
I want us to share our anxieties and courage together!

あなたの歌に わたしのハーモニー重ねて
夜にはぐれないように 導いて
何千マイルの旅も平気 ふたりなら
どこまでも響かせて Sweet Duet

I’ll add my harmony to your songs, and
Guide you all through the night, so you’ll never be lost
Even if we journey for thousands of miles, everything will be fine as long as we’re together
Our Sweet Duet will sound out over the distance, however far..

びしょ濡れで凍えてる体を 包んでくれる
温かい毛布みたい その両手が好き
背中ごし呼吸する はかなさが 愛おしさが

I loved it when you would embrace me, drenched and freezing
With both of your arms around me like a warm blanket
When I feel your breath behind my back, its faintness, its love
Brings a strength out in me I could never manage alone

スターライトの喝采に 笑顔で応えよう

With nothing but stardust..
Watching over us – It’s show time!
Let’s answer that showering starlight with a smile!

あなたのメロディー わたしにリズムに合わせて
夜のベール 溶かしてゆきたい
寂しさなんて忘れそうだね ふたりなら
いつまでも一緒だよ My Dear

Let me match your melody with my rhythm, and
We’ll melt together into the night’s veil
I feel like I can forget what loneliness is, as long as I’m together with you
And we’ll be together forever, My Dear

まだめくらないでね 秘密のままでいい
眠れば夢の中にほら 舞台(ステージ)

My tarot cards that can divine our fates..
Let’s not turn them over yet, I’m fine with staying a secret
In times we’re hurt,
We’ll just carry the pain together
When we sleep, in our dreams there’s a stage…

あなたの歌に わたしのハーモニー重ねて
夜にはぐれないように 導いて
何千マイルの旅も平気 ふたりなら
どこまでも響かせて Sweet Duet

I’ll add my harmony to your songs, and
Guide you all through the night, so you’ll never be lost
Even if we journey for thousands of miles, everything will be fine as long as we’re together
Our Sweet Duet will sound out over the distance, however far..

Strike Witches 2 ~笑顔の魔法~ // Egao no Mahou // The Magic of Smiles

^There are literally twenty billion different images I could have put up here, so it took a while to choose one, but well as Yoshika and Mio are now retirees and stars of the last episode, well, I guess there’s no helping it.

Now I’m not going to say this show is underrated or anything, because it’s got quite a fan-base, but let’s look at the show for a moment:

If you don’t think that the concept of a WWII-paralleled time period with magical girls strapping plane parts to their legs, personifying those era planes, using giant guns, rocket launchers, and magical abilities to fight aliens that take the form of warships sometimes and are often not unlike Evangelion angels isn’t overwhelmingly awesome, you either didn’t have a childhood or something’s wrong with you (or you hate anime? ._.). [\o/ Long Sentence]

It is a fan-service show, and it doesn’t worry it self much with plot, and it is a bit ridiculous, but it really is the best of that sort of genre. It tries to give every character/character set their own episode, the characters are quirky and there’s enough of a selection to fit anyone’s tastes, plus – season 2 upped the production values quite a bit.

So to you anime connoisseurs, who would normally lift your nose up at a show like this, I say, shamelessly, it’s a great show. ^_^ and I am a fan.
(Though I’ll admit I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone)
(Also, in this day and age, Strike Witches is tame on the fan-service meter)

Listen to the Orchestral Version of this, it’s so much better. It makes it almost epic.

Strike Witches 2 ~笑顔の魔法~
 Egao no Mahou
 The Magic of Smiles
作詩:高村和宏 Takamura Kazuhiro
作曲:森浩太 Mori Kouta
原曲:大堀薫 Oohori Kaori
オーケストラ・ヴァージョン編曲:長岡成貢 Nagaoka Seikou
歌:石田燿子 Ishida Youko

いつか いつか 約束の空
君となら また 飛べるよ

Someday, someday, as long as I’m with you
I’ll be able to fly again into that promised sky

そんな時は呼んで 駆けつけるから

Everyone has painful nights when they’re
Troubled and filled with regret
When that happens, just call me and
I’ll come flying at the speed of sound

それがさだめ でもね あらがうよ
君がホラ 笑ってね くれるから

Even if it’s against fate, I can still fight
Because you’re smiling for me

叶えたい夢 遠いけど
いっしょなら出来るよ 無敵の勇気で
キラキラ光る そのナミダ
笑顔の魔法 でね 翼に変えたら
きっと きっと 羽ばたけるから
虹を越え その先まで

Those dreams we want to come true may be far away
But together we can do it, with our insurmountable courage
With the magic of smiles
Those sparkling tears will become wings and
We’ll be able to fly over rainbows
All the way!

ずっと憶えてるよ あの日交わした
どんな高い壁も 飛び越えていく

I still remember the promise
We made that day
No matter how high the wall, we’ll make it
Determined to keep going

だからいつも前に 進めるよ
君がまた 笑ってね くれるから

Like I said, we’ll always keep moving forward
Because you’re still smiling for me

叶えたい夢 遠くから
見守るだけじゃなく いっしょに探そう
胸にしまった その傷も
笑顔の魔法 でね 勇気に変えたら
もっと もっと 羽ばたけるハズ
雲を抜け 大空へと

Those dreams we want to come true may be far away
I won’t just watch over you, we’ll search for them together
With the magic of smiles,
Even those wounds closed in our hearts will become courage and
We’ll be able to fly higher and higher
Through the clouds and into the ever expanding sky

君と 今 無限の空へ

Together with you who gave me these wings
To keep fighting, the strength to never give up
We’ll soar into the infinite sky

叶えたい夢 この先が
たとえ暗闇でも 何も怖くない
守るべきもの 守ること
いっしょなら出来るよ 笑顔の魔法で

Even if the way to seeing those dreams come true
Is filled with darkness, I have nothing to be afraid of
Those I must protect, I will protect,
I can do it all if I’m with you, with the magic of smiles

キラキラ光る 未来まで
今 上昇気流乗って 翼を広げて
いつか いつか 約束の空
君となら また 飛べるよ

Now we’ll ride the winds higher and higher
Spreading our wings towards a sparkling future
Yes, someday, as long as I’m with you
I’ll be able to fly again into our promised sky

踏み出せば ホラ 飛べるよ

If we just do it, you see! we can fly!!

^I know it’s impractical to fight in the air with swords, but… it’s just too awesome.

Good Morning!! Lyrics / Translation (Eila’s Character Song)

^Eila and Sanya!!

I thought it appropriate after a 15 1/2 hour nap.

You can go ahead and judge me for enjoying Strike Witches, but it’s not all that bad, and the original concept’s pretty cool ^w^. I’ll stand by that.

Full Song@YouTube: [link]
Clip Video with Shorter Version@YouTube: [link]

作曲・編曲:川田瑠香 Kawada Ruka
Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen (Nakai Erika == Oohashi Ayuru)


Come on everyone, get up! It’s morning!
As they say, the early bird gets the worm!
I’m not really sure how good that would be, but
It feels good!
C’mon~ Brush-your-teeth-do-your-stretches-get-changed!
Eat all your breakfast and ask for more!
I feel like my power’s been topped off!
It’s a new kind of magic!


Let’s go all the way!
To the ends of the sky!
Towards those precious dreams,
Hop, Step, Jump and Go!!


 Good Morning!!
 It’s time to get up!!
 Good Morning Today!!
 Let’s start a new day!
 Brace yourself and
 Raise your speed!
 There’s nothing to be afraid of!
 Good Morning!!
 It’s time to get up!!
 Good Morning Me!!
 If you’re ever lost,
 Brace yourself for
 What’s coming and
 Think of all your favorite things!!


Fun times are short aren’t they..
Bad times are long aren’t they..
But I can’t be picky!
I’m fine as long as you’re here!
If it’s bright outside let’s have fun now!
If it’s raining we’ll talk about the future!
I feel like my courage is bursting!
It’s the first kind of magic!


Everyone has someone
They want to protect,
For me that’s you!
That’s the right answer!!


 Good Morning!!
 It’s time to get up!!
 Good Morning Dreams!!
 We can do anything!
 Whether it’s
 Good or Bad
 I want to embrace it all!
 Good Morning!!
 It’s time to get up!!
 Good Morning Together!!
 If you ever fall over
 Just stand back up!
 We can’t lose!
 Someday we’ll be shining!!

Repeat chorus (w/ synth)

Strike Witches – Kuroi Hitomi 黒い瞳

It’s been so humid I’ve had to take like four showers today. -.-

So I watched Strike Witches. Partly because I am watching Shangri-la, loving it (same studio: Gonzo), and partly because I heard it was so bad (it’s infamous). Once you get past the "O.O none of the girls are wearing pants O.o – Why…?" It’s actually a nice show. It’s not like the plot is really intriguing or anything, or that the animation is really spectacular, but it’s cute, and you get attached to some of the characters. More interesting is really the concepts behind the characters. The sheer level of fanservice-y bits is enough to make you laugh too XD – but it’s really not near as horrible as people make it out to be; maybe my level of tolerance has just grown too high?

Liking the concept of it all, I heard that the series was based on novels. This is a (fairly blatant) lie. It is instead, based on an Anime OVA by Kunihisa Sugishima (25 minutes and only loosely informative) that’s based on a series of illustrations by Humikane Shimada done in Compatiq Ace. You get the "based on novels" bit because there are three light novels that are based on that same series of illustrations. (here’s an interlinking web of characters that relate the characters of the light novels to the original characters in the illustrations), then there are currently two light novels that are a basic novelization of the OVA+Anime – along with some fan-novel. As the Anime was done by Kazuhiro Takamura and Tsuyoshi Tamai, you have a completely different set of people working on every single separate component, and therefore it’s very disjunct. (Although Humikame Shimada, the original illustrator, provided light novel illustrations to both the first light novel and the novelization.) However, I heard that either the novelization or the other light novel were pretty good, so – I might read them if I get the chance to.

As for the characters, I liked most of them by the end of the series, even the American. In fact – I believe she’s the first Anime American that I haven’t fully disliked. Maybe I connected with her longing for speed – impressive because I have a disposition to dislike characters with oversized breasts – but I got past that, (at least they weren’t big enough to break my suspension of disbelief XD.) As a night owl and not really buying into that no-pants = win, my favorite character was Sanya V. Litvyak (who is the only character ever to be seen wearing a skirt), and thus by extension I had to like Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen. (I still have to think of the Japanese pronounciation stuffs to figure out how to say her name.) I also liked Gertrud Barkhorn, and there by extension liked the other two original German pilots: Erica Hartmann and Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke. Then, because her gun is cool and perhaps I have a strange attraction to British women o.o – Lynette Bishop. Yeah… I put the main character around the bottom of my list.

If I had to rank them:

1. Sanya V. Litvyak
2. Gertrud Barkhorn
3. Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
4. Lynette Bishop
5. Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
5. Charlotte E. "Charlie" Yeager
5. Erica Hartmann
8. Mio Sakamoto
9. Francesca Lucchini
10. Yoshika Miyafuji
11. Perrine-H. Clostermann

-.-: Perrine annoyed me to NO end. (X-x the french) | Yoshika… was too optimistic and had no redeeming qualities. | Lucchini was cat-like which I like… but no other redeeming qualities. | Once you get past Mio’s kind of annoying laugh and obstinate kamikaze attitude, she’s got this teacher attitude that’s nice – plus she’s old (~20) and thus has a bit of a head on her shoulders at least. The three-way tie for 5th has partly to do with the fact that I want to keep all of them in the upper half – and that although that’s the order I’d put them in, they’re pretty close anyway. Lynette I like again because she’s nice and a sniper, and British. Eila makes me laugh and I like her semi-deep voice – plus she’s like Sanya’s talking counterpart. As for Gertrud, I like pretty much everything about her character, especially after you learn more about her – and I think she’s pretty ^^. Sanya, I like everything about her – her ability, her habits, and her animal, her country, the fact that she wears… clothes — everything really, but I wish sort of that she would talk more, though that would violate part of her character… So 1&2 are pretty close :d

So anyway I got hold of Sanya and Eila’s character album, and I like it ^^. One song that caught my eye (ear?) was Kuroi Hitomi ("black pupils") – which is basically a song of Japanese lyrics placed over a common Russian folk tune. It’s pretty ^^. It’s an extremely simple song, so maybe the translation’ll sound a little strange.

Translation Notes: as for the "particle" なりし – I can only guess what it means through context, as well as the only other phrase I found when I googled it 夢なりし空中庭園 – this is similar to the time when I came across にす – of which I couldn’t find any results >.> – Also, everytime you see "eyes" it really should be "pupils" but in English, you usually say eyes regardless… – but "black eyes" (lit) sound odd, so I made it "black"->"dark"

(・x・) I need to get better at translating songs – then it would be just beautiful regardless. In Japanese it’s beautiful, I promise :D

The drama tracks on this CD are cute, Eila is always mildly jealous of anyone that might take Sanya’s interest. – I’ll give her that right, after all Sanya always hops into Eila’s bed whenever she gets back :x


燃えさかる炎よ ああ黒き瞳よ 美しき炎よ 素晴らしき瞳
愛しき 悩ましき その瞳 あなたを一目見て 私はあなたの虜

Burning flame; ah such dark eyes; beautiful flame; splendid eyes
Lovely, seductive, those eyes – with a single look I am your captive

闇なりし焔よ ああ黒き瞳よ 凍てつく焔よ 底知れぬ瞳
勝ち誇り 焼き尽くす その瞳 あなたの炎で 私の心は痛む

A blaze inviting darkness; ah such dark eyes; frozen blaze; bottomless eyes
Triumphant, burning out, those eyes – by your flame my heart pains

私の幸せは あなただけに

My happiness depends solely on you

燃えさかる炎よ ああ黒き瞳よ 愛しき瞳よ 美しき瞳
とこしえに 魅惑する その瞳 私を連れ去り 破滅へといざなう

Burning flame; ah such dark eyes; lovely eyes; beautiful eyes
For eternity captivating, those eyes – take me away and invite me into destruction

あなたの面影を 夢に見る

I see your face in my dreams

夜中に歌う声 私は手を伸ばす 夢へとみちびく 黒き瞳
私はあなたと 共に飛び立つ

Singing at midnight, I extend my arms to your dark eyes, leading me into dreams
Together with you I leap into the sky