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And I love the world ~ キレそうな紫の幾年月

Requested by: Andvari78

Happy Halloween!

Please forgive me for the hiatus, I was feeling really out of it. I mean really out of it. At least in the process I ended up watching all of FMA II in 3 days and can say it was an awesome show. At any rate, I feel better, ready to do work of all kinds.

Watch 海月姫 Kurage Hime! Princess Jellyfish!
Or Kuwawa will cry!

And I love the world ~ キレそうな紫の幾年月
 And I love the world ~ Those Countless Years and Days of Yukari She’d Like to Cut
編曲:D.watt / Sound CYCLONE
Circle: OTAKU-ELITE Recordings
Album: Purple and Cherrypink
Event: C75

大変だったのよ 今思えば
酷い目にもあった あの時はね
お月さまは遠目に望むのが 一番 なんて

When I think about it now, that was pretty serious
It was an absolute pain
I really ran into something awful back then
“Looking at the moon from far away’s the best”

目が覚めたら大概 上へ下へとやってて
瞼の隙間 踊る幻想を見てる

Usually when I wake up, I’ll look at the illusions
Dancing up and down in the space behind my eyelids

しょうがないよね ここからまた
いつものようにお任せ決め込んで 今日は夢の中
やまてよホント 柄じゃないから
「眠る両手に願いを抱いて」なんて ねえ

I guess I’ve got no choice, I guess I’ll just
Leave everything to her like always and spend today dreaming
Stop it, really – I’m not like that!
“Embracing a wish with both hands sleeping” really!

いろいろあったのよ 最近もそう
騒々しい客人の 悪ふざけね
今の若い娘はコレだから 困る なんて

A lot’s happened recently you know,
Like that earthquake that destroyed the shrine
The prank of some loud visitors
“That young girl this time around is one of those people, so yeah…”

起き抜けにちょうど 右へ左へとやってて
目覚めた振りして 騒ぐ世界を見てる

Right when I get up I look left and right
Make like I’ve woken up and look at the bustling world

楽じゃないよね そう思うけど
本日はもうお昼過ぎだから 明日からがんばる
やめてよホント 柄じゃないから
「この安らぎをずっとこのまま」なんて ねえ

This isn’t easy you know, but well
It’s already past noon today, so I’ll guess I’ll just try tomorrow
Stop it, really – I’m not like that!
“I wish I could spend every day in peace like this” really!

かっこつけて言えば 誓いの言葉
そうでなく言えば 面倒な愛情

If I’d say it with parentheses around it, “a vow”
If I don’t, it’s “annoying emotion”

しょうがない子ね 誰かがまた
いつものように面倒を持ち込んで 今日はどの辺で
やめてよホント 柄じゃないから
「あなたが行って何とかしちゃえ」なんて ねえ

There’s really no helping her
Someone’s brought a nuisance in again today
Stop it, really – I’m not like that!
“You go and do something about it!” really!