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min ~眠~

Finally I got a hold of the Sally album booklet! :3

The rap makes up prologue and commentary, the singing is her song.

I interpret this song with the omnipresent nature of Kyouko in mind. She lives in a “dungeon” (fortress turned cage) before the gate of the (Myouren) shrine, but all roads (I would assume into the mountains) lead to her. This would make sense if you could consider that she exists where sound exists (above a certain altitude). She only gets to look at the sky and the rest of the world in a glimpse as her echo sounds. This makes sense with her “living in cracks of time” as well as how she lives in the cracks of the mountains, like the mountain flowers locked in crevices beside her.

I’ve been scatter-brained recently so forgive the messy post/notes, you can just skip to the lyrics below.


On the title:
The symbol 眠 used means “sleep”, but unlike 寝 is not associated with “lying down” but with “closing ones eyes”. It is also associated with death, and given the nature of Ten Desires, I wouldn’t be surprised. Plus, the sort of prologue makes it seem like the narrator could once have been human, this is her death. But really it is more like sleep – her constant state is sleep, and she is only freed from it when she echoes. You could also say that running from the “material world” is like sleep, shutting your eyes to the world… Etc. You can throw lots of interpretations at it because it’s a simple title.

“Below my green eyes were a thousand countries”
^Worded in such a way that the green can be modifying either her eyes or the “thousand countries”. – I went with green eyes, because well – they’re green – they just don’t happen to be in the image above.

“But once when I was asked if there was really any meaning in this life”
^the word used for “life” is “walk” so life and death doesn’t really play into it.

I used “aberration” for “mononoke” – If you’ve seen the show “Mononoke” you can liken it more to that.

“I have even been likened to stone before”
^We all know how echos work right?

“Rose-colored, deep and quiet, a way to show myself, and my sutra”
^”my sutra”, meaning something that she’ll repeat again and again to herself

“There’s no way I can leave this place”
^It’s also possible to interpret this line as “my sobs won’t carry”, because “leaving this place” doesn’t have a set subject.

By the way, when she calls her own lyrics “Rose-Colored” that’s not exactly a complement.

min ~眠~
サークル:サリー (Sally)

其れを捨て 向かう一路彼方
稜線 尾根に沿う裸弦の月

yo ni munashisa ga michiru naraba
sore wo sute mukau ichiro kanata
ryousen one ni sou ragen no tsuki
midori no ganka ni wa sen no kuni

I thought, if the world is so filled with emptiness,
Why not throw it all away and take that road into the distance
Along the mountain ridge I saw the clear crescent moon tracing its spur
Below my green eyes were a thousand countries

難攻不落 門前のダンジョン
反響す 錯乱の伴奏
演者なきとき 帰還者の談

tabi naraba subete ga watashi no sandou
nankou-furaku monzen no dungeon
hankyou su sakuran no bansou
enja naki toki kikansha no dan

For all those that journey, all roads will lead to me
In an impregnable dungeon that lies before the shrine gates
I play echoing accompaniments to lead all astray
When no one steps forward, the talk of those leaving

山河総共鳴 地割れに雨

sanga-soukyoumei jiware ni ame
ikare ten wa jin’i no saku ni makenu
ike ni mono shiranu to mousareyou ga
kotoware nakuba kono saki wa toosan

The mountains and rivers will resonate, and rain falls in the fissures
When angered, the heavens will not fall to humans’ artificial vies
No matter what your excuses, no matter how you feign ignorance
If you don’t have permission, I will not let you pass

その歩 訳ありとは聞く
オアシス 忘れじのイチ道理

sono aruki wake ari to wa kiku
oasis wasureji no ichi douri
negai no gensen kara no shougeki-ha
nokotteita aika

But once when I was asked if there was really any meaning in this life
I realized that in my oasis I had forgotten the most important truth
From the source of all I had wished for came a shock wave
All that remained with me was this song


toki no hazama no
hotori ni saku hana no you ni
mou anata wo
miokuru dake shika nai kara

Living within cracks in time
Like this flower blossoming beside me
I realize now
There was nothing I could do but watch you go
And it hurts…

その声を返そう これも縁よ

osoru na hito yo, sesshou wa sukanu
sono koe wo kaesou kore mo en yo
oni no mensou nado yama ni awanu. ga
inu, tori ni arazu mononoke de aru

Please don’t fear me; I don’t like killing
I’ll return your voice, but that is only fate
It does not suit this mountain to hold vengence
Though I am not a dog nor bird, but a aberration

あるいは岩 とさえ言うものもいた
バラ色 幽玄 気質の知行と経

arui wa iwa to sae iu mono mo ita
kotoba wa toge to mo naru to mita
shi wa nagai yo ni tokeru yamabiko
bara iro yuugen katagi no chigyou to kyou

I have even been likened to stone before
So I’ve seen how much words can be thorns
But my lyrics are just an echo melting into the long night
Rose-colored, deep and quiet, a way to show myself, and my sutra


sotto fureta yume no nakami ga
kioku de nuritsubusare mienai

This dream I’ve just barely felt
Is painted over by my memories, and I can’t see anything


kokoro no aza wo
kakushi tooseru hazu nado naku
mou yowasa wo
daiteta ude ni chikara ga, ,

There’s no way
I can keep hiding the bruises in my heart
Already the strength in my arms
Holding my weakness is…

跡がまだここにある、Love you, cry

hitori naitemo
koeteyukeru hazu nado naku
itoshii te no
ato ga mada koko ni aru, Love you, cry

Even if I cry alone
There’s no way I can leave this place
The mark your hands made
Is still left here with me – “I love you”, I cry

ずっと 待てば来るような気がして

sotto fureta yume no nakami wa
zutto mateba kuru you na ki ga shite

This dream I’ve just barely felt
I believe that if I just keep waiting it might return

この身小さく 儚い空
You’re too,

koi to somete yo
kono mi chiisaku hakanai sora
isoide yo
yubi no sukima kara kie
You’re too,

Color me with love!
I shout to the fleeting sky
Please! Now!
But it slips through my fingers
You’re too,


anata wo
miokuru dake shika nai kara

There was nothing I could do but watch you go