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Hard to find pictures of this girl. I’m not surprised, as it’s hard as hell to get to Mugetsu, let alone beating her and getting all the way to Gengetsu. Rika’s supposed to be harder than Gengetsu, but you don’t have to fight a whole other boss just to get to her!!

Second RTS9 translation. Looks like it’ll be hard to get a third one out before midnight here D:

メイド夢幻~Icemilk Magic|東方幻想郷
Vo: ayame
Ar: Masayoshi Minoshima
Ly: Haruka
Cr: Alstroemeria Records
Al: Abandoned Dancehall
Ev: Reitaisai 9

永久に続く道 終わることはなくて
抜け出すことないままでいる 蒼い色の月

towa ni tsudzuku michi owaru koto wa nakute
nukedasu koto nai mama de iru aoi iro no tsuki

This road knows no end, leading unto eternity
I stay with no way to turn aside beneath the blue moon

夢の月 幻は 魅せては消えてゆく
思い出す ことさえも 途切れ途切れなまま
この胸に 描いてた 私の見た夢は

yume no tsuki maboroshi wa misete wa kieteyuku
omoidasu koto sae mo togire-togire na mama
kono mune ni egaiteta watashi no mita yume wa
amaku soshite tsumetasugite

A moon of dreams, this illusion entrances me then fades away
Even remembering, comes in nothing but fragments and pieces
The dream I saw, drawn upon my heart was
Sweet – yes, but far too cold

進むことがない 時を刻む時計
気がつけばまた元の場所に 変わることできず

susumu koto ga nai toki wo kizamu tokei
ki ga tsukeba mata moto no basho ni kawaru koto dekizu

I can’t move on; even the clock that counts time
Is returned to its start every time I look, unable to change.

夢の月 見た者は のまれて消えてゆく
思い出も 感情も 薄れてゆくばかり
この場所で 見たはずの 私の願いさえ

yume no tsuki mita mono wa nomarete kieteyuku
omoide mo kan’jou mo usureteyuku bakari
kono basho de mita hazu no watashi no negai sae
itsuka tsumetaku tsutsumarete

Those that see this moon of dreams are swallowed up in it, then fade away
Both memories and emotions only lose more of their substance
Even the wish that I must have seen here
Has been embraced by the cold


I hope this’ll help you forgive me for my recent neglect.

Honestly. All I can say is. Sorry it took so long guys. Normally I’d have this whole album translated by now. www.

Vo: mican*
Ar: Masayoshi Minoshima
Ly: Haruka
Cr: Alstroemeria Records
Al: Abandoned Dancehall
Ev: Reitaisai 9

響く音は静かに 君に返し続ける
今は何も見えない 今は誰も見えない
声が響き渡って 私は今目覚めた
私を呼んだならば 君はそこにいてよね

hibiku oto wa shizuka ni kimi ni kaeshitsudzukeru
ima wa nani mo mienai ima wa dare mo mienai
koe ga hibikiwatatte watashi wa ima mezameta
watashi wo yon’da naraba kimi wa soko ni ite yo ne

I quietly send each reverberation right back to you.
Right now, you see nothing. You don’t see anyone.
But as your voices carries over me, I wake.
Now that you’ve called me, you’ll stay won’t you?

振り向く君は私見えず 前を見えても私はいなくて
また振り返る君のそばに 私は君のすぐそばにいる
振り向いた時、ただ音だけ 聞こえるだけど私はここに
あなたの記憶残り続け 振り向くのなら君の目の前
今は声も優しく 君に答え続ける
今は何も見えない 今はなにも見せない
声が聞こえたのなら 私もうそこにいる
逃げることだけならば 君は逃げてもいいの

furimuku kimi wa watashi miezu mae wo mietemo watashi wa inakute
mata furikaeru kimi no soba ni watashi wa kimi no sugu soba ni iru
furimuita toki, tada oto dake kikoeru dakedo watashi wa koko ni
anata no kioku nokoritsudzuke furimuku no nara kimi no me no mae
ima wa koe mo yasashiku kimi ni kotae tsudzukeru
ima wa nani mo mienai ima wa nani mo misenai
koe ga kikoeta no nara watashi mou soko ni iru
nigeru koto dake naraba kimi wa nigetemo ii no

When you turn around you don’t see me, even when you look straight ahead, I’m not there.
You turn around again. I’m right here, right here beside you.
When you turned around just now, there was only a sound for you, but I’m right here.
There I stay, left behind in your memories. If you’d just turn around, I’m right in front of you.
Now, with a gentle voice, I continue to answer you.
Right now, you can’t see anything, and I won’t show you anything.
If you heard that voice, it means, I’m already right next to you.
If it’s just running away, then go ahead and run…

振り向く君は私見えず 前を見えても私はいなくて
また振り返る君のそばに 私は君のすぐそばにいる
音が聞こえるただ音だけ 音が消えればもうわかるよね
そのすべてほら私のもの その瞳もう私を映す

furimuku kimi wa watashi miezu mae wo mietemo watashi wa inakute
mata furikaeru kimi no soba ni watashi wa kimi no sugu soba ni iru
oto ga kikoeru tada oto dake oto ga kiereba mou wakaru yo ne
sono subete hora watashi no mono sono hitomi mou watashi wo utsusu

When you turn around you don’t see me, even when you look straight ahead, I’m not there.
You turn around again. I’m right here, right here beside you.
Listen to the sound, just a noise. Once it’s disappeared, you should know.
That all of this is me, and in your eyes I’ll be there…

Anticipating Reitaisai 9 (博麗神社例大祭9)

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At best, these are just my opinions. Feel free to disagree with me ^^;



01 – RD-Sound’s 彩 “irodori” [*]

This album is RD’s all about instrumentals on overdrive. Following RD-Sounds on twitter (@rdwithleaf) has made me ever more and more excited about this album as he talked about striving to embed stories into his music without lyrics and trying out new sub-genres. The xfd screams with power. If you liked 趣 “omomuki” this is that and more. It helps that most/all of the main original tracks are some of my favorites. Every track is special, so that I don’t even want to pick a favorite – at least until I’ve heard the full album. The vocal tracks work as a perfect binding, and you all know how much of a ridiculous Merami fan I am, so I really don’t need to say anymore. Apparently there’s a mystery 7th track.

If all goes well, I should have a hard copy of this one (˵╹∀╹˶)

01 – Sally’s シンドローム “Syndrome” [*]

The xfd for this album hasn’t come out yet, but I’m putting it up here anyway at #3, because Sally has done nothing but amaze me since its inception. This album’s a 紅魔郷 (ESoD) arrange CD based on requests from fans. I love 紅魔郷’s music and really, its most powerful tracks (Remi/Flan,Sakuyax2,Patchoulix2,Hong) were selected (I requested Voile!). Sally retains its Chatax2,Rankox2,Iznax2,Merami format, and the titles suggest two whipser raps by Chata, a emotionally ramped “plaza” track by Ranko, a heavy rock (MIRROR STYLE) with IZNA, and more.

I’ll comment more as soon as I the xfd is released. (RELEASED!!)

Awesome guitar and piano on the first track “taste”. It’s a great addition to Septet arrangements – one of the best I’ve heard – those whisper vocals never lose.. The second track is making me fall apart!!! “Plaza-On Impulse” Just being able to hear Ranko sing such a driven arrangement of “Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood” feels like a privilege I don’t deserve. The third track, カーニバル “Carnival” is so idiosyncratic I LOVE IT. Hell, if Sally released a generic sounding Voile arrangement I’d be fine, but something like this… it’s got its own attitude, like it’s not ready to lose to the other popular tracks on this album. The fourth track sounds like Foreground Eclipse given a drink to mellow it out and paired with some full-bodied guitar that just seems to fill the room…. Ah Merami…. – The fifth track ナイフ “Knife” is fast-paced with a great beat and just fantastic guitar. Man, IZNA’s sounding awesome this album. When I first heard her in the first Sally album, I wasn’t so sure I liked her voice – but she’s great in this album – and so HANAVI, is great. Sallified perfectly. I’m really glad con ~痕~ is a Chata whisper track. I’m frankly tired of all the techno-crazed, rock-crazed versions of U.N.Owen. At this point, you have to be original with it (like RD) for me to stand to listen to it. This is that. \o/

03 – Pizuya’s Cell’s EXCELSIOR [*]

Whatever this genre is, I love it.

The first track we hear, “EXCELSIOR” blows me away – Is this some sort of swing? – and it just doesn’t stop.
The second track we hear, スペクタクルドリーム “Spectacle Dream” continues with the awesomeness – and that flute!
The third track we hear, “DD” – is more of that awesome flute.
The fourth track we hear, “Old Nezumy” is more with distortion, and 3L putting more in the tone of her voice.
The fifth track we hear, 八雲紫のタイムマシン “Yakumo Yukari no Time Machine” is adding great guitar instrumentals to the above!

I want to just infinite loop this xfd and jam. Unfortunately we only get to hear 5 tracks, (1,2,3,4,9) but nothing we hear is anything but perfect.

03 – Shibayan’s TOHO BOSSANOVA [*]

I’ve slowly been warming up to Shibayan’s bossanova, but just from the xfd I can tell that this album’s a step up from everything bossanova he’s done before. He was just experimenting with it before (since his early music was sort of like bossanova even with it was more like techno/trance – possibly excluding noise, but you could argue his noise is this way to an extent too…) but this is it in pure form, and in a full album. Shibayan, 深水チエ, and Mano (from <echo>Project) *content sigh*. This music makes you want to do that. Relax. I’ll be listening to this album on loop for a while I think, especially because it works so perfectly as an album – all the tracks blend perfectly together well.

I absolutely love 泡沫と繭, たまにはSUNを, Fraud, I promise, 渡し舟の娘, フリフリおじょうさま, Je cherche un oiseau, Bom dia, 迷子のエコー, Otemba de Jane-yo, Shadow of the boundary ; of course – all of them. It’s hard enough to put them in any order, because I love the last almost as much as the first.

05 – Riverside’s metamorphoXIs [*] (HTML encoded in SHIFT-JIS)

This rocks my socks off. I’ve been given a few peeks at Riverside via requests, and they’ve got a great hip (?) idiosyncratic sound, and I’d say it really is -absolutely- impressive that all of the (erratically different) main vocals are done by 秣本瑳羅 (Matsumoto Sara).

I am absolutely in -love- with “Old River”, “The Abyss”, and “燬”, they stand out like crazy. Right under that would be “scape”, “Cendrillion”, “赫い絲”, and “いと儚き燿の如く” (sounds kinda like non-rap TAMAONSEN www) – then the rest. Also, as a side-note “好きに暮らせばいいんじゃよ。” is hilarious.

I’m officially paying attention to Riverside now.

05 – Syrufit’s Blossom [*]

I’ve said many, many, many times that Syrufit has ups and downs.

This is an UP.

My Shibayan inclinations force me to recognize “R.I.N.” as the best track – but “monochrome”, “Solitude Children”, “Coward”, “Cloudy, later fair”, “lost thing”, “Close to you (and me)”, “the starry heavens (Radio Edit)”, “invulnerable”, and “aqua” – you take any of these tracks, and they’re better than the best track of anything I list below.

If half of this album was complete garbage I’d still heartily recommend it.

If it weren’t for the fact that I’m slowly drifting away from this genre and have developed extreme preferences for RD-Sounds and Shibayan and Sally, this would be number 1, but as it stands with my current preferences, it’s tied with metamorphoXIs.

05 – monochrome-coat’s “es” [*]

Only the first song is not from Ten Desires, but let’s get to what’s important.

You know what this is? This is a Merami-Only album. All but one of the songs’ lyrics are written by her.

You know what this is? This is the album where Sally’s 古きユアンシェン (Yuanshen) arrangement ended up. (That “one song”)

Excited yet?

“escapism” is spectacular and so is “SIN”. NSY (from Sally)’s guitar solos in both are just his style, and mindblowing. I’ve been in the habit of being tired of 平安のエイリアン “Heian no Alien” arranges, but Sの悲劇 “S no Higeki” keeps things fresh with off notes and great rhythm and winding melodies. 転生輪廻 “Tensei Rinne” surprises me, because I never thoguht that Mima’s Reincarnation could sound so great in a slow song. 隠レン坊 “Kakurenbou” again sounds better than I would expect out of a smoother arrangement of 妖怪裏参道. PON! POKO! PON! … All great vocalists (Ranko/Merami/Matsumoto Sara/many others) need their moe song! With the rock background it doesn’t really clash and it’s kind of fun hahaha… I absolutely love the instrumentals in the back of “cathartic effect” with the subtle guitar and tech. “desire” sounds sort of like the new tracks on Trojan Green Asteroid, I like it. And now for my favorite track from 東方神霊廟 Ten Desires! 幻影セレナーデ “Gen’ei Serenade” feels just so “clear” if I had to put a word on it. The instrumentals are simple and allow Merami’s voice to ring among the other instruments like bells.

All the tracks are great, but if I had to pick favorites it’d have to be escapism, SIN, 隠レン坊, and 幻影セレナーデ, and probably cathartic effect too…

08 – 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s 実は繊細な貴女とたまに勇敢な私のなんだか騒いでるって話。”Jitsu wa Sensai na Anata to tame ni Yuukan na Watashi no nan da ka Sawaideru tte Hanashi.” [*]

Long title eh?

I haven’t been keeping up with Buta-Otome as well as I’d like, but this looks like it’s going to be another good solid album. All of the tracks have a lot of life to them. 切れた糸 “Kireta Ito”, acoustic 紅い記憶、白い未来 “Akai Kioku, Shiroi Mirai”, and 一人ゲーム “Hitori Game” (Ranko has a way with 御伽の国の鬼が島) are absolutely awesome.

リボリーダー・アライン “Revoleader Align” and 丁か半か色即是空” are great… I could go on.

いつもの二人 “Itsumo no Futari” is a completely different take on Imperishable Night, and it sounds pretty cool.

(I’ll add to this when I’m less tired…)

08 – 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ Kisida Kyodan & The Akebosi Rockets’ .JP [*]


I’m really happy to see new Kisida.

Their sound’s pretty constant and consistant, but while I’m not absolutely crazy about ’em… I’m kinda crazy about… who am I kidding? – Who isn’t crazy about these guys? *dance dance*

It helps that there’s a Greenwich Arrangement, a G Free arrangement, and a Desire Drive++ arrangement.

My favorites are DesireDrive and 無重力 SINKER “Mujuuryoku SINKER” but I can see myself infinite looping any of these tracks. Just wonderful! All of it!

10 – 死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite)’s CONDEMNED EP [*]

As a demo we get to hear the full track: 追憶ディザスター “Tsuioku Disaster” and it makes me really excited. It’s wonderful stuff. I always want for more male vocals but as long as they keep to Chikage and Merami I can keep them as one of my favorite groups. Who thought “Flower of Japan” would sound so good in this genre? I’m tempted to try to transcribe more of their lyrics, but it’s hard to do….

10 – flap+frog’s Bitter [*]

Fantastic Jazzy Coffee Shop Keyboard+ Instrumentals.

Flat Out Love it.

12 – signum/ii’s Invitation Sign [*]

signum means “sign” and it’s cittan*’s new branch group – set to replace ENS for me, unless they change drastically with their next release.

Why? We’ve got rough tracks, powerful tracks, and even some purely ENS-style tracks (きりん’s there as is Amateras)

Why? Because 秀美の具現, Scarlet Abyss, INVITATION SiGN, Autumn flow, 曇り硝子の答えでも, Finally here (signum/ii Remix), and all of the other tracks make me headbang and dance in my chair.

Why? Because I love group leaders that write their own lyrics (ENS was like this when Izumin and Nayuta headed the group).

Anyway – we’ll see. If きりん and 黒鳥 wows me at C82 I might change my mind….

12 – Poplica*’s Poptrick [*]

Poplica*’s keepin’ his style. Maybe only nuanced from Syrufit – or maybe it’s Syrufit that’s branching away more… but hey. Liking it. He’s letting his arranges go a little more rough (a trend seen in his last album). I definitely like it, but nothing’s standing out to me too much, other than it’s got a good enjoyable beat to it….

Wait. “Paint it for” just made me change my mind. This is some good Cytokine is what it is, and “wish to the moon” leaps forward in a sort of Poplica x Kimi no Museum!

Ambigu’s not bad, and now we’re back to some good stronger Poplica* than in the start. “Resolution” is beautiful, and almost FELTy. (Am I going to have to retract that statement about Poplica* sticking to a style?) – I’ll go ahead and add that I think “Rapture” has potential – I’m a little worried about the FELT-leaning trend now though.

14 – Alstroemeria Records’ ABANDONED DANCEHALL [*]

^Alstroemeria’s website was destroyed a few months ago so that’s just a link to the xfd.

I love a few of the track moments (around 1:30 is one example) but we don’t have much information (no track names), but we do know that Sanae’s the covergirl. Since it’ll be harder to go into details without that extra information I’ll just sum up the album in a sentence (as Masayoshi Minoshima really knows how to make an album “one”). I really like the tract at 4:45.

Not as good as Killed Dancehall, Not as good as Haunted Dancehall, but it still makes me want to party. I’ll probably zip through the lyrics on this one as soon as if comes out.

14 – Alice’s Emotions’ FORLANE|REI / FORLANE|SANA [*]

Another REDALiCE/t+pazolite Dual Album! (I love t+pazolite).

Very similar to the other REDALiCE/t+pazolite OVERTURE|KANA OVERTURE|SUWA (which I liked decently overall and loved a few songs), but noticably better overall.

Typical REDALiCE, but smoother this time, and I don’t know what it is, but I’m really liking it this time around. Maybe it’s that hot Rizuna+Sakaue-Nachi duet “Stray Twins”. (I fall for Rizna). We’ve also got our first vocal Trojan Green Asteroid arrangment “Cross World”, and it’s pretty great, and by a vocalist I haven’t heard of before. “Old Blood” is the kind of lite-hardcore I’ve been craving lately. “Shine Like a Star” is beautiful. Love t+pazolite’s remix of Last Time (if you like t+pazolite, check out his Hardcore Tano*c stuff) -> and now on to the second half!

Typical t+pazolite, also a bit smoother I’d say – but I’m not complaining. Loving the t+pazolite w/ male vocals in つまらない夢の終わり, “I Will Never Forget You”‘s not bad, the 3L track “The Wheel of Darkness” brings a little pop into the mix and I think it’s definitely a plus for the SANA disk. I’m surprised to see Kimi no Museum’s fi-fy, but I her track’s not bad. “Sweets in the Spell”…….. I never thought I’d hear an IOSYS’y (well it IS あゆ) cutesy version of Eastern Dream… thought it was impossible… but I guess not – hahahaha. REDALiCE’s “Border of Love” track on this album is pretty simple but it’s easy listening. Enjoying bits of “Oblivion” and “Star Light Magic”, but I hope they dip rougher in the full versions.

Overall I’d say REI’s better than SANA, but “The Wheel of Darkness” and つまらない夢の終わり make SANA worth it I think.

14 – ARM’s Distant [*]

This album’s actually pretty awesome. You hear some of ARM’s favorite carnival-like music which I’m not 100% sure I like yet, but every track has character to it. It’s a taste of IOSYS without going overboard. It’s not as good as “Bloom” but it’s the closest thing I’ve seen yet.

“bark at the moon” is awesome, and you can dance to 犬走りダッシュ “Inubashiri Dash” – 彼方 “Kanata” is lovely, “distant” feels like a night cityscape. “memories” is kind of like a strange spectacle. 赤い靴はどこへ “Akai Kutsu wa Doko e” is that carnival stuff with electro-moe voices… but hey, it might grow on me.

17 – Sound Sepher’s IDEA [*]

Great instrumental/electric arrangements of all the original tracks from Trojan Green Asteroid (+ others).

That is all.

18 – FELT’s Stand Up [*]

Not as good as Silver Drive.

Every FELT album before this one I’d rate just about exactly the same – except Silver Drive. Silver Drive broke out a little bit I think, but I’m afraid this one’s drifting back towards “the same”, but still is distinctive. If anything I just think that it’s an indication that FELT’s timidly sort of poking around to see if it can branch out.

My favorites are “World Around Us”, “Silent Star”, “Innocent Eyes”, and “Free Your Mind” in that order.

I don’t think “Innocent Eyes” is nearly as good as… say “Plan Doll” and “Flower Flag” (others that have traditionally filled that track.02 slot), but it is different. At least it feels that way, and I think that’s a step in the right direction. The album is a bit more balanced (like Silver Drive) rather having just two songs carry the entire album (ex: Fairy Queen, all the other tracks are OK, but hot damn are “Endless Pain” and “Plan Doll” -way- ahead of the rest. // I don’t like it when albums work like the L.A. Lakers – one, maybe two carrying the team.)

I still think “Endless Pain” is the best track FELT has ever produced and I’m waiting for the time when they outdo it, because when they do (I’m hoping: “when” not “if”) I’m sure it’ll knock me to the floor. This album kinda of feels like they’re timidly expanding a little.

Another comment I’d like to make is: There’s no way Satori’s that tall.

19 – Get in the Ring’s Arcadia [*]

I like “Marginal Glaze”, “希望の閃光”, “寂しがりやのクイックシルバー” and “Dead End Screamer” (unfortunately this track really just reminds me of how much better “The Abyss” by Riverside is), but I can’t really get hooked on the other tracks as much, but it’s definitely not a bad album – I definitely don’t dislike any single song… Maybe it’s just the lack of genre consistency that throws me off a little.

The one thing I really like about the album in general is the fact that only one song is based on -one- original, and all the others are based on 2-8 with an average of 4.

20 – Zytokine’s ZEphyr [*]

This album feels almost identical to “1⑨ –イチマルキュウ–” which I really liked.

It really has that same feel, and I haven’t really been paying much attention to Cytokine/Zytokine so I can’t say too much specifically, but I like the album pretty well as a whole. My favorite is overwhelmingly “arise ancient music -reconfirmed-” but I really like “Equality” and “imaginary girl” – and “Plastic Mind”‘s not bad either.

21 – Crest’s 月悠インサニティ “Getsuyuu Insanity” [*]

A decent album.

Nothing jumps out at me too much… but I like Cherose’s vocals and in particular really enjoyed レゴリスの砂時計 and 月悠インサニティ “Getsuyuu Insanity”. 漂空リヴァーサル “Hyoukuu Reversal”, sounded sort of like yonji with female vocals.

22 – Sound CYCLONE’s Sparkle [*]

Something to put on in the background. Sound CYCLONE got my attention via Flowering Night 2011, but this album’s not exactly made of the stuff that pulled my attention; it’s much more laid back.

I really like the disco track 待宵ダンシング! “Matsuyoi Dash”, “skywatcher” and “Stuffy” – “Everlasting (it’s you)” isn’t bad either.

Basically the second half of the album’s more my style wwww.


AmaterasRecords’ Dilemmatic Sorcery

Pizuya’s Cell’s EXCELSIOR

Forest Pireo’s T-Girls 03

CROW’SCLAW’s Lightning Discharge


SalvationByFaithRecords’ Nitori Magica

子猫奪回屋 Koneko-Dakkai-Ya’s Intersection~幻想豪華絢爛~