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初恋リセット // Hatsukoi Reset


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 Hatsukoi Reset
 First Love Reset
Vocal: Mitsuki
Voices: 小倉唯
Arrangement: ピクセルビー
Lyrics: 少女病
Album: 創傷クロスライン Sousyou Crossline
Circle: 少女病
Event: C82


gonen’kan’ no kioku wo nakushiteshimatta canaria wa,
sono osanasa mo gonen’mae modotteite…….
sono koro wa sig to mo deatteinai, kioku no makimodoshi gen’shou.
mochiron’ awai koigokoro mo hajimekara
son’zai shinakatta ka no you ni reset sareteite

Canaria, having lost her memories of the past five years,
Returned to the mental state of a girl five years younger…
With her memories rewound to a time before she had even met Sig,
Her love for him was gone in a complete reset,
As if it had never existed at all.


nee, nanika kanashii koto ga atta no? oniichan’

‘Did something happen? Why do you look so sad, big brother?’


tomadou bakari no shounen’ wo mujaki ni ani atsukai shite warau sono sugata wa,
magire mo nai canaria na no ni

Sig was shocked by the way she approached him with an innocent smile as if he were her brother,
Even more so because he could not deny she really was Canaria

あどけない少女は 屈託なく笑って
愛しく思っても 上手く甘く抱きしめられない

adokenai shoujo wa kuttakunaku waratte
itoshiku omottemo umaku amaku dakishimerarenai

Sig watched as Canaria laughed free of worry or care
Though he still loved her, he could not bring himself to embrace her

かける声も ただ虚しく響いた

kakusu you ni koboshita tameiki ni
kanojo wa kanashisou ni shite
“kimi no sei ja nai”
kakeru koe mo tada munashiku hibiita

Though Sig tried to hide his feelings
He would catch her looking worriedly at him
“It’s not your fault,” he’d say,
But he knew those words were empty

忘れてるかな 一方的な感情のリセットか

oboeteiru ka na?
senaka awase de kimochi no kotaeawase wo shita ne
wasureteru kana ippouteki na kan’jou no reset ka
itsudatte kimi wa zurui yo—-

Do you remember when
We confirmed our feelings for each other, as we stood back to back?
Have you forgotten? Or is this some kind of one-sided emotional reset?
You’re always like this, it’s not fair…

離れずいるのに 置いていかれたみたいで
戸惑いは晴れない 最低到底受け入れられない

hanarezu iru no ni oiteikareta mitai de
tomadoi wa harenai saiteitoutei ukeirerarenai

Though Canaria was always with him, it felt as if he had been left behind
His mess of feelings would never untangle, he could not accept this reality

共有してきたもの何もかも ぽっかりと失われてた
でも時々見せる仕草やクセは 間違いなくキミでさ

kyouyuu shitekita mono nani mo ka mo pokkari to ushinawareteta
demo tokidoki miseru shigusa ya kuse wa machigainaku kimi de sa

Everything they had shared together was lost, leaving only a void inside of him
Even so, every now and then Canaria would show signs she had not changed as a person

キミなら ねぇ、どうしているだろう?
いつだってそれじゃん ズルいよーーーー

futari no tachiba ga moshimo gyaku nara
kimi nara nee, doushiteiru darou?
nouri ni ukabu kimi wa waratte gomakashite bakkari da
itsu datte sore jan’ zurui yo—-

What if our roles were reversed?
What would you have done in my place?
I imagine you’d smile, brushing off your pain
You’re always like this, it’s not fair…

肝心なとこで弱気だ いい加減怒られそうだな

kan’jin’ na toko de yowaki da ii kagen’ okoraresou da na
reset sareta nara mata yarinaoshitara ii
kitto sou iun’ darou?

You’re always weak when it comes to these things — and I’ve had it.
“If we’ve been reset, all we have to do is start over.”
I bet that’s what you’d say.

キミは後出しばかりで僕を ただ待って確かめて
いつだってキミはズルかった ーーーーそうだろう?

oboeteiru ka na?
senakaawase de kimochi no kotaeawase wo shita hi
kimi wa atodashi bakari de boku wo tada matte tashikamete
itsudatte kimi wa zurukatta —- sou darou?

Do you remember when
We confirmed our feelings for each other, as we stood back to back?
You always waited for me before you made your own move
You were always like that, it’s not fair, is it?


canaria ni okita fushigi na gen’shou wa kioku no koto dake de wa nakatta.
itsumade mo nemuke ga konai to ii,
sono hi kara issai no suimin’ wo toranakunatteite…….
tatoekioku wo ushinattemo, kanojo wa kanojo.
omoide mata tsukutteikebaii, to shounen’ wa mizukara ni iikikaseru.
saisho wa ani demo ii. soredemo chikaku ni irareru nara.
soshite — itsuka wa mata, koibito doushi no you ni nareta nara……

Canaria’s strange memory loss was not the only change that came over her.
Saying she didn’t feel sleepy,
Canaria had not slept once since that fateful day…
Though she had lost her memories, Canaria was still the same person.
Sig kept telling himself that all they needed was to make new memories.
Even if he had to play the role of her brother in the beginning, as long as he could be close to her…
Then one day, perhaps they could become lovers again…


“mou, mata nani ka kan’gaegoto? nemureru made…… ason’de hoshii na?”

“What are you doing, lost in thought again? I wish you’d play with me… at least until you fall asleep.”

フェザースノウ // Feather Snow


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The translation of the 3rd stanza deviates from the original text to take account of the setting depicted in the lyrics booklet. (It would be confusing without that context.)

I added some line breaks in so they wouldn’t break so awkwardly.

 Feather Snow
Vocal: Mitsuki
Narration, Voices: 小倉唯
Composition and Arrangement: ピクセルビー
Lyrics: 少女病
Album: 創傷クロスライン Sousyou Crossline
Circle: 少女病
Event: C82


kesshite nareru koto no nai kin’choukan’ wo tomonau resistance de no seikatsu.
koudou wo tomo ni suru kikai no ooi sig to canaria no aida ni wa,
 itsushika chiisa na koigokoro ga
futari ni furisosogu fushigi na fuyuukan’. sore wa, hajimete no koi

As members of the resistance, anxious fear never strayed far from Sig or Canaria’s minds,
But as they continued to work side by side, a small flower had begun to bud between them…
The strange feeling they felt welling up inside of them — why, it was first love.


suki, tte kotoba wa tsuyoi ne. gan’bareru chikara ni naru! sou omowanai?

The word, ‘love’ really is powerful isn’t it? It gives you the strength to keep fighting!
 Don’t you think so?

水面は澄んで気持ちが上がる 一歩進んで二歩下がる
絶妙な距離感で傍からはどう見ても 二人の想いわかっちゃうのにさ

minamo wa sun’de kimochi ga agaru ippo susun’de niho sagaru
zetsumyou na kyorikan’ de hata kara wa dou mitemo futari no omoi wakacchau no ni sa

The surface of the water was clear, and their spirits rose as the two
 frolicked in the stream one day
While they kept a distance between them, everyone could see
 how they felt about about each other

眼を奪われているのがバレて からかわれちゃって遊ばれて
悲壮感が薄れて爽やかな風が吹く 笑顔の花が咲いた

me wo ubawareteiru no ga barete karakawarechatte asobarete
hisoukan’ ga usurete sawayaka na kaze ga fuku egao no hana ga saita

The others caught them stealing glances at each other, and teased them for it
As a gentle breeze blew by for a moment the despair they faced thinned
 and their smiles blossomed


sora kara furisosogu no ga, kono shun’kan’ mitai ni yasashii hikari bakari dattara ii no ni ne

If only all that fell from the sky were beams of soft and gentle light
 as they are this very moment…


sono gen’sou no tsubomi wa uka shinai koto wo shirinagara

But they knew the dreams of love between them could never fully blossom and take flight

明日会えなくなるかもしれない 命を落とすかもしれない
感傷を消すように ここにいる誰もがさ どこか壁を張ってた

ashita aenaku naru ka mo shirenai inochi wo otosu ka mo shirenai
kan’shou wo kesu you ni koko ni iru dare mo ga sa doko ka kabe wo hatteta

This moment could be their last — the next day, either of them could lose their lives
That was why everyone in the resistance had put up walls to protect their fragile hearts

失うことの怖さを知るからこそ 今この場所に立ってるんだ
それでもその壁を壊す強さを 二人は淡いキスで示してみせた

ushinau koto no kowasa wo shiru kara koso ima kono basho ni tatterun’ da
soredemo sono kabe wo kowasu tsuyosa wo futari wa awai kiss de shimeshitemiseta

They knew how frightening it was to lose someone, that was why they took their stand
However, with a light kiss, they showed that the power between them
 could break those walls down

きっかけさえなく少女は 原因不明の高熱に倒れて 生死の境へ

sono shiawase wa mayuki no you ni akkenaku toketeshimatta
kikkake sae naku shoujo wa gen’in’fumei no kounetsu ni taorete seishi no sakai e

But their happiness was like a feathery first snow, melting away in an instant
For without warning, Canaria collapsed with a high fever, and was soon on the verge of death




「空から降り注ぐのが この瞬間みたいに優しい光ばかりだったらいいのにね」

sora kara furisosogu no ga kono shun’kan’ mitai ni yasashii hikari bakari dattara ii no ni ne

If only all that fell from the sky were beams of soft and gentle light
 like they did in that moment then…

その幻想の蕾はほら案の定 彼らのためには花開くことなく

sono gen’sou no tsubomi wa hora an’ no jou karera no tame ni wa hana hiraku koto naku
kowareta mitai na kareta warai dake nokosarete—-

See, their budding dreams — they were not meant to be, not for them
What remains are only withered and broken smiles…


sig no ken’shin’ teki na kan’byou no okage mo atte ka, ishiki wo torimodoshita canaria.
keredo me wo samashita shoujo wa, kono gonen’kan’ no kioku wo
 kan’zen’ ni soushitsu shiteite—-

Perhaps Sig’s devoted care for her made a difference, for finally
 Canaria regained her consciousness
But by the time she had opened her eyes, all her memories of the past five years were gone…


n-? anata wa, dare……?

Who… Who are you?


tooku de, karasu ga naiteita. warau you ni, sakesumu you ni—-

Off in the distance a crow was cawing, as if cackling at their misfortune…


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I just now realized that my vgmdb account gave me access to this lyrics booklet….
The other tracks on this album will come in time.

Vocal: Mitsuki
Narration: Ogura Yui
Composition and Arrangement: RD-Sounds
Lyrics: 少女病
Album: 創傷クロスライン Sousyou Crossline
Circle: 少女病
Event: C82

片方の眼を失くした鴉が 夕闇に処方箋を銜えて願望を攫った
溶け込んだ死に寄り添う少女は 魔女の使命を受けて

katahou no me wo nakushita karasu ga yuuyami ni shohousen’ wo kuwaete gan’bou wo saratta
tokekon’da shi ni yorisou shoujo wa majo no shimei wo ukete
hora mahou mitai na uso wo tsuku

A one-eyed raven with a prescription in its beak, stole hope away as it flew by in the twilight
A young woman, fawning over the death in its message under orders from the witch
Spun lies as if they were magic spells…


hai to kunou kusuburu kono sekai ni
han’ki wo hirugaeshi seijo no na no moto ni tachiagare

Rise against this ashen world smoldering in anguish
Stand with the holy virgin leading the charge of our resistance!


hajimari wa hon’no chiisa na hidane ni suginakute
demo kata yoseatta honoo wa mugen’dai ni moeagaru!

Only a small spark was needed to ignite the flames
With each small fire coming together in an infinite conflagration!

あとどれだけの血が流れたら この仄暗い夜が終わるだろう?
不安に折れそうになっても 背中預けるキミがいる
今探しているのが”理想”なら それを”空想”では終わらせない
誰も泣かなくてもすむように このセカイを変えてやる

ato dore dake no chi ga nagaretara kono honokurai yoru ga owaru darou?
fuan’ ni oresou ni nattemo senaka adzukeru kimi ga iru
ima sagashiteiru no ga “risou” nara sore wo “kuusou” de wa owarasenai
dare mo nakanakutemo sumu you ni kono sekai wo kaeteyaru

How much more blood must be spilt for this dim night to end?
I feel I might break from the stress but for you I can depend on
It may be ideals we seek, but I will not let our dream end in fantasy
We’ll change this world so no one is forced to shed their tears


“haitoku” to kyuudan’ sarete
sukuu taishou de aru hazu no hitobito ni tsubute nageraretemo

Though those we aim to save
May throw stones, accusing us of falling from grace —

けれど命を弄ぶ魔女は このセカイの敵だ!

bokura no koudou ga seigi da zen’ da nan’te iwanai
keredo inochi wo moteasobu majo wa kono sekai no teki da!

Though I will not make claim our efforts reflect virtue or justice —
Those witches who make mortal life their playthings are enemies of this world!

全てを守る力はなくて 全てを捨て去れる勇気もない
ならこの手の届く限りに 今日を戦うしかないだろう?
今小さく引かれてた線が 幾重にも重なり交差して
いつの日か大きな本流に 流れは変わってゆく

subete wo mamoru chikara wa nakute subete wo sutesareru yuuki mo nai
nara kono te no todoku kagiri ni kyou wo tatakau shika nai darou?
ima chiisaku hikareteta sen’ ga ikue ni mo kasanari kousa shite
itsu no hi ka ooki na hon’ryuu ni nagare wa kawatteyuku

We have not the power to save all nor do we have the courage to leave all behind
So what choice have we but to fight each day for all within reach, as if is our last?
Though each of our fates be like a thread, together we continue on intertwined
So that one day we become like a roaring stream of change

いつか集うみんなが 家族のような気になっちゃって
本当にただの錯覚って わかっていても嬉しかったんだ

itsuka tsudou min’na ga kazoku no you na ki ni nacchatte
hon’tou ni tada no sakkaku tte wakatteitemo ureshikattan’da

In time, all of us that gathered together became like family
Though I knew it was but an illusion, I could not help but be happy


あとどれだけの血が流れたら この仄暗い夜が終わるのだろう?
不安に折れそうになっても 背中預けるキミがいれば

ato dore dake no chi ga nagaretara kono honokurai yoru ga owaru no darou?
fuan’ ni oresou ni nattemo senaka adzukeru kimi ga ireba

How much more blood must be spilt for this dim night to end?
I feel I might break from the stress but for you I depend on


tatoe sorezore ga chiisa na haguruma da to shitemo
soroeba ooki na chikara wo umidasu gen’douryoku ni naru
kono sekai datte kaeteyaru

Even though each of us is but a tiny gear
Locked together we can drive a great power
Enough to force this world to change


seijo ga kata wo kakage, tachiagatta taimajosen’sen’.
sono resistance wa sen’saikoji wo chuushin’ ni,
jojo ni seiryoku wo kakudai sasete…….
shuudan’ no chuukaku wo ninau no wa, taikaku ni miawanu daiken’ wo furuu shounen’ “sig” to,
yumi no meishu de aru “canaria”.
ikutsu mo no un’meisen’ ga kousa shite, yagate monogatari ga keisei sareteyuku

The holy virgin raised her flag, and her company stood against the witches.
While most members of the resistance were war orphans,
Their power grew day by day……
At the center stood two: a boy named “Sig” who wielded a sword which looked too big for him,
And a talented archer named, “Canaria”
As the many threads of fate crossed each other, a story begun to take form.


tatoe kizudarake ni nattemo, itsuka–!

Though they be covered in scrapes and wounds, their eyes lie on the future!