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Merry Christmas / Happy Festivus and All Other Holidays This Season

^In the flesh. Or if you don’t feel like admitting to yourself for whatever reason that the one pictured above is Kafka Fuura, think of that person as the one who writes for her/him/it. Also that piece of paper I’m holding up – psychic paper. Yeah. (嘘です).

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “useless/aimless” post. Here goes!

So, Happy Holidays! Maybe I should have worn a Santa hat, but I’m not very festive.

I don’t know. I really don’t have much to say, but first of all I’d just like to thank everyone for their continued support. I was a little bit of a mess (nocturnal class-skipping hikikomori for starters) when I first decided to post “Siren” on livejournal (the first song translation I had done I felt confident about; and yeah I spent six months on livejournal before moving to wordpress). Back then I didn’t really know if anyone was looking at my stuff and I didn’t really care, now I’ve got a load of work and expectations to fill. I mean, because of you all I’ve built up something I can be proud of. I’m nearing 600 song translations (not to mention the various other stuff I did) in three years. That’s ridiculous. Now I’m not saying that’s ridiculous because I’m saying “Hey, look – I’m awesome aren’t I?” I’m saying that’s ridiculous because that’s totally beyond me. There’s no way I could have done that – I hardly believe it myself… so it means that you all must have done it, or rather pushed me to do it, I could have never have done it without a constant drive. I broke through the boundaries of my University’s Japanese department and made translating my thing because of all the amazing things I found about about the Japanese language through translating lyrics and later, stories. If you’ll believe me, I made Bs in Japanese before I started all of this. I’ve become a product of this site. I wrote the site and the site rewrote me.

You know, the other day I got an email from someone saying I had inspired them. I’m not sure if you can imagine how that feels and I’m not sure I can describe it. I’m still blown away by the very thought.

While I’m thanking all of you in general I would like to specifically thank those who have donated. When I first set up donations I was truly in financial straits and those few people who donated then actually helped me eat a little better from time to time so really guys, thanks a ton – you know who you are. Everyone else who has donated (since I’ve come back up from the metaphorical sea floor), you’ve really made me feel like what I’m doing is worthwhile and that means millions to me (you are also quite few in number so, feel special guys).

2012 still pretty much looks like a blank slate for me, which is a bit scary. You find out by the time you’re 22 that at that post-graduation-real-world-stage if you haven’t got the next 3-5 years or so planned out you’re a lower class citizen for it. I might be going to work in Japan, I might be going to graduate school for a degree in translating, I might fail at all my ventures and have to slave away to keep refueling my savings (I never want that to hit bottom ever again; I like eating…). I’m thinking I want to write more in general and thinking I want to read more in general and translate longer pieces of work, and dabble more in professionalism in regards to all of that, but I don’t see myself abandoning this site. At least not for another year. I’m actually constantly wondering what more I can do with it. Part of me wants to get a reading circle going, part of me wants the site to have more guides and tips on learning Japanese or on translating in general, part of me wants a community contributor pool for translating things – but free wordpress has a lot of limitations, I really don’t know how much anyone is interested in any of that, some of my ideas for projects are a little more bold in stepping right on that copyright infringement line/issue, and a lot of things would only be practical if I had about 10x as many viewers as I do now. (I don’t have a great ground to compare to, but I consider my visitor stats to be pretty modest). So I wanted to ask – what do you all think?

Maybe I itch for change too much? Perhaps it’s a ghost of that innovative spirit that was with me in Electrical Engineering (and which was most of the reason I quit it, ironically).

Back to thanking people. More as a response out of respect rather than fearing the letter of the law, I could have all my images and all my lyrics translations and short story translations and doujinshi translations and whatnot stripped from my site at the request of the original authors. Japan is rather more lax about copyright (implicitly) than the United States is, but in Japan there is no such thing as a fair use clause (this is why has so few images), and honestly I can’t imagine any organized body giving a crap about the time or effort I’ve spent on anything. So, I was, especially in the beginning, afraid that someone would come and tell me to take something down. Instead I had a few artists follow me on twitter and say how cool it was that I was translating their lyrics. RD himself, the lyricist I respect the most out of anyone, told me how thrilled he was that I was translating his songs (and I always feel infinitely bad that I can’t do those songs more justice). One day, I hope to have a legitimate license to translate something, but until then I’m riding on everyone’s graces. ( – and if I won the lottery or something there are so many people that I owe, so many…)

If everything goes according to plan, hopefully you’ll see some original stuff written by me. I hope that it won’t be awful, and I hope that at least a few of you will find it interesting. Whenever I write, it tends to veer towards the phantasmagorical, Touhou is sort of phantasmagorical – yeah I’m not going to promise anything – everything I write might be awful but that’s for the future to decide. (Not me!)

I feel like I’m sharing a lot today (my image too!) so I’ll go ahead and share my 2012 resolutions:

・Write every single day, either in English or Japanese.
・Study for the Kanji Kentei (日本漢字能力検定試験) (level 3 or 2).
・Live in Japan for a minimum of 3 months or have plans for 1+ years by the end of 2012.
・Have at least one draft of a story that is theoretically ready to publish.
・Bring Student Debt < $10,000
・Collaborate with someone on a project
・Order no more than 6 figures + 1 per 6 volumes of Light Novels read (Visual Novel==2 LNs).
  ^I'm not addicted I swear
・750+ translation posts or 1000+ total posts.
・Complete a 50+ hour class visual novel. (probably something by nitro+ or Umineko)
・Participate in NaNoWriMo (participating means 20k+ words by the end)
・Finish 4 LN/Novel series.
・Attend an "event" (I've never yet once in my life been to an anime convention).

It'll be a busy year ahead.

I'm looking forward to ranting to myself and (hopefully) entertaining you all as well.

Thank you.

PS: Don't forget to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special Today!!!

Requests Closed Until Further Notice

[Last Update: 2011/07/26]


As you may have heard, I have “class changed” from NEET to Freeter status and now have a temporary full-time (40+hrs/wk) position that has already warned me that overtime wouldn’t be unusual. I’m going to have even less time than before, especially because I’ll be focusing my free time more on the JLPT and the JLPP, writing exercises, and reading light novels.

Even before this I’ve been really busy with surgery, sleep problems, constant “get a job” nagging, and a whole lot of other things so naturally I’ve sort of let my requests list get away from me… basically it’s too long. When my request list gets long people end up waiting at least a month or more (unless they’re lucky) to get their translation and well, that’s just WAY TOO LONG in my opinion to be waiting for a song translation.

My overall list may be shorter than a lot of other song translators, but (even if it’s free) the wait feels like going to a coffee shop with a “free coffee” coupon and have it taken with a smile and told, we’ll have it ready soon – come back about this time next week. (ノ-_-)ノ ~┻━┻ // a shorter list means better turnaround times for all and less of a load on me.

For those people with their coffee coupon in hand at the coffee shop and find it past its expiration date, and think “ah, well screw it” and just go buy a coffee anyway, I’m going to introduce a way to pay for priority; more information below.

Anyway here’s the current state of affairs:
[#]. [Requester] – “[Song Name]” {Other Information}

01. Athena Glory/Makoto Sawatari – “此処に紡ぐ – Border of Life” 回路-kairo-
–Those Above Have Waited 2+ Months–
–Those Above Have Waited 1+ Months–
02. Zesan – “The Tower of The Blood” Unlucky Morpheus
–Those Above Have Waited 2+ Weeks–
03. Aghart (of many names) – “Puella☆serenus” (from 秋葉文化祭コンピレーションCD Vol.1)
04. Aghart (of many names) – “式と為る者” Unlucky Morpheus
05. Patchuu – “蓬菟”

*Overflows – I will not touch/look at these songs until their number falls to 20 or lower*

01. TasteTea – “the third hope” Cis-Trance (from ABNORMAL VOICE)
 {NO LYRICS AVAILABLE} (Priority if transcribed lyrics found)
02. Revolution Saber – “月夜に舞う想い”
 {NO LYRICS AVAILABLE} (Priority if/when lyrics are acquired}

PLAN TO DO NEXT [Drafted]:

^As you may have noticed I don’t exactly approach the list in order, but I try to give preference to those that have been waiting for a while and those that requested one rather than multiples, but ultimately I’ll do a song more quickly if I recognize it and/or like it.

If you currently have a spot on the list, and would like to cancel a certain song and replace it with another, that’s fine, however – I won’t be taking any new ones until the list drops to below 10, and then I’ll make another announcement about it. If you really, really don’t want to wait because you’ve realized that this may take a while, I’ll start another short list (max limit: 3) for people that want to pay me for priority. What you would do is email me (kafka.fuura -AT- and I’ll check to make sure I can find lyrics for the song etc. Then you’d send me a paypal invoice for $5+ and I’ll try to get the song done within 24-48 hours. I will NOT accept the payment until right before I post, because I don’t think it’s fair to take someone’s money before I’m ready to exchange my “product”.

Now I’m not trying to be pretentious or make this site into a money making venture (it would not be the least bit profitable from my perspective time-wise), and I really don’t think charging money for a song translation is well, right because there are quite a few people out there that’ll do it for free, and only you can say I’m better than them. I’m just tacking on this option because I don’t like to outright deny people anything. If you REALLY REALLY want a translation, and you’re willing to pay a little for it, then by all means. ^_^

Just In Case You’ve Missed Me

^Yeah, I look like China right now. Black eye and everything.

I haven’t posted one of these useless posts in ages. Upon ages. But usually that’s a good thing, because I only tend to post update posts to explain away my absences, and I haven’t had to do that for a while.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with my twitter, (I don’t blame you – usually I just ramble). I had surgery a few days ago, where I had a growth near the roots of my upper front teeth removed, and am still recovering (hence the hiatus). I’m fine and all, but my face is about twice as big as it should be, I’ve got a black eye, and I get dizzy when I try to think (which puts a major damper on my usual activities). So I’m sort of half out of commission at the moment. (*´н`)゛

After that, I was going to say that everyone should help Extra Credits (a web show about video games that’s very well done and thought provoking) because their artist found out recently she’ll have to have surgery, but within hours donations have risen almost to past 200% of their original goal – so now I’ll just have to say go check out the show. [link-to-the-escapist] – I know this isn’t related to Japan or anything, but I wanted to share. ^_^

Back on track for Japan related things: For those interested in the learning Japanese language scene, I found this cool site sort of like Yahoo Answers but just for Japanese language related questions here: [link] I’ve been happily wasting my time answering questions there. >.>

I was inspired by 2ch’s summer rooms so I thought I’d post my own. Before and after – my available space shrunk considerably so Sanya’s my only figure out and about and I’ve kept her in her box. Only my two new figmas are really “out”. At least I have a real bookshelf now ^_^.

Before (Apartment in Austin):

Yes, that’s a ROAD CLOSED sign my roommate took in.

After (Half of a Home Office Room near DFW-Airport):

The real problem is that I don’t have enough space to write anymore. D:

If you’ve noticed the box, I just got Kuroi Mato (黒衣マト) yesterday! After lots of trouble at the post office, I was finally able to get her home. First figma I’ve ever ordered (though Cute beside her got delivered two days earlier). I’ll probably play around more with poses but I got them right before and right after my surgery day so I’ve been out. >.>

Woo~ Dizzy again. You know an odd side-effect of all of this after-surgery business is that when I listen to music and keep beat like I usually do, the blood rushes to my head and I immediately feel drunk and dizzy – It’s almost impossible to translate songs right now XD – I still want to though – see if “on medication” adds anything to the artistic value.

Also, speaking of – at the very moment I was typing that, these arrived via SAL!!!!!



Anyway – I’m going to go pass out.

Oh wait, one last note. I’ve started a forum type thing as an experiment. I haven’t really done anything to it, and I don’t really feel like linking to it until it’s useful, but what do you guys think about a forum for like Light Novel discussion and what not? I was also going to do it for a Japanese language question and answer thing, but the JL&U have got that covered probably much better than I can do alone.

Here’s one last picture:

^All we’re missing from there is Strength (Yuu).