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ひび割れた世界 // Hibiwareta Sekai | メリーの世界 // Merry no Sekai // Merry’s World

Mary had a Little Love is an album truly worthy of spawning additional derivative works.

Watch メリーの世界 / “Merry’s World” [here].

(While I took no part in its creation, I feel honored to be mentioned in the description.)

I have translated all of the songs from Mary had a Little Love, which I highly recommend:

This song was also used as the theme song for a Fuji Television drama, 限界団地 “Genkai Danchi”.

I’ve listed the captions for the PV below. All are either titles of songs from Mary Had a Little Love or lyrics from those same songs. (Anything in parentheses means the following lines are from the parenthesized song, but the title has not appeared in the captions yet.)

The translation of the song used in the PV, ひび割れた世界 / Hibiwareta Sekai, follows immediately after.

メリーの世界 | Merry’s World | Captions

Stray CS am 3:00

目を開けたらそこは満天のshooting star

I open my eyes and the sky is filled with shooting stars…



As you flagrantly display your third sigh of the day,
I empty my second cup of bitter coffee.
There’s just no helping you is there?


でもね まだね わたしはあなたには届かない

Are my feelings for you, like the sugar in my drink, just too sweet for you?
But you know, even now, I still haven’t gotten through to you.
So I…


じこまんぞく ひびに傷をつけてゆく

Striking pain into my days of self-fulfillment





Starlit Sky Exposure





What lies waiting for us beyond that silver tower stretching across the sky?


The time in which you live and that which is what I live…


Just a little further…


Now, together…


Let us find happiness…



 Hibiwareta Sekai
 A Fractured World

君の全部 そう全部 僕が守るよ

kimi no kokoro to kyoumei suru you ni
nakidashisou na sora wo mite kimetan’da
kanashii ame ni utarenai you ni
kimi no zen’bu sou zen’bu boku ga mamoru yo

As I looked up in into that sky—one on the verge of tears,
as if in resonance with your heart—I made up my mind for good:
Never would I let the rains of sadness fall upon you
For you—every part of you—I will protect…

君のための 純粋で 強い光

kyou made boku ga ikitekita no wa
kyou kara boku wo michibiitekureru no wa
kotoba ni suru to kieteshimau kurai
kimi no tame ni jun’sui de tsuyoi hikari

The reason I was able to live until this day…
What guides me from this day forth to the future…
Is something that, if put into words, might disappear
A pure and intense light shining for your sake


kono tsunaida te wo hanasanaide
zutto tonari ni iru kara

Do not let go of my hand and
I’ll be right here, forever

君が 君が 笑っていれば
僕が 僕が 壊してあげる
ここに君がいなければ 嗚呼 意味のない世界だ

hibiwareta sekai demo kamawanai
kimi ga kimi ga waratteireba
moshimo kimi ga sekai wo kirau nara
boku ga boku ga kowashiteageru
koko ni kimi ga inakereba aa imi no nai sekai da

I don’t care if ours is a fractured world
As long as you keep smiling
But if you were to come to hate this world
Then I would destroy it for you
This world is meaningless without you in it

触れれば割れる 脆く儚い硝子
怖かったのは ただ一つだけ

bokura ga ikiru sekai wa maru de
furereba wareru moroku hakanai glass
kowakatta no wa tada hitotsu dake
hahen’ ga kimi no kokoro wo kizutsukenai ka

The world we live in is just like glass
So fragile one wrong touch could shatter it
But all I fear for if it breaks
Is whether the shards would pierce your heart

ねえ忘れないで この温もりを

nee wasurenaide kono nukumori wo
boku wa kimi wo hanarenai

Do not ever forget this warmth and
I will never leave your side

君が 君が ここにいるから
誰かの過ちが 優しい君を
揶揄ったなら 消してあげるよ
僕には君がいればいい 君には僕がいればいい

hibiwareta sekai demo mamoritai
kimi ga kimi ga koko ni iru kara
dareka no ayamachi ga yasashii kimi wo
karakatta nara keshiteageru yo
boku ni wa kimi ga ireba ii kimi ni wa boku ga ireba ii

Even if ours is a fractured world, I want to protect it
For if nothing else, you are here in it
But if another were to make a mockery of your kindness
Then I would erase them for you
For all I need is you, and all you need is me

なんて綺麗な世界だ なんて綺麗な世界だ
もう何もいらないよ もう何もいらないよ
邪魔なものばっかりだ 嗚呼 いらないものばっかりだ

nan’te kirei na sekai da nan’te kirei na sekai da
mou nanimo iranai yo mou nanimo iranai yo
jama na mono bakkari da aa iranai mono bakkari da
kimi ga ireba ii
sore dake no sekai da
sore dake no sekai da

What a beautiful world… What a beautiful world…
I don’t need anything else… I don’t need anything else…
Everything else is just in the way… Everything else is useless…
As long as I have you…
That is a world enough for me…
That is a world enough for me…

ずっと ずっと 二人このまま

tsugihagi darake no shiawase demo ii
zutto zutto futari kono mama

I don’t care if ours is a makeshift happiness
As long as we have each other

君が 君が 笑っていれば
僕が 僕が 壊してあげる
ここに君がいなければ 嗚呼 意味のない世界だ

hibiwareta sekai demo kamawanai
kimi ga kimi ga waratteireba
moshi mo kimi ga sekai wo kirau nara
boku ga boku ga kowashiteageru
koko ni kimi ga inakereba aa imi no nai sekai da

I don’t care if ours is a fractured world
As long as you keep smiling
But if you were to come to hate this world
Then I would destroy it for you
This world is meaningless without you in it

The Gymnopédies Never End (Gymnopedie ga Owaranai)

Download the e-book (PDF:JIS-B6) [here] for free!

(Use this link for a more updated version with some typos fixed: [link])

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If you would like to support the author, please buy the original story (if you haven’t already) in Japanese [here] for 100 JPY. (Booth allows for an extra “boost” to be sent as well).

If you would like to support me, please use this [link] to donate. (If you include “Gymnopedie” in the donation message I will send half of the amount received to Umisawa.)

If you happen to be in Kyoto, the full text of Gymnopedie ga Owaranai is being re-released in print as part of ジムノペディが終わらない-Re:Medianoid- at the Cafe Terrace event today (11/17) at 部-27 for 800 JPY.


Secret Sealing Club members Usami Renko and Maribel Hearn visit an abandoned amusement park, seemingly as part of their usual activities, but Renko cannot shake the feeling that something is controlling her. When a strange girl—or thing—invites them on a ride she calls “The Circus” Renko is forced to confront the forces that drive us all mad.

Vita Sexualice’s seminal 2011 short story, The Gymnopédies Never End, will be sure to turn your mind and your stomach as you search for answers, even after you are done, to the parasitic nature of life.

Content Warning:
(Mild) Depictions of non/dubiously-consensual sex, suicide (aftermath only) and murder, with a touch of cannibalism and body horror.

Image Song:

Don’t forget to check out RD-Sounds’ tribute to the story!
“捧げられたイメージ/Sasagerareta Image” [lyrics]

In lieu of an afterword:

First of all, I would like to thank Umisawa Kaimen for their support. When I got the green-light to go ahead and translate Vita-Sexualice’s doujin novels I was ecstatic. It took a while to get to this point, but I’m happy to share the un-healing. I probably would never have translated this story (and others) if not for a minor stroke, seizures and considerable other brain wreckage, but deep dives into the stories and hacking away at the translations really helped me, so it’s weird these things work out sometimes.

Jane Does is still in the works! Expect it!

ミッドナイトリバティ // Midnight Liberty

Midnight Liberty (Pizuya’s Cell)


Some of the rap kana doesn’t match up with the printed lyrics on the video, so I changed the romaji section to match what I heard but left the video kanji lyrics the same nonetheless. (caveat: my ears are chronically ill) The translation mixes both when they are different. (This is only in a few places.)

 Midnight Liberty
Vocals+Lyrics: めいど
Rap: 抹
Circle: Pizuya’s Cell(ぴずやの独房)
Album: 幻想特区Re:インカネーション [PSYC-0028]
Event: 博麗神社例大祭16 / Reitaisai 16 (2019)
Nico-tag: [sm34994548]

That’s a Secret
秘密の裏で廻る世界 世迷言が噂になる
今日も夜が始まる お前が決める番

that’s a secret
kimi ni naisho de sekai ga mawaru yomaigoto ga uwasa ni naru
kyouri ga un’mei ni umarekawaru
sono shun’kan’ wo minogashitemo kimi wa kimi no mama
da to shitemo
choice no ken’ri to done no gimu wa
hikidashi ni shimatta man’ma
kyou mo yoru ga hajimaru sa omae ga kimeru ban’
nani tanin’goto de iru tsumori kai?

“That’s a secret.”
Unbeknownst to you, the world revolves in secret—nonsense turns to rumor
And in that distance inconsequential drivel is reborn as fate
If you miss it, let that moment by, you’ll remain just you
Even so, that way
The privilege of choice and the responsibility to get it all done
Remain shut in the cupboard
It’s time for tonight to begin and it’s your turn to choose
So why are you acting like this doesn’t concern you?!


tarinai no wa ato sukoshi no yuuki no mahou
furueteru no wa obieteru dake ja nai
kono mune no ooki na koukishin’ ga tobira wo tataku

What you’re missing is just a little bit of magic we call courage
See? Look at me—this shaking isn’t just because I’m afraid
It’s the curiosity inside me banging on the doors of my soul to be set free

Ready! Go! Let’s get it on!
踏み出して 感じる方へ
Don’t you think?

ready! go! let’s get it on!
fumidashite kan’jiru hou e
kotaeawase wa ato de ii deshou?
ima no anata no kan’jou ga sakebu
rikutsu dake ga seikai ja nai
don’t you think?

Ready! Go! Let’s get it on!
Take that big step forward, where your feelings lead you
The questions and answers can wait, don’t you think?
Can’t you hear your emotions howling?
Logic isn’t all there is to the truth—
Don’t you think?

聞こえてる 本当の熱い魂

kikoeteru hon’tou no atsui tamashii
don’na yume mo akiramenakute ii
sono kyoukai wo koeta mukou de
anata dake no un’mei ga matteiru kara

I can hear it, the voice of your burning soul
You don’t have to give up, not on any of your dreams!
Because you see, on the other side of that boundary
Fate’s waiting for you, a fate all your own!

Let me stop!!!

yeah! let me stop!!
an’nei tte na no haka no ura no mushi mitai na zan’ge
abaku koto koso ga kimi no shimei
nano ni itsumade aji no shinai gum wo kamishimeru?
tooku ni machi kara sugata wo keshita mamono
sore wa kitto esekagaku no tamamono
ushi-mitsu-doki ni shin’jitsu ga me wo samasu
nano ni nemutta mama de iru tsumori kai

Yeah! Let me stop!!
The public’s idea of peace is but a self-serving confession in the shadow of gravestones
Exposing the truth is your mission, your calling!
So why do you keep chewing on gum that’s long lost its flavor?
What about the magic beasts long driven from the light of the city?
They’ve got to be the product of a quackery of science
The truth wakes in the witching hour—the dead of night
So are you going to let yourself sleep through it or what?!

もう迷わない 逃げ出したりしない

afureru hodo mashiteku kitai ni furetara
mou mayowanai nigedashitari shinai
dare yori mo jibun’ dake wa uragiritakunai kara

Once you’re touched by the kind of anticipation that only keeps growing
I guarantee you won’t hesitate, you eon’t run away any more
Because more than anyone else, you don’t want to betray yourself

Ready! Go! Let’s get it on!
体が動きたいままに As you wish
眠ってる可能性 わかってるでしょ

ready! go! let’s get it on!
anata kara tsumugidashite yo
tokubetsu na koto wa nani mo nai wa
shin’jitai kimochi ni shitagatte
karada ga ugokitai mama ni as you wish
nemutteru kanousei wakatteru desho
dare mo shiranai himeta energy
kokoro no koe ni sunao ni nareba
kitto kiseki no katachi ga mietekuru hazu

Ready! Go! Let’s get it on!
It’s your turn to spool out our next adventure
There ain’t anything special about it
You just have to follow that feeling that wants to believe
Let your body move the way it wants to, just as you wish
Can’t you see the possibilities sleeping inside of you?
You’ve got an energy kept secret from all but you
Once you learn to listen to the voice calling in your soul
You’ll learn to see the shape of the miracles that will form

目を逸らさずに映してよ その瞳に
世界が拓けて見えるわ だから

me wo sorasazu ni utsushite yo sono hitomi ni
ukeireru no wa anata shidai yo
jibun’ no kara wo yaburisutetara
sekai ga hiraketemieru wa dakara

Don’t look away, let it be reflected in your eyes!
Whether or not it takes hold all depends on you
Free yourself from the shell that binds you
You’ll see the world open up like never before

Let’s go get it on!
踏み出して 感じる方へ

let’s go get it on!
fumidashite kan’jiru hou e
kotae nara kidzuiteirun’ deshou?
sono kyoukai wo koeta mukou de
anata dake no un’mei ga matteiru kara
mirai e tsunagu atarashii melody

Let’s get it on!
Take that big step forward, where your feelings lead you
You should know the answer by now, right?
It’s there on the other side of that boundary
Fate’s waiting for you, a fate all your own!
So let sing a new melody that takes us into the future!

Comedic Mechanism: Parade of the Jane Does (Update)

Jane Does is available as a digital download in Japanese on Booth [link] for only 300 JPY. If you purchase the e-book, you should also have access to the theme song, which I’ve also translated (link at the bottom of the post).

If you plan to read my translation in English, please purchase the original first.

I am currently working on a revised EN version to be made available in .epub and .pdf formats.

In the meantime, here are the links to the first draft in installments.
The posts after the first have been password protected.
The password is the first French word on page 19 (case-sensitive), which should be easy to find if you have purchased either a digital or hard copy of the book.


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