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Cherry+Dance=Can Cyder Her

This song is a remake/re-recording of the same track from Prunus Subhirtella. I have no idea what the title is supposed to mean.

“Dreaming Flowers” is a synonym for “Cherry Blossoms”.

Cherry+Dance=Can Cyder Her
さくらさくら〜Japanese Dream…|東方妖々夢
Vocal+Lyrics: YAMATO
Arrange: Pizuya
Circle: Pizuya’s Cell
Album: Prunus Subhirtella / Prunus Centifolia
Event: C75 / C82


omoi maichiru
hakanaku toutoki hanabira
koyoi kataruru
ikuta no omoi kono mune ni

Emotions dance about
In precious fleeting flower petals
Tonight they speak
Countless longings to my listening heart…


wa ga mi irodoru
yumemigusa yoishire
omoi sakasete
tsukiyo ni terasareta

Saturated, I lose myself
In those dreaming flowers
Watching my emotions blossom
With moonlight shining down on me…


yami wa moeyuki
aoki hikari ni kieru
sono mi yudanete
toki no namida ni nemuru

As the darkness burns,
As you vanish into those blue lights
Just let yourself go
To sleep in the tears of time…


kono saki ikusen’ ikuoku no toki ga sugitemo
iroasenai keshiki yo
odoritsudzukete kono mi wo tsutsun’de sou
ima mo mimamoru you ni soutto

Now no matter how many thousands or millions of year pass
None of the colors here will fade
Dance on and on, embracing me like this
Still watching over me…


toki no ibuki ni
kasuka ni mieru keshiki
sabishisa itoshisa
kokoro wo yusaburu hakana

In time’s breath
What you see faintly is
Loneliness and loveliness
The transience that shakes our hearts
Dancing about…


kono saki ikusen’ ikuoku no toki ga sugitemo
iroasenai keshiki yo
odoritsudzukete kono mi wo tsutsun’de sou
ima mo mimamoru you ni soutto

Now no matter how many thousands or millions of year pass
None of the colors here will fade
Dance on and on, embracing me like this
Still watching over me…


kono saki ikusen’ ikuoku no toki ga sugitemo
odoritsudzukete kono mi wo tsutsun’de sou
ima mo kawaru koto naku soko ni

Now no matter how many thousands or millions of year pass
None of these colors will fade
Dance on and on, embracing me like this
Here forever like this, unchanging…


omoi maichiru
hakanaku toutoki hanabira
koyoi kataruru
ikuta no omoi sono mune ni

Emotions dance about
In precious fleeting flower petals
Tonight they speak
Countless longings to my listening heart…

Jewelry Magic

I’m not the only one that sees a lab coat, right?

Requested by: izanamiookami
^Really sorry about the general lateness and I was planning to get this out on Wednesday… but D: forgot to take my anti-anemic stuff, and then afterwards I had to set up this computer (which gave me hassle – but as you can see, it’s working now.)

This is the first post I’ve prepared almost completely from my new hatate computer (it was the first name that came to my mind because this feels more like a cellphone than anything else.). :3 Tomorrow I’m totally going to draft a post on the roof. Because I can. >:3

Where is my Dalian/Patchouli Knowledge parody picture? Someone should have thought of that already right?

There are a few weird parts where subject relation is unclear, but I just made a few decisions either way and played with the grammar a bit. So hopefully you get a slightly clearer picture of what’s going on :)

Jewelry Magic
ラクトガール ~ 少女密室|東方紅魔郷
Circle: Innocent Key
Album: 東方楼蘭
Event: C75

月夜に散りばめた 光とは生まれてすぐ 大地を照らす
光りだす宝石に その力を集めていれば

tsukiyo ni chiribameta hikari to wa umarete sugu daichi wo terasu
hikaridasu houseki ni sono chikara wo atsumeteireba

Look at those lights set in the sky, shining over this land as they are born
If only I could gather their power into these shining jewels…

火の中で揺らいでる その景色はルビーのように
赤色に染め上げた その力を示す炎が

hi no naka de yuraideru sono keshiki wa ruby no you ni
akairo ni someageta sono chikara wo shimesu honoo ga

Swaying in the fire, this image is just like a ruby
This blaze showing it’s power dyed in red

月の下と炎の中 混ざるように モノクローム吸い込まれていく
机の上流れていく 倫理と創造とは 魔力になり 重なり合い
生まれていく 生まれていく 命が…

tsuki no shita to honoo no naka mazaru you ni monochrome suikomareteiku
tsukue no ue nagareteyuku rinri to souzou to wa maryoku ni nari kasanariai
umareteiku umareteiku inochi ga…

Under the moon and in the midst of flames, the night’s monochrome melts away
Morality and creation flow over my desk, and come together into magic
Lives… lives are being born…

アクアマリンの空に 注ぎ込んだ新しい心を
ざわめいた木々の隙間からは 叫ぶような

aquamarine no sora ni sosogikonda atarashii kokoro wo
zawameita kigi no sukima kara wa sakebu you na
kaze no koe hageshiku kikoeteru

I pour a new heart into the aquamarine sky
And out of the gaps in the rustling trees I hear
The intense voices of the wind screaming

コトバを紡ぐ事は 戻れないと
金色に光り 惑わせてる魔法の力

kotoba wo tsumugu koto wa modorenai to
kin’iro ni hikari madowaseteru mahou no chikara

“Once words are formed they cannot be taken back”
So speaks the deceptive power of magic, shining like gold

閉ざされた部屋に 見える世界… ひとつになれと

tozasareta heya ni mieru sekai… hitotsu ni nare to

“This world you see locked away in this room… make it one.”

懐かしいこの匂い 土の上その温もり 大地を造り
支えてる地核には この世の全てを受けさせて

natsukashii kono nioi tsuchi no ue sono nukumori daichi wo tsukuri
sasaeteru chikaku ni kono yo no subete wo ukesasete

I create land, with its nostalgic fragrances and warmth over the ground
Its supporting core will take in everything from this world

罪深く時間とは 等しくあり 日々を重ねて
生まれては老いていく この世の全ての理か?

tsumi fukaku jikan to wa hitoshiku ari hibi wo kasanete
umarete wa oiteyuku kono yo no subete no kotowari ka?

If anything is a sin, it is to layer each day on another
From birth to old age – Is that really all there is to this world?

樹海の風禍々しく その景色は エメラルドと光合わせて
とろけてゆく一つになり 摂理と欲望とは 魔力になり重なり合い
壊してゆく 壊してゆく 命を

jukai no kaze magamagashiku sono keshiki wa emerald to hikari awasete
toroketeyuku hitotsu ni nari setsuri to yokubou to wa maryoku ni narikasanariai
kowashiteyuku kowashiteyuku inochi wo

The wind out of the deep forest is ominous and its image shines with an emerald light
As everything melts together as one, providence and desire come together into magic
Lives… lives are breaking…

金色の世界に夢見ていた 新しい世界を統べるなら
飽和する大地に塞ぎこんだ 過去の過ちなど消えてゆく

kin’iro no sekai ni yumemiteita atarashii sekai wo suberu nara
houwa suru daichi ni fusagikonda kako no ayamachi nado kieteyuku

If I am to rule over a new world, the golden world I dreamed of,
I will seal away this saturated land, and all past mistakes will disappear

消えた月の光闇の中で 求め合う答えを
魔法とは記憶を辿るモノ 人は誰も強くなく 溺れるその力…

kieta tsuki no hikari yami no naka de motomeau kotae wo
mahou to wa kioku wo tadoru mono hito wa dare mo tsuyokunaku oboreru sono chikara…

After the light of the moon is gone into darkness I seek the answer
Magic is about tracing memories, a power that renders everyone weak and overwhelms them…

閉ざされた部屋中 積み上げては 外の世界を憂う
真理とは霧の中に霞み 見えないように 優しく包み込むah…

tozasareta heyachuu tsumiagete wa soto no sekai wo ureu
shinri to wa kiri no naka ni kasumi mienai you ni yasashiku tsutsumikomu ah…

Locked in this room, what I create laments for the outside world
Truth becomes hazy and disappears into mist unseen and gently embraces me… ah…

Iris Joker

It’s about time I finished my February quota~

Requested by: grooven

The imagery is very well done in this song, but as a series of images, it’s a bit hard to translate. ^_^; For instance, the song never, ever mentions that what she’s picking up etc. are souls, nor does it ever place any subject for any of the actions. I decided on 3rd Person Fem. (Rin)

Iris Joker
死体旅行~Be of good cheer!|東方地霊殿
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 神凪 -KAN-NAGI-
Event: C75

奇妙な音を操る耳 聴き取れない僅かな波長

Her ears attuned to curious sounds, catching wavelengths out of audible range
She alights upon the scorching earth, gathering without rest over and over again


To them she returns a tear inducing reality
So playing with them until they’ve dried up


Upon her allies of flame spouting hidden in the depths of darkness
She takes her throne, crossing the bridge, to send them off to the heavens


Using crumbling reverberations and disrupted mirages,
To her the visible smoke above is naught but an ugly shell


Even if a drop of moisture were to fall it would disappear and be gone
Purged without a trace


Whipping up winds of flaring incandescence, catching unaccustomed leaves
She throws their drifting ashes dancing in the sky, a proof of her existence


Far up high, flying, slowly changing their shape
The leaf tips harden


Upon her allies of flame spouting hidden in the depths of darkness
She takes her throne, crossing the bridge, back to the depths of the earth


Whipping up winds of flaring incandescence, fuller, stronger
She gathers the innumerable coals to light shadows wavering in the distance

Phantom Ensemble

Requested by: (K2) SharkGears

This song is really, really long, but just repeats a few short stanzas, and includes a broken mix of pieces of those stanzas, so I’ve decided to just put those short stanzas (with Romaji) so you can listen/sing along.
The stanzas go in this order (only the placement of instrumentals are different):
-last hope mix-
(start-up-inst),1,2,1,2,(inst),3,4,3,4,(inst w/fragments),1,2,(silence),1,2,1,2,(inst w/fragments),(fade-out)

I put “sounds like” romaji instead of strict romaji, because the singer blends her voice line by line, and some of the words are pronounced with alternate pronunciations. [K] is “supposed to be a K but sounds like a G” and things in ()s are not said. “yake-i” has a dash because its length causes an extra beat, sounding yake-,i instead of like yakei/yake-.

Phantom Ensemble
Arrangement: estha
Vocal: mintea
Lyrics: mintea
Circle: XL Project
Event: C75
-last hope mix-
Album: the last hope
Event: C76

夜警の歌声と共に らせんの五線譜

Yake-i no utagoe to tomo ni rasen no gosenfu
[K]asanaru yu-yushiki melody (no) attack.

Together with the night-watch voices, our spiraling musical scores
Overlap in an alarming melody attack.

SingleShotでは もう足りない三重奏

Single Shot de wa mou tarinai sanjuusou
[K]asanaru yu-yushiki wa-on no trill.

Our instrumental trio, too much for a single shot
Overlaps in an alarming musical trill.

未来の計算式に 悲しみのバラッドを
悲愴なる現実に 雄大なカノンを

Mirai no keisanshiki ni Kanashimi no ballad wo
Hisou naru real ni Yuudai na canon wo

For the future’s mathematical equation, a sorrowful ballad
For our tragic reality, a magnificent canon

過去の御伽話に 憂鬱なるソナタを
気丈なる視線に 軽快ワルツを

Kako no otogibanashi ni Yuuutsu naru sonata wo
Kijou naru shisen ni Keikai waltz wo

For fairy tales of the past, a depressing sonata
For such a firm gaze, a lighthearted waltz

恋文新聞 // Koibumi Shinbun

Requested by: Yui Takenaka

 Koibumi Shinbun
 Love Letter Newspaper
フォールオブフォール~秋めく滝|東方風神録~Mountain of Faith
Vocal: らむだーじゃん
Arrangement: RegaSound
Words: RegaSound
Circle: RegaSound
Album: Vivid Parasol
Event: C75

折れた芯の先で 黒く濁る文字は読めず
好きなの けど今日はおわり 指が痺れたから

I’ve bent the tip of my pen, and you can’t read my muddied characters
I love you, but I can’t write any more today, for my fingers have gone numb

一人寂しく 山の上咲く花も
今日くらい一緒に居ようよ あたしみたい

It is painful being alone, like this flower blossoming on this mountain peak
I’ll stay together with you today, for you’re just like me

暴れだすコイカゼ 手紙に詰めて
あなたに ただ届ければ良いのに
言葉に出来ない 日が暮れるほど
想いが募る 落ち葉踏む

This raging wind of love I put wholeheartedly into this letter,
Now if only I could build up the courage to give it to you
My feelings for you flare so strong, like the sunset
That I can’t put them into words, and I step upon fallen leaves

無くしたアルバムを 探す気が起きないくらい
好きなの けど今日でおわり 足を挫いたから

I love you, so much that I can’t think to look for my lost album
But I can’t do anymore today, for my feet are sprained and sore

枯れてしまうよ 花もあたしの羽も
今日くらい一緒に居ようよ お別れだね

They are drying up, this flower and my wings
So I’ll stay together with you today, for this is our parting

あなたの瞳にも 映る夕焼け
今だけ 同じ風を纏えるの
言葉にしないで 日が暮れるから
想いが溶ける 紅葉散る

In your eyes too reflect the burning sunset
And now we are swept up in the same wind
Without a word, the sun sets
And my feelings melt, as the maple leaves fall

And I love the world ~ キレそうな紫の幾年月

Requested by: Andvari78

Happy Halloween!

Please forgive me for the hiatus, I was feeling really out of it. I mean really out of it. At least in the process I ended up watching all of FMA II in 3 days and can say it was an awesome show. At any rate, I feel better, ready to do work of all kinds.

Watch 海月姫 Kurage Hime! Princess Jellyfish!
Or Kuwawa will cry!

And I love the world ~ キレそうな紫の幾年月
 And I love the world ~ Those Countless Years and Days of Yukari She’d Like to Cut
編曲:D.watt / Sound CYCLONE
Circle: OTAKU-ELITE Recordings
Album: Purple and Cherrypink
Event: C75

大変だったのよ 今思えば
酷い目にもあった あの時はね
お月さまは遠目に望むのが 一番 なんて

When I think about it now, that was pretty serious
It was an absolute pain
I really ran into something awful back then
“Looking at the moon from far away’s the best”

目が覚めたら大概 上へ下へとやってて
瞼の隙間 踊る幻想を見てる

Usually when I wake up, I’ll look at the illusions
Dancing up and down in the space behind my eyelids

しょうがないよね ここからまた
いつものようにお任せ決め込んで 今日は夢の中
やまてよホント 柄じゃないから
「眠る両手に願いを抱いて」なんて ねえ

I guess I’ve got no choice, I guess I’ll just
Leave everything to her like always and spend today dreaming
Stop it, really – I’m not like that!
“Embracing a wish with both hands sleeping” really!

いろいろあったのよ 最近もそう
騒々しい客人の 悪ふざけね
今の若い娘はコレだから 困る なんて

A lot’s happened recently you know,
Like that earthquake that destroyed the shrine
The prank of some loud visitors
“That young girl this time around is one of those people, so yeah…”

起き抜けにちょうど 右へ左へとやってて
目覚めた振りして 騒ぐ世界を見てる

Right when I get up I look left and right
Make like I’ve woken up and look at the bustling world

楽じゃないよね そう思うけど
本日はもうお昼過ぎだから 明日からがんばる
やめてよホント 柄じゃないから
「この安らぎをずっとこのまま」なんて ねえ

This isn’t easy you know, but well
It’s already past noon today, so I’ll guess I’ll just try tomorrow
Stop it, really – I’m not like that!
“I wish I could spend every day in peace like this” really!

かっこつけて言えば 誓いの言葉
そうでなく言えば 面倒な愛情

If I’d say it with parentheses around it, “a vow”
If I don’t, it’s “annoying emotion”

しょうがない子ね 誰かがまた
いつものように面倒を持ち込んで 今日はどの辺で
やめてよホント 柄じゃないから
「あなたが行って何とかしちゃえ」なんて ねえ

There’s really no helping her
Someone’s brought a nuisance in again today
Stop it, really – I’m not like that!
“You go and do something about it!” really!

天・天・天子の天気予報 // Ten-Ten-Tenko no Tenki Yohou // Ten-Ten-Tenko’s Weather Forecast

Like most songs of this nature, it’s mostly nonsense. But fun nonsense.

Requested by: Andvari78


TenTenTenTen(x32) occurs in the background at various points, but I figured I only needed to put it the first time.
“maiden’s heart and fall weather” – both change without warning.

結構毛だらけ猫灰だらけ!: [Full Explanation in Japanese]
^”Quite a bit” – There’s hair in the chicken, the cat’s covered in ash, and your a** is covered in s***.
^I translated it as Flick-flack-click-clack-plick-plack-bwah!! Due to the fact that it’s a Japanese phrase composed purely for rhythm.

“If there are split ends in unripe shining darkness, (Cuticle!)” ← Please don’t ask me what this means, it may be an innuendo or it may just be Tenko being odd. I just took it literally. unripe might just be blue.

“raw barley, raw rice, raw concrete!” – comes from the tongue twister “Raw Barley, Raw Rice, Raw Eggs.”

 Ten-Ten-Tenko no Tenki Yohou
 Ten-Ten-Tenko’s Weather Forecast
編曲/Arranger: yohine
ボーカル/Vocal: 詩音
原曲/Original Song: 有頂天変 ~ Wonderful Heaven
サークル/Circle: Innocent Key
アルバム/Album: 東方楼蘭
エベント/Event: C75


Gensoukyou’s weather today is a maiden’s heart and fall weather!



当たるも八卦、当たらぬも八卦 天子の天気予報だよ!

Whether I get it right or I get it wrong it’s still all according to
 8-sided divination, it’s Tenko’s Weather Forecast!
The shrine’s going to have an extremely personal downpour, and
 The magic forest for some reason or another’s getting a lot of snow!

地震雷火事親父 大雨洪水波浪注意報

Earthquakes! Lightning Strikes! Fires! My dad!
 Torrential rains! Floods! Watch out for the waves!
Snow and Hail are coming down hard!


【Nagae Iku】
“There’s something wrong with that last bit!”


If my peach hair decorations are soft, (Peachy-Peachy!)
Tomorrow’s weather will probably be clear ♪ (Hou~Hou?)


If there are split ends in unripe shining darkness, (Cuticle!)
Tomorrow’s weather will probably have hail ♪

適当じゃ予報できないわ だから
全身で感じ取れ 明日を見るのよ!(てんてん天気はどうかしら~?)

I can’t do a proper forecast so
If I just feel it with my body, I can see tomorrow! (What will the Wea-Wea-Weather be?)

外れても ご愛嬌だわ でも 少しだけ滲めだわ~
予報は確率よね♪ 99%でもね~!(はい 自己弁護)

Even if I’m wrong, I’m just trying to do my best, and I’m only off a little bit~
The probability of my successful forecast is 99%! (Well, In my own defense…)


(Mun-Mun / Mon-Mon)
(Eh-hehe / Oh-hoho)

「といいますか皆さん 私 テンコじゃなくてテンシですから!」

“By the way, Everyone, My name’s not Tenko, it’s Tenshi!!”
“Let’s treat the weather well okay? We’re close to the deadline after all!!”

空から何かが降ってくる 隕石惑星コロニー落とし!?
私のドリルでクルルンルン 何があってもお茶の子さいさい!

Something’s falling from the sky, A meteorite planet colony!?
With my drill, Kururunrun! No matter what comes it’ll be a cinch!
“You’re using the drill as a stepping stone?”
I really don’t understand what’s happening but I’ll protect Gensoukyou!


【Nagae Iku】
“Do the forecast properly!!”


If my peach hair decorations start to go sour (Sour!!)
The next season will probably be the rainy one ♪ (Humid! Humid!)


If the number of shrine maiden armpit exposures increase, (Doki-doki! Waku-waku!)
The next season will probably be summer ♪ (Of course~!)

真剣に明日を占えば 何故かね
裏目にでちゃうよ でも 気にしないのよ(考えたってしょうがな~い)

If I seriously try to forecast tomorrow, for some reason
It usually backfires, but I don’t mind (Even if you think about it, there’s not much you can do)

自然が 妬ましいなら そう 私がやればいいのよ
神社に天変地異 標高一万メートルよ♪

I’m envious of nature, but well, as long as I do it it’ll be fine
Cataclysm at the shrine! Elevation 10,000 meters!


【Nagae Iku】
“Wait, that’s not weather!”

冥界の白玉楼に このドリルで攻め込むわ!

I’ll burst into the underworld Hakugyokurou with my drill!
If I shoot my laser all over the place the weather won’t really matter! (ww)


【Nagae Iku】
“Calm down and behave will you?!”

当たるも八卦、当たらぬも八卦 天子の何でも報だよ!
神社は遥か雲の上 魔法の森は水没よ!

Whether I get it right or I get it wrong it’s still all according to
 8-sided divination, it’s Tenko’s Weather Forecast!
The shrine’s going to be far above the clouds, and
 The magic forest is going to sink beneath the sea!


“I know I’ve said this dozens of times already, but”
“You know, my name is not Tenko, but Te・n・shi! Ok! Nice to meet you!?”

女心と秋の空 生麦生米生コンクリート
ビールもアッチも生がいいよね! そろそろやろうか天気予報!

A maiden’s heart and fall weather, raw barley, raw rice, raw concrete!
Both beer and that is good fresh too! I guess I should do the weather forecast soon!

「えー 明日の天気は月の都で晴れのちアナハイム」

“Eh, Tomorrow’s weather at the capital of the moon will be clear then Anaheim.”
“Here in Gensoukyou it’ll vary place to place by the hourly spell cards that’ll bring blood rain.”


【Nagae Iku】
“Uwah.. That last one sounded on the dot.”