Artificial Children – Lyrics and Translation

So…. I was sick all yesterday and slept for about… 24 hours O.o (really it was 12 hours, up for 2 and then another 12 hours)  – I’m going to hope I’m better, given that I’ve got a lot of stuff to do. During that short time I was awake again I watched Rashomon (羅生門), pretty crazy film… I’m studying it for one of my classes, running through the original Buddhist tales, and then Akutagawa’s Rashomon (羅生門) and In a Grove (藪の中), and then finally Kurosawa’s film. If any of you haven’t seen either Rashomon or Seven Samurai I suggest you find them and watch them :D.

As for this song, I love it – it’s a Touhou arrangement done by ARM / IOSYS, based on the 3rd level theme of Mystic Square: Romantic Children (ZUN). It is also the first place that Alice Margatroid ever appears. Who has become somewhat of a famous character. Her skill is the manipulation of marionettes. If you youtube search “Artificial Children” I’m sure you’ll find a video accompanyment – you may also find a lot of other (probably non-lyrical) arrangements for “Romantic Children”. Enjoy :D – Many other lyrics can be found at the Touhou wiki.

Artificial Children [Lyrical version of Romantic Children]
Vocals: miko
Arrange: ARM
Lyrics: Yoshimi Youno
Circle: IOSYS
Album: 東方萃翠酒酔
Event: C72

不思議の不思議 命の無い
記号と希望 重なり合わせて
色と形 与えられたのは
青と紅 歪んだ心

Wonder of wonders – having no life
Model numbers and hope – overlapping
Color and shape – that has been given
Blue and crimson – a warped heart

無限の無限 私はどこ
刹那の刹那 瞼を閉じても
行方不明 信じた言葉は
空の後ろへ 捨てられ消えた

Forever and ever – where am I?
For a moment of a moment – even if I close my eyelids
Missing – those words I believed in
Behind the clouds – they were tossed away and disappeared

嗚呼 私に 私の 魂

Ah – to me – my own – my soul

人型よ 回る世界を見てる 瞳の奥に
憂いを 映す二つの歪な

In human form – I watch the world turn, within these eyes
Sadness – reflected in these two ovals

今生まれ 今眠る
Now I am born – Now I sleep

儚いこの世は 飯事のように 無常な入れ物

This fleeting world – like playing house – this unusual container

定めは定め 抗えない
出会いと別れ いつも繰り返し
時の果てに 辿り着いたのは
闇に真実 沈んだところ

Fate is fate – undeniable
Meeting and parting – forever repeating
Till the end of time – it was a struggle
To the truth in darkness – sunken in deep

痛みを痛み 涙流し
体と体 触れてもやがては
震え怯え 感じた記憶は
永久の泉へ 流れて消えた

Painful painful – tears flowing
This body this body – even if you touch it, eventually
Shaking in panic – those felt memories
Towards the fountain of life – flowing and disappearing

嗚呼 ぼやけて 見えない 悲しみ

Ah – blurring – unseen – sadness


I am a doll
A perfect doll
My heart is my own
So I will not admit it
No matter what that person says I definitely will not admit it.

絶対に 認めたくない

I definitely – do not want to admit it

操られこの糸 切れたとしても
行かないで 行かないで 繋いでて

These instrumental threads – if I were to cut them…
Don’t go, don’t go, stay tied to me…

人型よ 変わる世界も 変わる理解は去れず
ただきっと 夢と映すのは狭間で

In human form – both this changing world – and this changing understanding will not fade
Only for certain - is this space reflecting dreams

今生まれ 今果てる

Now I am born – now I am ending


Everything overflowing – this crib filled with childish anger

終わりは終わり 容赦の無い
言葉と気持ち 乱れたままでも
意味と定義 すべて覆し
過去を未来へ 繋げる奇跡

The end is the end – there is no forgiveness
Words and feelings – even though they are disturbed
Meaning and definition – all is toppled over
This miracle tying the past to the future

重いと熱意 ただそれだけ
進化と破壊 いつまでも続く
称え祭れ 僅かな日々でも
愛した笑顔 明日はもういない

Importance and enthusiasm- that is all it is
Evolution and destruction – endlessly continue
Praise and worship – those few days
The smile I loved – will not be there tomorrow

嗚呼 深くて 癒えない 悲しみ
嗚呼 隠れて 見えない 喜び
嗚呼 私に 私の 魂

Ah – deep – unhealable – sadness
Ah – hidden – unseen – happiness
Ah – to me – my own – my soul

Black Diamond Lyrics and Translation (Shugo Chara Second Insert Song)

In my wonderful watching of Shugo Chara! I came across this wonderful insert song sung by Mizuki Nana as Hoshina Utau. So, of course I had to look up the lyrics and translate them :D – I personally prefer the second version (Indies Ver.) on the album, and I’ve been listening to it almost all day. Ahh, work work work work work – whistling Miku want’s to whistle the whole day away~! I suppose I can’t though. At least there are always things like Shugo to lighten my heart and make me feel all warm and fuzzy and even productive like – I attribute the fact that I did not miss my class today because I thought of Shugo Chara!, Amu, Ran, amulet heart and all that stuff, and pulled myself out of bed – I suppose hypnosis for children still works for college students, at least the ones that are open to it. Ah… I suppose I’m easily swayed, at least by cute things and people.

Oh by the way, green chai tea, is freaking awesome.

Black Diamond

一番のねがいごと 教えて
– あなたのほしいもの –
大きな声で 叫んでみて

Tell me your deepest desires…
What is it that you want?
In a volume raised so strong you shake…
with that loud voice scream it out!

始めよう 世界は
そう 君の手をとって

In the time before the sun awakens,
let’s begin – This world,
dances with the shadows, stalking the light…
and so, I take your hand:

さぁ 何が欲しいの? 何を求めるの?
集めた輝き その手のひらに
全てすくいとる 汚れた夜空に
黒いダイヤモンド ブラックダイヤモンド

Tell me! What do you want? What do you seek?
The collected brilliance, in the palm of your hand
take it all, and in the polluted night sky,
form a darkened diamond, a black diamond.

– アナタノホシイモノ –
涙だって 流せない

With shaking hands, I lift up my prayers…
for that which you want.
I’m like a doll that has no purpose…
my tears, they cannot flow.

傷ついても 嘘だらけでも
決して 屈しない

Though I’m hurting, and full of lies,
never will I bend…
Only the real thing is shining,
defying an unseen power.

迷っているだけじゃ ガラクタになる
ずべてふりきって 歪んだ夜空に
黒いダイヤモンド ブラックダイヤモンド

Tell me! What do I sing? What do I believe?
Continuously lost, you’ll become garbage.
throw it all away, and in the distorted night sky,
form a darkened diamond, a black diamond.

さぁ何が欲しいの? 何を求めるの?
集めた輝き その手のひらに
すべてすくいとる ねじれる夜空に
黒いダイヤモンド ブラックダイヤモンド

Tell me! What do you want? What do you seek?
The collected brilliance, in the palm of your hand
take it all, and in the twisted night sky,
form a darkened diamond, a black diamond.

Hishoku no Sora Lyrics 緋色の空 + Shugo Chara!

Wah~ Shugo Chara! I’ve recently started watching the series, and although I’m not really one to be into the “magical girl” sort of series, this one is just too cute – and I find that I just can’t stop laughing, and everything else makes me smile. I just watched the ninth, which is one of the better ones so far – Hinamori Amu-chan looks so cute in her kimono! Just watching the show makes me feel tiny again, with “I want to be like you~” filling up my heart. You all can make fun of me all you want, but what makes me happy makes me happy ^^. This is going to be another one of those times that I empty my pockets to buy the original manga ._. I’m going to be out of the streets at this rate. I am anxiously awaiting the appearance of the insert song “Black Diamond” because I came across it and have been listening to it – it’s such a wonderfully melodic song… I think I really fall for violas and cellos – oh and it helps when the guy playing is a kitty boy. :3 and the girl singing with vampire wings :F

You would think that with all this spouting about Shugo Chara, that I’d have below a song of the series, but sadly no, no – I may just for fun even if the lyrics are little more than hop, step, jump~ : oooh… I should take Black Diamond in that case then, given that it’s pretty. Yes yes, I’ll take note. I might also take a swing at some translations of some of the short stories I have to read for class, they’re quite thrilling and thought provoking, copyright free so I won’t get into trouble either. Yosssha!

Anyway, I am far off topic: I’m still working off a queue of translations, so next on the list is Hishoku no Sora, which presented a mild challenge, what with it’s made up words and all, but that’s what kanji are for ^^ – it’s a pretty song too, whenever I listen to it or read the lyrics, I see a landscape that I oh so would wish to paint in watercolour, if I had even the remotest bit of ability. Though unfortunately I don’t orz.

[note: because of how “subjects” are handled in japanese, it’s hard to handle somewhat “subjectless” situations and make it sound reasonable in english – I’m trying my best ^^;]

Scarlet Sky

そしてこの空 赤く染めて また来る時 この一身(・み)で 進むだけ

Take this sky, and dye it red; When that time comes again, with this body, I will only continue.

すれ違っていく’人’も 紛ぐれ失くした’モノ’も
いつかは 消えゆく記憶
熱く揺るがす’強さ’ 儚く揺る’弱さ’
所詮 同じ結末(み・らい)

Both “people” who continue to disagree, and “things” that are lost,
someday will become a fading memory.
Both “strength” which burns hot, and “weakness” which wavers fleetingly
in the end, have the same fate.

そんな日常 紅霞(こう・か)を溶かし 現れる陽 紅(くれ)る世界

As it does each day, the crimson haze melts away as the sun appears, the world turning red

風になびかせ 線を引いて 流れるよな髪先 敵を刺す
振り斬った想い 漲る夢
すべては今 この手で 使命 果たして行くだけ

Ride upon the wind, drawing a flowing line with the tips of my hair, as I pierce through the enemy.
Those cast away thoughts, fill my dreams…
Everything is now, with these hands I will only fulfill my purpose.

また灯が一つ 落とされ そっとどこかで 消えた
現実 変わらぬ日々
だけど確かに感じる 君の温もり 鼓動
これも 真実だと

Another light falls, and quietly somewhere went out.
In reality, though the days are unchanging,
I still can with certainty feel your warmth, your heartbeat.
This is also a truth

そして紅 紅塵(こう・じん)を撒き 夕日を背に 今始まる さあ

Take this red, crimson impurity and scatter it, starting down with the evening sun upon my back, come.

なぜ 高鳴る心に 迷い戸惑い 感じるの
早く いたずらに暴れだす 痛み 壊して

Why do I feel such a hesitation and confusion in my quickly beating heart?
Break the pain I feel so quickly in anger towards your teasing.

それに滲んだ 焼けた雲は 内に秘めた願いが 焦がしてる
躊躇った瞳 浮かぶ涙 でも明日の 力に変えて

So now, in those blurring searing clouds, a secret wish is burning.
Hesitant pupils, floating tears, but tomorrow I will change it into power.

すべて捧げて 舞い降りた地 冴える刃一つで 闇を斬る
いつだって胸の 奥の光 瞬かせて
この一身(・み) 使命 果たしてゆくまで

Raise all of it up, towards the falling fluttering earth, with one sharp blade, cut through the darkness
At some time the light in my chest was made to sparkle
With this body, until I fulfill by purpose.

Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite Lyrics 雪、無音、窓辺にて

Silently fighting fatigue – is there some sort of wonder method so that you can cure being sleepy? Like all the time? I wonder if I’ll ever know for sure. I’ll blame my vampiric blood pressure, which is probably what keeps me from ever being angry, upset, and by extension, tired? I was never good at scientific theory, so let’s assume my intuition’s on the right track. After all, you tend to be more awake when you’re stressed… right? Touhou’s the answer~! – but then the act of my eyes following all those things flying to and fro across the screen make me tired. … I’m in a lose lose situation aren’t I? I’ll continue to rely on getting excited about cute things like Miku. (Can you tell I’m on a bit of a strange caffiene trip? I think it’s probably a bit evident – if you’re curious about stuff google terms!) Now for what you want to see, if you’re one of those net bugs or spark sprites that’s looking in and on, finding meaning in this pretty song. I’m not sure who else would come across this :x

Chihara Minori, has a wonderful singing voice.


歌手 茅原実里

作詞 畑亜貴

作曲 田代智一

編曲 上松範康

舞い降りた I was snow

In a world with no sound
fluttering down, I was snow

なにかが壊れて なにかが生まれる
やめない人たち 不思議なひとたち

Something breaks and something is born
even though it’s needlessly repetitive…
those people who don’t quit, those strange people
even as I stare I am part of them.

ほどけない問題など 在りはしないと
知ってても 複雑な段階が物語り創っていく

“There are no problems that can’t be unraveled.”
Even though I know, complex situations continue to arise.

私にも唯ひとつの 願望が持てるなら
記憶の中 最初からを本にして窓辺で読む
ページには赤い印 現れて踊り出す
つられそうだと思うなんて どうかしてるけれど
禁じられたワードを 呟けば最後…

If I were to have a single desire,
from as far as I can remember, I would wish to read a book by the window.
Upon the page a red mark appears and begins to dance;
I think I’m going to be pulled in, no matter what I do –
but if I mutter those forbidden words it’ll be all over…

どこかへ逃げるの どこにも逃げない
めげない人たち 優しい人たち

Where are you running to? I’m running nowhere.
Consciousness has value in that alone.
those people who never give up, those kind people…
My future is pressed along.

流れ出す強い力 幸せ呼ぶと
気が付いた そのままで必要な物語り印されたら

When that flowing power called forth happiness
I realized, that left unchanging, if the necessary situation is sealed…

存在が変わる程の 夢を持ってみたくなる
感情へと共感へと 繋がれば窓辺に立ち
静けさに抱かれながら また今日も持っている
ゆるやかに降る 水じゃなくてもっと寂しい粒

I began to want to hold on to a dream, capable of changing my existance
If I were to tie sympathy and empathy I would stand by the window –
while wrapped in silence holding it again today…
falling slowly, not water but more lonely snowflakes

見つけたの You are star

In a world of no color
I found it, you are star.

存在が変わる程の 夢を持ってみたくなる
感情へと共感へと 繋がれば窓辺に立ち
静けさに抱かれながら また今日も持っている
ゆるやかに降る 水じゃなくてもっと寂しい粒

I began to want to hold on to a dream, capable of changing my existance
If I were to tie sympathy and empathy I would stand by the window –
while wrapped in silence holding it again today…
falling slowly, not water but more lonely snowflakes

舞い降りた I was snow

In a world with no sound
fluttering down, I was snow

Siren Lyrics – サイレン

This is my personal translation for the lyrics of the two consecutive songs on the Siren Single (by Asian Kung-fu Generation): “Siren” and “Siren#” respectively, which I believe are part of the same song, or rather two responses to two different people sending messages to each other, a man and a woman, sort of reflective of Heian poetry, and my translations reflect this. I can’t see into the minds of the people that originally wrote this, and no translations can be perfect, but so much for my disclaimers. I encourage you to listen to and purchase this songs if you find yourself able, they are beautiful.

Siren (Track 1 – 5:28)

your thin arm I seized
mayfly who floats by me
give me your beautiful wings

those moistened distant eyes
like evening fog, or a summer haze, shaking away you disappeared

this molten heart as it is now
this white impulse that will not cool is so painful
flying past that street alley, the unending call of your siren
open it up for me

although you can’t paint your thoughts of a thousand years from now
I only wish for to start with the things that will be carved in a minute from now

the remains of my molten heart as it is now
this unhealable wound, heal it for me, it’s so painful
flying past that street alley, the resounding call of your siren
open it up for me

Call out to prove your existance
Oh siren!

Siren (Track 2 – 6:16)

The thick fingers of your hands
with white wings that dance in the night
someday you’ll surely forget
for you have no need of me, surely

The light of the street reflected in your car window
sends over this image of me my tears blurring my shadow.
That I was born, that freedom, to that end
still not understanding I will disappear.

The light that seeks out and invades the darkness
This moment that will not disappear, impatience toward tomorrow
without reason or conclusion, this pain will not end

Find someone somehow,
those white wings that do not open
someday surely will collapse
and I will disappear, surely

The light of the street reflected in your car window
sends over this image of me my tears blurring my shadow.
That I met you, that freedom, to that end
still not understanding, the world will end.