ケンカ予報の時間だよ (Kenka Yohou no Jikan dayo) / Hiiragi Kagami Lucky Star Character Album Song!

So we all know that the best character in/on/about Lucky Star is Hiiragi Kagami right? – Especially if she’s cosplaying as Miku Hatsune, right right?! So why did I pick this song? It’s confusing as hell >.> : she also has the Hiiragi family’s inherent need to use onomatopeias, and move towards some kansai-ben terms/phrases. I tried to make it as comprehensible as possible, but how comprehensible is Kagami really when she rants? :p – It is also ridiculously early in the morning (as I finished this up) so ~… | In other news, my bandwidth was seriously killed, seriously inhibiting all my online work, including fansubbing and the like – Taihen taihen! – I’m still in that state right now, it took nearly 10 minutes just for the web-app that supports the rich-text input for posts to load up. (Apparently it had to load the ad on the side first before it did anything else -.-) I have a midterm for government in 1 hour! – back to the news that I was going to say before but didn’t get to becuase my heads going wooo~ for being up so long and studying or half-studying…. is that I’ll have Hiiragi Tsukasa’s wonderfully famous because it’s so wonderful (I find myself repeating words…) Character Album song up very soon, once I type it up and retranslate it (since I lost whatever work I had on it before) – as long as I can still read my old handwriting for the source lyrics.


Clearly, completely I want to forget about it
But you keep on dragging it on, mou~!
I’m getting tired of it!
放っとけ 放っとけ 放っとけ 放っとけ
ケンカはケンカは 結局北極
見せ物じゃないよ さようならっ

Leave it alone, leave alone, leave it, leave it!
This fighting, this fighting is reaching the north pole!
There’s nothing to see here, Bye!
わかってよ 怒ってるよ

I’ve got it! I’m getting angry you know
 (Can’t you at least say you’re sorry?)
Let’s call forth thunder!
Clouds, clouds, thundering clouds!

Cut it cleanly, cut it crisply, I want to get violent
But, even if I say that I can’t do anything about it ~ mou!
I’m so tired of it already!
本当に 本当に 本当に 本当に
ケーソツケーソツ 結局南極
ひとこと欲しいな ごめんなさいっ

Honestly, honestly, honestly, honestly!
This rashness, this rashness all the way down to the south pole!
I just to hear you say you’re sorry!
わかってる 天気のせい

I know already, it’s the weather’s fault
 (Clear up already~ Saa~!)
I just want to see the sun!
Rain, rain, boring rain!
だんぜん私 後者だね

So then, this here is a problem,
Is reconciliation found in the library?
I’ll find my reconciliation during lunch.
If I eat ahead of time I’ll be smiling
For me it absolutely has to be the latter
When I’m hungry I get angry
This vicious circle is bad
So, which do I decide?

Promise not to be laid back or thoughtless
Why do you say I’m wrong everytime~?
You got me irritated
勝っとけ 勝っとけ 勝っとけ 勝っとけ
ソンナでカルタは 即決解決
微妙はいいわけ こんにちわっ

Win, win, win, win!
That Karuta is a quickly solved
Using complexity as an excuse, Konnichiwa!
とんでもない ありえないし
傘入れて あげないから

Of course not, it’s impossible
 (I don’t hate you, I swear I don’t! but)
I won’t let you under my umbrella, so
Get wet, get wet, Get Wet!

Feeling tired, running away from work~
Why did you believe me so easily?
Don’t make me laugh!
出しとけ 出しとけ 出しとけ 出しとけ
ソイツがカリカリ 即決解禁
動かしてるから ごめんなさいっ

Turn it in! Turn it in! Turn it in! Turn it in!
She swiftly crunched down on the restriction
I’m going to move you now so, Sorry!
とんでもが ありえないが
遊びでも あぶないから

Of course not, it’s impossible
 (I ridicule you because I’m being serious!)
Playing around with that is dangerous
You’ll get cut, you’ll get cut, you’ll get cut I say!
だんだん私 染まりぎみ

The fighting forecast is right on the mark
The same thing everyday
Everyday it over flows
Rather than divination it’s just plain sense!
Gradually it seems that I’m being dyed
with all it mixing in, I’m turning red!
I ran around in circles
Yah, passing grades?
だんだん私 染まりぎみ

The fighting forecast is right on the mark
The same thing everyday
Everyday it over flows
Rather than divination it’s just plain sense!
Gradually it seems that I’m being dyed
with all it mixing in, I’m turning red!
I ran around in circles
Yah, passing grades?
そうだ私 気がきくね
決めといて! 決めといて!!

So then, this here is a problem,
Reconciliation is good for your health.
I’ll find my reconciliation during lunch.
If I eat ahead of time I’ll be smiling
That’s right, I’ll be sensible
When I’m hungry I get angry
This vicious circle is bad
So, have you decided on the menu yet?
Decide, decide already!

Orange Lyrics and Translation – Toradora! ED2

So here’s the “Orange” Translation from Toradora! – because I’ve been waiting patiently in order to not view the show before I’m supposed to be Translation Checking it for a certain group I’m way behind and haven’t even seen an episode with this wonderful ED in it, but I did watch the ED and it was wonderful, and I loved it, as well as loving the song : it’s so much better than the last one – not that I didn’t like the last one, I just LOVE this one. I think of Ami when I hear this song – I’ve recently started to like her a bit, they’ve done a lot of subtle shifts upon her character – I love the character development in that show ^^. I did this one sorta quick, I might revise it later and make it more sing-songy.

Apparently I write awesome thesis’s (I have no idea how to write that word properly plural) \o/

D: my Japanese mid-term on Monday is going to KILL me. I have another midterm on Tuesday to add misery and worry to my life as well D:

I’m still listening to sprinter – because I absolutely love that song.



During a sleepless night
I let out a single sigh
I wonder how everyone else is?
It’s kind of lonely.


Stop laughing,
saying that’s not like me.
You just don’t
know the real me.

広い大地に ひと粒の種
まだ青い 実をつけた

On this wide continent, a single seed
extends its roots.
It leaves fruit, still unripe

オレンジ色に 早く
気づいてよ ねぇ
オレンジ 今日も

A fruit, wishing to
quickly turn orange.
Bathed in your light,
growing on dreams and ideals
Hey, I notice you
Orange, again today.

まだすっぱくて 泣いた
好きだよ 泣けるよ
好きだよ 好きだよ

I tried eating it,
but it was still sour, and I cried
I couldn’t leave it behind like me
so I ate it all.
I love you, I can cry
I love you, I love you

マンダリン オレンジ
友達 恋人

They look the same but are different:
a mandarin, an orange
friends, lovers
the hearts of two people as well


I don’t want to be hurt
So I’ve been running away
I don’t want your light
to pierce me either.

まだ青い 実でさえも

They are miracles though
Encounters, love
seeds, buds
even if they are only fruit yet unripe

オレンジ色は あの日
オレンジ いつか

One day I saw a sunset
and it reminded me
of that orange color.
There were two shadows
that looked like two hands intertwined.
Orange, one day
will you be sweet?
or will you wither?
I don’t want to know my future
so I ate it all
So sour…
I love you, but I cry.
Because I love you, I can cry.

オレンジ色に 早く
気づいてよ ねぇ
オレンジ 今日も
またすっぱくて 泣いた
ぜんぶ食べた 好きだよ
好きだよ すっぱい
泣けるよ 好きだよ

A fruit that wants
to turn quickly orange.
Bathed in your light,
growing on dreams and ideals
Hey, I notice you
Orange, again today.
I tried eating it,
but it was still sour, and I cried
I couldn’t leave it behind like me
so I ate it all – I love you
I love you – Sour
I can cry – I love you

Musashi: Book 1 – Earth | Review and Summary

As of now, I’ve read the first three out of seven "books" in Musashi, and in part for fun and in part just to jog my memory I thought I’d do some commenting or review some things I’ve already read.

Each of the books so far has definitely had its own charm, but so far the first one has really grabbed me the most. Very adequately named "Earth" it comprises of the roots of Musashi, before he called himself by that name. Although one of the shorter books, it is very rich in both external action and internal contemplation. The opening scene is that of our main character "Takezō" laying in the middle of a lifeless battlefield, desolate, hardly alive himself. I thought of scorched earth, the eerie morning after a blaze. Yet from this Takezō’s tale begins, similar to slash and burn crop method, this destruction, this vital shift, becomes a nutrient and is the first step towards transforming Takezō into Musashi.

Takezō’s childhood companion Matahachi is also alive with him in the field, so they struggle away, Takezō the stronger (of course because he’s our hero) and in to hiding from the troops of the leading side, they finally find a ghost like little girl (Akemi) stealing from corpses (iconic figure in classical literature ^^) and they chase after her and find a place where they can hide and tend to their wounds. Takezō stays somewhat sensible and cautious, but Matahatchi starts to fall into what a "normal" person would be – he starts drinking, getting jealous and loose, while Takezō is more like an animal, ever cautious, and in some ways childish – he does not like alcohol or women (he’s 17 ish). However, as conflict is ever around to those living lavishly or involved in crime (as Okō the keeper of the place that the two are staying at is) other gangs fall upon the house and there is violence. Takezō successfully drives them away and kills the leader. Okō is furious saying that he will cause a chain of revenge, and they make preparations to flee, but Okō gets Takezō drunk and leaves him behind while taking her daughter Akemi and Matahachi, in part in retaliation that the young Takezō would not succumb to the temptress woman and sleep with her.

With no where else to go, Takezō heads back towards his hometown, breaking through the barrier to do so, and exciting the attention of the authorities. Back in Takezō’s hometown we are introduced to two new characters Otsu and Takuan. Otsu is the fiancee of Matahachi, and Takuan is a resident eccentric buddhist monk. Both characters are strikingly interesting from the start, and Takuan is humorous and yet still strangely mysterious. Yet in this peaceful town conflict comes in the form of badly arranged military forces that are sent to track down Takezō mistaking him for being some sort of powerful opposition rebel. Takezō hides around the village and mistakenly accepts hospitality from Matahachi’s mother, who is vengeful and blames the death of her son (who isn’t dead) on Takezō and with irrational fury seeks his death, in part from old family feuds and anger at Matahachi’s association with Takezō for which she blames all of his (many) shortcomings. She even orchestrates the capture and imprisonment of Takezō’s sister. Takezō, like a wild animal escapes again and again, killing soldiers and fleeing into the woods like a demon, trusting no one. The militant occupation and the selfish leader in charge takes a heavy toll on the village, and so Takuan decides to take action – he insults the leader, who meanwhile tries to take "advantage" of poor Otsu, to which he has a friendly sort of attachment to (although later it seems he has similar attachment to anyone he think he can help in distress) – and proclaims on charge of his own death that he will capture Takezō in 3 days, while the military has failed for many months.

Takuan uses tactics of the great Art of War and while taking Otsu with him into the mountains, is able to locate Takezō, or rather make him come to him, and then persuades him to be willingly tied up and brought down to the village. Where as Takezō may have imagined that Takuan would treat him with mercy, he leaves him open to the winds, so to speak – and lets the crowd decide what to do with him -> however brutal he may seem, and yes he is in a way, by gaining control over Takezō’s fate, he prevents his immediate death, and while his motives are very clouded and quite incomprehensible even in the end, he seems to in an almost God like way orchestrate a re-molding of Takezō, forcing into contemplation and self reflection in the midst of his torture, left open to nature, tied without food or water on the branches of a cryptomeria tree. Otsu who has meanwhile learned of Matahachi’s betrayal is distraught in many ways more than one, and pushed to the limits by the scope of Takuan’s assumed brutality, she starts to fall attached to Takezō and frees him from the tree, seeking to run primarily away from Matahachi’s awful mother and to escape to a new life, hopefully with him.

Takezō leaves Otsu to find his sister, but Otsu finds her own trouble attacked by the trailing old lady (Matahachi’s mother "Otsugi") and when Takezō fails but gets away, he cannot meet back up with her at the specified meeting place in the city where he tries to keep disguised and inconspicuous. However Takuan easily spots him and takes him before the leader of the city, whom surprisingly he is well acquainted with. He makes sure that the horrible behavior of the military leader sent after Takezō receive proper treatment, and in his usual way, decides a strange punishment for Takezō. They give him a new set of clothes and a bath, and then imprison him in a tower, where there were said ghosts inhabited. It was a library of sorts, the walls and floors lined with literature, and for four years. During these four years, Musashi changes considerably, and instead of being just a strong, brutal monster, he gains a mind and a soul – which puts him above the beasts, which truly is a large amount of society.

After this time, the leader of the city offers him an immediate post of a samurai, but Musashi – as he now calls himself using the same characters in his name – says he wants to explore the land and fine tune his skills to become the best samurai – as he leaves, Otsu, whose love for Takezō has increased tenfold over the years waiting for him comes to him immediately wanting to be his bride, wanting to follow him wherever he will go. Musashi torn emotionally but unwavering, carves an apology in the bridge and flees from her, women being a great and unexpected adversary for him. Otsu, who won’t be thrown away follows after him, hoping that he will change his mind and unite with her. From this moment the tale of the travelling warrior begins.

Sprinter Lyrics and Translation !! (Kara no Kyoukai ED 5 – by Kalafina)

Finally something!! – I finally picked up and finished this translation I was looking at before but all but abandoned. Kara no Kyoukai is amazing, and this is a very beautiful song. I recommend that everyone, however you can try to get this these series of film, or even better actually go see them in theaters! (I would probably be blankfaced myself… but it would be so awesome!) Once I get a bit of a money break I’m going to order the books, with the new awesome looking covers :D. I first encountered the first chapter by reading Faust vol.1 (Amer ver.)  Did a little research, and bam! lots and lots of stuff I found!

Also, today I finished reading book 3/7 of Musashi. ^^ – the ending made me go D:< what!!?!? all over the place though. I feel sorry for Akemi and all – well actually I feel really sorry for her, but Otsu deserves happiness!!! Musashi better marry her in the end for all her efforts. – I feel a bit nervous about Musashi’s possible encounter with Koujirou – because Seisoujirou or whatever his name is a joke, but Koujirou might really do some damage to Musashi -> we’ll have to see. I wonder what Joutarou will do~ : so despite my GAH! anger towards the current outcomes, I really am hooked so I suppose it did its job ._.

Mushishi is amazing – I’ve gotten to chapter 4 (well the two page omake-ish thingy before chapter 4) – it’s wonderful! – I want to encourage everyone to read and watch. Chapter 4 (the light behind the eyelids) is one of my favorites and has actually won an award ^^. I’ll write more on them soon.



I met you
in an unfulfilled dream I saw
an eternity crossed in a single second

I’m calling 君を
伸ばした指も震えてるそのまま 抱きしめた

I’m calling out to you
I want to protect you
With my arms spread out and my fingers shaking I embraced you

力尽きるまで 成す術無く叫び続ける、それだけなんだ
君に届く? 僕が届く?
絶望の甘さ打ち砕いて走り出すんだ 今すぐ

The only thing that we can do is keep living
until we exhaust ourselves, continue to scream without a reason, that is all
Will I reach you? Will I reach you?
I’ll break the sweetness of despair and run forth, right now
To the end of the spiralling world

I’m calling 遠く足掻く僕の唄が

I’m calling, with my song that carries on far away
If it turns your face towards the sky,
I will not be alone…

剥き出しの真実(ほんとう)が こんなカラクリの心にも

This naked truth, even in my marionette heart
has built up so much it overflows


I reach my hands toward yesterday – disappearing as quick as light
However far, across the brilliant desert
Now, we kick forth time and sprint

君のいない道を 僕は僕の為

A torn banner waves in the wind at a distance
On this road you do not follow – I, for my own sake
To the end of the spiralling world……


I want to see you
I yearn for you
I want to see you
I love you

I’m calling 僕がここに居た証は

I’m calling, the proof that I was here
which even now is surely within your eyes

I’m calling 閉じる螺旋に逆らって

I’m calling, defying the spirial
crying out as we disappear


We are living
We are here…

Exciting Events… or not.

So I got hit by a car today while riding my bike. My computer (I was carrying my more durable computer) and manga are ok! (priorities in the wrong place? no.) I’m perfectly fine actually, it was a mix of rain, me not being especially smart and the fact that the car didn’t use her blinkers (they never do that anyway) – so I tried to stop and then *instinctively* (or by luck) slid to the ground with my bike facing the car and I got bumped. My bag got a bit muddy and my knee got drenched, but it was a bit off the ground so I didn’t even get a scrape. Lucky me – so I bounced back up, said I was perfectly fine and dashed off (I was late after all).

So I’m almost done reading book three of Mushishi, I suppose I’ll do reviews on the first two soon – I’ve read the first two chapters of Mushishi as well, (which are awesome! – and I understand more a few things I missed in the anime) : I dunno if I’d be any good at any sort of thing like reviewing but I think it could be fun. I think I want to translate the Kara no Kyoukai ED 2 "sprinter" (though it looked like gg in subs did quite a good enough job for me so I don’t suppose I have to :x) because I love it – so that might be coming up next, and then a few of the lucky star character album songs.

Now for linguistics and phonology – I’m learning how to pronounce other languages properly now :D

Amino Shiki CM and reviews.

Ah, hiatuses are awful aren’t they? – When work piles on it’s easy to stop and hard to start back up again, so right after getting finished with my song queue I ran right into a work load -> However do not fret my crickets (for does anyone else but me view this?) for there will be more songs translated, and most probably commentary over things that I’ve been reading, namely Musashi, which is translated, but given that it’s ~1000 pages translated, it would be nigh impossible at my current level to read it given an number of many long years, even if I had no other task before me. I’m also making my way through the volumes of lucky star and they are pretty funny – for instance, think of Konata: she was talking about the realistic views on her career survey thing – "I have specialty skills." "What kind of skills?" "Well I can do all the things the athletes in the Amino Shiki commercials do." O.O: google this: "アミノ式CM" – There are tons of other things I’m supposed to be reading so I’ll give some insight when I can make it far enough to do so.

Kagami is my favorite.

Hiirogekka, Hyousai no Zetsu: 緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 / 葉月なの Lyrics and Translation

^Flandre from Touhou Castlevania
(I recently updated this page from its original livejournal form to make it prettier).

The creepiest and most wonderful version of Flandre’s theme (Touhou) that you will ever encounter.
You’ll find it in the album “Lyrical Crimson” by EastNewSound

“Under a scarlet moon, the severance of crazed blossoming”
^as literal as you can get to the meaning of the song name

I tried to distinguish a bit from the different colors of “red” in the song – but here.
朱=blood red/vermilion
紅=crimson/lipstick red/red-black tea

Here’s the official video: [link]

Here’s the link to the post of the translation of the newer anniversary version of the song: [link]

Arranger: 黒鳥
Vocal: 葉月なの

深く朱き潤む瞳 甘い色のスカート揺らす
幼き頬 朱を滲ませ 疼きに足を崩される
甘い幻視に支配され 奏でては咲く五指の調べ
赤い紅茶 渡る音 弄んでは 深く抉る

Pupils moist with deep vermilion, my skirt wavering in this same sweet color
Upon these childish cheeks may the this red drip, as my legs collapse from the throbbing
Controlled by these sweet hallucinations, I play a tune that blooms from my five fingers
The sound of a crimson red tea as I tease and gouge them deep into the neck


“Will my thoughts not reach you?”
“Who will be reflected in your eyes?”


“Is my heart broken?”
“If he comes will I not return?”
“Are deeply cut wounds unhealable?”
“So then, what about the stabs of time?”

 この気持ち気付いて どうして気付いてくれないの
 狂気満ちて行くわ どうすれば止まるの
その肌を穢し尽し 辱めるのは私だけ
 この気持ち壊れて どこへ辿り着くのでしょうか
愛で撫でて揺さぶらせて この衝動を殺してよ
 愛溢れて行くわ 止めることはできない・・・

All of you, I want it, I want it so much I’m shaking
 Realize my feelings, why won’t see them?
Shall I stop piercing exhaustively into your delicious pulse?
 I’m overflowing with insanity, how can I stop?
I dirty your skin, but the one that’s defiled is me
 If I crush my feelings, what would I strive for then?
Lovingly I stroke it, send it shivering… kill my urges!
 My love is overflowing, I can’t stop it…

白き肌 照らすのは
緋色月 綺麗な夜
明けるなら 染めるまで

Upon your white skin it shines…
a scarlet moon, a beautiful night
when it shines, it stains you

喉を枯らし叫ウ音色 旋律は朱の虹となり
君屠る此ノ色彩 甘く深き色を放つ

This tone of screams coming from your shriveling throat, the melody becomes a rainbow of vermillion
This hue from slaughtering you, what a sweet deep color it releases!

喉を枯らし叫ウ音色 赤キ雨に彩られたら
綺麗な舞台の出来上がり 私独り其処で踊る

This tone of screams coming from your shriveling throat, when the red rains down painting my lips
I ascend this beautiful stage, and there I dance alone


“Has that wish collapsed?”
“Have those thoughts been suppressed?”

「その希望 絶えたのかな?」

“Has that hope been severed?”
“Have those pupils been set aflame?”
“Has that skin been defiled?”
“So then, has this place become empty?”

**(笑い) *laughter*
私の中に 私の中に 私の中 私・・・
一つ 一つ 単語・・・

Inside of me, inside of me, inside of … me…
One, there’s one word to describe it…

何度も 何度も 何度も・・・
何度も 御仁様 繰り返し・・・

Endlessly endlessly endlessly…
endlessly… my love, it… repeats….

繰り返し 繰り返し 繰り返し 繰り返し
繰り返し 繰り返し 繰り返し 叫ウ・・・

It repeats, it repeats, it repeats, it repeats
It repeats, it repeats, it repeats… the screaming…

掴み左手が甘くて 狂い右手が甘くて
甘くて 甘くて 笑い口が叫び

I’ve caught it; the left arm is sweet… I’m going insane; the right arm is sweet…
sweet… sweet… I scream with a smile

それがまた・・・楽しくて 楽しくて
望み漸く・・・ 楽しくて 楽しくて

It’s happening again… it’s so enjoyable… so enjoyable…
Finally my wish… it’s so enjoyable… so enjoyable…

震えていて 震えていて
楽しくて 楽しくて!!

I’m shaking, I’m shaking
it’s so good… it’s so good!!

**(笑い) *laughter*

紅い (x5)
甘い (x10)
Red… (x5)
Sweet… (x10)

I just think it’s so…

紅い (x5)
甘い (x4)
紅い (x5)!


甘い! 甘い!! 紅い! 紅い!!
So sweet! so sweet!! so red! so red!!

**(笑い) *laughter*

I’ll break you!

其ノ生を引き裂かれて 赤銀を吐き消し飛べ
其ノ生の華散らして 極彩に咲き我が糧に
 儚い命だわ 美しく愛おしい
其ノ生がお前ならば 喰らい尽くして血肉にす
其ノ四肢を贄と捧げ わが足元の死屍となれ
 ずっと私の傍に もういかさないから・・・

This life, I’ll pull and rip it apart – the red and silver will burst out and disperse!
 The true me is no longer anywhere…
This life, I’ll scatter it like flower petals – the rich color blooming forth for me to drink
 What transient life, so beautiful and precious…
This life, if it’s yours – I’ll exhaustively feast upon the blood and flesh
 There is nothing for you to do but become mine forever and ever…
These four limbs I offer up as a sacrifice – become a corpse at my feet!
 For no longer can you live by my side forever and ever…

其ノ生を引き裂かれて 赤銀を吐き消し飛べ
 私のセカイは 綺麗なままでいて欲しいから
其ノ生の華散らして 極彩に咲き我が糧に
 思い出が舞うわ 私のものにさせて
其ノ生がお前ならば 喰らい尽くして血肉にす
 ごめんなさい これが最後の愛し方だったから
其ノ四肢を贄と捧げ わが足元の死屍となれ
 ずっと私の傍に あなたといきたいの・・・

This life, I’ll pull and rip it apart – the red and silver will burst out and disperse!
 I want to stay like this, in my beautiful world…
This life, I’ll scatter it like flower petals – the rich color blooming forth for me to drink
 The memories dance, let me make you mine…
This life, if it’s yours – I’ll exhaustively feast upon the blood and flesh
 I’m sorry, but this is a final act of love…
These four limbs I offer up as a sacrifice – become a corpse at my feet!
 because I want to live with you forever…