シャングリ・ラ Shangri-la 01

Yeah I did something horrible. You know what I did? – I bought something else, right after my major Birthday shipment. I could have saved like $25 if I had thought to add it on to my birthday shipment, but no! So yeah, I bought the original novel (not light novel) for シャングリ・ラ ie. Shangri-la. That the anime that is currently being producing is going to be based on. I fell in love with the concept more than anything else right off the bat (not something that most people would do) . It’s like an ANTI-ENVIRONMENTALIST group fighting the government and Japan’s excessive Forestation! XD – Now if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is. Though obviously it’s a lot more complicated than that, it looks interesting, and it has awesome trannies in it. \o/ So far I’ve given it a 9 on AniDB, if it gets really good for some reason I might push it closer to 10, but I reserve 10 for masterpieces like Ghost Hound and the like (or if I pity shows that I think have underestimated quality).

Here comes No-Spoiler review (hopefully :d)

Shangri-la Ep 01: The Girl’s Repatriation (第一話:少女の帰還)

-Well when I first heard about this show, my thoughts on it were very mixed. I thought the idea was fantastic and very unusual, so I jotted it down on my list of "must try" anime. But I was a bit nervous, a lot of government involvement shows that have been similar have been… well a little pathetic – and I really hate mecha, but I was hoping the boomerang thing was not an indication of "mecha" especially given that robots kind of clash with the idea of overforestation. Next was the preview, kinda gave me ups and downs – especially because I’m not too in to any of the action stuff if it’s overdone (I actually really liked Ga-Rei Zero while I worked on it though, for some reason), but then again some of the characters looked a bit interesting, and some made me wary. Another thing that worried me a bit, is that the group animating and producing the show is Gonzo, which is now imfamous for it’s ridiculous "blunder" of Strike Witches (a 100% panty-shot mecha show = the premise sort of sounds like a bad H-game) – I heard rumor of lawsuits and random junk, sales weren’t good either, and it’s badly rated. Well anyway, its reputation was heavily dented. So I wondeed if they were going to ruin this amazing concept of a show.

-However, when I watched the first episode, I was glad to give it a try. It’s still in a stage where it move in any direction, good or bad – but its first impression is definitely good. I was bracing myself for a panty-shot show – hoping against hope that I was wrong – and I was ^^. Kuniko wears a short skirt and hops around a lot yes, and there’s this wonderful shot with a street kid that looks like he might be saluting her underwear, but there really is no fan-service at all. No excessively big breasts; the evil beauty is animated well, because you look and her and go "ew" because her skin is slightly discoloured as almost from her ill-will but you have to say yes, she is beautiful… even if she’s ugly. The characters are interesting so far – and there are Drag-Queens! Maybe it’s because of influence from Spice and Wolf, but the weird economic talks are actually legitimately interesting (to me). I like that sort of governmental stuff, maybe because it’s paper writing material as well.

-There seems to be a certain triangle power relationship (no not romantic) which I also think that’s interesting. There’s the militaristic government run by the Atlas Corporation (it’s like a daimyo ruling over an emperor in Japanese history). These priveleged individuals run a large neo-city that has privelege and access to electricity and modern commodities. They are seen to be the evil, and are associated with a certain being they call "the moon" which is a miko. (religious organization, religious government, emperor reference? – hrm). That’s the first branch. The second branch isn’t named yet (but they have an artifact like "the moon" does) – the Ishida finance company. All we know about it so far is there’s this child-genious (that apparently has parents) that seems to be in charge, and her extensive program system she calls MEDUSA (looks like a lapras :D). She seems to have parent issues, as she talks with her stuffed animal all the time. She also gives an interesting speech/blit on discrimination that I find relevant. Anyway MEDUSA is a super computer program thing that manipulates all of the tax systems of the "moon" branch (hacking "legally" through loopholes) in order to reduce the enormous costs countries face in trying to reduce their emissions. Interesting. The third branch has "the Sun" and that’s where our heroine comes into play. She’s part of a anti-government resistance group called the Iron Age (and technically supposed to inherit the leadership). They live in a small district of refugees as it is, trying to find ways (don’t know exactly the details yet) to resist the oppression of the party in power. That’s where all the weird (in otherwords AWESOME) people are. Theres also this interesting thing about the internet and books, because now electricity is very hard to come by – not necessarily by lack of fuel, but the heavy emissions taxes (which in effect sustain the amount of diminishing fuel as it were). The towns people seem to have a lot of hope for Kuniko’s return, and all the girls in the prison rattle the bars and call her name at the beginning – but a lot of people, especially some of the newer refugees look very down trodden and hopeless. Luckily for the modern introduction of "grey" even in the midst of the evil or perhaps evil branches, good people that feel things are being taken out of hand exist. So will there be treachery? Let’s find out!

I’ll eagerly continue watching this show and giving updates :D : Song translations are on their way


Castlevania meets Touhou! : 夜の鳩山を飛ぶ (Yoru no Hatoyama wo Tobu)

I just got my shipment in today! – All my birthday presents! – I’m 20 now, and for some reason I feel younger rather than older, and for some odd reason – it also sparked me into being awake during the day, which is a massive odd shift – I can’t seem to revert back to night just yet either – it’s very strange – but kind of awesome all the same. Yes, I still hide from that awful Mr. Sun – but it’s nice to dress up for the day all the same. My stuff has come yes, but I feel like I’ve been suddenly defeated by a giant wall of text, and yes it is true – I have been wiped out, pwned whatever other words you can use to describe it – by this Japanese shipped wall of text. But, well see, I’m a bit of a masochist :D :F – (anyone who loves Touhou… has to be) So that’s sort of woken me up, and poked me into doing work and being active again \o/ – So I’m excited. Well anyway, this is what I got:

東方文花帖 Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
東方 求聞史記 Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
空の境界 上、中、下
しゅごキャラ 1→8

Sub: ¥9051
Ship: ¥6600
Total: ¥1,5651 = ~$130

Now let’s look at page count:

東方文花帖 Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
-Magazine Style, a newspaper with several articles pictures, comics, commentary and more – very small print in some sections plus there’s a CD :D
-167 Pages.

東方 求聞史記 Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
-Government Historical Record Style, An encyclopedia of gensoukyou and in hardcover with commentary monologues and a CD – nice character illustrations as well :D
-166 Pages

^I’m planning to translate these to help with the Touhou Wiki

空の境界 上、中、下
Kara no Kyoukai: First (337 Pages), Middle (511 Pages) , and Final (528 Pages) Volumes
-There’s an awesome set of movies currently in production, one for each chapter (so there’s seven of them) – Watch them when you can get your hands on them! :D

しゅごキャラ 1→8 (each approx. 200 pages)
My latest addiction, Shugo Chara: I’ve gotten all of the volumes that are out, but since the manga-kas got sick well… the story stops at a climax and I want more! – Hopefully they’ll get back to work now that they’re better ^^ : It was only now that I realized that the whole dagea~ stuff was all filler and make believe – now the whole nazo thing well… I suppose I could have/should have/really sort of did guess that was way off, but – I kinda like lulu and her weird accent.

Well I’ve got to continue translating stuff don’t I – I think I’m going to translate the Vocal Version of “夜の鳩山を飛ぶ – Power Mix” as soon as I can, because I’m currently addicted to it, before going back towards some of the other stuff I’d mention I’d do. I need to get back to being alive don’t you think? I need the Japanese practice anyway I have an oral exam soon – and my signs of generative comprehension (response speed and the like) have been a bit miserable lately. I can’t wait to attack some of those Touhou articles too, I might be able to use some of that for one of my classes :D

Found the Vocal Version of the Song :
Gumonji no Nouryoku – The power of the Gumon Shrine (the one that Akyuu has :D)
Apparently the Original Song: 夜の鳩山を飛ぶ was used in a prototype for the other vertical scrolling shooter that Zun worked on, but was never released in the game – I mean geez, some of the stuff ZUN didn’t release for a while (like Magic Shop of Raspberry) is some of his best stuff! – Of which the vocal version is right above 求聞持の能力 on the IOSYS album 東方萃翠酒酔 (Touhou Suisuisuusuu) ← I love IOSYS album titles

Updates about Lyrics and more!

Well my old flimsy book of lyrics has fallen into a bit of it’s own despair as it nears it’s journey to the end of its life – inevitably the trash can.

Creating a brand new organized one is going to be my new project, and I plan to be more organized about it all ^^ – I’ve decided to translate all of the lyrics to the EastNewSound disks (of which yet there are 2, including Lyrical Crimson). In a broad sweep of victory, I’m going to translate them in an excuse for "research" for one of my final papers (which is legitimate as long as all of it pertains to Touhou ^^). In addition, I just got a new batch of Megurine Luka songs that I’m excited about, and will take care of that as well. I’m currently reading, Spice and Wolf, trying to get back on scope with Mushishi (currently mid-way through the second volume) and I’m going to wait till I get the actual copies of Shugo Chara before continuing. I’ll bore you with synopsises of them when I have time, I’m planning on it!

Now, coming back from spring break and having to force my sleeping schedule back into whack, it’s all I can do to stay awake right now – I’m going to hate myself by the time Japanese class comes floating around – as I speak deliriously…. the paper-fan awaits me D:

I’m also thinking about constructing a small and somewhat simple guide to the japanese language -> sort of in a way following suit of guidetojapanese.org, and basing it off my own experiences, will it ever come into being? I dunno – but I think it would be fun to do.

I doubt that anyone is waiting for me to do anything, but perhaps a few people waiting for me to toil away on Mouryou no Hako until it is done.

However I suppose next season that’ll be different. This April two interesting looking series Eden of the East ( [preview found here: http://jadefansubs.wordpress.com/ – or if you understand japanese @ http://www.juiz.jp/%5D – and yes it’s the phone, not the gun that’s charged with 8.5 billion yen… I was hoping the editor would have understood that *facepalm*) and Shangri-la will start airing – and I will be working on both – hopefully, as well as reporting on them (with spoiler warning taggy thingys in places, or just no spoilers) before they’re released :p – Eden of the East looks like Japanese Bourne Identity + Terrorism + Male Nakedness!

Unguun… tired I say.

Touhou Reitaisai 6! (例大祭6)

While I didn’t know of the upcoming Reitaisai event until full after it happened, I was browsing around stuff because my internet had sweetly returned to me – and I came across all these new Touhou albums! So I’m taking my time to listen to all of them – The IOSYS album is funny as ever and hopefully there will be a couple of songs with nice lyrics I can translate – after all NewEastSound which brought forth Lyrical Crimson (the one with Hiirogekka) has to have some good stuff ^^. It’s always nice to get a nice new influx of music. Here are the albums I got – I took out the Pizuya-Myon disk because well… I threw it away myself – it’s god awful ;-; :

[EastNewSound] Scattered Destiny
[IOSYS] 東方超都魔転
[ALiCE’S EMOTiON] Chaos Flare
[COOL&CREATE] ぎりぎり☆あまねりお

The IOSYS and ALiCE’S EMOTION albums focus on Subterranean Animism – which is fantastic in my opinion – I’m listening to another Nuclear Fusion arrangement – and memories of dodging nuclear flares well… those memories don’t leave you anytime soon – so this is exciting :D

Spring Break is coming up too so hopefully I can finally take care of a load of work. (Not a very exciting prospect for Spring Break through eh >.>)

ほれっ・ぽい (Horeppoi) / Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Character Album Song!

So I lied, instead of getting Tsukasa’s song out I went ahead and translated another song on the table, "Horeppoi" – which is sung by the girls of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – (Shoujo Zetsubou Tachi) – You can hear the voices of most of the main girls in the song – which is steamy and suggestive :p. I love Tsukasa’s song though, so it will come. I’m finally done with my midterms and just waiting for it to be spring break so I can fully realize my potential for relaxation. I haven’t played video games in like ages, and I suprisingly miss them – at least the best ones. Still in web poverty, hopefully it will end soon. In the meanwhile I’ll watch what I have and continue reading light novels I guess. Who’s your favorite character on Zetsubou Sensei? – well I like Kafka of course (I mean look at my name) but I also love Hitou Nami – and the hikkikomori girl is pretty~!




I’m so feverish.. for you.

てのひらで 触れられたとき
うるんだ瞳が かさなった

When I feel against my forehead
your palm touching me
My clouded vision blurred together.


My body at its center is hot.
Why I wonder does it feel so painful?
Save me, Sensei all mine.

開いてください この胸を
ほどける 乱される 気持ちに
どんな名前が つくのでしょう

Open up this chest of mine,
These untied chaotic feelings,
what name shall I call them?

肌がぬらぬら光る 微熱の魔法
あだっぽい 艶っぽい
夢の尾鰭 泳ぎだす

Horeppoi~ (Drowning in love)
Horeppoi~ (I’m head over heels)
My slippery skin is sparkling in this light fever magic
Immersed in flirtation and grace, gloss and glaze
I start to swim in an exaggeration of a dream

惚れっぽい あなたを 待っているの

In weak lamplight
In the depths of a sleepless night,
Immersed in my passion I’m waiting for you.

うつくしい花たちの 蜜をすう口もとじゃなく
不思議ね 喉元をみていた

Rather than the base of your lips sucking the nectar of these beautiful flowers,
How strange – instead I saw the base of your throat.

ドアよ! ここから逃げなさい
遠くで 聴こえてる響きは

The door! Run away from here!
From far away I hear an echo
of what may be someone’s voice!

甘え上手に 背中、抱きしめられて
じれったい うざったい
脚が うまく動かない

It’s pointless!
We shouldn’t!
Skilled in being spoilt, my back is embraced
It’s vexing, it’s annoying!
I can’t move my legs well…

肌がぬらぬら濡れる 破滅の予感
あだっぽい ムダっぽい
夢の尾鰭 水中花

Horeppoi~ (Drowning in love)
Horeppoi~ (I’m head over heels)
My slippery skin getting soaked, I predict my destruction
Immersed in my spoilt nature, it’s useless!
Blooming flowers soaked in an exaggeration of a dream

甘え上手な笑顔 もう、しないでよ
やぼったい わたし ここを動かない

Full of lies~
My smile skilled in being spoilt, "Oh stop it already~"
It’s dangerous
Unrefined I… won’t move

肌がぬらぬら濡れる 破滅の予感
気どってる 自分より
いいかもって 思っちゃう

Horeppoi~ (Drowning in love)
Horeppoi~ (I’m head over heels)
My slippery skin getting soaked, I predict my destruction
As much as I try to pretend,
I’m starting to love it

惚れっぽい あなたを 待っているの

In weak lamplight
In the depths of a sleepless night,
Immersed in my passion I’m waiting for you.

ケンカ予報の時間だよ (Kenka Yohou no Jikan dayo) / Hiiragi Kagami Lucky Star Character Album Song!

So we all know that the best character in/on/about Lucky Star is Hiiragi Kagami right? – Especially if she’s cosplaying as Miku Hatsune, right right?! So why did I pick this song? It’s confusing as hell >.> : she also has the Hiiragi family’s inherent need to use onomatopeias, and move towards some kansai-ben terms/phrases. I tried to make it as comprehensible as possible, but how comprehensible is Kagami really when she rants? :p – It is also ridiculously early in the morning (as I finished this up) so ~… | In other news, my bandwidth was seriously killed, seriously inhibiting all my online work, including fansubbing and the like – Taihen taihen! – I’m still in that state right now, it took nearly 10 minutes just for the web-app that supports the rich-text input for posts to load up. (Apparently it had to load the ad on the side first before it did anything else -.-) I have a midterm for government in 1 hour! – back to the news that I was going to say before but didn’t get to becuase my heads going wooo~ for being up so long and studying or half-studying…. is that I’ll have Hiiragi Tsukasa’s wonderfully famous because it’s so wonderful (I find myself repeating words…) Character Album song up very soon, once I type it up and retranslate it (since I lost whatever work I had on it before) – as long as I can still read my old handwriting for the source lyrics.


Clearly, completely I want to forget about it
But you keep on dragging it on, mou~!
I’m getting tired of it!
放っとけ 放っとけ 放っとけ 放っとけ
ケンカはケンカは 結局北極
見せ物じゃないよ さようならっ

Leave it alone, leave alone, leave it, leave it!
This fighting, this fighting is reaching the north pole!
There’s nothing to see here, Bye!
わかってよ 怒ってるよ

I’ve got it! I’m getting angry you know
 (Can’t you at least say you’re sorry?)
Let’s call forth thunder!
Clouds, clouds, thundering clouds!

Cut it cleanly, cut it crisply, I want to get violent
But, even if I say that I can’t do anything about it ~ mou!
I’m so tired of it already!
本当に 本当に 本当に 本当に
ケーソツケーソツ 結局南極
ひとこと欲しいな ごめんなさいっ

Honestly, honestly, honestly, honestly!
This rashness, this rashness all the way down to the south pole!
I just to hear you say you’re sorry!
わかってる 天気のせい

I know already, it’s the weather’s fault
 (Clear up already~ Saa~!)
I just want to see the sun!
Rain, rain, boring rain!
だんぜん私 後者だね

So then, this here is a problem,
Is reconciliation found in the library?
I’ll find my reconciliation during lunch.
If I eat ahead of time I’ll be smiling
For me it absolutely has to be the latter
When I’m hungry I get angry
This vicious circle is bad
So, which do I decide?

Promise not to be laid back or thoughtless
Why do you say I’m wrong everytime~?
You got me irritated
勝っとけ 勝っとけ 勝っとけ 勝っとけ
ソンナでカルタは 即決解決
微妙はいいわけ こんにちわっ

Win, win, win, win!
That Karuta is a quickly solved
Using complexity as an excuse, Konnichiwa!
とんでもない ありえないし
傘入れて あげないから

Of course not, it’s impossible
 (I don’t hate you, I swear I don’t! but)
I won’t let you under my umbrella, so
Get wet, get wet, Get Wet!

Feeling tired, running away from work~
Why did you believe me so easily?
Don’t make me laugh!
出しとけ 出しとけ 出しとけ 出しとけ
ソイツがカリカリ 即決解禁
動かしてるから ごめんなさいっ

Turn it in! Turn it in! Turn it in! Turn it in!
She swiftly crunched down on the restriction
I’m going to move you now so, Sorry!
とんでもが ありえないが
遊びでも あぶないから

Of course not, it’s impossible
 (I ridicule you because I’m being serious!)
Playing around with that is dangerous
You’ll get cut, you’ll get cut, you’ll get cut I say!
だんだん私 染まりぎみ

The fighting forecast is right on the mark
The same thing everyday
Everyday it over flows
Rather than divination it’s just plain sense!
Gradually it seems that I’m being dyed
with all it mixing in, I’m turning red!
I ran around in circles
Yah, passing grades?
だんだん私 染まりぎみ

The fighting forecast is right on the mark
The same thing everyday
Everyday it over flows
Rather than divination it’s just plain sense!
Gradually it seems that I’m being dyed
with all it mixing in, I’m turning red!
I ran around in circles
Yah, passing grades?
そうだ私 気がきくね
決めといて! 決めといて!!

So then, this here is a problem,
Reconciliation is good for your health.
I’ll find my reconciliation during lunch.
If I eat ahead of time I’ll be smiling
That’s right, I’ll be sensible
When I’m hungry I get angry
This vicious circle is bad
So, have you decided on the menu yet?
Decide, decide already!

Orange Lyrics and Translation – Toradora! ED2

So here’s the “Orange” Translation from Toradora! – because I’ve been waiting patiently in order to not view the show before I’m supposed to be Translation Checking it for a certain group I’m way behind and haven’t even seen an episode with this wonderful ED in it, but I did watch the ED and it was wonderful, and I loved it, as well as loving the song : it’s so much better than the last one – not that I didn’t like the last one, I just LOVE this one. I think of Ami when I hear this song – I’ve recently started to like her a bit, they’ve done a lot of subtle shifts upon her character – I love the character development in that show ^^. I did this one sorta quick, I might revise it later and make it more sing-songy.

Apparently I write awesome thesis’s (I have no idea how to write that word properly plural) \o/

D: my Japanese mid-term on Monday is going to KILL me. I have another midterm on Tuesday to add misery and worry to my life as well D:

I’m still listening to sprinter – because I absolutely love that song.



During a sleepless night
I let out a single sigh
I wonder how everyone else is?
It’s kind of lonely.


Stop laughing,
saying that’s not like me.
You just don’t
know the real me.

広い大地に ひと粒の種
まだ青い 実をつけた

On this wide continent, a single seed
extends its roots.
It leaves fruit, still unripe

オレンジ色に 早く
気づいてよ ねぇ
オレンジ 今日も

A fruit, wishing to
quickly turn orange.
Bathed in your light,
growing on dreams and ideals
Hey, I notice you
Orange, again today.

まだすっぱくて 泣いた
好きだよ 泣けるよ
好きだよ 好きだよ

I tried eating it,
but it was still sour, and I cried
I couldn’t leave it behind like me
so I ate it all.
I love you, I can cry
I love you, I love you

マンダリン オレンジ
友達 恋人

They look the same but are different:
a mandarin, an orange
friends, lovers
the hearts of two people as well


I don’t want to be hurt
So I’ve been running away
I don’t want your light
to pierce me either.

まだ青い 実でさえも

They are miracles though
Encounters, love
seeds, buds
even if they are only fruit yet unripe

オレンジ色は あの日
オレンジ いつか

One day I saw a sunset
and it reminded me
of that orange color.
There were two shadows
that looked like two hands intertwined.
Orange, one day
will you be sweet?
or will you wither?
I don’t want to know my future
so I ate it all
So sour…
I love you, but I cry.
Because I love you, I can cry.

オレンジ色に 早く
気づいてよ ねぇ
オレンジ 今日も
またすっぱくて 泣いた
ぜんぶ食べた 好きだよ
好きだよ すっぱい
泣けるよ 好きだよ

A fruit that wants
to turn quickly orange.
Bathed in your light,
growing on dreams and ideals
Hey, I notice you
Orange, again today.
I tried eating it,
but it was still sour, and I cried
I couldn’t leave it behind like me
so I ate it all – I love you
I love you – Sour
I can cry – I love you