Train Man

So I watched Train Man, and now it’s the weekend. They changed a lot of stuff that first made me a little D:< – but I figured that it really didn’t change the story all that much, just made it more dramatic – which is ok~ I guess. It didn’t ruin it ( ´ー`)

I’ve noticed that I’ve been slacking off – a lot, in various areas, so this weekend is going to be a major Japanese study weekend. Meaning that I should be productive with song translations and what not (those will be my breaks… >.>) My paper and many other things → hopefully in a morning till night fashion. No more playing games! D:< (except maybe Mountain of Faith like… once a day :x – (・x・)) – I should be sleeping now, I will be sleeping now.

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A day off

Resonance Effect!

Reading Densha Otoko and skipping class :3


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If anyone could please find for me these two things: Touhou no Naku Koro ni + Glorious Revolution #03
I will be eternally grateful.

^stuff I was typing before I started writing the post. ^.^;

I literally fell all over myself today, got distracted so much that it was like a disease, and decided – come what may – to not go to class at all today. \o/ – jya nakute… *thwap* – does hitting myself and enjoying it make me a masochist? :3

Well this all started out with good intentions I promise. I had Densha Otoko (電車男) as assigned reading for class, well a fansub of the original post compilation – and I had no idea it was so freaking long. (it’s about 2-5% of the total posts in the thread (゚д゚) ) ← yes and I’m picking up smiley faces from it. Well it’s amazing: it took me like 8 hours to read though o.o; – Yay for Train Man! We can’t forget to congratulate Hermes as well – I mean, towards the end, she was really doing most of the work.

Anyway, so while working heavily on this endeavor – I got sidetracked by Touhou doujins (not the adult kind o.o;) I found some really interesting ones, along with a ton that looked a lot more interesting, but I couldn’t be bothered to read (I stuck to the ones with less text :x) Well anyway, at this point I was still under the delusion that I was doing this as "work" for one of my classes, and so distributed the work back and forth between reading Densha and reading through some doujins – (I’m doing my final project on Touhou, it’s a legitimate [maybe?] excuse). I realized that I wasn’t going to finish Densha in time for my first class, and thought… oh well – screw it. → it was around this time that I came across "origin stories". I hadn’t thought about it too much before, but – specifically Izayoi Sakuya and Kirisame Marisa,  had to come to Gensoukyou (幻想郷) from somewhere. Reimu may have no family, but she has a shrine and supposedly some history in Gensoukyou that isn’t elaborated on (other than possibly her trials in the very first Touhou game) – Akyuu is the 9th descendant of the 1st of her line that stumbled in (the or a descendant of the original compiler of the Kojiki, ie her ability to remember everything). – We know Fujiwara Mokou’s backstory very well (which is awesome). Fairly knowledgeable about most of the characters in Imperishable Night – so we know where the "moon-humans" come from. Other than that, we don’t know too much – so where did everyone come from? ZUN has shown that things and people can "fall" into Gensoukyou, that’s why there’s a human village, and why Rinnosuke Morichika comes across computers and gameboys and other gadgets. So here’s a basic outline of some of the characters in question, at least how I see it.

Hakurei Reimu (博麗霊夢)
-Born in Gensoukyou (most likely)
-Something happened to her family and now they’re all ~ gone.
-She started out with 0 abilities.
-One would assume that after the first game she gained some sort of ability in regards to the power of her paper-charm shots.
-She probably fought something like her ancestors in order to prove herself etc, to gain such powers.
-Up until the sixth Touhou game, she had to use her pet turtle to fly on – and flying becomes her "official ability" given that nearly EVERYONE can fly – this is kind of lame >.> for her at least : my own personal opinion is that she uses her priestess’ staff thingy to help support her flight like a witch uses a broom. (Read up on Kara no Kyoukai and it makes more sense :D)
-She has some "shrine magic" when told that she’s wielding "magic" she gets annoyed at the misassociation actually.
-Reimu’s lazy. Very lazy. – So how did she ever become proactive to any degree? She’s also relatively nervous and polite around youkai unless they actually do something. – Possibly because she just doesn’t want to put forth the effort to do anything about it :x XD – In her dialogs, she generally apologetically explains that she’s a shrine maiden so she has to do this >.>.
-Well at any rate we know a lot more about her than we do anyone else.

Kirisame Marisa (霧雨魔理沙)
-Probably not born in Gensoukyou
-A genius; though not mentioned often she constantly studies magic and is very much obsessed with it, she learns it through hard work rather than being a prodigy. She’s a loner, up until she met Reimu whom she hangs out with when she’s bored. (Various other friends and relationships at this point pretty much though)
-Unlike "magicians" such as Alice Margatroid and Patchouli Knowledge, who aren’t human (when Alice first meets Marisa (TH5) they have a huge fight over whether she’s human or not, which I think contributes a bit to her childish nature (whenever Marisa’s around that is)) and have inherent magical abilities – Marisa does not. Her "official" ability is the ability to use magic, obtained presumably from her hard work and obsessive interest. Especially in the earlier games, Marisa’s involvement stems from the possibility of her learning some new magical ability along the way.
-Perhaps related to her "zest" – Marisa is EXTREMELY powerful (far more than any other human). She speaks easily towards everyone, probably the only one she may fear is Flandre Scarlet – it’s noted that she really doesn’t want to run into her. She cannot command as broad a range of magic as Patchouli: in TH2/4 probably (3 of 5) elements.
-Marisa is intelligent enough to copy Yuka’s Master Spark (TH4), by TH5 – although notably weaker then, it gets progressively stronger each game; and by TH8 she executes Final Spark (also from Yuka TH4); Though part of that in help from Rinnosuke’s Hakkero – in TH10 she has multiple ones as options that are weaker – wouldn’t she be capable of crafting them herself?
-So~ how? :3

Izayoi Sakuya (十六夜咲夜)
-Probably not born in Gensoukyou (Confirmed)
-I would venture to say, because she acts in a much more mature way than really any other character, that she probably entered Gensoukyou at sometime in her teenaged years or so.
-Sakuya has a power that’s very different from the other humans, insomuch that it’s not something you can learn. She has control over time-space. Although compared to Marisa and even Reimu, her "strength" is substantially less (she attacks by throwing and using knives) – her actual ability is much farther away from human capability – and impressive, much more similar to that of a youkai. I wonder if she will unknowingly extend her life?
-Another important point is that Sakuya, is impressively fearless. She lives and attends to both Remilia and Flandre Scarlet. The second of which Marisa is fearful of, and Remilia herself tends to avoid when she can. Comparing this to other youkai, most youkai – with the exceptions of probably Yakumo Yukari and Kazami Yuka – fear Remilia, let alone Flandre.
-Sort of unrelated, she tends to have a (perverted) attraction to at least Remilia – though this is generally concealed, the fans make a big deal out of it :3 – She’s also well minded, resourceful, considerate to her mistress and others, and uses logic in her actions (unlike… really any other character) which supports her coming into the world at some post knowledge age.
-Until her initial meetings with the touhou heroines, she was known to dislike humans a lot, though she would go to the human villiage to shop there.
-Stipulation: at some point in her teenaged life, before or after she encountered her ability, she fell into gensoukyou, and met the vampires, was either fascinated or attracted to them, and decided to employ herself with them (logical). Then she would have learned flight from her mistress, who can also fly – being a vampire. – Correction by Akyuu: Met the vampires, THEN fell into gensoukyou :p
-Interesting facts: her name was given to her by her mistress, Hieda Akyuu, herself refers to Sakuya probably not being from Gensoukyou, She uses her power over space to increase the size of the Scarlet Mansion from the inside – there are more, you can touhou-wiki it :D

Anyway – I love speculation – I should write a fan fic :D

Back to what started all this:
 I came across "Glorious Revolution" which is an unfinished doujin, that goes into Sakuya’s backstory. It’s wonderfully violent. She stops time as she goes to kill herself in front of a train, fed up with human kind. – Then it appears that she becomes obsessed with killing criminals, the humans she hates and so forth, which she does easily → and then probably meets Remilia :D (I only have the first two issues ;-; if someone can find me the 3rd one, I’ll be eternally grateful)

Back to BEFORE this:
 Glorious Revolution actually wasn’t the first backstory that I encountered – shortly before I encountered a back-story that I didn’t quite realize was a back story, upon actually reading it (there was some chinese/japo-chinese in it and it threw me off ;-;) I realized that it was Kazami Yuka’s back story. Yes, a youkai’s backstory, as a human :F. This needs a little bit of explanation, especially because it makes sense. It was MUCH more creepily violent first of all. In Touhou, there are various characters that can be classified as sadists and masochists (imagine the adult doujinshi O.O) among other things (like baka Cirno :p) anyway – The two primary sadists are also the fearless ones – Yakumo Yukari and Kazami Yuka. They are very… different kind of sadists. Yakumo Yukari’s just freaking creepy – she’s also 1200 years old, at least, probably a lot older (~5000) – we won’t be getting a backstory from her… she just is XD. Yukari is also probably the strongest youkai by far, and is known to "toy" with everyone she meets – she knows a lot about the outside world, and does nothing but for her own amusement. She opens up space and travels through whatever she wants given that she can manipulate the boundries of anything – there are often large eyes similar to beyond the gate in fullmetal alchemist, sometimes with reaching hands that she carefully steps through as she’s coming and going. It’s related that when she loses in game, the effect to her is like losing a card game, not being defeated overall. "Spirited Away" events are attributed to her. "Her personality is hardly understandable, but everyone agrees that it’s not something pleasant. Many people don’t want to meet her, if possible. Usually, only Reimu bothers to deal with her. " – she also constantly physically abuses her servant/shikigami – anyway, that’s background. Kazami Yuka is perhaps the second most powerful youkai in Gensoukyou, a smiling pacifist seemingly – who spends her time in fields with flowers and wandering around when she’s bored. However, she has mentioned that genocide is "fun" and enjoys her immense power over everything – taking everything and everyone lightly. It is implied that in TH04 where she is the final boss, she is not defeated – but acknowledges her defeat for not being able to defeat the heroine easily. ANYWAY. (I get side-tracked way too easily :x) "Shoujyouhi" is a doujin of Kazami Yuka’s backstory. How long ago? All we know is that Kazami Yuka is at least 60 years old, and nothing really invalidates this in the doujin ^.^ but you don’t know for sure.

 Starts out normally enough, there’s a girl, named midori – she’s wakes up late for school, dashes to class from an 8F Basement apartment (o.o; WTF!?!?!?!?!). She runs past a girl with an umbrella (kazami yuka o.O). Goes to eat lunch on the roof where there are sunflowers… (one of yuka’s symbols of sorts) and a strange natural looking umbrella sticking in the ground (yuka’s other trademark). She touches it and Yuka walks past her suddenly and disappears :d. Midori appears suddenly at home and eats dinner with her family, as their cat sees sunflower weeds growing about their feet – she seems to pass out just as suddenly and wakes up from her desk at school – her fellow classmates wearing fox Ayakashi masks. With each panel the number of paper charms pasted on the walls increases, and sunflowers start appearing at random, in random locations – that Midori pays no notice to. Among words (in japo-chinese+katakana) spoken by the professor are: 妖怪化(youkai transformation) and 幻想郷(Gensoukyou). On her way home, shrine gates appear on the steps to her apartment (the hakurei shrine marks the boundary of Gensoukyou), and the landscape gradually becomes more and more distorted. While children like before, sing "Kagome, Kagome" (the hexagonal bamboo woven pattern of a cage) When she reaches her floor, she witnesses her door opened, her family murdered and Kazami Yuka covered in blood, with her room distorted like gasoline upon water. She flees from Yuka, running like hell, into the elevator trying to get to the first floor, but all the buttons change to "R" for the roof. The roof is a literal boxed cage, filled with sunflowers, shrine gates, a bed, rabbits (?), and that umbrella. Yuka rises to the roof, Midori falls back – in a short exchange of words she takes the umbrella plant and stabs her in the chest – to no effect – even upon then dragging it up into her eye. Yuka then takes the umbrella, and Midori screams that it must be a dream – and Yuka says yes, my dream :F. – Ok now’s where it gets delicious. Yakumo Ran (shikigami) calls to Yukari – "it looks like she’s awake." "Aww… I had already taken her name, all it needed was just one more push." (more explanation later) "Though she’s strong to have broken through. It looks like I left too many bugs in the works." Midori/Kazami Yuka is sitting chained in front of Yukari (her hair and face are an exact match to Midori, so it IS her – though she’s wearing the clothes of Yuka – I will now call her Yuka :3) She says that bugs, (referring to Yukari) are necessary for flowers to bloom (referring to her insane self). Yukari says that she felt Yuka she was more like a butterfly than a flower. "Enough with the talk, now let me kill you." >:3

Now for some explanations:
Yakumo Yukari, is as lazy as can be, so she gets her servants (actually… slaves) to do all her work for her. She often visits between worlds and apparently found interest in this one un-named girl, a mentally insane sadist that probably killed her entire family when she snapped once. She finds this girl interesting and commences a ritual to make her her slave, putting her to sleep and stealing her name, making her tame to an extent. Midori’s family name plate is "Yakumo". Her mother’s name is Yukari (縁) [boundary] the same pronounciation as Yukari (紫) [purple], her older sister’s name is Ai (愛) [love], the same pronounciation as Ai (藍) [indigo] also pronounced "Ran". Midori (翠) [jade-green], which follows well in the Yakumo color heirarchy, with Chen (橙) [orange] (Ran’s shikigami). Under pressure of ritual, Yuka’s twisted side takes her over and engulfs her being, turning her into a youkai. Unconsciously haunted by Yukari (whose symbol is also an umbrella) she forms her own umbrella out of a flower in her mind, because apparently she feels most comfortable around them. Upon encountering the umbrella for the first time she begins to realize that something’s wrong. :3 – upon turning herself into a youkai her power based on her emotional instablity easily surpasses the cage binding her and she awakens, and her new consciousness names herself, perhaps what that form of her called herself all along, Kazami Yuka (風見幽香) [Weathervane of Ghostly Fragrance]. Given that Yukari’s one of the most powerful beings, Yuka, obviously didn’t kill her, but I suppose she was able to beat her up enough to get away and found herway to a spot where she created a garden – a place where she could find calm. Yuka doesn’t appear in a single game that Yukari shows up in. :3

I’m too tired to write more, and you’re too tired to read more – I can’t wait to write a report on Touhou :D

求聞持の能力 – Gumonji no Nouryoku / Gumonji no Chikara – The Power of the Gumon Shrine – Translation

Following up from the entry 夜の鳩山を飛ぶ : 

Alright so this is a cool song, probably needs some explanation though. Akyu is the author of "Perfect Memento in Strict Sense" – which reads like an encyclopedia on all the characters and landscapes and whatnot in Touhou (6-9) – and her name is taken from one of the primary historical record compilers of the Kojiki, the oldest Japanese record created, based on oral stories and relations from before Japanese was a written language – the song itself gives most of the rest of the introduction: she’s a reincarnation and being late in the chain doesn’t  have a chance of living very long, she has a cat, she’s currently a 10-year old girl, and recently many of the powerful youkai have been on good terms with her, wanted themselves portrayed in the records as they would like to be portrayed (she complains about this). I’d say that a good "rival" to Akyuu is the school teacher Kamishirasawa Keine, who can well… destroy and create history – respectively.

All hail IOSYS – I just found a Alstroemeria album with a sexy cover-art so I’m going to listen to that now. (Yes, a vital deciding factor in "am I going to listen to this" is how awesome the album art is… sadly).

Next translation will probably be from that or "Exerens" – along with a Lyrical Crimson song "奏で穿て、東雲の彼方へ(かなでうがて、しののめのかなたへ)" Kanadeugate, Shinonome no Kanata e".

I got Shangri-la in the mail. It’s HUGE. – I’ll get to reading and writing and news and all that good stuff

With a final note on the song, Akyu reminds me specifically of the scribe "Tanyuu" in the Mushishi chapter "Sea of Brushes" (ch 7)

 Gumonji no Chikara
Arrange: yohine
Lyrics: ひくら、 夕野ヨシミ
Vocal: あさな

長い長い歴史の全て 超えて行き続けてるの
幼楽団の歌いつも聴いている 懐かしい記憶をたどるの

Continuing on and on, surpassing all of long, long history
I forever listen to the songs of a young orchestra, tracing back upon precious memories

わたし 全て調べ 書き留めるのよ
魑魅魍魎の その姿 動き 時を越えて

I investigate it all, recording everything down
The spirits of the mountains and rivers, their forms, movements, and how they pass their time

全てこの眼 収め確かめるの
妖怪変化 求聞持の能力

All of this I affirm with my eyes
A youkai transformation, the power of the Gumonji

わたし 少女阿求

I, the young girl Akyu

阿礼少女 百年おきに 転生を続けてるの
紅茶を飲みながら 猫と戯れ 縁起に一生ささげる

The reincarnations of the maiden Arei, continue once every one hundred years
Drinking red tea, playing with my cat, I continue this fate my entire life

わたし 全て感じ 記憶するのよ
幻想卿の その景色 風土 一代でも

I remember all of these sensations
Gensokyo’s view and landscapes, for every generation

全て身体 受け継がれているの
美人薄命 幼女の姿

All I have inherited into my body
A beautiful short life, in the form of a young girl

わたし 少女阿求

I, the young girl Akyu

幻想卿の今 妖怪たちのアピール うるさくなったわ

Of late, the appeal of Gensokyo’s youkai has gotten quite annoying

わたし 全て聞いて 記録していくわ
閉じた世界の その能力 程度 真実だけ

I hear everything and record it all
This power is merely a truth of this sealed off world

全てこの手 纏め上げていくの
稗田家の 次世代に残す

Everything, with this hand, I will summarize it all
For the next generation of the Hieda family

Everything, with this hand, I put together
For the next generation of the Hieda family

わたし 少女阿求

I, the young girl Akyu

全て調べ 書き留めるのよ
魑魅魍魎の その姿 動き 時を越えて

I investigate it all, recording everything down
The spirits of the mountains and rivers, their forms, movements, and how they pass their time

全てこの眼 収め確かめるの
妖怪変化 求聞持の能力

All of this I affirm with my eyes
A youkai transformation, the power of the Gumonji

わたし 少女阿求

I, the young girl Akyu

シャングリ・ラ Shangri-la 01

Yeah I did something horrible. You know what I did? – I bought something else, right after my major Birthday shipment. I could have saved like $25 if I had thought to add it on to my birthday shipment, but no! So yeah, I bought the original novel (not light novel) for シャングリ・ラ ie. Shangri-la. That the anime that is currently being producing is going to be based on. I fell in love with the concept more than anything else right off the bat (not something that most people would do) . It’s like an ANTI-ENVIRONMENTALIST group fighting the government and Japan’s excessive Forestation! XD – Now if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is. Though obviously it’s a lot more complicated than that, it looks interesting, and it has awesome trannies in it. \o/ So far I’ve given it a 9 on AniDB, if it gets really good for some reason I might push it closer to 10, but I reserve 10 for masterpieces like Ghost Hound and the like (or if I pity shows that I think have underestimated quality).

Here comes No-Spoiler review (hopefully :d)

Shangri-la Ep 01: The Girl’s Repatriation (第一話:少女の帰還)

-Well when I first heard about this show, my thoughts on it were very mixed. I thought the idea was fantastic and very unusual, so I jotted it down on my list of "must try" anime. But I was a bit nervous, a lot of government involvement shows that have been similar have been… well a little pathetic – and I really hate mecha, but I was hoping the boomerang thing was not an indication of "mecha" especially given that robots kind of clash with the idea of overforestation. Next was the preview, kinda gave me ups and downs – especially because I’m not too in to any of the action stuff if it’s overdone (I actually really liked Ga-Rei Zero while I worked on it though, for some reason), but then again some of the characters looked a bit interesting, and some made me wary. Another thing that worried me a bit, is that the group animating and producing the show is Gonzo, which is now imfamous for it’s ridiculous "blunder" of Strike Witches (a 100% panty-shot mecha show = the premise sort of sounds like a bad H-game) – I heard rumor of lawsuits and random junk, sales weren’t good either, and it’s badly rated. Well anyway, its reputation was heavily dented. So I wondeed if they were going to ruin this amazing concept of a show.

-However, when I watched the first episode, I was glad to give it a try. It’s still in a stage where it move in any direction, good or bad – but its first impression is definitely good. I was bracing myself for a panty-shot show – hoping against hope that I was wrong – and I was ^^. Kuniko wears a short skirt and hops around a lot yes, and there’s this wonderful shot with a street kid that looks like he might be saluting her underwear, but there really is no fan-service at all. No excessively big breasts; the evil beauty is animated well, because you look and her and go "ew" because her skin is slightly discoloured as almost from her ill-will but you have to say yes, she is beautiful… even if she’s ugly. The characters are interesting so far – and there are Drag-Queens! Maybe it’s because of influence from Spice and Wolf, but the weird economic talks are actually legitimately interesting (to me). I like that sort of governmental stuff, maybe because it’s paper writing material as well.

-There seems to be a certain triangle power relationship (no not romantic) which I also think that’s interesting. There’s the militaristic government run by the Atlas Corporation (it’s like a daimyo ruling over an emperor in Japanese history). These priveleged individuals run a large neo-city that has privelege and access to electricity and modern commodities. They are seen to be the evil, and are associated with a certain being they call "the moon" which is a miko. (religious organization, religious government, emperor reference? – hrm). That’s the first branch. The second branch isn’t named yet (but they have an artifact like "the moon" does) – the Ishida finance company. All we know about it so far is there’s this child-genious (that apparently has parents) that seems to be in charge, and her extensive program system she calls MEDUSA (looks like a lapras :D). She seems to have parent issues, as she talks with her stuffed animal all the time. She also gives an interesting speech/blit on discrimination that I find relevant. Anyway MEDUSA is a super computer program thing that manipulates all of the tax systems of the "moon" branch (hacking "legally" through loopholes) in order to reduce the enormous costs countries face in trying to reduce their emissions. Interesting. The third branch has "the Sun" and that’s where our heroine comes into play. She’s part of a anti-government resistance group called the Iron Age (and technically supposed to inherit the leadership). They live in a small district of refugees as it is, trying to find ways (don’t know exactly the details yet) to resist the oppression of the party in power. That’s where all the weird (in otherwords AWESOME) people are. Theres also this interesting thing about the internet and books, because now electricity is very hard to come by – not necessarily by lack of fuel, but the heavy emissions taxes (which in effect sustain the amount of diminishing fuel as it were). The towns people seem to have a lot of hope for Kuniko’s return, and all the girls in the prison rattle the bars and call her name at the beginning – but a lot of people, especially some of the newer refugees look very down trodden and hopeless. Luckily for the modern introduction of "grey" even in the midst of the evil or perhaps evil branches, good people that feel things are being taken out of hand exist. So will there be treachery? Let’s find out!

I’ll eagerly continue watching this show and giving updates :D : Song translations are on their way


Castlevania meets Touhou! : 夜の鳩山を飛ぶ (Yoru no Hatoyama wo Tobu)

I just got my shipment in today! – All my birthday presents! – I’m 20 now, and for some reason I feel younger rather than older, and for some odd reason – it also sparked me into being awake during the day, which is a massive odd shift – I can’t seem to revert back to night just yet either – it’s very strange – but kind of awesome all the same. Yes, I still hide from that awful Mr. Sun – but it’s nice to dress up for the day all the same. My stuff has come yes, but I feel like I’ve been suddenly defeated by a giant wall of text, and yes it is true – I have been wiped out, pwned whatever other words you can use to describe it – by this Japanese shipped wall of text. But, well see, I’m a bit of a masochist :D :F – (anyone who loves Touhou… has to be) So that’s sort of woken me up, and poked me into doing work and being active again \o/ – So I’m excited. Well anyway, this is what I got:

東方文花帖 Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
東方 求聞史記 Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
空の境界 上、中、下
しゅごキャラ 1→8

Sub: ¥9051
Ship: ¥6600
Total: ¥1,5651 = ~$130

Now let’s look at page count:

東方文花帖 Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
-Magazine Style, a newspaper with several articles pictures, comics, commentary and more – very small print in some sections plus there’s a CD :D
-167 Pages.

東方 求聞史記 Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
-Government Historical Record Style, An encyclopedia of gensoukyou and in hardcover with commentary monologues and a CD – nice character illustrations as well :D
-166 Pages

^I’m planning to translate these to help with the Touhou Wiki

空の境界 上、中、下
Kara no Kyoukai: First (337 Pages), Middle (511 Pages) , and Final (528 Pages) Volumes
-There’s an awesome set of movies currently in production, one for each chapter (so there’s seven of them) – Watch them when you can get your hands on them! :D

しゅごキャラ 1→8 (each approx. 200 pages)
My latest addiction, Shugo Chara: I’ve gotten all of the volumes that are out, but since the manga-kas got sick well… the story stops at a climax and I want more! – Hopefully they’ll get back to work now that they’re better ^^ : It was only now that I realized that the whole dagea~ stuff was all filler and make believe – now the whole nazo thing well… I suppose I could have/should have/really sort of did guess that was way off, but – I kinda like lulu and her weird accent.

Well I’ve got to continue translating stuff don’t I – I think I’m going to translate the Vocal Version of “夜の鳩山を飛ぶ – Power Mix” as soon as I can, because I’m currently addicted to it, before going back towards some of the other stuff I’d mention I’d do. I need to get back to being alive don’t you think? I need the Japanese practice anyway I have an oral exam soon – and my signs of generative comprehension (response speed and the like) have been a bit miserable lately. I can’t wait to attack some of those Touhou articles too, I might be able to use some of that for one of my classes :D

Found the Vocal Version of the Song :
Gumonji no Nouryoku – The power of the Gumon Shrine (the one that Akyuu has :D)
Apparently the Original Song: 夜の鳩山を飛ぶ was used in a prototype for the other vertical scrolling shooter that Zun worked on, but was never released in the game – I mean geez, some of the stuff ZUN didn’t release for a while (like Magic Shop of Raspberry) is some of his best stuff! – Of which the vocal version is right above 求聞持の能力 on the IOSYS album 東方萃翠酒酔 (Touhou Suisuisuusuu) ← I love IOSYS album titles

Updates about Lyrics and more!

Well my old flimsy book of lyrics has fallen into a bit of it’s own despair as it nears it’s journey to the end of its life – inevitably the trash can.

Creating a brand new organized one is going to be my new project, and I plan to be more organized about it all ^^ – I’ve decided to translate all of the lyrics to the EastNewSound disks (of which yet there are 2, including Lyrical Crimson). In a broad sweep of victory, I’m going to translate them in an excuse for "research" for one of my final papers (which is legitimate as long as all of it pertains to Touhou ^^). In addition, I just got a new batch of Megurine Luka songs that I’m excited about, and will take care of that as well. I’m currently reading, Spice and Wolf, trying to get back on scope with Mushishi (currently mid-way through the second volume) and I’m going to wait till I get the actual copies of Shugo Chara before continuing. I’ll bore you with synopsises of them when I have time, I’m planning on it!

Now, coming back from spring break and having to force my sleeping schedule back into whack, it’s all I can do to stay awake right now – I’m going to hate myself by the time Japanese class comes floating around – as I speak deliriously…. the paper-fan awaits me D:

I’m also thinking about constructing a small and somewhat simple guide to the japanese language -> sort of in a way following suit of, and basing it off my own experiences, will it ever come into being? I dunno – but I think it would be fun to do.

I doubt that anyone is waiting for me to do anything, but perhaps a few people waiting for me to toil away on Mouryou no Hako until it is done.

However I suppose next season that’ll be different. This April two interesting looking series Eden of the East ( [preview found here: – or if you understand japanese @ – and yes it’s the phone, not the gun that’s charged with 8.5 billion yen… I was hoping the editor would have understood that *facepalm*) and Shangri-la will start airing – and I will be working on both – hopefully, as well as reporting on them (with spoiler warning taggy thingys in places, or just no spoilers) before they’re released :p – Eden of the East looks like Japanese Bourne Identity + Terrorism + Male Nakedness!

Unguun… tired I say.

Touhou Reitaisai 6! (例大祭6)

While I didn’t know of the upcoming Reitaisai event until full after it happened, I was browsing around stuff because my internet had sweetly returned to me – and I came across all these new Touhou albums! So I’m taking my time to listen to all of them – The IOSYS album is funny as ever and hopefully there will be a couple of songs with nice lyrics I can translate – after all NewEastSound which brought forth Lyrical Crimson (the one with Hiirogekka) has to have some good stuff ^^. It’s always nice to get a nice new influx of music. Here are the albums I got – I took out the Pizuya-Myon disk because well… I threw it away myself – it’s god awful ;-; :

[EastNewSound] Scattered Destiny
[IOSYS] 東方超都魔転
[ALiCE’S EMOTiON] Chaos Flare
[COOL&CREATE] ぎりぎり☆あまねりお

The IOSYS and ALiCE’S EMOTION albums focus on Subterranean Animism – which is fantastic in my opinion – I’m listening to another Nuclear Fusion arrangement – and memories of dodging nuclear flares well… those memories don’t leave you anytime soon – so this is exciting :D

Spring Break is coming up too so hopefully I can finally take care of a load of work. (Not a very exciting prospect for Spring Break through eh >.>)