Angels and Demons

Phew, I’ve survived. I was able to scrape a B for my final paper for one of my classes. Also got a B in one of my other classes, and got an A for my English class.

I watched Angels and Demons in the Cinema today, and I thought it was pretty good – I’m going to have to read the book now ^^.

Ugh – I’m really scared about my Japanese Final Project. I really want to get an A in that class, but my "acting" and "speech" in the film was most definitely sub par. I’m only a borderline A and it’s all too common for my grades to plummet near the end of the semester – ugh I just want it to end T.T

In the end, all I really need is a lot of sugar and a lot of caffeine *munches on coffee beans* – Let’s get this stuff done!! I’ll make up my horrible speech capabilities through my jlpt2 studies while listening to Touhou music!!


Super Marisa World and MegaMari!

So yesterday I found something out that I probably shouldn’t have had in this race around finals. Sure it’ll help with my project and that’s how I’m going to pitch it, but in finding out about the various games: Super Marisa World, Super Marisa Land, MegaMari, Touhoumon, and the Touhou Mahjong game, I wasted a lot of time yesterday, around 7 hours I would guess. That does not bode well for me, on a schedule. I did finish in the nick of time the preview video for our Japanese Film Project – it’s awful – I will not share XD. Shortly there after I thought I’d take a break, because I made some excellent progress. That’s when I found out about the above games. Matching quite well with the Touhou tradition of impossibility, the games are ridiculously hard (except the Mahjong game, which I can’t find). I’ve made some progress with Super Marisa World, but the whole game itself sort of blows my mind, not just because it’s extremely hard, but it’s very puzzling, and require a LOT more time skill than my very much beloved game Super Mario World. (I believe I’ve lost it again actually, I might have to buy that game… again. Perhaps I’ll more easily find the gba version?) Anyway, Super Marisa Land is much more along the lines of Super Mario Land, but it’s the physics of the game that completely throw me off. You run at a very realistic pace (you still jump high as hell of course), and thus to jump over anything, you need to give yourself a very precise running start. Gah! It’s so difficult! Then perhaps my favorite, because it seems to work closer along the lines of original gameplay (albeit more complex) MegaMari. It’s based off of the Marisa-Alice-Patchouli triangle and MegaMan (RockMan) 2. You might YouTube a video of some guy playing through the entire game, and you’ll see that it’s definitely a step up from MegaMan 2, especially if you’re only human or a magical vampire like me. The worst of all eating up my time though was Touhoumon (I can’t remember the proper name for it, but you can find all you need to know with "Touhoumon") It’s basically a very intricate rom-hack of the Japanese Pokemon Fire Red, and all of the Pokemon are replaced by completely separate Touhoumon: Touhou Characters with all new sprites, movesets, ability levels, strengths and so on. The strategy is a bit out of whack as well which makes it feel like playing a completely different game. When you have fire/water types and electric/fire types and other such stuff that never comes up in Pokemon it’s pretty spectacular. Plus, you have to deal early on with HELL characters like Aya Syameimaru, Patchouli Knowledge (who learns moves across 5 different types) – Anyway, it’s hard to not get thoroughly trounced. Plus you’ll have situations where you’re about to fight Misty, and only have access to one small patch of ground, where it’s only probable to train fire types o.o; I spent way too much time on that game – so I’m going to try to hold out till summer (6 days) but hell, it brings back so many memories.

Ongoing with my utter wastes of time as the clock is ticking, I watched Shangri-la 6 – and the economic stuff (this is what they mean by an economic novel huh?) is kind of blowing my mind, but it also sort of helps with my project (in a way) for Touhou, where they get all up in about the bubble economy and Touhou Bubble. I understand it more now :D – It’s Hyper Economy at Full Speed!

Now time to play some MegaMari and then actually get some work done.

Game Theory

English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese ≪ I will learn these languages some day.

What I love about Japanese is that it’s confusing and erratic. The writing in its very nature. When I read something by a Japanese author I feel like I’m having my mind blown away. And perhaps that is why I want to be an author some day. ^^ I would find my purpose in life fulfilled if I could give someone a mind-fk.

Game theory. Don’t you love games? *sips tea* I can’t ever find anyone to play with me. I can get off playing some mahjong sometimes, but oh I used to be such the card player. I would play every day. When I came to university for the first time I brought 19 packs of cards. Disappointed, not being able to play a single game once. I narrowed my collection down to seven when I came for the following year. Oh, so depressing isn’t it? But what of games? I haven’t played in ages, and I played often against geniuses, so it’s not like I like to win – do I like to lose? (I already show a few other masochistic tendencies :x) Perhaps, but of course like anyone else I like to win. I don’t think I’m particularly competitive, but I do love games. Not the kind where with a lot of effort you show your worth. It’s winning and losing, struggling to see how far you can get. You sort of miss that in modern dull society. Games are good for your brain too. I need to play more. I don’t want my brain to rot. If I ever find some success in the matter I’ll report.

You find similarities where you want to see them, but a strange similarity that doesn’t seem to make too much sense but is there anyway, is the big dark coat that Kunigisa-san wears in Zaregoto 1. I’m like that, I wear mine all the time and often to sleep. Plus I’m an ex-engineer. Funny you think?

You know why using clay mugs for tea is awesome? When you knock them over and they fall on tile, they tend to bounce and not break :D

Quote of the Day:
"She wasn’t an angel. She was a battle maid. What the hell had happened to reality?"

So I just finished reading Zaregoto 1: The Yubikiri Cycle. It’s like reading a book, and gradually coming across stuff and you’re like YEAH – that makes sense! – and then at the end you get shot in the head and laughed at "wrong – you’re so stupid." I’ll have to make sure to buy a more well put together version of that book. (The copy I have now is all but falling apart.) I will read it again. I approve of lesbian relationships. You can’t help but love maids. – Liars, just like me.

Macintosh Computers (Apples) – 最悪だわ

Yeah so, macs suck – all things considered. They always break, you always have to pour hundreds of dollars into them, and they’re horrible at handling things. I had to sit at a mac today, and it took me around 8 hours to correctly import a 40min dv video. I imported it, and then it would crash every time I tried to encode stuff, finally I had to find a way to pull the dv out of the project file (if I tried to save as dv it projected ~15 hours) and when I tried to encode it in the most economical way, it was going to take in upwards of 18 hours. In order to save the data, I had to pull in a java file splitter and split up the file (since macs aren’t capable of handling ntfs without a linux based program) and put it onto my iPod (which was the only thing compatible that would connect with it). I never thought I’d say this, but thank god for Java, it saved me from a god-forsaken platform which is mac.

Eden of the East is the best thing ever by the way. It just keeps getting better and better!

I shall update more later.

Text-based Video Editing

So I re-learned Avisynth Scripting, and used it to encode a “this is what a touhou game is in less than 2 minutes” video. It looks awesomez.

My not-so-clear programming practices haven’t abated at all, so if you can’t understand what’s going on, you’re human.

function marisa_block(bool “audio”)
if=audio ? eval(“””
“””) : nop()

function flandre_block(bool “audio”)
if=audio ? eval(“””
“””) : nop()
return v

function yukari_block(bool “audio”)
tag=DirectShowSource(“Subterrean Animism Level 04 (Me).avi”,audio=false).trim(9753,13073).crop(0,0,640,480).assumeFPS(15.0,false).trim(0,830)
if=audio ? eval(“””
“””) : nop()
return v




So yay I’ve made some progress. Which means that I haven’t wasted my weekend. Plus, now that I’ve got the hang of this again, I can write a perfectly good (and much more organized) script to splice all the cuts for our Japanese Video Project together!

I have to hurry up and translate more Touhou stuff for my project, and put together a powerpoint, and incorporate the video in, and make sure stuff is properly compatible… but! – I have a week to do that :3 – Now it’s time to take a break and read stuff, watch FMA2 and K-ON, sleep, and then get up and do some jlpt2 practices :D

My current roommate got busted for drugs again *facepalm* and my next roommate has disappeared of the face of the planet. :/

That’s it for now :D

旅の途中 (Tabi no Tochuu) Lyrics and Translation

The entire country is in ruins, but Akihabara is as it always will be – it’s just too fitting I say. (シャングリ・ラ)

I have the entire volume in front of me – now just if only I knew Japanese even better than I know English.

I have insomnia, like the normal kind that you’re supposed to have, that keeps you awake during the day and asleep at night. However, I’m supposed to sleep during the day and be awake at night! What’s up with this!? It is annoying me to no end. My eyes are glazing over and I can’t get them to work properly either.

Well I’ll clamber into bed for now – maybe I’ll come up with something better later.
O.O I ate an entire tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’m going to get fat ;-; – Must exercise….

Yeah I ended up exercising in class before anyone else got here – wouldn’t it have been awkward if anyone saw me? :x

Translating this song again, makes me see just how many mistakes I made when I first translated it :x
It’s a pretty song though :D

I just had my last Japanese Conversation class ;-; My teacher’s leaving the country and going to teach in Osaka in linguistics and language studies – I may never see her again! – More incentive for me to travel abroad then :x

旅の途中 歌詞

"In the Middle of a Journey"

でも今は 遠くまで
そう君と この道で

All alone
I wandered during my travels
My heart alone lost and exhausted
But now I can walk forth
Great distances,
Yes, because I met you
On this path


Even when the travelers sing
Songs I have not yet heard
Listening to them calls forth nostalgia
Whenever you are here with me

どこかに あるなら

If the world I saw in my dreams
exists somewhere
Then let us search for it
Beyond the winds
Through the frozen dawns
Through arid days
Through shivering nights
Let us go and see its very end

まばたいて その色を

I see that your eyes
Know loneliness
For when they blink
I see that color reflected in them


Up soaring in the distant sky
Is a crescent moon
The pearl colored stars
Are surely fragments of its tears

東の国の港 西の海辺
暗い森で 南の街 金の塔
北の丘 水に揺れてた同じ月が

At the ports of the east country, Upon the beaches in the west
In the dark forests, From the southern roads, At the golden towers
Atop the northern hills, This same moon is reflected in their waters

ざわめき 香りを

If I may
Take your outstretched hand in mine
How far shall we travel?
If I am with you
It doesn’t matter however far
Let us embrace the fragrance
Of a world we have yet unseen
And travel on together

Finals and Blossoming Flowers Bloom

So I finished my History final today \o/ – which means that I only have two projects and then one more final left. Not that much actually, because that last final is for government, which I’m only aiming for a B in – and everything in the past has been fairly easy – so I expect the trend to continue. Luckily for me the History final prompt was the easier of the two (it was blind poll selected at the beginning of class). I feel like I did a realllly mediocre job of it, but I really only need a fairly decent grade for the final to get an A in that class, so I figure it’ll be ok.

I started planning (stupidly excited, reminescent of a certain fairy) my Touhou based final project for my Japanese Adaptations class:


Final —— Project

Touhou Project

-Introduce Touhou

-Explain the Relations between the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter and Imperishable Night – Character Fujiwara Mokou

-Explain the Relations between ancient Japanese History and Akyuu+Mountain of Faith

-Explain the Fanbase (Reitaisai v. Comiket – 2ch influences – Ryuuseigun)

-Display lyrics of certain songs "Pray" and "Hiirogekka"

-Talk about the Bubbling Underground Music CD Adaptation.

–Make a LOT of extra data, including videos of gameplay and more.
–Make it a full blown media presentation rather than just a powerpoint.


^I felt at the time that I can figured out some sort of awesome breakthrough, but really – this extremely lacking outline just shows how lazy I am as a person. – but give me a break, it has to be cut down into a 10 minute presentation anyway.

Now I have to remember all about video editing and encoding and stuff for my Japanese drama I have to co-construct for one class…. I haven’t done anything like that since highschool… Oh well, I’ll figure something out.

Now to start considering what to do for the summer – I don’t want to laze around, but nor do I want to get a mundane job. I want to keep up my Japanese and I’d like to learn a bit more about writing. I’m signing up for a fiction workshop next semester – it would be nice to learn how to write properly… To help myself prepare I’m thinking about looking into some summer online writing classes… – but maybe I’ll just throw my hand at writing fanfics and stuff… Thinking back to stuff I’ve written long ago, all of it must have sucked… hard. – I have ideas like anyone else though, and I’d like to learn how to put that stuff on paper. Maybe it’s something you can only learn on your own? Well I suppose I have summer to work that out.

In news: I found in the corner of my fridge, in a sealed bag no less, some rainbow colored rice. No joke. There was black, brown, yellow, orange, green, purple, and deep blood red mold. How the hell did I get blood red mold? beats me. The entire bag felt like it was alive, I mean like, it was sealed, but the outside was covered in water, like it was sweating. I figure it generated heat on its own to survive in the fridge’s cold temperatures o.o; On the brighter side of life, though yesterday I had to overdose on medicine just to knock myself out so I could sleep and then wake up early enough to study for my final, it appears that a mere half hour before the final I got better. I’m still feeling healthy :D I also lugged almost all of my huge textbooks over to a used bookstore and sold them, for like $40. I also turned in a rebate envelope – so that I’ll get a check for 10% of what I purchased like next year XD (freaking slow rebates) and that’ll probably be like another $40. \o/ Now I have money to eat!

Now it’s time to sleep.
When I wake up I’ll do something :>

This is the CD I’m listening to. Buy it. It’s awesome.