I just watched the Spice and Wolf II OVA (or episode 00 – however you want to put it): It was great – I’m excited about Horo again, I like Lawrence too, partly because he’s so thick (perhaps it’s better that he is though) – and Nora/Nola (it’s spelled no-ra but the long ‘o’ lends itself to an ‘l’) can go suck a toad – even though she looks nice :d. I’m sure it’s because my memory’s bad, but I forgot that Nora knew about Horo as a diety, in the OVA she doesn’t question  Horo’s ears and such – but maybe that’s because the episode’s based on a short story from the 7th volume… I’ll find out later.

On another note – I really need to read more. Read more textbooks really… Finals are coming up really soon… but my sense of urgency is a bit lax… instead of a dead day – I have a dead week, because all my finals fall on the last possible day – I’ll have time to study. However, my history class replaced their final with a test on the last day of class…. I should study for that, because well, it’s this thursday… I’ll study tomorrow :D

I need to read more Japanese stuff too…. Sure it can wait until classes are over, but I miss the enjoyment of it – and I don’t want my Japanese to start failing ;-; There’s so much I want to read, but I’m so slow, I wish I could just fully understand the language ;-; → it would make life so much easier wouldn’t it?

Oh well, I’ll get it someday.

–JLPT2 Grammar Practice Corner–
[if one form tends to use "decorated" form (de-aru) I’ll put an astrisk (*) after the definition : this only makes a difference with nouns or na-adjectives anyway.]

~以上(は) (いじょう) = since ~ (after+because), etc.  *
Since I got into this first rate university, I’d better study more. (I/You)

~一方(では) (いっぽう) = While; Meanwhile (shows a comparison between two things) *
While I like a good portion of anime, I’m not interested in mecha or action anime at all.

~一方だ (いっぽうだ) = "shows something continuing towards a certain tendency" (used often with 減る&増える) *
The number of unmarried women in Japan is steadily increasing.

~上に (うえに) = In addition to ~ (uses decorated form)
In addition to studying Japanese, it looks like she’s learning Chinese as well!! (I envy this friend’s cognitive power)

~上で(は/の/も)・~上の = if ~ is past then "after…ing upon…ing" otherwise is "context for a warning"
I heard from a tengu that after stealing a "precious thing", Marisa flew over to Reimu’s place. (I was listening to "that song" :x)
When working at a restaurant, you should be polite to customers. (or "beki-de-aru"): "beshi" makes you sound kinda like an old man, but well I was going for a serious/written tone.

~(よ)うじゃないか/ではないか = Shall we; lets
Let’s play Mahjong!

~うちに/~ないうちに = while (refers to doing something before that situation changes)
You’ve got to have fun while you’re still young ^.^
Quickly! Erase the chalkboard before the teacher comes!
Don’t you have something you want to do before you graduate?

~得る (うる・える) (I personally NEVER use ‘uru’, and when you go negative it HAS to be "enai", plus you eru is more common anyways): = to be possible to (this is how the potential form originated 読みえる→読める) ~ has to be a verb stem.
I tried thinking with all my might searching for the answer, but I couldn’t respond to her at all.
There’s no way a world where women don’t wear skirts or pants could exist… (While watching Strike Witches) O.O NO WAY!

~おかげだ/おかげで = thanks to (always in a positive light. it’s negative counterpart is "せい")
It’s all thanks to you
Thanks to sensei, I can speak Japanese at least this well, thank you.

~恐れがある (おそれ) = There is a danger of ~ (You see this most of the time on Japanese warning labels.)
If you get into Yukari-sensei’s car, you put your life in danger.

Congratulations~! You’ve gotten through the あ row of JLPT2 Grammars!


Sakuya Revolution

Yeah, so I made a new userpic – It’s a picture of 咲夜 (Sakuya) taken from a scene in Glorious Revolution. The doujinshi’s website is here, if you’re interested. I believe I ranted about it’s glory earlier, so I won’t get into it again, but it’s cool :D – at least if you’re a touhou fan.

Random Updates on Life:

I finished my final paper draft on 羅生門 (Rashōmon) for my class, I might post the contents if anyone’s interested about a random adaptation analysis, (I’m guessing no) – after it’s graded (wouldn’t it suck to be persecuted for plagerism over something you wrote and then posted?); My Touhou Project Final Project application was approved, (gah now I have to do it). Similar to my sentence in my recently updated last post for the JLPT2 stuff – my ears were really bleeding and I was like "OH SHIT" but then nothing came of it, it was only a little (I have low blood pressure anyway) , and I figure it had more to do with the Red Bulls I was drinking. I watched "Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo" for the first time and thought it was cute. At the same time I realized that the ED for it "garnet" sounded ridiculously familiar and realized that I had heard it first from an Idolm@ster character album (the original’s MUCH better – though to be honest I like the Idolm@ster version of "Tori no Uta" more than the original). One thing led to another and we started having "language wars" on twitter: a friend was freaked out when I posted a translation to part of the Kara no Kyoukai opening – they already think I’m a psychopathic murderer as it is… so we all then started speaking in all the random languages that we know. Means Japanese for me: I know 你好 (nihao=HI – or "I like you") in Chinese, how to count numbers in Spanish (supposedly my hereditary language) – that’s it. Friends’ repitoire extends to French, Indonesian, Tagolog (Filipino), Cambric (Welsh), Mandarin Chinese (spoken only *facepalm*), and Spanish; extending to those outside the discussion: Hindi and Hebrew. I’m actually talking about proficiency rather than just knowing a few words, so that’s kinda impressive you think? :p Because I’m not the only one of our group that’s reasonably proficient in Japanese (though I’m at the top :D) I think it would be cool to learn some other random languages. Originally (before I was going to learn Japanese or Hindi) I was planning on learning Russian → you add that into the mix of just having watched Strike Witches and also having participated in a linguistics class, "Now I just need to learn Русский, Suomi, 漢語 and Deutsch." (Russian, Finnish, Chinese, and German). Why? For Russian, some of my favorite literature is translated Russian literature… and Sanya. (My reason for learning Japanese was because of the literature and poetry, then extended to manga and anime). For Finnish, it’s simple to read, has a lot of strange similarities with Japanese, and… Eila :3, plus along with Russian it sounds kinda cool don’t you think? – Chinese is strictly for reading poetry, I know a good amount of symbols or at least symbol portions, and it’s "politically relevant" – not really interested in speaking it though – it’s HARD to speak, easy to read (if you know the symbols). For German – my namesake Franz Kafka! His stories are just ODD, and that’s why I like him. – Anyway, for fun, I’ve already memorized the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet, the typing layout escapes me though – I just use the Japanese coder-IME. : In addition to all of this, at what seems to be a habit of "Mahjong Fridays" I won 3 times in a row (out of 5 total games) \o/ – Still under the impression that I suck when it comes to the formal Japanese ruleset though.

Enough about random updates and language learning (except for Japanese)

I think we need a Sakuya Revolution. Everything’s much too boring. I figure we have literature because it’s a bad idea to cause a large scale immediate conflict and then rage at it. The extent of our thrills are found in risky or sketchy romantic relationships, often a whole lot more scathingly dramatic than TV dramas (which I think are an excuse to throw your TV out the window). Is literature controlled conflict? At least the good stuff :3 I suppose I’m just the kind of person (I hear that there are types of people) that enjoy a rock being thrown at the surface of a glossy pond, and yet I’m an extremely passive person. Silent Liberalism!

My Japanese teacher actually recommended us Americans (the stereotypical extroverts of the world) "The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World" by Marti Olsen Laney, Psy. D. – partially because she was surprised that there are introverted Americans as well – (she was probably talking about me >.>) – We’ll probably have to discuss stuff like that on our test… – oh well, I just have to get back to practicing all my Japanese grammar stuffs till I can confidently speak in Japanese like I do it everyday. … – one day I’ll gear my introversion into some shocking form of literature – that would be nice.

As it’s on my mind, I think there’s a reason to get back to Strike Witches!
I came across this crazy correlation diagram, one that I can’t really find many references of explanation anywhere on the net. Furthermore, it looks authentic, despite the shocking (perhaps not so much) web of romantic relations across the board. I haven’t the opportunity to read up on anything, I’ve only seen the OVA, the anime series, and some of the illustrations – so perhaps that’s why it seems so strange, but it was mainly the terms like "sex slave" used liberally, that shocked me. Everything else is perfectly correct though organized very well – if it is fan-made they did a good job.

Full Image

About the Diagram:

Characters are grouped by country, division of the military, original texts, and family relations – and there’s enough English there for you to at least get most of the characters’ names.
There are tons of words that finely define love and relationships in Japanese, that may be hard to translate properly, so I will explain:
性奴隷: literally "sex slave" (though it’s missing a symbol) – I get the feeling it means "forced (sexual) relationship due to position".
恋人: literally "lover(s)" – This is like "girlfriend", people who are dating use this term.
愛人: literaly "lover(s)" – This has a much "heavier" overtone, and a word often used to describe a "mistress", people involved in a love affair, thicker sexual relations etc, it’s not a negative term and is closer to the English "lover".
セフレ: literally "sex friend" – Basically a friend that one frequently has sexual relations with, often a friend for that purpose, it implies that neither is romantically involved with the other.
元恋人: literally "original lover" – basically "ex-girlfriend"
夫婦: literally "husband+wife" – often refers to a married "couple", but can refer to a couple in general, the two do not have to be married. I’m sure you have an example of two that are a couple – they act like a married couple regardless of their extent of romantic or sexual relations, I figure that’s what this word is getting at.
恋愛感情: literally "has romantic feelings of love for" – romantic love, not necessarily "sexual" but far beyond "caring" or "sibling-like" love.
友人: literally "friend" – nice and simple
親友: literally "precious friend" – like best friends
憧れ: literally "admiration" – "to aspire to be like" sort of admiration
— (other stuff)
親分: boss
上官: superior officer
同僚: colleague
双子の姉妹: twin sisters
姉: older sister (it’s illegible but I think the sister relationships go left->right = youngest->oldest in most cases)
地獄に落ちろ: literally "fall into the depths of hell!" pretty self explanatory.
ライベル: rivals
先輩:senpai (I hope I don’t need to explain)
妹のよう: "like a little sister to"
気に入る: basically the feelings a superior has when she "takes a liking" to someone lower than her – completely devoid of romantic feeling. (at least when used in this context)

-Anabuki Tomoko (center one with all the "sex slaves"): Her surname with those symbols literally spells "Ass-Wipe"
-All the characters of "Suomus Independent Volunteer Aerial Squadron" apparently pay service to Tomoko.
-Suwa Amaki and Nakajima Hayate are mutually "sex slaves" O.o
-Helma Lennartz can pilot a jet-engine striker (\o/ – this isn’t on the diagram)
-Sanya wants to be more open like Yoshika
-Eila wants Sanya (I don’t blame her) – maybe Eila will have her first fully romantic relationship with Sanya if her feelings are returned ^-^
-Lynette and Yoshika are a couple. (Makes sense) – I don’t get the whole thing in the last episode when they all just randomly disband though, seems contridictory to the feeling in the rest of the episode – but they’re coming back with a season 2 so maybe developments will HAPPEN.
-I didn’t really think of Gertrud and Hartmann being together, but it makes a lot of sense now that I look at it.
-I can see why Eila wouldn’t want to get romantically involved with Nikka Edvardine Katajainen (she crash-lands like 24/7), Eila would be wrought with fret.

This is possibly the longest post I’ve ever made O.O – I’m going to see if I can finish up the Osaka-Chiyo Sho… Azumanga Diaoh. More JLPT stuff will probably fill the next post, but this one is already long enough.

Training for the JLPT2 + Kara no Kyoukai

Although I was told that I should have no trouble “passing” the JLPT2 by my professor, there’s a lot of new material covered on it → a lot that I have seen before, but perhaps don’t fully understand. So, I’m going to run through all the grammar that’s supposed to be covered on it (in multiple posts), as well as try to read more novels and light novels as opposed to just manga. Also in my studies I plan to go over some material of different dialects, though I know for sure that all JLPT stuff is covered in standard Japanese.

I’m finishing up on my projects and it will soon be summer! Perhaps I’ll work but I’ll certainly continue studying – maybe I’ll get an internship or job at Funimation or something? (hopeful). I need money for food, maybe I’m sick or undergoing a growth spurt or something, but I’m hungry all the time ;-; | It’s a royal pain.

Here’s the opening of chapter 1 from Kara no Kyoukai:

01. 俯瞰風景: Thanatos. Fujoh Kirie (Commanding View)



That day, on my way home I chose to take the main road.
It was strange for me to do so, it was only on a whim.
As I walked aimlessly along the commonplace buildings,
without warning someone fell down.
Though without much a chance to hear, it made a light crunching sound.
It was clear that that she had fallen from the building to her death.
A bright red flowed out unto the asphalt.
The only things left from her original form was her hair.
And thin brittle limbs that were once white.
Then there was her formless, smashed face.
This image brought to my imagination a pressed flower,
held between two old pages and placed inside a book until flat.

It was her neck, bent like that of a fetus in her remains
that reminded me of a picked lily flower.
/Commanding View.

— JLPT2 Grammar!
-these are more just example sentences for people who may be studying, so I won’t go into much detail.

~あげく(に) 「挙句(あげく)」 = in the end


-As soon as I woke up I thought that if I ran as fast as I could I might just barely make it to class on time, but as I was thinking about it time passed, and in the end class started while I was still in bed. When I realized that I just went back to sleep though.

~あまり 「余り(あまり)」 = to do ~ so much that ~ happens.


-I was listening to loud music so much that my ears started to bleed! I was a little scared, but it was alright.

(and that’s it for the grammar structures that begin with あ) \o/

Strike Witches – Kuroi Hitomi 黒い瞳

It’s been so humid I’ve had to take like four showers today. -.-

So I watched Strike Witches. Partly because I am watching Shangri-la, loving it (same studio: Gonzo), and partly because I heard it was so bad (it’s infamous). Once you get past the "O.O none of the girls are wearing pants O.o – Why…?" It’s actually a nice show. It’s not like the plot is really intriguing or anything, or that the animation is really spectacular, but it’s cute, and you get attached to some of the characters. More interesting is really the concepts behind the characters. The sheer level of fanservice-y bits is enough to make you laugh too XD – but it’s really not near as horrible as people make it out to be; maybe my level of tolerance has just grown too high?

Liking the concept of it all, I heard that the series was based on novels. This is a (fairly blatant) lie. It is instead, based on an Anime OVA by Kunihisa Sugishima (25 minutes and only loosely informative) that’s based on a series of illustrations by Humikane Shimada done in Compatiq Ace. You get the "based on novels" bit because there are three light novels that are based on that same series of illustrations. (here’s an interlinking web of characters that relate the characters of the light novels to the original characters in the illustrations), then there are currently two light novels that are a basic novelization of the OVA+Anime – along with some fan-novel. As the Anime was done by Kazuhiro Takamura and Tsuyoshi Tamai, you have a completely different set of people working on every single separate component, and therefore it’s very disjunct. (Although Humikame Shimada, the original illustrator, provided light novel illustrations to both the first light novel and the novelization.) However, I heard that either the novelization or the other light novel were pretty good, so – I might read them if I get the chance to.

As for the characters, I liked most of them by the end of the series, even the American. In fact – I believe she’s the first Anime American that I haven’t fully disliked. Maybe I connected with her longing for speed – impressive because I have a disposition to dislike characters with oversized breasts – but I got past that, (at least they weren’t big enough to break my suspension of disbelief XD.) As a night owl and not really buying into that no-pants = win, my favorite character was Sanya V. Litvyak (who is the only character ever to be seen wearing a skirt), and thus by extension I had to like Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen. (I still have to think of the Japanese pronounciation stuffs to figure out how to say her name.) I also liked Gertrud Barkhorn, and there by extension liked the other two original German pilots: Erica Hartmann and Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke. Then, because her gun is cool and perhaps I have a strange attraction to British women o.o – Lynette Bishop. Yeah… I put the main character around the bottom of my list.

If I had to rank them:

1. Sanya V. Litvyak
2. Gertrud Barkhorn
3. Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
4. Lynette Bishop
5. Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
5. Charlotte E. "Charlie" Yeager
5. Erica Hartmann
8. Mio Sakamoto
9. Francesca Lucchini
10. Yoshika Miyafuji
11. Perrine-H. Clostermann

-.-: Perrine annoyed me to NO end. (X-x the french) | Yoshika… was too optimistic and had no redeeming qualities. | Lucchini was cat-like which I like… but no other redeeming qualities. | Once you get past Mio’s kind of annoying laugh and obstinate kamikaze attitude, she’s got this teacher attitude that’s nice – plus she’s old (~20) and thus has a bit of a head on her shoulders at least. The three-way tie for 5th has partly to do with the fact that I want to keep all of them in the upper half – and that although that’s the order I’d put them in, they’re pretty close anyway. Lynette I like again because she’s nice and a sniper, and British. Eila makes me laugh and I like her semi-deep voice – plus she’s like Sanya’s talking counterpart. As for Gertrud, I like pretty much everything about her character, especially after you learn more about her – and I think she’s pretty ^^. Sanya, I like everything about her – her ability, her habits, and her animal, her country, the fact that she wears… clothes — everything really, but I wish sort of that she would talk more, though that would violate part of her character… So 1&2 are pretty close :d

So anyway I got hold of Sanya and Eila’s character album, and I like it ^^. One song that caught my eye (ear?) was Kuroi Hitomi ("black pupils") – which is basically a song of Japanese lyrics placed over a common Russian folk tune. It’s pretty ^^. It’s an extremely simple song, so maybe the translation’ll sound a little strange.

Translation Notes: as for the "particle" なりし – I can only guess what it means through context, as well as the only other phrase I found when I googled it 夢なりし空中庭園 – this is similar to the time when I came across にす – of which I couldn’t find any results >.> – Also, everytime you see "eyes" it really should be "pupils" but in English, you usually say eyes regardless… – but "black eyes" (lit) sound odd, so I made it "black"->"dark"

(・x・) I need to get better at translating songs – then it would be just beautiful regardless. In Japanese it’s beautiful, I promise :D

The drama tracks on this CD are cute, Eila is always mildly jealous of anyone that might take Sanya’s interest. – I’ll give her that right, after all Sanya always hops into Eila’s bed whenever she gets back :x


燃えさかる炎よ ああ黒き瞳よ 美しき炎よ 素晴らしき瞳
愛しき 悩ましき その瞳 あなたを一目見て 私はあなたの虜

Burning flame; ah such dark eyes; beautiful flame; splendid eyes
Lovely, seductive, those eyes – with a single look I am your captive

闇なりし焔よ ああ黒き瞳よ 凍てつく焔よ 底知れぬ瞳
勝ち誇り 焼き尽くす その瞳 あなたの炎で 私の心は痛む

A blaze inviting darkness; ah such dark eyes; frozen blaze; bottomless eyes
Triumphant, burning out, those eyes – by your flame my heart pains

私の幸せは あなただけに

My happiness depends solely on you

燃えさかる炎よ ああ黒き瞳よ 愛しき瞳よ 美しき瞳
とこしえに 魅惑する その瞳 私を連れ去り 破滅へといざなう

Burning flame; ah such dark eyes; lovely eyes; beautiful eyes
For eternity captivating, those eyes – take me away and invite me into destruction

あなたの面影を 夢に見る

I see your face in my dreams

夜中に歌う声 私は手を伸ばす 夢へとみちびく 黒き瞳
私はあなたと 共に飛び立つ

Singing at midnight, I extend my arms to your dark eyes, leading me into dreams
Together with you I leap into the sky

Pointless Post

The microwave is leaky~ My brain is frying~! D:
That’s how I feel at the moment orz
Tubecat… I want a cat <3
They’re changing 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー / Sohryu Asuka Langley to 式波・アスカ・ラングレー / Shikinami Asuka Langley O.o?

"Eyebrows have been raised at the steady rise in popularity several potentially Vocaloid inspired names have enjoyed in Japan’s baby naming; Ren (ranked 4th), Rin (7th), Kaito (13th) and most notably Miku (up to 24th from 50th last year)."

My roommate turned off the lights… just now, for no reason whatsoever – … is she trying to make me blind or something? – I’ve never wanted to be a murderer more in my life. (I just heard her mumble, stoned: I lost my car~) (Wikipedia "Dude Where’s my Car?")

Flowering Night/Night of Nights – One of the best themes… ever.. especially because… Sakuya=咲夜=flower(ing)+night – Furthermore, I just learned that there’s an entire type of "MAD" compiled web videos based on having flowering night in the background. O.O – Awesome!

As firefox has exceeded 970mb of RAM – it needs to be restarted for my computer’s sanity. Therefore I must post, though it’s a bit unfinished :x

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm5552511 ←dual violin Flowering Night/Night of Nights + Piano Acc. O.O

Not that I think that I have really anyone looking at my journal – I’m doing a poll for fun. I do NOT like what’s her face: Konpaku Youmu, so she’s not included D:<

Touhou Character Poll (Minimized)

YUI and Fullmetal Alchemist (2009)

Yui – Again.
The Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Brotherhood Opening Theme just reminded me how much I love YUI. I totally forgot how young she is! She’s only 2 years older than me after, and I listened to her music years ago – so I have to give her props for her great music so early on ^.^ – will she become the next Utada when she’s older or something? I’m going to have to buy her new CD when it comes out … 2009/06/03. (yy/mm/dd) – Also have to get that Eden of the East ED O.O – I underestimated it like the first time I listened to it – I usually don’t expect much out of ending themes.

I’m so in love with YUI’s song right now that I’d translate the lyrics – but I don’t want to do close listening to try to figure them out, I’ll wait for the CD to come out :3

Instead, for my own personal benefit, as well as for others I suppose – I’m going to diagram the opening alchemy explanation statement at the beginning of Fullmetal Alchemist – because it has the particle “nakare” in it, and that’s a rare find. :D


[Alchemy] [topic] [material] [object] [understand], [deconstruct], [reconstruct] [do-verb] [science] [aff-is]. [contrastive-conjuction: though], [inifinite/limitless] [n-adj-particle] [skill] [ni-wa: relating to/in such a definition] [is not] [nothing] [from] [“it is said” (phrase quantifier)] [to bring into being] [koto: action -> abstract noun] [absolutely] [is not] [something] [object] [attempt to obtain (into a state)] [if] [without fail], [equivalent] [n-adj-particle] [price] [object] [to pay] [mono: action -> concrete noun] [aff-is]. [this] [“in other words”], [alchemy] [n-adj-particle] [foundation], [equivalent-exchange] [aff-is]. [Alchemist] [towards, in relation to] [taboo] [subject] [exists]. [that] [topic] [human-body-alchemic-refinement] [aff-is]. [anyone (becomes no-one)] [commit] [koto: action ->abstract noun] [nakare: mustn’t do].

Alchemy is the science of understanding, deconstructing, and then reconstructing matter. However, it is not a limitless skill. Nothing can be created from “nothing”. When attempting to obtain something, an equivalent price must be paid in return. In other words, this is the basis of alchemy: equivalent exchange. There is a taboo among alchemists. This is human transmutation. A crime none may transgress.

One day I’ll be a better translator :x → Japanese is such a better language, so much information is so few words.

Anyway, while I’m raving about it I might as well rave about it.
Now – Fullmetal Alchemist is the second anime I’ve ever watched – EVER! – It’s the first one I watched with Japanese audio actually. (I could never find non-dubbed Chrno Crusade stuff, until after I started watching Fullmetal Alchemist, about 3-4 episodes into Chrno Crusade :x) Well, maybe because of that – I love it. I think it’s one of the best Anime I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched all 51 episodes approximately 5 times through :x (Hey, we had a 11 hour trip once, and a car plug :D – I didn’t needlessly waste my time for all of it ;x) Maybe I was younger and more stupid – but when I picked up the manga I didn’t particularly like it. When I heard that this new anime was going to be based on the manga a lot more, I was like cool… but I don’t like the manga… orz. Even so, I figured yes, it might just be because I didn’t appreciate it properly, and I knew that if they were going to do something like re-do Fullmetal Alchemist well, they’d have the best of animation studios and voice actors and all that. I decided to give it a try no matter what I might think about it. Maybe I’m a cynic, but my hopes were pretty low. I’ll say this now, Fullmetal Alchemist (2009) is amazing! I liked some of the slower pacing and this and that for Lior, but… I’m sure they expect you have seen the first series, they’re not going to fully recap -> but there’s a lot of new stuff… and the episode about the past – and all the extra information jammed in there right from the start – I really think they’re going to go somewhere with this and I’m really excited :D. (Might make me watch the original series all over again as well :x)

Train Man

So I watched Train Man, and now it’s the weekend. They changed a lot of stuff that first made me a little D:< – but I figured that it really didn’t change the story all that much, just made it more dramatic – which is ok~ I guess. It didn’t ruin it ( ´ー`)

I’ve noticed that I’ve been slacking off – a lot, in various areas, so this weekend is going to be a major Japanese study weekend. Meaning that I should be productive with song translations and what not (those will be my breaks… >.>) My paper and many other things → hopefully in a morning till night fashion. No more playing games! D:< (except maybe Mountain of Faith like… once a day :x – (・x・)) – I should be sleeping now, I will be sleeping now.

Banners :D