Bad Apple!

Well anyway, I’ve caught up to the most recent episode of Eden of the East and I have to say that the show is amazing. It’s knocking on the door to my top 5 list, but I’m not sure if it’s long enough for me to let it up there, well perhaps the final episode will change my mind. – Now later I’m going to compile all my jlpt posts and make a jlpt study page, as well as correct any mistakes I may have made, because there’s bound to be some.

Time to relax, play some Touhou, Touhou Mahjong, listen to Masayoshi Minoshima, and maybe read Harry Potter again.



~わけがない・~わけわない = no reason for~ / no need for ~ / ~ would be stupid,useless
There’s no reason for Cirno to be fighting Yukari. (Unless it’s Advent Cirno and Advent Yukari of course)

~わけだ = state a reason why something is / it means that ~ (if ~ is a noun/na-adj use “という” or “である”)
Given the space time continuum, the power to manipulate time translates as well into the power to manipulate space and intervals.

~わけではない・~わけでもない = it doesn’t mean that ~
Although he’s always worrying about money, it’s not like he’s broke.

~わけにはいかない・~わけにもいかない = mustn’t/must (if ~ is negative) (no, it’s not ikenai. it IS ikanai.) [usually has to do with some sort of obligation, moral or otherwise – and it’s “personal” so you can’t use it to give a command.]
I can’t go freeze frogs with you Cirno.
“Sanae, wanna go play?” No, I’m sorry I can’t – I’ve got to protect the shrine… Even if someone like Reimu’s always staring off into space, at least she protects her shrine, and I can’t lose to that. “But, she’s coming too…”

~わり(に)は = although ~; In spite of ~
Though the flowers bloom beautifully by the light of the moon, when the sun rises they fall to the ground.

~をきっかけとして・~をきっかけにして = lit: as an impetus = through~ by~ (something happens unexpectedly through a “chance” encounter) (~ must be a noun)
Travelling to Gensoukyou, it made me think about various things in relation to my own world.

~を契機(けいき)として・~を契機に(して) = since ~ (because a thing happened, a big change has occured) (~ must be a noun)
Ever since the oil shock, research into alternative energy has advanced.

~をこめて = full of ~; loaded with ~ (~ must be a noun)
Full of love, the hakkero-reactor’s master spark was very powerful.

~を中心として・を中心にして = be at the center of ~; be the focus of ~ (~ must be a noun)
Many shops gather in Gensoukyou centered around the shrines.

~を通(つう)じて・~をとお通じて = throughout~, via~ through~ (~ must be a noun)
Throughout Gensoukyou there are youkai and fairies.
When you use Tengu, letters are quick as a form of communication.

~を~とした・~を~として・~を~とする = as~ (~ must be a noun)
Keine is very good as a history teacher.

~を問わず = regardless of~ (~ must be a noun)
Regardless of their true ages, Remilia, Flandre, and Sakuya are cute and moe.

~をはじめ・~をはじめすると = not only~ but also ~; ~among other things (~ must be a noun)
Sakuya’s not only good at fighting, but also at cooking among other things.

~をめぐって・~をめぐる = circulate ~; around ~ (~ must be a noun)
When you look at the hell youkai of Gensoukyou, truly fascinating beings exist.

~をもとに・~をもとにして = based on ~ (~ must be a noun)
With Sanae’s crowd at the heart of it, two serious events have occurred.


Do the Marisa~!

Although weekends tend to be unfortunately a lot more busy than weekdays (people always want to come over and do stuff – am I a hikikomori for hating this? o.o; ) I was able to draw a picture of Alice Margatroid, and it was fun :) = I’m really not an artist but I am sort of proud of myself, especially since I haven’t drawn anything period since high school, and that’s been a while D:

The Hourai Dolls project is trotting right along; we’ve got a little bit of little side treat ready for release. YaY!
Oh, and actually Alice isn’t my favorite touhou character, but she’s somewhere in my top 10 – and I’m a MarisaXAlice Fan, and kind of a MarisaXReimu Fan, but not much of a PatchXMarisa fan :x. (Is it before the X or after the X where the uke falls? XD)


(~を)はじめ・(~を)はじめると = not only ~ but also ~; ~ among other things
Not only do youkai, but also vampires and non-human magicians dwell in Gensoukyou.

~(は)ともなく(として) = irregardless of ~
Marisa, though while she can use magic, she’s not a (non-human) “magician”.

~ば~ほど = the more ~ the more ~ (as one goes up, so does the other)
The more love you put in, the stronger master spark gets.

~反面(はんめん)・~半面(はんめん) = on the other side, on one side
Although on one end, Kazami Yuka’s always smiling kindly, she’s freaking dangerous.

~べき・~べきだ = should – (note するべき becomes すべき)
When leaping forward towards the full moon, you should be careful of cliffs.

~べきではない = shouldn’t
You shouldn’t talk about Reimu’s balls or any other unnecessary things.

(~より)他(は)ない・~他仕方がない = only~, just~ (there is no other way)

Since you can’t depend on anyone there’s nothing but to do it yourself.

~ほど・~ほどだ・~ほどの = to the extent that ~
There were so many hungry Yuyuko’s appearing that it was just like out of a zombie movie.

~ほど~はない = (nothing) is as ~ as ~
There are few things as dangerous as playing with Flandre.

~ほど~ = as one changes so does the other
Unrelated to the power of their abilities, ones that are as weak as they are stupid definitely are out there.

~まい・~まいか = negative volitional (probably not, will not – expresses a will to not do something)
That small earthquake is continuing… well, if it’s not due to Ten-ko then I don’t think a bit one will hit.

~向きだ・向きに・向きの = suitable for ~
That watermelon sword surprisingly is very fitting for Cirno.

~向けだ・向けに・向けの = made for, bound for
That Remilia PVC figure is bound for overseas.
That cell phone was made for the Selecao.

~もかまわず (構わず)= regardless of ~
There are people that will make danmaku regardless of the trouble they cause people.

~も~なら~も~・~も~ば~も~ = neither ~ nor ~; both ~ and ~
Since Reimu often drinks sake and smokes, I’m worried about her health.

~もの = because ~ (give a reason to an explanation)
Yeah I can make it alone. ~ Yeah it’s alright, I’ve got a map.

~ものか = by no means, not at all
Like Sanae has any belief whatsoever…

~ものがある = feel like~
This melody feels like it’s pulling me in, and locking me inside. ~kagome kagome~

~ものだ・~ものではない =
A: show admiration; grief; a heartfelt feeling
B: express something as common sense
C: suggest something; give a light command
D: remember a past happening or occurance
When that crazy accident happened you really helped me out.
During Ten-ko’s earthquakes, everyones panicking all over the place.
Listen to people when they’re talking to you.
Around when Marisa was Loli-sa, she was uber interested in magic and explosions.

~ものだから = because (give a reason or excuse)
You see an accident happened so the train was late, but I’m sorry for being late all the same.

~ものなら = if ~(wish for something unattainable; tell someone that it is impossible)
お賽銭ができるものなら例大祭を始めたい。 (できた!)
If I could just get SOME donations, then I’d like to start an annual festival. (IT HAPPENED! [reitaisai])

~ものの = though ~
I got a drivers license, but I can’t buy a car. T.T

~やら~やら = and ~ among other things
Since I’m going back home I’ve got to make plane ticket reservations and by souvenirs and stuff like that so I’m really busy.

~ようがない・~ようもない = no way to ~ ~=verb-stem (this is where しょうがない comes from.)
No matter what the time you never really know where Yukari Yakumo is, so she’s impossible to contact.

~ような・~ように = like ~
._. ; I’ve used this already like 500,000 times. So I’m not going to make up another one.

— HA, MA, and YA rows COMPLETE — (only WA row left)

Hello world!

First to come will probably be an organization of my stuff. That should come tomorrow, in the meantime – in the unlikely event that I really do happen to get visitors, feel free to comment on this post and say hi.

Random Touhou Music Stuff

What is Your Favorite Touhou Song? (In Terms of Originals)

恋色 Magic (PC-9801 Story of Eastern Wonderland – Kirisame Marisa’s Theme)
Strawberry Crisis! (PC-9801 Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream – Yumemi’s Theme)
Bad Apple! (PC-9801 Lotus Land Story – Stage 3 Theme)
Alice Maestra (PC-9801 Lotus Land Story – Stage 4 Theme)
少女綺想曲 Dream Battle (PC-9801 Lotus Land Story – Hakurei Reimu’s Theme)
Romantic Children (PC-9801 Mystic Square – Stage 3 – Alice Margatroid’s Stage)
真紅の少女 ~ Crimson Dead! (PC-9801 Mystic Square – Yuki’s Solo Theme)
Alice in Wonderland (PC-9801 Mystic Square – Extra Stage – Alice Margatroid’s Stage)
The Grimoire of Alice (PC-9801 Mystic Square – Extra Stage Boss – Alice Margatroid’s Theme)
Locked Girl 〜 少女密室 (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil – Patchouli Knowledge’s Theme)
月時計 〜 Lunar Dial (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil – Izayoi Sakuya’s Theme)
亡き王女の為のセプテット (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil – Remilia Scarlet’s Theme)
U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?(Embodiment of Scarlet Devil – Flandre Scarlet’s Theme)
人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女 (Perfect Cherry Blossom – Alice Margatroid’s Theme)
幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble (Perfect Cherry Blossom – Prismriver Sister’s Theme)
Border of Life (Perfect Cherry Blossom – Saigyougi Yuyuko’s Theme)
Necro-fantasia (Perfect Cherry Blossom – Yakumo Yukari’s Theme)
東方萃夢想 (Immaterial and Missing Power – Credits Theme)
幻視の夜 ~ Ghostly Eyes (Imperishable Night – Stage 1 – Wriggle Nightbug’s Stage)
Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome (Imperishable Night – Stage 5 – Tewi/Reisen’s Stage)
Flowering Night (Phantasmagoria of Flower View – Izayoi Sakuya’s Theme)
今昔幻想郷 ~ Flower Land (Phantasmagoria of Flower View – Kazami Yuka’s Theme)
芥川龍之介の河童 ~ Candid Friend (Mountain of Faith – Kawashiro Nitori’s Theme)
信仰は儚き人間の為に (Mountain of Faith – Kotiya Sanae’s Theme)
封じられた妖怪 ~ Lost Place (Subterranean Animism – Kurodane Yamame’s Theme)
少女さとり ~ 3rd eye (Subterranean Animism – Komeiji Satori’s Theme)
死体旅行 ~ Be of good cheer! (Subterranean Animism – Kaenbyou Rin’s Theme)

Absolute Favorites:
#1: U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? / 信仰は儚き人間の為に
#2: Romantic Children
#3: 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye / Necro-Fantasia

Tornadoes and Touhou Mahjong Epic Win!

So the tornadoes came and knocked down trees and stuff and our power – and I was sad ;-; – but nothing serious happened, and in the time that I played on my computer waiting for power to come back while my battery was dying and all that stuff, I got far in Touhou Mahjong (the main storyline) and beat it completely when the power came back on :D ; in the process I also got my first ever Yakuman :D – Shousuushi: 小四喜 – which led to my awesome win of +84! :D

Everyone go check Dekiagari’s Ima Made Arasuji MAD vid-translation: it’s excellently done and well everything is much more funny when you know what’s going on :D


~に伴い・~に伴う・~に伴って = as ~; with ~; (accompanying; following) (happens at the same time)
When the population increased, various problems came up.
Along with earthquakes, fires spring up often.
Upon saying the magic words and pouring in your love, the hakkero cannon will emit a pulse of master spark.

~に反し・~に反した・~に反して・~に反する = against; contrary to ~=[noun]
Contrary to her being a shrine maiden, she doesn’t hold any faith whatsoever herself.

~に他ならない = there is no doubt that
Although Remi and Fran are around 500 years old, there’s no doubt that they’re loli-(tastic).

~にもかからず = however, though (lit: without relation to)
Although Sakuya has the ability to manipulate time (and space), she still has lost from time to time.

~に基づいて、・~に基づいた・~に基づき・~に基づく  = on the basis of (~ must be a noun)
Given her ability, it’s entirely possible that Sakuya is misrepresenting her age.

~によって・~によっては・~により・~による = by~ / depending on~ (A: to show the subject of an action, B: to show a cause or reason, C: show a method or way, D: to show a difference between, E: to show a specific condition)
Mima was defeated by Reimu.
Reimu is irritated by her shrine’s poverty, but she never does anything about it.
Rather than fighting over it, let’s resolve this through a danmaku match.
Customs vary from country to country. (vary by country)
When this medicine (is taken) by humans, it produces the effect of one having a dream where one becomes a butterly and floats through the air. (Alice likes this medicine for some reason ^.^ )

~によると・~によれば = according to~ (~=noun)
According to the Bunbunmaru Shinbun, Marisa seems to have stolen the precious thing and left.

~にわたった・~にわたって・~にわたり・~にわたる(渡る) = ranging from ~; covering ~; lasting ~; extending over ~
Pache, due to her cough, was unable to speak a single charm for an entire week.

~ぬきで・~ぬきに(は)・~ぬきの・~(を)ぬきにして(は)・はぬきにして = without
Winning without a continue in Touhou is very difficult.

~ぬく(抜く)= do (one’s best) till the end
途中、失敗もありましたが、なんとか加奈子(かなこ)が倒せて「Mountain of Faith」をやりぬくことできました。
On the way I screwed up a lot, but finally I was somehow able to defeat Kanako, and complete Mountain of Faith. (in easy mode ;-;)

~のみならず = not one ~ but also; besides ~; moreover
Syameimaru Aya is not only a photographer, but also a newspaper editor.

~のもとで・~のもとに = owing to ~ (基?)
Owing to the teachings of a turtle, Reimu obtained the ability to soar through the sky~. (no joke)

な ROW 完成~!!

~ばかりか・~ばかりではなく = not only ~
Gensoukyou isn’t all just people with crazy abilities, there are normal humans there too.

~ばかりに = because of~; on account of~ (show regret because of it)
Because I lied, my lover got upset at me ;-;

Kagome Kagome

Kagome-Kagome ← listen to it.

So through someone I’ve discovered Sekken-ya – lit: "The Soap Shop" which is a punk-rock touhou band :D – some of the songs are pretty great so I recommend them: search for "石鹸屋" and you’ll be sure to find some stuff. In addition to the Tewi song, they have a rather good rendition of Lunar Dial, and Alice’s theme – I’m sure there’s more, but I haven’t had time to listen to everything yet :D


~ないことには = if not ~ (next sentence will be negative)
If you don’t eat your ice cream now, then it’ll melt and you won’t be able to later.

~ないことはない・~ないこともない = possiblility of ~ (neither yes nor not) lit: it’s not impossible.
It’s difficult, but it’s not like there is no way to do it.

~ないではいられない・ずにいられない = there’s no way it can’t happen / can’t help but ~
That stupid fairy is so funny, you can’t help but laugh at her :3

~ながら = while, though
Though we were living together the whole time I had no idea she was there.
I’m sorry, but there’s no way I can forgive you.

~など・~なんか・~なんて = etc., things like, stuff like
あんたなんか死んじゃえばいいのに。(famous line)
Someone like you should just die.
It’s not like I hate it or anything~.
Doing something like buying a dakimakura! (*gasp*)
I’m busy so it’s not like I have the free time to watch TV or anything.

~にあたり・~にあたって = when (show something that should be done in this situation)
When the meeting opens, give a word in greeting.
When you meet Flandre, nervously be on your guard.

The meeting will be held in the first meeting room.

~に応じ・~に応じた・~に応じて = in response to ~ (formal)
The insurance was paid in response to the disaster circumstances.

~(に)かかわらず・~(に)(は)かかわりなく = regardless of / there being no connection between (~ is often two verbs/adjectives/nouns that are opposities pushed together, like 好き嫌い)
Regardless of whether you are participating or not, please send a reply.

~に限って、~に限り・~に限る = only, without fail, the extent of (the best) 
Only women participated.
As far as that person goes, he never deceives anyone.
The best thing to do when you get a cold is to sleep warmly in your room.

~に限らず = not only ~ but also; not limited to
Not only young girls, but also boys enjoy shoujo manga.

~にかけては・にかけても = if (when) talking about ~; as far as ~ is concerned
When it comes to math, Cirno is a Genius~! (false)

~にかわって・~にかわり = in place of ~, by proxy
In place of my grandfather, at the wedding ceremony, I was the one who gave my mother away.

~に関して(は)・~に関しても・~に関する = about ~, relating to~ [=について]
Concerning the plan revisions, a proper evaluation is necessary.

~にきまっている = it’s decided that ~, DUH!
You haven’t practiced at all so of course you’re going to loose.

~に比べ・~に比べて = compared to
Compared to Yui, Ui is much more like an adult.

~に加え・~に加えて = in addition to
In addition to the electricity prices going up, the gas prices have been as well, and it’s worrisome.

~に答え・~に答えた・~に答えて・~に答える = in response to ~ (more colloq.)
Exercising because of Hinako?

~際し・~に際して・~に際しての = [=にあったって] = when starting, when doing 
When watching anime, light your room, and watch 3 meters apart from the television.

~に先立ち・~に先立て・~に先立つ = before ~, right before ~
Shall we buy tickets before the start of the exhibition? (instead of at the door)

~にしたがい・~にしたがって = with, following, (when one changes so does the other)
When I clambered up high, the view got much better.

~にしたら・~にしても・~にすれば = for ~ (from the point of view of someone)
From the standpoint of that person, our kindness is probably more of a nuisance.

~にしては = although, even though
Although my older brother has lived in America for 20 years, his english is still bad.

~にしても・~に(も)しろ・~に(も)せよ = even if / whenever
Even if you say that it’s still useless.
Whenever I drink beer or sake I can’t drive.
Even if I flap my wings I won’t fly. (The sad story of the kiwi bird – wait.. do kiwi even have wings? – wiki-ed yes they DO.)

~にすぎない = merely~; only~; just~ "not amounting to more than" ~
Though Cirno may talk like she’s strong, she’s just an idiot.

~に沿い・~に沿う・~に沿った・~に沿って = in accordance with ~
In accordance with our decided objective, let us craft the new plan.

~に相違ない = it must be [=(は)間違いない・に違いない]
How could I possibly recognize such a nonsensical demand!?

~に対し・に対して(は)・~に対しtも・~に対する = as,for,to,toward,about (="に")
We mustn’t say impolite things to our guests.

~に違いない = there’s no doubt of.
Reisen is certainly younger than Tewi – (true story :D)

~について(は)・~についての・~についても = about
I’m studying about Japanese Classical Literature.

~につき = because
Because of rainy weather, the game will be delayed.

~につけ・~につけて(は)・~についても = whenever, whether
Whenever I see a picture of Marisa, I can’t help but want to say "da–ze"
Whether she sees her trying hard or just bumming around, Ui’s still proud of Yui.

~につれ・~つれて = as ~; with ~ (when one changes so does the other)
Supply rises with demand.

~にとって(は)・~とっての・~にとっても = as for ~, to~; in (my) opinion etc. "If you ask (me)"
Albeit Cirno is an idiot, I like her.

— the に block is STILL not done —

8BiTouhou Music Returns!

Yeah, so everyone go out and get 8BiTouhou if you like 8bit music, because this is the best 8bit touhou music out there :D There are 3 albums – and all of them are good ^w^


~ということだ = it’s like that; it means that; I heard that (put ~によると、for this construction)
"Caution" means you should be careful.
In the newspaper, I read that there was an earthquake.

~というと・~といえば = speaking of~, talking of~ (use when saying something typical)
When you’re talking about summer vacation – it’s all about watermelons :3

~というものだ = is known as, it is that
Black Tea in the east is known as "Crimson/Red Tea".

~というものではない・~というものでもない = not necessarily, it’s not that (do NOT use だ before the と)
It’s not necessarily true that personalities never change.

~というより – more than~ (do NOT use だ before the と)
Rather than the rising sun, the setting sun is far more beautiful.

~といったら – speaking of~ (yeah, all of these mean like, the exact same thing.)
If you’re talking about how dirty his room is, it’s GROSS.

~といっても – But, Although, (show what you’re thinking about is different than someone else)
You say you like tans, but … I really don’t.

~とおり[通り](に)・~どおり(に) = just as~ (like just like you said)
Just like you said that store was really expensive.

~とか = (as a sentence ender it means basically the same thing..)
What he does for work? – Uh.. he translates or something.

~どころか = far from~
Ah… far from liking chocolate, she’s allergic to it.

~どころではない・~どころではなく = means the exact same thing as the one above, just more formal, etc. (can’t do ~ because ~)
Ah, she doesn’t like chocolate, given she’s allergic to it.

~ところに・~ところへ・~ところを = At that time, at that place, at that scene
When she was talking about someone else (spreading rumours), that person showed up. D:

~としたら・~とすれば = if~ (from the perspective of – generally pseudo-future tense.)
If you’re thinking of doing an exchange program, you need to have a passport.

~として(は)・~としての・~としても = (~ must be a noun) as~
There are a lot of people that treat hikikomori as a disease.

~とともに = with
Cake with icecream is yummy.
While I’m taking a class on modern japanese literature, I’m also studying classical literature.
As the years go by, my strength weakens.