Nagato Yuki – Everyone’s Favorite Trap Guitarist

Nagato Yuki - Playing Yui's Song

So my Japanese Mahjong Page is pretty much done. Yay for completed work.

Anyway, you should go watch this video.
It’s of someone playing Yui’s part quite wonderfully, in a Nagato Yuki cosplay :)
Lyrics for the song are in available in the previous post.

So I was watching Saki, trying to ignore some of the awkward weird fanservice and just watch the game. Like I may have mentioned before Takei Hisa’s the best ^.^ – and she played wonderfully. Now I’m in the mood to play some mahjong >.> – I should start a club at the uni when I get back and see if we can actually gather enough people to play. I stole the above tile pictures from wikipedia, and if I felt super motivated I could use the image library they have there and make up theoretical hands for all of the yaku on the mahjong page, but I don’t think I’m that motivated. During work instead of reading Toradora I just studied all day in classical Japanese, but hopefully I’ll finish that chapter I’m reading today or tomorrow, I should get back to it after this in fact… maybe after some mahjong. Hopefully next post will contain a nice summary of the chapter, (probably nearly equivalent to the first 5 minutes of the first episode >.>) and another song translation, because I like doing those and I don’t do enough of them. Still waiting for my shipments – still want to draw something again…

A Few Classical Japanese Auxillaries of Note:

ず (negative) [ず、ぬ、ない、ん]
き・し(final personal past) [し]
けり (retrospective impersonal past/direct past) [けれ(ば)]
ぬ (natural finality) [てしまう、たり]
つ (volitional finality) [てしまう、たり]
たり (RYK-te-ari contraction = has been completed and has been for a while and still is) [た、たり、てある、たら、ている]
り (RYK-ari contraction = has been and more importantly now is) [ている、てある]
なり (existential couplar) [だ]
たり (attributive couplar) [たる]
む (positive disassociative speculative volitional) [よう] (generally future)
むず (mu-to-su contraction = strong volitional) [ようとする]
けむ (keri-mu contraction = past speculation) [たよう] (generally past)
らむ (rashi-mu contraction = subjective speculation, weaker than any other) [らしいよう、ようかね] (generally present)
らし (evidential supposition) [らしい]
まし (counterfactual supposition, hypothetical desire, hesitation) [としたら]
べし (absolute confidence, solid intention, should do) [べき]
めり (見あり contraction) [ように見る/見える]
なり (hearsay) [だそうだ]

jlpt 1

あっての = because of ~ (stress) (comes after a noun)
While there’s life there’s hope.

~いかん(如何) = depending on ~ (comes after a noun with an optional の)
Depending on the results of the exam, I might not graduate.
There’s no way I can do ~
Unfortunately but I can’t do~

~如何によらず・~如何にかかわらず・~如何を問わず = regardless of ~(~=noun-の)
Regardless of his or her sex, that person cosplaying as Nagato Yuki is great at playing guitar.

(only three?! what? – 勘弁してくれ orz)


Cagayake! Girls Lyrics – Yui is My Favorite Character

Yui is #1

So I’ve decided to take the time to try to refurbish my Fender Stratocaster. It’s dirty as hell, it’s old, and the strings and wires are a bit rusted, but I think it might be worth it, I’ve got to replace a lot of the wiring, but even if it’s been a while, I’ve got a lot of experience with circuitry, so it’s just a matter of doing it. Even if I’m a hopeless musician (I originally wrote “magician”), I might be able to sell it for something decent. Well, we’ll see anyway. – I blame K-On for this venture.

As you may have guessed from the title, I love Yui. She may be a bit dull in the head, but she’s cute, funny, and her heart’s in the right place, which makes her so much better than Mio. Well I’m going to go ahead and translate one of the K-On songs, whatever finds its way into my favorite spot tomorrow. Unfortunately “My love is like Staples” and the newest song that was played during the finale I don’t have, so it’ll have to be the OP/ED or Fuwa Fuwa time – the last of which has grown on me, when Yui’s singing it anyway, like in the finale. Unfortunately (again) Yui isn’t the one doing the lead singing on the official CD.

By the way – Cagayake! Girls is so Yui’s ultimate theme song.

Quick TL Note: *clash* is literally “with a [sound effect of Ritsu hitting a high-hat]” – the “wait it says classified?” ← my only guess is that because her hair is in her way, she can’t see the test correctly (and standardized tests tend to have characters in circles – so she misread something as “classified” which is denoted by “secret” enclosed in a circle)

Last Note: If Yui’s dreams are this awesome when she’s only got a cold – I wonder what would happen if she got hi? – The world would end. – Or Azusa would eat cake ↓

Hi Yui. HI Yui.

Cagayake! Girls
Sakura-Kou K-On-Bu.
(Sung by: “Hirasawa Yui”)

Chatting Now
ガチでカシマシ Never Ending Girls’ Talk
遅刻はしても早退はNon Non Non!
精一杯Study After School

Chatting Now
*clash* Loudly with our Never Ending Girls’ Talk
I can’t wait for the final bell to ring!
Even if I’m late I can’t leave early, No no no!
Got to study hard after school!

ドキドキが止まんない フルスロットルな脳内
希望・欲望・煩悩 リボンかけて包装
ネタどっさり持ち寄り New Type Version打ち込み
男子禁制のプリ帳 恋綴った日記帳

My heart won’t stop pounding, it’s going full-throttle in my brain
Hope, Desire, Lust – all in a package wrapped with ribbons
Gathering lots of stuff, throwing it into a New Type Version
A photobook – no boys allowed! A diary bound with love

スカート丈2cm 詰めたら跳ぶよ
昨日より遠く おとといよりオクターブ高く
If I roll my skirt 2 cm, I can jump
Farther than yesterday, and a whole octave higher than the day before!

Jumping Now
ガチでウルワシ Never Ending Girls’ Life
日々マジ ライブだし待ったなし
早起きしても早寝はNon Non Non!
目一杯Shouting ワッショイ
ガチでスバラシ Never Ending Girls’ Song
片想いでも玉砕でHere We Go!
歌えばShining After School

Jumping Now
*clash* in our beautiful Never Ending Girls’ Life
Everyday’s a live gig, no time to waste!
Even if I get up early, I can’t sleep early, No No No!
Shouting with all our might Wasshoi! (Yeah!)
*clash* in our wonderful Never Ending Girls’ Song
Bring on the afternoon tea time!
If our love’s unrequited, well that’s alright – so Here We Go!
If we sing, we’ll be Shining After School

ふわふわ生きてるせい? 事件ばっかしエブリデイ
微分積分は追試 当分恋愛は中止
二時限目には鳴くよ 四次元だし胃袋
ヤバ、ついに限界超 ウェイト書いた㊙帳

Aren’t we living a fluffy life? There’s something happening Everyday
Differentials, Integrals – means a make-up test, gotta put my love on hold
2 hours later and it’s calling me! My stomach runs on 4-dimensions!
Crap, I’m past the time limit – Wait it says classified? ;-;

前髪3mm 切ったら見えた
答案真っ白でも 未来がバラ色ならよくね?

I cut my bangs 3mm and then I could see
My answer sheet’s all white, but what’s wrong with a rose colored future?

Chatting Now
ガチでカシマシ Never Ending Girls’ Talk
遅刻はしても早退はNon Non Non!
精一杯Study エンジョイ
ガチでスバラシ Never Ending Girls’ Song
型破りなコードでもHere We Go!
歌えばShining After School

Chatting Now
*clash* Loudly with our Never Ending Girls’ Talk
I can’t wait for the final bell to ring!
Even if I’m late I can’t leave early, No no no!
Got to study hard – Enjoy!
*clash* in our wonderful Never Ending Girls’ Song
Bring on the afternoon tea time!
Our chord’s unconventional, but Here We Go!
If we sing, we’ll be Shining After School

サイズ down↓ up↑ down↓ up↑
up↑ up↑↑ up↑↑↑ & up↑↑↑↑

We’re on an endless loop,
Sizes going down↓ up↑ down↓ up↑
But our emotions ever going
up↑ up↑↑ up↑↑↑ & up↑↑↑↑
Just by gathering it all together we can laugh
We’ll be happy as long as we sing
Super Eco-Friendly isn’t it?

Jumping Now
ガチでウルワシ Never Ending Girls’ Life
日々マジ ライブだし待ったなし
早起きしても早寝はNon Non Non!
目一杯Shouting ワッショイ
ガチでスバラシ Never Ending Girls’ Song
型破りなコードでもHere We Go!
歌えばShining After School

Jumping Now
*clash* in our beautiful Never Ending Girls’ Life
Everyday’s a live gig, no time to waste!
Even if I get up early, I can’t sleep early, No No No!
Shouting with all our might Wasshoi! (Yeah!)
*clash* in our wonderful Never Ending Girls’ Song
Bring on the afternoon tea time!
If our love’s unrequited, well that’s alright – so Here We Go!
If we sing, we’ll be Shining After School

Shining Shiner Shinyest      ┐ x6
Girls be ambitious & shine ┘

Shining Shinier Shiniest!
Girls be ambitious & shine!!!

Toradora, Mahjong, and Neko

Shut up, troublesome.

I finally started reading Toradora seriously, and I’m hoping that I’m going to finally get through an entire light novel volume for once. – For those who don’t know what Toradora is, it’s the best thing ever. A romantic comedy that in an emotional way is very “real”. I mean we don’t often see little girls with such a fury as Taiga, but everything else is … surprisingly realistic – especially compared to other “romantic comedies” that for the most part are weak fabrications taking advantage of a “plot device”. Toradora made me cry – and it’s good. Even the Toradora soundtrack makes me very tingly >.>

Even so his glance was exceedingly bad, so bad it’s not even funny. He had lifted Sanpaku Eyes.
Sanpaku eyes literally means that there is three times as much white between both eyes as one iris, which makes you look like you’re staring at people all the time – and it makes you look scary. There’s actually a page here (in Japanese) which describes the affliction and shows how you can minimize it. (I could have transcribed a funnier line I suppose, but I had to go on a little research trip once I saw the word Sanpaku-gan so I decided on that.

Well I read all the way to the half-way point of chapter 1 today (26 pages) – which comes to something like 15-20 minutes per page, which is kind of slow, but when I think back to the time it took me like 3 hours to tackle one page (and 1.5 months to finish a chapter) – I feel very relieved at my progress… I never get tired of saying how much I like the style in which Japanese is written, because it differs so much from English – in a good way; everything becomes much more entertaining. Inko-chan for one is funnier, more like a mentally strained bird on crack… lol, and Yasuko… So far I haven’t really picked up a book where I haven’t loved the sarcastic narrator, but then again I haven’t read much. Kara no Kyoukai probably won’t have a sarcastic narrator – and I really want to read that :) One step at a time though, I really want to finish Toradora vol.1 before I do anything else.

I’ve also gotten to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (4/7) on my quest to finish re-reading Harry Potter in time for the new movie. I’m both blessed and cursed with the worst memory ever, so even after reading these books for like the 7th or so time, my memory is still fuzzy enough to make it fun, though as I’m getting older and thinking more rationally as an adult it’s hard to be completely enraptured, my mind aligned with Harry Potter’s as it was when I first read it (I read every book when I was within 1 year of his age – at least for the earlier books) – and find myself thinking a lot more like Professor McGonagall and even Snape sometimes than the protagonists, and I think Dumbledore’s completely off his rocker XD. So you have my current reading ventures.

My Glorious Revolution #03 doujinshi is on it’s way and I’m really excited about it; I wonder if Remilia will turn up? Mahjong’s going along nicely – I play Touhou Mahjong really whenever I want to kill time or am not too busy – it’s so fun! – I need to improve of course, in real play you don’t have the convenient computer telling you when it’s possible to riichi,pon,kan etc, you have to look out for it yourself – at least with the game though, I’m getting fairly consistant wins, though it comes close sometimes. Right before I finished out with this great win :D (it was on a devil’s wait too) I was only 400 points ahead in the second to last round. In fact I shot from just barely in 3rd place to in 1st place pulling down 2nd into the negative and 4th. – I’m playing with O-rin, Remilia, and Wriggle from time to time. O-rin’s a kitty, so – she wins. – I’m continually updating the Japanese Mahjong page as well, so hopefully it will be done before, well people actually find it.

Devil's Wait

Glorious Revolution and 神綺


So anyway, I’ve spent most of my free day today eating, fretting about finances, and translating Glorious Revolution #02. Simadoriru’s got a new amazing looking picture on his website of Komeiji Satori – the great DJ and ruler of Pandaemonium in Touhou. 盛り上がっていますね! I also finally got confirmation that my copy of Glorious Revolution #03 has made it safe and sound to its first stop on its trip to me in Japan at the goody-japan proxy service. I’m really excited to read it. Wah~ at this point I really am a fan. Anyway, just to say – I’ve seen a lot of those jlpt2 structures wandering around when I’m translating stuff, so if not for the merit of the actual test, it’s really beneficial to study for it – I’ll have a nice organized page up for it soon I hope. For that, and for mahjong – though maybe if you just watch Saki enough you’ll figure it all out by eye – or not. I’ll also add in stuff for 3-player mahjong, because that comes in handy.

Well anyway, my determination bent, and then broke, so I’m also waiting on a cute nendroid Itoshiki Nozomu figure (which sold out just as I ordered it) – and a Remilia figure (because she’s my idol) but Remi won’t come till around Christmas, so – it’s like I ordered my Christmas present already and it’s not time for Christmas in July even yet >.> – that along with leases and all that other junk shows me that unfortunately around the time you break twenty you’ve got to know what’s going to happen months upon months and years from now. I hate that. Especially because it’s hard to know if you’ll still be eating that far from now.

Well I encourage you all to check Simadoriru out at his circle Stripe Pattern:

Also, because I always have to have a disproportionate amount of Touhou stuff in my posts, I was playing Mystic Square the other day, and Shinki (神綺) has been on my nerves for quite a while. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Mystic Square, it has great music, Alice Margatroid and solo Yuki are some of my most favorite boss fights, with Yuki reminding me strangely of Sakuya – but Yumeko is more annoying than fun, and I’m starting to get the feeling that the Master Spark exists in that game solely to pound Shinki into the ground – because she just won’t die. She has the same attack as Fujiwara Mokou, except it’s faster, and the spaces are smaller, with waving lasers and beams whipping back and forth with things flying at you, gah, it gets on my nerves. I’ll have to make a screen shot sometime and post it. Really though, that game is all about Alice – and that’s why it’s great :D

Somone was trying to get me back on Mabinogi, and I almost went – phew – close call.

Listening to “The Grimoire of Alice” by Pizuya’s Cell + MyonMyon

I really hope One Night Stand makes another issue of Advent Cirno :3 :)


Bad Apple!

Well anyway, I’ve caught up to the most recent episode of Eden of the East and I have to say that the show is amazing. It’s knocking on the door to my top 5 list, but I’m not sure if it’s long enough for me to let it up there, well perhaps the final episode will change my mind. – Now later I’m going to compile all my jlpt posts and make a jlpt study page, as well as correct any mistakes I may have made, because there’s bound to be some.

Time to relax, play some Touhou, Touhou Mahjong, listen to Masayoshi Minoshima, and maybe read Harry Potter again.



~わけがない・~わけわない = no reason for~ / no need for ~ / ~ would be stupid,useless
There’s no reason for Cirno to be fighting Yukari. (Unless it’s Advent Cirno and Advent Yukari of course)

~わけだ = state a reason why something is / it means that ~ (if ~ is a noun/na-adj use “という” or “である”)
Given the space time continuum, the power to manipulate time translates as well into the power to manipulate space and intervals.

~わけではない・~わけでもない = it doesn’t mean that ~
Although he’s always worrying about money, it’s not like he’s broke.

~わけにはいかない・~わけにもいかない = mustn’t/must (if ~ is negative) (no, it’s not ikenai. it IS ikanai.) [usually has to do with some sort of obligation, moral or otherwise – and it’s “personal” so you can’t use it to give a command.]
I can’t go freeze frogs with you Cirno.
“Sanae, wanna go play?” No, I’m sorry I can’t – I’ve got to protect the shrine… Even if someone like Reimu’s always staring off into space, at least she protects her shrine, and I can’t lose to that. “But, she’s coming too…”

~わり(に)は = although ~; In spite of ~
Though the flowers bloom beautifully by the light of the moon, when the sun rises they fall to the ground.

~をきっかけとして・~をきっかけにして = lit: as an impetus = through~ by~ (something happens unexpectedly through a “chance” encounter) (~ must be a noun)
Travelling to Gensoukyou, it made me think about various things in relation to my own world.

~を契機(けいき)として・~を契機に(して) = since ~ (because a thing happened, a big change has occured) (~ must be a noun)
Ever since the oil shock, research into alternative energy has advanced.

~をこめて = full of ~; loaded with ~ (~ must be a noun)
Full of love, the hakkero-reactor’s master spark was very powerful.

~を中心として・を中心にして = be at the center of ~; be the focus of ~ (~ must be a noun)
Many shops gather in Gensoukyou centered around the shrines.

~を通(つう)じて・~をとお通じて = throughout~, via~ through~ (~ must be a noun)
Throughout Gensoukyou there are youkai and fairies.
When you use Tengu, letters are quick as a form of communication.

~を~とした・~を~として・~を~とする = as~ (~ must be a noun)
Keine is very good as a history teacher.

~を問わず = regardless of~ (~ must be a noun)
Regardless of their true ages, Remilia, Flandre, and Sakuya are cute and moe.

~をはじめ・~をはじめすると = not only~ but also ~; ~among other things (~ must be a noun)
Sakuya’s not only good at fighting, but also at cooking among other things.

~をめぐって・~をめぐる = circulate ~; around ~ (~ must be a noun)
When you look at the hell youkai of Gensoukyou, truly fascinating beings exist.

~をもとに・~をもとにして = based on ~ (~ must be a noun)
With Sanae’s crowd at the heart of it, two serious events have occurred.

Do the Marisa~!

Although weekends tend to be unfortunately a lot more busy than weekdays (people always want to come over and do stuff – am I a hikikomori for hating this? o.o; ) I was able to draw a picture of Alice Margatroid, and it was fun :) = I’m really not an artist but I am sort of proud of myself, especially since I haven’t drawn anything period since high school, and that’s been a while D:

The Hourai Dolls project is trotting right along; we’ve got a little bit of little side treat ready for release. YaY!
Oh, and actually Alice isn’t my favorite touhou character, but she’s somewhere in my top 10 – and I’m a MarisaXAlice Fan, and kind of a MarisaXReimu Fan, but not much of a PatchXMarisa fan :x. (Is it before the X or after the X where the uke falls? XD)


(~を)はじめ・(~を)はじめると = not only ~ but also ~; ~ among other things
Not only do youkai, but also vampires and non-human magicians dwell in Gensoukyou.

~(は)ともなく(として) = irregardless of ~
Marisa, though while she can use magic, she’s not a (non-human) “magician”.

~ば~ほど = the more ~ the more ~ (as one goes up, so does the other)
The more love you put in, the stronger master spark gets.

~反面(はんめん)・~半面(はんめん) = on the other side, on one side
Although on one end, Kazami Yuka’s always smiling kindly, she’s freaking dangerous.

~べき・~べきだ = should – (note するべき becomes すべき)
When leaping forward towards the full moon, you should be careful of cliffs.

~べきではない = shouldn’t
You shouldn’t talk about Reimu’s balls or any other unnecessary things.

(~より)他(は)ない・~他仕方がない = only~, just~ (there is no other way)

Since you can’t depend on anyone there’s nothing but to do it yourself.

~ほど・~ほどだ・~ほどの = to the extent that ~
There were so many hungry Yuyuko’s appearing that it was just like out of a zombie movie.

~ほど~はない = (nothing) is as ~ as ~
There are few things as dangerous as playing with Flandre.

~ほど~ = as one changes so does the other
Unrelated to the power of their abilities, ones that are as weak as they are stupid definitely are out there.

~まい・~まいか = negative volitional (probably not, will not – expresses a will to not do something)
That small earthquake is continuing… well, if it’s not due to Ten-ko then I don’t think a bit one will hit.

~向きだ・向きに・向きの = suitable for ~
That watermelon sword surprisingly is very fitting for Cirno.

~向けだ・向けに・向けの = made for, bound for
That Remilia PVC figure is bound for overseas.
That cell phone was made for the Selecao.

~もかまわず (構わず)= regardless of ~
There are people that will make danmaku regardless of the trouble they cause people.

~も~なら~も~・~も~ば~も~ = neither ~ nor ~; both ~ and ~
Since Reimu often drinks sake and smokes, I’m worried about her health.

~もの = because ~ (give a reason to an explanation)
Yeah I can make it alone. ~ Yeah it’s alright, I’ve got a map.

~ものか = by no means, not at all
Like Sanae has any belief whatsoever…

~ものがある = feel like~
This melody feels like it’s pulling me in, and locking me inside. ~kagome kagome~

~ものだ・~ものではない =
A: show admiration; grief; a heartfelt feeling
B: express something as common sense
C: suggest something; give a light command
D: remember a past happening or occurance
When that crazy accident happened you really helped me out.
During Ten-ko’s earthquakes, everyones panicking all over the place.
Listen to people when they’re talking to you.
Around when Marisa was Loli-sa, she was uber interested in magic and explosions.

~ものだから = because (give a reason or excuse)
You see an accident happened so the train was late, but I’m sorry for being late all the same.

~ものなら = if ~(wish for something unattainable; tell someone that it is impossible)
お賽銭ができるものなら例大祭を始めたい。 (できた!)
If I could just get SOME donations, then I’d like to start an annual festival. (IT HAPPENED! [reitaisai])

~ものの = though ~
I got a drivers license, but I can’t buy a car. T.T

~やら~やら = and ~ among other things
Since I’m going back home I’ve got to make plane ticket reservations and by souvenirs and stuff like that so I’m really busy.

~ようがない・~ようもない = no way to ~ ~=verb-stem (this is where しょうがない comes from.)
No matter what the time you never really know where Yukari Yakumo is, so she’s impossible to contact.

~ような・~ように = like ~
._. ; I’ve used this already like 500,000 times. So I’m not going to make up another one.

— HA, MA, and YA rows COMPLETE — (only WA row left)

Hello world!

First to come will probably be an organization of my stuff. That should come tomorrow, in the meantime – in the unlikely event that I really do happen to get visitors, feel free to comment on this post and say hi.