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Training for the JLPT2 + Kara no Kyoukai

Although I was told that I should have no trouble “passing” the JLPT2 by my professor, there’s a lot of new material covered on it → a lot that I have seen before, but perhaps don’t fully understand. So, I’m going to run through all the grammar that’s supposed to be covered on it (in multiple posts), as well as try to read more novels and light novels as opposed to just manga. Also in my studies I plan to go over some material of different dialects, though I know for sure that all JLPT stuff is covered in standard Japanese.

I’m finishing up on my projects and it will soon be summer! Perhaps I’ll work but I’ll certainly continue studying – maybe I’ll get an internship or job at Funimation or something? (hopeful). I need money for food, maybe I’m sick or undergoing a growth spurt or something, but I’m hungry all the time ;-; | It’s a royal pain.

Here’s the opening of chapter 1 from Kara no Kyoukai:

01. 俯瞰風景: Thanatos. Fujoh Kirie (Commanding View)



That day, on my way home I chose to take the main road.
It was strange for me to do so, it was only on a whim.
As I walked aimlessly along the commonplace buildings,
without warning someone fell down.
Though without much a chance to hear, it made a light crunching sound.
It was clear that that she had fallen from the building to her death.
A bright red flowed out unto the asphalt.
The only things left from her original form was her hair.
And thin brittle limbs that were once white.
Then there was her formless, smashed face.
This image brought to my imagination a pressed flower,
held between two old pages and placed inside a book until flat.

It was her neck, bent like that of a fetus in her remains
that reminded me of a picked lily flower.
/Commanding View.

— JLPT2 Grammar!
-these are more just example sentences for people who may be studying, so I won’t go into much detail.

~あげく(に) 「挙句(あげく)」 = in the end


-As soon as I woke up I thought that if I ran as fast as I could I might just barely make it to class on time, but as I was thinking about it time passed, and in the end class started while I was still in bed. When I realized that I just went back to sleep though.

~あまり 「余り(あまり)」 = to do ~ so much that ~ happens.


-I was listening to loud music so much that my ears started to bleed! I was a little scared, but it was alright.

(and that’s it for the grammar structures that begin with あ) \o/