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Touhou Kourindou ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia – Chapter 21 – “The Universe that the Youkai Saw”

So here it is! What you’ve all been waiting for! (Well maybe not.) At any rate I feel like I’ve contributed to the Touhou society. Here’s the 21st chapter of Touhou Kourindou ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia. If I come across lots of time, I’ll translate the rest of the untranslated chapters.

If anyone wants to put it up on Touhou Wiki before I get the chance to, please credit me and link back to my site :3 With that all said and done, I’m tired.

[Translated by Kafka Fuura; Original Story by ZUN]

What do the residents of Gensoukyou think of the brilliance raining down from far away…?

Touhou Kourindou ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia

This time, awaiting the release of the new tankoubon “Touhou Guumonshiki ~Perfect Memento in a Strict Sense” (Isshinsha), this is a story where Marisa and Reimu view a meteor shower at Kourindou. To all the fans that can’t wait for the tankoubon as well, why don’t we all read this issue’s “Kourindou” and think about the puzzles of space?

Chapter 21: The Universe that the Youkai Saw

“Ah! Two just fell in a row!”

“Yeah, just one more to make ten.”

The excited voices of the two rang out inside the shop where the lights had been extinguished. Soon it’ll be midnight – It’s already time for crying children quiet down, but neither Reimu nor Marisa was.
The inside of the shop was occupied by those two and all of the lights were out. I, unable to read a book or write in my journal, moved over to where they were, relying on the little bit of moonlight coming in from the window.

“Really, I don’t know what to do with you two – haven’t you had enough? These so called “meteor showers” aren’t exactly rare you know…”

“What are you talking about? You said it yourself didn’t you? ‘Tonight the meteors will be amazing’, ‘I’m sure more than a hundred will fall.’

“I really do think about a hundred will fall… you don’t mean to watch all of them do you?”

“Well of course. I came prepared with over a hundred wishes.”

–At noon inside Kourindou.

The day when both Reimu and Marisa had the chance to appreciate the meteor shower.
I was had placed a newly acquired mysterious item on top of my desk and was staring at it. I say it was a newly acquired item, but the item itself was old and a bit dirty. The parts made of metal had spots of rust here and there as well.

That item was made up of a ball the size of a large watermelon and four foot supports. The ball was made of metal, but it had a very odd shape. There were a number of thin rings shaped from metal and connected together that looked like they were used for measurement; they formed a sphere that air could easily pass through, like a throwing ball made out of bamboo. Furthermore each of the metal rings could turn freely while the legs kept the whole thing in place.

Unfortunately a few of the metal rings were rusted, and didn’t turn very smoothly. Like this it wouldn’t make for proper merchandise, so I had thought I’d somehow try to fix it myself.

“What’s with this weird hole-y globe?”

“This isn’t a globe, Marisa. And – when did you come in?”

“I thought maybe a hole had opened up in the planet.”

Marisa asked if it wasn’t a globe then just what was it?

A globe is, just as the characters suggest, a model of earth. The humans living in Gensoukyou don’t know much about the planet they live on. If you must ask why, Gensoukyou is in the mountains of a small part of Japan, itself a small part of the world – plus, it’s not a place you can easily leave.

That said, it’s not like information or tools never get in. A globe is one of the various tools that have washed in from the outside world, and so we’ve been able to learn about the earth we live on. Speaking strictly “knowledge” we know it down to the finest detail, but for the human residents of Gensoukyou the land they live in isn’t quite connected with the knowledgeable world. For example if you were to say that a hole opened up in the earth, they would easily believe you.

Still, though this tool looks like a globe it is certainly not. It is a tool to measure objects like the earth, that though are always close to even Gensoukyou, we still don’t know much about.

“This is a tool called an ‘armillary sphere ’. If a globe is a tool used to provide information about the earth, an armillary sphere is used to provide information about space.”

While an armillary sphere is an unusually complicated tool, all it is used for is to measure the position of the stars.

However, there’s a reason for this complexity. Though it appears that the stars are just floating in the sky, correctly measuring their position is difficult. It’s not something you can measure absolutely, like how the ground you see from far away has mountains and forests giving varying degrees of height. In the night sky there are lines drawn like on graph paper, and there are many fundamental-like stars that don’t move and are simpler to calculate, but even those aren’t set in stone. Their positions are unreachable, and observing stars that exist apart from the fundamental model has long troubled many astronomers. In order to resolve that problem, the armillary sphere couldn’t have been made without being complicated.

“So how do you use this thing?”

“Well… that’s what I’m investigating now.”

“Ah, so you don’t know either? Well of course, that’s the way it always is.”

I felt I was being made fun of, but well what she said is true, so there’s no helping it.

“Well, this is how I imagine you’d use it. While looking at a star through this tube in the middle, you match up the turning ball with the star, and take a reading from the scale or something written here … Hmm?”

I just realized that there were strange letters written on this tool. What I thought was ‘a scale or something’ wasn’t a simple numbered system. There’s a possibility that these strange symbols broaden the usefulness of the armillary sphere.

“What? Is there something on that ring or something?”

“Hmm, there certainly is. I thought for sure that this tool was something from the outside world but… the characters written here could overturn that idea.

“Where, where? Can I see? Hmm… I can’t read it.”

“Well that was fast.”

The strange symbols written on the armillary sphere were the names of the constellations.

“Written here is… yuki-nyuudou constellation, kaenba constellation, bashou-no-sei constellation… At any rate they’re names of constellations.”

“What’s with those constellations? They’re all awfully maniacal constellations aren’t they?”

“It’s not that simple of a problem. I haven’t heard of those constellations either. Well it’s probably just that a number of constellations with extremely maniacal names were written together. Well that would be funny, but even if that was the case, these constellation names…”

“Te-no-me” constellation, “Tsurube-otoshi” constellation, “Great Tengu” constellation …

“Isn’t every single one of them the name of a Japanese youkai?”

The constellations we know ― well I don’t think this is limited to the humans of Gensoukyou; it’s probably the same for the humans from the outside ― mostly came from the continent. They were historical things that were used before Gensoukyou separated from the outside world.

Furthermore, though there are still some constellations originally from ancient Japan, there are few remaining now. The Japanese ones were simply stars themselves rather than the interconnecting lines between them, and were given names and worshipped – well at least that’s what I’ve always thought. After looking at this armillary sphere I’ll probably have to rethink my assessment. It’s hard to think that constellations with the names of Japanese youkai would have come over from the continent. If this many constellations named in Japan exist, it wouldn’t be strange to think that Japanese astronomy has advanced a lot…

“However… all of them are youkai names. If this was the work of Japanese astronomy they should have used more names of gods or heroes. If you think of it that way, rather than Japanese astronomy… Is it possible that this armillary sphere is not a tool of the outside world but –”

This is probably a youkai armillary sphere. Youkai have continued living for thousands of years, so it wouldn’t be strange if they had their own astronomical knowledge. There are many youkai that make fun of practices made by humans. With astronomy as well they must have created their own instead of using the astronomy of the humans. It’s possible even to think that astronomy used by humans is in fact a field of study thought up by youkai.

Additionally, it is said that over a thousand years in the past youkai travelled to the moon. At that time humans wouldn’t have yet known the meaning of the moon or stars. For that reason alone youkai astronomy must have been excellent.

Holding festivals on days when the moon is full and calming down when the new moon comes, for youkai, the moon is an important celestial body. It’s easy to imagine that youkai study of the moon has greatly advanced.
However, the youkai names of constellations on this armillary sphere suggest that not only is their study of the moon, but also the stars very extensive.

For example, the Milky Way is called the Oni’s River, and there the sake of oni flows above the ground. Close to the river the powerfully bright Orion’s belt is called by youkai the Ibuki-doujii constellation and indicates the Ibuki-douji’s three powers of harmony, finite, and infinite.

Because of planets’ brightness and inconsistent movement they are called tengu stars. They move here and there and can be read as an existence that disrupts the youkai rings.

Within the youkai constellations, comets are also defined. Even the circuit phases of the comets have been researched. Since youkai can live for a long time, you can say it’s easier for them to investigate it than humans. Comets are called detested or condemned stars because they are apparently bad omens that threaten youkai society.

The one written with the largest characters is the celestial dragon constellation. This is the so-called big dipper. The celestial dragon always stares at one point, and looks as if it might at anytime fly. The star at the point is Polaris, the north star.

In youkai constellations Polaris is the “unmoving star”. Basically, it is the face of the unmoving lord of night, the unmoving lord, an embodiment of Mahavairocana . Though it goes without saying, Mahavairocana is an avatar of the sun that renders youkai powers void. In the night world he is said to become Polaris and eat youkai power in order to prevent their festivals from getting out of hand. It is said that the celestial dragon is plotting to eat the unmoving lord to control the sky day and night. According to records, it is prophesized that after a few thousand years the celestial dragon will move, and then youkai society will also grow. Though it’s something to occur a thousand years later, youkai foresight is incomparable to humans’, so this may be troubling.

“Anyway, getting such a detailed explanation is a complete waste of time, but I have something I’d like to ask. I know that with this tool you can find the position of the stars and know the youkai constellations, but what about that? The ‘lead role of the night sky’…”

“The lead role of the night sky? Isn’t that the moon? So then you should be able to calculate the position of the moon as well.”

To youkai the moon is a very important celestial body, the leading role of the night sky would have to be the moon.

“No, It’s not the moon…”

“Is there some celestial body other than the moon worthy of the leading role?”

“Those, the stars that flow down disappearing in an instant, the stars that stand out the most.”

“In an instant… do you mean shooting stars?”

“Ah, that’s right. Out of all the stars shooting stars are the ones I like the best. They grant your wishes too.”

Ah, I see, shooting stars… liking flashy things is very like Marisa. But that is different, those aren’t celestial bodies.

“Shooting stars aren’t stars you know.”

“It’s a shooting star isn’t it? Isn’t it a star?”

“Shooting stars are… scales from the celestial dragon who flies through the heavens, that sparkle when they fall off. So this tool can’t find their position.”

“Hmm, well it’s because they move. I thought it wouldn’t be able to measure it, but still that’s too bad.”

“Why is it ‘too bad’?”

“If you could know what time they fell you could have as many wishes granted as you wanted. If you have enough free time to study other stars you should study shooting stars instead.”

“It’s not like they were studying them because they had free time… Well certainly you can’t tell when shooting stars will fall. However, I know a way to certainly see some.”

“What did you say? Is that true? If so, tell me!”

“A few times a year on certain days a large amount of shooting stars pour from the sky, if you look then, during a single day you can probably see ten… no a hundred shooting stars.”

––So, I told Marisa one of the days that you can see a meteor shower, and immediately on that day Marisa brought along Reimu and we had a sort of meteor shower viewing party.

I wonder how much time has passed. The two counted the fifteenth shooting star.

“This is amazing! It really looks like about a hundred will fall!”

“I’m starting to feel a bit tired.”
After saying Reimu shouldn’t be, Marisa went further outside the window to take in the astronomical show.

“Ah, the sixteenth one. Um, curse-curse-curse,” Reimu whispered.

“What’s with that?”

“Saying a wish three times before a shooting star hits the ground is pretty impossible isn’t it? So I tried shortening my wish as much as possible.”

“You shortened it too much. By the way, what sort of wish was that?”

“A wish related to curses. What are you wishing for?”

“Ah, ‘I want to use stronger magic’.”

Both of them were excited about seeing a hundred shooting stars, but as the time between them continued to get a little longer, they ended up losing count, got tired and fell asleep. The curtain had closed on the first shooting star wishing party.

––Present day, four or five years later.

I stared at the memorable armillary sphere. From then on the shooting star wishing party became a yearly tradition, and we’ve already had quite a few of them.

When I think about it, I get the feeling that ever since the first shooting star wishing party Marisa started to use star-like magic. Now when it comes to magic shooting stars, it’s Marisa’s number one specialty. Plus, every year she comes asking for the dates of the meteor showers and I hear she’ll watch them by herself.

I wonder if Marisa was enchanted by the celestial dragon, and I wonder if her wishes were granted.

The polar opposite of the static movements of the stars, big, strong, bright, and immediately disappearing. Every now and then they’ll become “meteorites” that reach the earth, and hold a power capable of dealing incredible damage. I wonder what people see in that kind of shooting stars.

“Oh, the youkai armillary sphere? That sure brings back memories. So you still had it all this time?”

“Yeah, I took it out for the first time in a while and was looking at it. … When did you come in?”

“You were just daydreaming and didn’t notice me.”

“I was just reminiscing a bit about the past…. Huh!?”

“What is it?”

I just read the name of a youkai constellation written on the armillary sphere. There are various youkai written down, but I found one that particularly caught my attention. Well it wasn’t the name of a constellation, but it stood out the most.

“……Never mind, it’s nothing.”

“It looked like it was.”

And it was. The “saying” about youkai going to the moon over a thousand years ago isn’t really a saying, I heard it from the mouth of one of the youkai herself. In other words that youkai is still living in Gensoukyou. Still in Gensoukyou and still controlling things from behind the scenes.

On this armillary sphere that youkai’s name was written. Furthermore it was written as the creator’s name.

“Let me see, let me see. Oh if it’s those characters I should be able to read it. ‘Author, Yakumo……Yukari’? Really? Was this armillary sphere a tool that she made?

Marisa was clearly annoyed, and strangely I knew why. The reason is that the place where those characters were written was in a place where a constellation name should be. Furthermore it wasn’t “maker” but “author”.

“So that’s it. So this is something made by that troublesome youkai. That’s pretty boring.”

“At any rate she’s smart and has a lot of knowledge. If you were honest about it you probably would do well to learn from her.”

“I don’t feel like it. Anyway if you’re talking about her that way because she made this, you can’t say that she’s really that smart.”

“Your humility and guesswork isn’t enough is it?”

This doesn’t mean that Yakumo Yukari is the youkai that made this armillary sphere. Most likely the she’s the author of the constellations written on the armillary sphere. In other words, I think she’s the one that made the constellations.

Gensoukyou, a place where these sorts of characters still bustle around. Until now I’ve looked down on the power youkai have to live very long lives, but now when I think of it that way, I feel a chill.

An armillary sphere is a spherical sort of astrolabe.
Most of the other funny named things are youkai. The really strangely named thing is a Buddhist deity. If you want more full notes, pdf or docx links below :)

Side by Side Japanese|English for those who want it:
Touhou Kourindou ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia – Chapter 21 “The Universe that the Youkai Saw” (docx)
Touhou Kourindou ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia – Chapter 21 “The Universe that the Youkai Saw” (pdf)

Scans of Original Text:
Pages: [1],[2],[3],[4]



Ladies and Gentlemen!!

“Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!!”

I burst into the castle with a smile,
Skewer the guardians,
And kiss the King.

Not a single particle out of place or miscalculated,
Whatever I wish for just happens.

So I’ve finished a preliminary translation of Gungnir, something I really should have done ages ago; If by any chance you have the book but haven’t been able to read it – now you can!! Yeah, well, given how hard it was for ME to get my hands on it, and I had been trying to get it before it was released, I consider the chances of that to be quite minimal.

For everyone else, I’m in the process of scanning it, but well… there’s some problems with that. Every page of Gungnir is on glossy paper. When you scan it, you can see in between the dots of ink, even on “black” pages. Plus you’ve got flares of light from the scan light, and since I don’t scan things all that often my scanner’s only mid-professional grade… and by all things holy I’m not destroying my book so I can get it to scan a little better. Not on your life D:<

Rant done. Now, because the translations ridiculously long, and I don't want it to fill my entire front page, I made rare use of the [more] tag. If you want to read along, visit the post.

I got kind of lazy on the author's note; I'll translate it later. D:

Uh, and if you're a fan of Simadoriru, buy his stuff like me :) / Personally when I'm rich, I'd love to buy one of his canvas paintings….

Continue reading


^Take Cover!!

The title? Oh the title? it’s what I happened to type in about 1.5 weeks ago when I was planning on writing an update post – so this is pretty late.

I haven’t had a post like this in a while and I thought it necessary.
Oh woe is the economic situation of the US! Everyone’s losing jobs and I’m racking up bills being in school, plus I’m never going to kick the habit of buying light novels and – figures at this point too! Let’s face it. I’ve fallen down that hole.

What am I going to do about all of this? Go to a mahjong competition and win the jackpot? – No, there are none in this country -despair-. Well economic downturns require innovation among the young lazy folk that make up this nation. What am I going to do about it? What am I going to do about it you ask?! I’m going to read. Oh and write too. Back in times of economic prosperity I bought a nice little mountain of books in Japanese and I’m going to sit through and read all of them. I’m finally completely out of engineering and taking writing classes and the like. My “master plan” is to take some of the elements that I love from Japanese light novels that don’t crop up enough in American literature and perhaps write some of my own short stories modeled after those ideas. In addition, I think I’m going to compile my sort of mahjong “notes” into a much more suitable format and see if I can’t publish a sort of basic book on it. (There were no bound paper books on Japanese mahjong the last time I checked, and it made learning a pain.) Also, I’m going to see if I can’t contact Simadoriru and publish a translated anthology of his works in English. I doubt it would sell to be honest – but it would be interesting if not anything else.

I’m going to be writing some short stories for one of my writing classes, we’ll see if I can’t expand and serialize them. It might be fun. Then I can hear from everyone else how much it sucks and then improve it ^^;

Partially alongside with the publishing a sort of mahjong guide, I’m thinking about writing up a simpler version of what I already have for absolute beginners – the length of the current thing I’ve got is intimidating and doesn’t have pictures. D: — Keeping in-line with the mahjong topic, I just completed Touhou Mahjong V2, and there are 83 characters!!

Interesting tid-bit from Kara no Kyoukai that I was reading:

‘The scene you get looking down from a high place is a spectacle. Even a dull scene becomes wonderful from above. But, what you get from taking in the entire world you live in at a glance is not that sort of “impulse”. The impulse you obtain from a commanding view is one thing. “It’s far.” When your field of vision is too wide, it shifts and you’re left with a clear separation from you and what you are seeing.’

She goes on to talk about the paralysis of senses and the inherent urge to protect oneself, the two separate spheres of experience and perception, but I won’t spoil more :).

The more I’ve delved into the series the more I’ve fallen in love with Aozaki Touko. Reading her lines sometimes means hell for me but her dialog is written so that you can feel that she’s an expert stating something explicitly simple to her – but not to the reader. It’s the perfect way to describe magic – it’s … like a tree whose roots grow up to the sky. It makes sense but it doesn’t.

I’m going to finish the chapter today – I’ve had enough with stalling, and however much it pains me, I think I’m going to continue on to the next chapter instead of starting with Bakemonogatari. Once I get at least half way though the second chapter I’ll probably dual read Bakemonogatari and Kara no Kyoukai.

Mahjong Glory (picture shrunk to display deflation of ego back to normal):

Tenko. \o/

化物語 (Bakemonogatari) 06 Opening Sequence+4-Koma

She Really Does Look Like a Monkey o.o;
^Spoiler Free Screenshot \o/

This time it’s a different kind of lazy – slightly less, but still on the same grade. I’ve got the same sort of “time-stamps” I used last time but this time I put the text for the most part – just using hiragana and modern kanji rather than katakana and classical kanji. It looks so much cooler with katakana and classical kanji – but it also takes longer to type up. So there you go. This time I’ve included the 4-koma and I’m going to try to remember to do that from now on XD.

— Opening Text Sequence


When you think of Kanbara Suruga,
she’s so famous that there’s not
a single person in the school
that doesn’t know of her, so of course
I had heard her name several times.

Well in Kanbara Suruga’s case,

Rather than being “famous”, it
would probably be more correct
to say that she’s a “star”.

Kanbara Suruga is
the ace of the
basketball club/team.


In her first year, right after she entered school,
she became a regular in the blink of an eye, and led
the team, which since its beginnings had been knocked out
every time in the first game, all the way to the nationals.
At the head of such an unbelievable legend, it would have been
strange if she wasn’t treated like a star.


However, it’s not that
she’s tall or anything.

Her body’s in the same class as a normal high school girl.


Rather, she’s a bit on the
short and slender side.


In fact the term “delicate” or “willowy” fits her perfectly.

But Kanbara Suruga
–would just soar. (alternates: can fly/could jump/leap)

Easily, without strain,

Sporting a fresh smile of an female athelete,
as if it felt wonderful,

However many times,
however many tens of times she did it.

Of course, she didn’t know who I was.
She wouldn’t have any reason to.


Bandage (Wrapped)

At least that’s what I thought.
What I was certain of.

Episode 6

Suruga Monkey

Part 1

Font Used in Animation HGP Minchou B

— 4 Koma


Karen-chan has a cold.
Let’s peel an apple for her

Put on a mask because she’s contagious

A, a robber!?

I’m sorry…

化物語 (Bakemonogatari) 05 Opening Sequence

Moe D:< Gar~

So I got a little bit more lazy this time; but that’s because I’ve been more busy reading and such. The xx_yy(z) means X=Minutes,Y=Seconds,(Z=Number if there are multiple slides).

gg’s translating this stuff now anyway ^^ – if you’d like I can type up the Japanese beside it, but that takes more time than it does to translate, given that the Microsoft IME doesn’t like to deal with classical characters as much :x.


“By the way, Hachikuji. When you said you had been
to your mother’s before, you were telling the truth right?”


“Of course I was. I don’t tell lies”


“I see.”


It’s been a long time
so I got lost–


There’s no reason was there?
Because she met the snail,
It shouldn’t have been the first place…


Well, but,


Why did Hachikuji run
into a snail?




There was a reason I was attacked by a vampire.
And there was a reason with Hanekawa, and with Senjougahara.


If that’s so, then–
There must be a reason
for Hachikuji as well.


“… Well. This is simple reasoning, but it’s not that your goal
is to reach your destination, but that you want to meet your mother, right?”
“Well that’s horrible way to say it, but yeah that’s right.”


“If that’s the case, couldn’t you have had her come and meet you?
You see, even if you can’t reach Tsunade-san’s house, it’s not like
your mother’s locked inside her house is she?”

“I can’t. Well, rather it’s useless.”

So said Hachikuji. (Immediate Reply)

If I could have done that,
I would have done it a long time ago.


But, I can’t. I can’t even call my mother on the phone.


“I can’t do anything but go and visit her.
Even though I know that no matter what it’s impossible.”

Episode 5

Mayoi Snail Part 3

fairytale Lyrics – Kara no Kyoukai

空の境界 忘却録音
Ryougi Shiki was originally romanized “Ryohgi Siki”, but that’s a bit inconveniencing so I changed it.

Although there’s a good chance I might just play Disgaea and Mahjong today, I’m planning on starting Kara no Kyoukai tonight – wish me luck. I’ve already read parts of it before, but I’d like to read all the way through it for once. Plus I’d like to know what happens at the end XD.

On the back cover of the first book:
二年間の昏睡から目覚めた両儀式が記憶喪失と引き換えに手に入れた、あらゆるモノの死を視ることのできる゛直死の魔眼゛。式のナイフに映る日常の世界は、非日常の世界と熔け合って存在している……! もはや伝説となった同人小説から出発し、゛新伝綺゛ムーブメントを打ち立てた歴史的傑作ーー。解説・綾辻行人

Waking from a two year long coma Ryougi Shiki, has lost her memories – but in exchange has gained something. The so-called “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” that enable the user perceive “death” in all things. For her, the everyday life reflected in her knife has melted together with a life that can hardly be called normal at all……! Springing from the already legendary doujin novel category, establishing a “New Legends Movement” of it’s own, a historical-type masterpiece. Description・Ayatsuji Yukito

Fairytale is the main theme for movie #/chapter #6: Boukyaku Rokuon (Oblivion Recorder). As with most things Kajiura comes up with, there’s a fair amount of Latin background singing going on, but I have no idea what any of that means – don’t get me wrong though, I’m a Kajiura Yuuki fan through and through. Kalafina is a group/project headed by Kajiura Yuuki and a few of her favorite vocalists.

TLNote: “vibrant green” is literally “the color of young grass”.

♪ Kalafina
作詞 (Lyrics) : 梶浦由記 (Kajiura Yuuki)・奈須きのこ (Nasu Kinoko)
作曲 (Composition) : 梶浦由記 (Kajiura Yuuki)

my fairy tale

A dream came to me,
from when I was a child
Singing faintly, sweetly
a sadness of vibrant green;
my fairy tale


I knew of an all-
unending eternity,
No longer spoken of,
a story of two

in the dark

Leaving me a single kiss,
where are you going,
holding a single lamp,
disappearing into the forest,
in the dark?

your fairy tale

Walking towards to a far off place,
for dear traces of you,
Unable to reach
your home so far away;
your fairy tale


With the eternity I saw in my dreams shut away,
With my mistakes deeply hidden,
The way back disappearing,
I can no longer see you.


Making your way through the fog laden forest,
Where are you going,
Waving a single hand,
Leaving behind tomorrow?

in the light

I come to love you,
and the eternity ends,
giving birth to a new beginning
of happiness and pain,
in the light

Bakemonogatari 04 Insert Passage

Hachikuji Mayoi

The new loli fang-tan. ^ Well don’t you love the new OP/ED for Bakemonogatari? – I do! Shaft never ceases to gives me the case of the lolz, and the new ED video (the actual song is the same) is wonderful, and in my opinion very artistic. This time, in addition to the regular pre-title text passage I also added in the text for the 4-koma at the end, – which has nothing at all to do with the voices XD. I hope you get the joke (though you really need to see the frames to get it of course) – apparently “A performer’s life depends on the state of their teeth.” is a regular expression (used mainly in the ads for teeth whiting and straightening products) meaning literally, “a performer (or any one whose job depends on their “artistic” appearance) is the life of a tooth.”

I’m currently in love with 月時計~ルナ・ダイアル (Lunar Clock~Lunar Dial) – which is Sakuya’s Embodiment of Scarlet Devil theme (as well as her Immaterial and Missing Power theme). I need to play more characters in Immaterial and Missing power to unlock Remilia Scarlet D: – I’ll have to do that sometime today. Speaking of Lunar Dial – Glorious Revolution #02 really has been long since done, I just haven’t had the time to organize and release it, but I should be finishing that today – So all those who care, rejoice! – You know, I really should submit this stuff to the touhou wiki so people can actually find it orz.


I was assaulted — by a devil so beautiful it chilled my blood.
My blood — was wrung right out of my body.

It was spring break.

I was assaulted,
by a vampire.

By a beautiful devil.


I was assaulted — by a devil so beautiful it chilled my blood.
My blood — was wrung right out of my body.

As a result,
I became a vampire.


The one who saved me from that hell,
was an older guy passing through, rather, it was Oshino Meme.

And then – I
was human

Well, it wasn’t a big deal.

Not even worth saying
“Congratulations” over.

Already solved, the topic is moot.
The only “problems” left were that if drank blood once a month,
my eyesight and a few other things would be stronger than human,
but those things just sort of became my own idiosyncracies,
and I was just fine facing that for the rest of my life.

And yet–

My situation was still a lucky one.
After all, that whole incident,
took place during spring break.

However, in Senjougahara’s case
it was different.

She, for over two years,
carried that inconvenience with her.
The majority of her freedom restricted, (by that inconvenience).

巻=Wound Up

In a hell of over two years — I wonder how that must have felt?

Because of that, Senjougahara, unlike herself faced me,
and felt, while admirably, an unnecessary obligation to me,
such that there was nothing too much that she would do for me.

With the inconvenince that she had been holding in her body
or rather that she had been holding in her heart, resolved,
She probably thought that it would be something hard to pay back,
because that the result was so hard to obtain.

–4-Koma #4
豫告 Next episode preview
音聲原稿*西尾維新 Vocal Script * Nisioisin
肆齣漫畫*針玉ヒロキ 4-koma Manga * Shingyoku Hiroki
The long version’s on the public website!

Wow, the people on the television look just like us!
We’re going to correct the phrase
“A performer’s life is measured by the state/life of their teeth.”
For the time being, using false teeth.
It won’t come out?